Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 1-6, 2021

weekly tarot reading
Tarot cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Deck

The Star and The Queen of Disks

This week we are entering a new month. We also have the influence of Mercury in Retrograde in the air. We are ready for the fresh days before us, however, we are still moving slow and spending time reflecting.

We have The Star and The Queen of Disks to guide us. They are sharing their wisdom on how to navigate the days ahead.

The Star is a vibrantly glowing card that helps us to see how brightly we shine. The gorgeous creature on the card is basking in the light of her own power. She is letting her gifts nourish her body, mind, and spirit.

The Star knows what she is good at and is proud of all she has accomplished. Her pride does not reflect her ego, but a grounded confidence. And she is asking us to hold this same energy.

What is amazing about The Star is how she shares her light. She brings her talents and beauty to herself but she also shares this with others.

She holds two goblets full of light, one she pours down over herself, and the other she pours into the Earth. This way she can sustain the energy.

If she was only giving to herself or only giving to others, she could become depleted. But by balancing the two she can continue to shine.

Each of us has special talents and knowledge from all we have gone through. How can we use these gifts to help others?

Stars are symbols of hope, energy, and new life. With her around, life can become brighter and more manageable.

The Star allows us to connect with the powers of the Universe more easily. Our prayer, meditation, or spiritual practice seem to be on a deeper level and we spend more time in this serene space.

This card also aids in removing anger or criticism we may have about our past or present. Instead, we are focusing on our strengths, tenacity, and grit.

When we do this, along with giving ourselves compassion, there is a transformation. We can start to give and receive love with more ease. If you let this card in, you will feel a major shift in your heart.

Our other card for the week is the Queen of Disks. I have a special relationship with this card. In times of need, she often comes up to show me everything will be alright. She lets me know just how strong I really am.

This gorgeous Queen, with her crown of twisted horns, sits on top of her towering throne and surveys her land. She has come so far and is taking time to look back at what she has accomplished.

She is getting older, but instead of getting bitter or hard-hearted, she is getting wiser and more confident. She knows what she is capable of and is proud of all she has become.

Her journey has not been easy. She has gone through difficult times and has cut out a lot of toxic people. She no longer accepts bad behavior from others.

This Queen is the Queen of boundaries. She does not let people in that she knows are not good for her, she is too smart and experienced for that. She also says no to things she knows will not fill her soul.

Time has given her strength and intelligence. She is grateful for her past because it has made her who she is, and she is excited for her future because she will use her wisdom to accomplish great things.

By making decisions that raise your vibration and propel you forward, you are walking the path of the Queen of Disks. She is a powerful and kind woman that will guide you to evolve in your life and learn to love yourself.

Mercury in Retrograde, mixed with the Queen’s energy, may lead to a lot of reflection this week. Some questions to ask might be:

How can you bring a more compassionate lens to yourself? Do you need to work on being accepting of your past? Do you need to have stronger boundaries? How can you tap into your confidence and wisdom in order to move forward?

The Star and The Queen of Disks offer their gifts to us. They know all we have inside and will shine a light on our strengths and talents, if we let them.

Mantra for for the week: I feel my inner strength and it fills me with pride. I give love to myself and others with ease.

If you want to go deeper, check out to sign up for a personal reading. I would love to share what the cards hold for you!

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