Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: September 18-24, 2023

Weekly Tarot

Seven of Cups and Ten of Disks

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

On September 23 we have the Equinox, which marks the halfway point in the astrological calendar until our March Equinox next year. Whether you are headed into Fall in the Northern Hemisphere or into Spring in the Southern, this transition is a sacred time when the veil between our physical and spiritual world is thin.

We see the shifts in the natural world around us and will experience the shifts inside of us as well. For the North, nature is releasing, letting go, and preparing for the winter. In the South, nature is opening up and blossoming. We can feel these higher vibrations and our cards are here to help us channel this energy.

Our first card this week is the Seven of Cups and this card speaks to behaviors that no longer serve us. We have been listening to the part of ourselves that just wants a quick fix. The part that whispers in our ear: just take the easy road. We have been drawn into a cycle of instant gratification.

We might feel cloudy and disconnected from our compass. We might not be thinking clearly due to a possible addiction or problematic pattern. The Seven of Cups points to some less-than-healthy behaviors that might be taking up space in our lives.

Whether it’s a relationship based purely on pleasure that’s disconnected from our hearts, a job that pays the bills but does not fulfill us, or glasses of wine and endless scrolling that soothe our brain after a long day but does not fuel our spirit.

These behaviors can easily deceive us into thinking that it’s something we need. We start to crave this way of operating instead of healthier more sustainable choices. The Seven of Cups shows up to make sure we see through the illusion of our instant gratification.

It’s hard to make healthy choices because they usually require more planning and effort. And if we have been dealing with stress, the effort is just that much harder. But we are called to remember that these things are not making us happy. It may be delaying unhappiness for the time being, but it is not making us stronger or more joyful in the long run.

There is nothing wrong with pleasure. However, the cards want us to see if we are experiencing quick, short-term pleasure, or a deeper more restorative kind. It wants us to cultivate a life that enriches us and makes us feel more alive. We are called to find things that truly fill our cups.

When we take a step back and look at our patterns, we will be able to adjust and recalibrate, rather than operating on autopilot. This recalibration will be worth the effort and usher in a new more sustainable path and the Equinox is a powerful time to do this work.

The second card we are working with is the Ten of Disks, and it’s a glorious card to support us as we embrace the transition in the cosmos.

The number ten in the Tarot is all about looking back and reflecting at the end of a cycle before we launch into a new one. In order to move to an even greater place financially, personally, or professionally, we must first hold gratitude for what we have now.

The Ten of Disks, also known as Wealth, wants us to understand how strong we are and how many resources we already have. It is a card about connecting with the richness of our lives.

We are being called to take stock of our wealth. Whether materially, personally, or spiritually, the more we notice what we have, the more we will amplify that energy. 

As we enter into a new season, ask yourself: What are the biggest assets in my life? What is going well? What are the things that bring me peace? What am I most grateful for?

Carve out some time to think about your personal riches and write them down. Then, read them out loud and feel the powerful emotions that wash over you as you hear the words.

When we enter the Equinox, we are asked to look beyond our material goals and see how valuable a quiet morning walk can be if we let it. Our friends, families, and earth give each of us so much, and under the Ten of Disks, we can really feel it.

Let’s focus on all we have that makes us rich. Think of the things that truly matter and make us feel blessed. From this place, we can set our intentions for the next season and call in abundance and success.

Mantra for the week: With the energy of the Equinox, we let go of behaviors that hold us back, and through gratitude, call in more of what we love.

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