Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 10-16, 2023

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Seven of Disks and The Empress

Our first card is the Seven of Disks, also known as Failure. Even though this card can bring up fear and resistance, it’s truly a positive card.

The Seven of Disks means we are open to taking risks. We are about to learn more than we ever could if it was only blue skies ahead. However, we can still feel wary of its energy.

Failing is a messy business. It is hard, uncomfortable, and scary. Whether it is a failed relationship, business, or personal goal, we doubt ourselves when we fail.

We think there is something wrong with us and we are doomed to fail forever. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and how we feel now is how we think we will always feel.

But as annoying as it sounds, failures make us much wiser and stronger than successes ever could. They teach us how to love ourselves regardless of our outside circumstances and they teach us how to persevere when faced with heartbreak.

The truth is, nothing is wrong with you. Failure happens to every single person, regardless of what you see on the outside. Everyone is struggling. Relationships end, money is lost, and ventures don’t work out.

However, it’s what we do next with those failures that determine our experience. It hurts to fail and we have to let ourselves feel that. We need to mourn whatever we lost.

But we should also let ourselves feel proud, we were brave enough to try something. We were vulnerable and we took a risk, we should feel good about that.

Take time to evaluate what happened. We can ask ourselves these questions: How can we grow and change to be more successful next time? How can we be kinder to ourselves when we do fail? And how can we manage our fears so they don’t lead to inaction?

These are all questions to contemplate when we are faced with failure. Working with these questions will lead us to more strength and wisdom as we move forward. They will help us build a more loving relationship with ourselves.

The Failure card has seven coins in a pattern that looks like eyes peering toward us. There are also beautiful dark blue feathers that create a lovely pattern. I have always seen these coins and feathers as the face of an owl.

Owls have long been the symbol of wisdom. And to me, that is what failure is all about. Failure speaks to the difference between being smart and being wise.

Wisdom is a deeper more intuitive feeling. It comes from experience and age. When you share wisdom, people gain insight into their own experiences and avoid painful mistakes. Failure makes you wise.

Our next card is the Empress. This card is a supportive guide and the embodiment of loving energy. She is sturdy in her drive to rebuild and nourish. She is the warmth and safety of a mother holding a newborn baby to her breast. 

The Empress wants us to take this powerful energy and use it on ourselves. She calls us to practice some fierce self-care this week, especially if we have experienced a setback. She asks: what can we do to truly nurture ourselves? How can we create more safety and security in our lives?

From a place of love and safety, we can truly thrive. We can take more risks and be creative. We can live more fully. But without this foundation, we are only surviving not thriving.

Allow the energy of The Empress to wash over you and take steps to love yourself more deeply this week. Know that unconditional love is available to you and the universe accepts you just as you are.

The Empress wants us to love ourselves as we would a young child. She asks us to treat ourselves with patience, kindness, and care. She asks us to be the parent we always needed.

This type of love is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Through this work, we are creating a rich soil from which we can flourish.

It is only when we love ourselves daily and continue to show up, that true transformation appears. The Empress will support the motivation and consistency needed in our practice.

The Empress will inspire self-love. Be on the lookout for opportunities to care for yourself and build more safety in your life. It is a time to make choices that led to a brighter future.

Mantra for the week: Each day I am becoming wiser, more resilient, and more loving. 

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