Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: January 9-15, 2023

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Knight of Cups and Five of Wands

As we go deeper into the first month of 2023, the Knight of Cups is back for a second week in a row. It’s a card of setting goals and finding our focus, so coming up twice at the start of the year makes perfect sense.

Depicted on our first card is a knight reaching toward a glowing chalice in the clouds. His drive is powerful, his energy is focused, and nothing can stop him from his path.

This card speaks to those times when we become determined to set and reach our goals, which describes many of us at the beginning of a new year. But the card warns against attaching our worth as a person to our achievements and calls us to think about our goals more holistically.

If we are too narrow in our vision or want things to look perfect, we remove the chance for spontaneity or creativity. If we have tunnel vision, there is less room for the Universe to intervene or for us to notice the bigger world around us.

The Knight of Cups calls us to dream without forgetting to open our eyes to all the possibilities. Do a 360-degree turn before committing to just one direction. It’s okay if we veer off our original path and it’s good to let go of our predispositions.

The Knight wants us to remember that things don’t always look as we expect. Through this card, we work on releasing too specific of expectations and our need to control them.

This will aid in our ability to step into our power because our need to control is often wrapped up in fear or lack of trust. We can set our new year’s intentions but hold faith for the path to unfold in ways we may not have imagined.

The Five of Wands accompanies the Knight to help us understand how to create change in our world. It asks us to listen to messages inside, even the ones that harbor feelings of negativity or resentment. We are being called to investigate what makes us irritable, uncomfortable, or gives us a bad attitude.

This card wants us to be mindful of the things that test our patience. We are to notice what rubs us the wrong way, especially when it comes to our relationships. It wants us to question these things and see if there is another way.

Do we have to be around the person that irritates us? Do we have to do the tasks that weigh us down? Is this the right environment for us? Can we make changes?

Through the Five of Wands, we slow down and investigate our world. We examine the things we do throughout our day and what feelings they bring up. We step out of autopilot and explore the opportunities.

Through this awareness, we find we have the agency to create a better atmosphere for ourselves. We are not just stuck with the way things are. We have the ability to create our world.

Maybe we start having more boundaries with what we share with others. Maybe we decide to listen more and not engage in conflict. Maybe we start to delegate and say no to things.

Under the power of the Knight of Cups and the Five of Wands, we will have the opportunity to make changes (no matter how small) to support our joy. We will feel a beautiful shift through our conscious choices throughout the week and year.

Mantra for the week: I can create a life I love to live. I ask the Universe to open my eyes to all the possibilities.

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