Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: January 6-12, 2020

weekly tarot reading

The Page of Cups and The Page of Wands

The cards this week are two sides of the same coin. They are both messengers that bring news of embarking on a new journey.

Both Pages have their eyes covered, one with their eyelids and the other with a blindfold. They are pausing to connect internally before they take a step on their path.

The beginning of the new year calls us to do the same as we embark on the months ahead. We are being asked to connect to ourselves and the universe around us. This will ground us in our direction forward.

The first Page is a Cups card, which is all about our feelings, dreams, and intuitions. In combination with the Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on the 10th, we are deeply feeling our watery, emotional side.

The Page of Cups stands by the sea, lifting up his chalice to cheers the beauty of creation. He is like a male Venus, stepping out of the ocean in his cape shaped like a shell.

He is poetic and passionate, deeply connected to his origins and the earth around him. He is sending us a message. He calls us to tap into our creative side and allow our more artistic nature to come to the surface.

He wants us to be intentional in saluting the world with a ritual or song. Maybe we write a poem to the rain, light a candle for our neighbor, or give a kiss to a tree.

The Page of Cups calls us to this romantic place outside of our normal routine. We are called to be a little dreamier and see where this path leads us.

Our second Page is in the suit of Wands, which is all about, fire, spirit, and action. The first card calls us to feel and this card calls us to move.

The Page of Wands is also a messenger calling us to explore new territories. He is covered in the branches of the evergreen tree, which brings him resiliency and a vibrant freshness. He also carries a lion’s pelt that gives him power and vision, especially in unfamiliar places.

If you currently find yourself in an unfamiliar place and need some guidance and strength, the Page of Wands is here for you. His spirit of fearlessness with help fill your fearful parts. His openness will help your body from tightening.

This Page is attracted to unexplored and treacherous lands, he has cultivated strong protectors and a connection to his ancestors. He wants to show us how to be brave when we walk a new path.

How can we relax our bodies when we are tense and closed? What symbols can we carry that help us feel strong? What ancestors and role models can we call on to fill us with confidence?

We are stepping into a new journey, a new year. How do you want to show up?

Try to embody the Page of Cups and the Page of Wands this week. Use your creativity to help connect to your inner voice. Step out of your usual way of thinking and allow your more ancient and artistic soul to lead the way.

Mantra for the week: I call upon my spirit, imagination, and emotional waters. They strengthen me on my new path.

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