Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 26-July 2, 2023

Weekly Tarot

We are making our way through Cancer Season, and the cards show us how to honor our accomplishments and emotions. We are called to celebrate and release through these two vibrant cards.

Our first card this week is the powerhouse card of The Universe. This card speaks to the elevation of our consciousness and the culmination of a life cycle. We have been working hard, and this card wants us to feel proud and recognize our growth.

The figure on the Universe card is naked and dancing, surrounded by the four elements. She is in a place of celebration and mastery. She has gone through all the trials and tribulations of the Fool’s Journey and is in her power.

To invite the Universe card into your life, offer her the gift of dancing. Turning on some music and allowing yourself to let go can be very healing. Being in your body instead of your head is a great way to uplift this energy.

Under the influence of the Universe, take a moment to acknowledge your work instead of thinking about where you need to go next. The work will always be there. But this week, you deserve a moment of reflection and release.

Our second card this week is the Prince of Cups. This card is here to help us navigate our heavier emotions and shows us how to work with grief and sadness. Though The Universe card brings joyful celebration we are called to process what lies beneath to make way for deeper growth.

The Prince of Cups is an intuitive, sensitive, and creative soul that feels things deeply. He is the watery quality of air, bringing the mind and the heart together.

He will support us as we drop down below our outer world this week. Through spending intentional time in a quiet space, we can hear his guidance.

The Prince of Cups is about awareness of our inner dialog. He wants us to notice how we talk to ourselves and what messages we are sending.

We may set goals we really want, but in our minds, we don’t think we are deserving and don’t believe things will work out. We desire for our lives to progress and change but our inner monologue says differently.

The Prince of Cups wants us to see if we can match our thoughts with our desires. He asks us to hold self-fulfilling beliefs about ourselves, to think we are good enough, and visualize our success.

The Prince of Cups supports awareness of the stories we tell ourselves. These stories are sending a powerful message. If we want our stories to change, we have to first hear them.

When we become the observer of our thoughts, we can ride the waves instead of having them crash over us. The Prince shows us that acceptance of our feelings makes us skilled surfers on the emotional seas.

With acceptance and compassion, grief and sadness have their space. We can feel our emotions without having them pull us under or be stuffed inside. And when they feel heard, we are able to become lighter and more open.

Our thoughts are so powerful and can create so much change. By dropping down into our unconscious and listening to ourselves, magical things start to happen.

Mantra for the week: I celebrate how far I have come. I honor myself with acceptance and compassion.

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