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The Devil and 3 of Wands

The goat is a complex symbol. In many cultures the goat has been associated with darkness. Its bearded face and light eyes give it a spooky quality that has sparked the human imagination.

The Greek figure Pan was inspired by the goat’s wild and independent attitude. Pan would stir up the passion in humans and seduce them into fulfil their desires. The fear of this unhinged passion is why many people equate the goat with evilness.

Scapegoating is the tradition of transferring sins, illness, and any unwanted emotions on to an actual goat and sending it out into the wilderness, therefore removing the unwanted aspects of your life.

Yet goats are also some of the most life-giving animals. Their fur, milk, and meat has sustained lives for thousands of years. And they are often noted for their intelligence and playfulness.

When it comes to the 15th card in the Major Arcana the goat is front and center. His sinister smile can make us feel uneasy or can conjure up our devilish side.

Just like the complex ideas behind the goat symbol, The Devil card can point to both negative and positive meanings. For me the card has at least two important interpretations.

First, it can point to an addiction. There is something in our lives that we have overindulged in that is now hindering our progress. It can be a toxic relationship, a substance, or even an addiction to negative thinking.

The second meaning can be about pleasure. It is about giving into your desires and not making yourself feel guilty or shameful. It can be about connecting to your fantasies and enjoying the fruit of life.

Only you will know what the card is pointing to in your life.

For some it could be pointing to both meanings. It could be about cutting out an addictive habit that is stunting your growth, while at the same time taping into your passions and connecting to activities that make you feel inspired.

The Devil card is all about feeling alive. So whatever it points to, the goat wants you to be living a vibrant and passionate life. Any addiction we have holds us back from that. There is no way the card could be urging you to continue a behavior that harms you in the end.

So how can you cut the cord from harmful behaviors this week? How can you indulge in some guilt-free pleasure and passion? Or how can you connect to both?

There is an energy of independence that comes from The Devil card as well. It calls you to become free from negative attachments and let go of feelings of societal judgment. That feeling of independence will continue with The 3 of Wands.

The 3 of Wands is all about separating yourself from the influence of others and tapping into your own guidance.

We have been sent so many messages from the moment we were born. Our world views have been created by the opinions of our families, friends, media or religion. We might not know what is our own thought versus a thought we picked up from someone else.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as we are all shaped by the world around us. However, in order to envision our own personal future we will need to tap into our own values and beliefs without all the outside noise. We need to separate ourselves from the voices of our parents, friends or elected officials and find out what we truly want.

The 3 of Wands is here to tell you that it is your life and no else gets to live it but you.

In order to create an authentic and fulfilling future, you will need to get clear on your goals. Spend some time this week sitting quietly, free from distractions, and write down what your goals are.

Since we are over halfway through the year, it would be the perfect time to check in with ourselves and our goals. And goal creation is always best under the energy of the New Moon, so the 12th would be a good day to set those new intentions free from the needs or opinions of others.

Mantra for the week: I connect to vibrant energy of life and let go of anything that is holding me back. I reconnect with my vision of the future and listen to my own inner voice. My life is my own. 

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