Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 1-6, 2018

weekly tarot reading
The Priestess and Prince of Cups

The Priestess is the second card in the ‘Major Arcana’, the set of cards in tarot that follow the fool’s journey through the universe. She has all the strengths of the card before her, including the Magician, but even more depth and intuitive abilities.

She stands between two pillars with a veil surrounding her. She fluidly penetrates the veil and gives us the same ability. Through The Priestess, the world of the subconscious is easier to reach. Through her, we can connect to our higher self.

She has a piercing eye and can see the inner world all around. She breaks down facades and barriers. Her gifts are powerful and she shares them with us freely.

She calls us to tap into our psychic abilities and listen to our subconscious. She wants us to pick up on the messages that are trying to communicate with us.

We can do this through recording our dreams, meditating, or tapping into our creativity. Through painting, writing, or even cooking we use a different part of ourselves.  We are more open to inspiration in these spaces.

The Priestess is guiding us this week to take time to see through our current environment. She wants us to look past any negativity and confusion. She calls us to a deeper place with calmer energy.

She wants us to know our power and the psychic gifts we all possess. Many of us have shut down these gifts and the Priestess wants us to know we are safe with her to open them back up.

She will protect us while we are in this vulnerable space of wisdom. So don’t be scared to go deep with yourself through your dreams or meditation. This is where powerful messages will come shinning through.

The Prince of Cups comes from a similar place as the The Priestess. He is an intuitive, sensitive, and creative soul that feels things deeply. He is the watery quality of air, bringing the mind and the heart together.

He will support us as we drop down below the chaos of our outer world this week. Through spending intentional time in a more quiet space, we can hear his guidance.

The Prince of Cups is about awareness of our inner dialog. He is about connecting what we want, with what we think. He wants us to notice how we talk to ourselves and what messages we are sending to the universe.

For example, we may articulate that we want to grow our careers and take on more leadership roles. However in our mind, we may be sending out self-defacing beliefs about ourselves. We think we are not good enough or that things will not work out, yet we want our external worlds to progress and change.

In order for change to occur, we have to match up our thoughts with our desires. We have to hold self-fulfilling beliefs about ourselves. We need to think we are good enough and visualize our success. We need to project inwardly what we want projected outwardly.

The Prince of Cups supports awareness of the stories we tell ourselves . These stories are sending a powerful message and actually creating our reality. If we want our stories to change, we have to first hear them.

When we come the observer of our thoughts, we can remove ourselves from the negative loops. From there, we can adjust our inner voice and match up our desires with our thoughts.

Our thoughts are so powerful and can create so much change. Through dropping down into our unconscious and listening to ourselves, we can make sure the change we are creating is positive.

Mantra for the week: I am safe to use my psychic and intuitive gifts. Through awareness I create my best life. I am blessed.   

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