Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 4-10, 2019

weekly tarot reading
The Ace of Swords and 3 of Pentacles

These two lovely cards have already come up in the first weeks of the new year. They have popped up again to let us know we should stay focused on our goals and keep up the momentum.

We know what we want for 2019 and where we should put our energy, but is so easy to fall off our path. Life gets busy and stressful and we take our needs off our to-do list.

If we want to accomplish anything new, we have to make ourselves a priority. We have to put the time into our needs and invest in our own success.

The Ace of Swords wants to remind you of the clarity you felt around your New Year goals. You knew what you desired and felt motivated to take action.

We will feel that again this week. Our minds will be sharp and we will feel strong in our convictions because the Ace of Swords is all about mental clarity.

This is a powerful card that signifies leadership and individuality. It is a card about taking action and feeling confident in our choices.

The Ace of Swords highlights the agency we have over own lives. We do not feel at the mercy of our current conditions or the thoughts and needs of others.

We are unobstructed in our view of ourselves and our path. We know where to go next and we are full of purpose.

The 3 of Pentacles support this focused energy as well. It signifies hard work and a big payoff. It is about imagination, skill, and perseverance. It shows us that we are willing to put in the time to get what we most desire.

This card points to concentrated and deliberate effort. It gives us the power to stay aware of our goals and not swerve from our path. Under this card, we let go of distractions and excuses.

Sometimes we can be a bit scattered and feel pulled in many directions. But with the support of the Ace of Swords and the 3 of Pentacles, we will narrow in on what we want. We will tune out the voices that question if we are missing out on other goals or if we have what it takes at all.

Our creative side is activated under the energy of the 3 of Disks. This spark helps us to make innovative solutions and plans. We come up with imaginative ways to get what we want and become more successful for it.

This card usually indicates a high level of professional ambition. So use this time to focus on your career. If you are currently struggling with work related goals, this would be the week to tackle them. Really set out to use this boost of imagination.

For many of us, our careers are surrounded by negative and doubtful energy. So use the support of the 3 of Pentacles to push through this week. You will need to work through those feelings in order to manifest the abundance that is waiting for you.

The new moon on the 4th will be a great time to put these new wheels in motion. The moon’s energy will amplify your efforts and will be helping to encourage you as well. You will feel full of motivation and inspiration.

Mantra for the week: I am an intelligent and focused leader. I know what I want and see the path to success. I can tackle anything with my creativity and effort.

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