Neowise Comet Astrology 2020

neowise comet astrology 2020

On March 27, 2020, a new comet was discovered and given the name of Neowise (it was named after the telescope that was used to spot it).

Now in July, and perhaps even through August, Neowise is visible from planet Earth for those living in the Northern Hemisphere.

Neowise is so bright you can see it with the naked eye and many people from Europe and Northern America have managed to get some amazing shots of this special and rare comet.

Neowise has an orbit of about 6,800 years, so it is fair to say we are never going to see it again- at least not in this lifetime.

This special celestial event has got me interested in the astrology behind comets and what their presence signifies.

There is not a lot of information out there, but I will put links to some of the references I have found below.

Comets in Astrology

In traditional astrology, comets were seen as messages from the heavens and usually, these messages were warnings of bad things to come.

Comets were said to indicate great change and this change would bring with it destruction and chaos.

Comets were omens of natural disasters and wars, but were also said to signify the birth or rising of new leaders and new innovations.

Many astrologers have also matched the appearance of comets to the appearance of new, forward-thinking ideas.

Being born under a passing comet is also said to bring intelligence, luck, and innovation, and that your soul has the potential to bring radical new ideas to Earth.

In astrology, the color of the comet is also seen as important. Neowise has an orange-yellow hue to it, which indicates that it is aligned with the planet Jupiter.

If this is a reliable form of prediction, Neowise would have an abundant expansive energy to it and would help us to see the bigger picture.

The sign of the comet can also be used to create predictions about what messages it may bring. Neowise was discovered in the sign of Leo, which is a fire sign.

This would indicate that Neowise has the potential to bring fiery and even combative energy, but also the energy of creativity, power, and leadership.

The sign and color of the comet can all be used in symbolic ways to help decode the messages of what this comet may bring.

Neowise Comet Intuitive Messages

On an intuitive level, I feel that each comet carries its own energetic vibration. I don’t feel we can say that all comets are either bad or good omens.

They, like all celestial bodies, bring energy, and then it’s up to us to work with that energy and make the most of it.

Tapping in to the energy of the Neowise comet, I feel that its presence is here to help clear negative and fear based energy. I almost feel that it’s come to suck up the emotional and psychic toxicity that is radiating from the planet.

This idea is actually supported if we look to Chinese Astrology. According to Roy Chang from, Chinese astrologers call comets “broom stars,” for they are believed to have the ability to sweep and clear away all that is no longer needed.

“Is it possible that comets are an implication of the birth of new wisdom? Do they indicate where we should impart our wisdom? Are they a chance for us to cut certain bonds and attachments so that we can let new things come into our lives?”– Roy Chang

This sentiment is what I intuitively feel around this Neowise comet. I feel its presence has the ability to suck energy from the Earth, perhaps cleansing and restoring it, but perhaps also leading us to feel a little drained and depleted.

After this feeling passes, we may find we have cleared space for new wisdom to rise up.

Comets are of course, incredibly beautiful events to witness, so I also feel that their presence reminds us of the beauty of the Universe, and that there is still so much out there that shares space with us in these vast cosmic skies.

Who knows what other messages Neowise may bring as it makes this once in a lifetime visit to our place in the Solar System.

A channelled message-

“My bright shiny tail lights up your night sky, bringing a reminder that things are not always as they are. We don’t often look to see the tail, that leads us in the direction we seek, we get distracted and feel that we are too weak. But the path is always there, a thread is there to guide, we just have to remember to look from the inside. My presence in your dark night sky is really just to say hi, and to remind you as you watch my glow, just how much you have to grow. It’s not that you are not on track, it’s just there is so much you think you lack, and the path ahead is speeding up, and you need to learn how to play catch up. Not all are meant to join this race, but you my dear, you have the right pace. So keep on moving, keep on up, and as I fade and disappear, you will feel very near- near to your goal, near to your role, near to some new wisdom that will help your next pathway to unfold.”

Hoping to see Neowise in the night sky? Check this reference from NASA. You can also try spotting it by looking to the north-northwestern horizon just after sundown.

If you have any intuitive feelings around this comet or inspirations after seeing it, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to share in the comments below.

References and gratitude to:

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