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Last week I was having one of those, pardon my language, real poo-poo weeks where nothing is going well.
I was having a tough time at work and some of my goals on my personal to-do lists were harder than I thought. As the week went on I become more stressed and I started to feel like I was just swimming in circles trying to keep my head above water.

That was when I decided to call my friend from Arizona that I haven’t spoken to in some time. We have been friends for a decade and even though we don’t always chat, we somehow know when to call each other at the exact time the other one needs a pick me up. Maybe there is some cosmic reason for friends being able to know this, but until I know what that reason is, I am just going to call it a best friend.

Turns out he was having a rough time but he was handling it much better than I was. He said “I know things are tough right now, but just remember, all it takes is one day for things to change”. To be honest I thought, “that is stupid advice!”. But instead of saying that I said, “yeah you’re right”.

Let me tell you, he couldn’t have been more right. I don’t know if it was because I kept telling myself “Don’t worry, this is all going to change soon” or I was so focused to change the negative circling of my life that I made it happen. Either way, not even two days after the poop storm of rejection and stress that a big city can bring you, a wave of great news was about to break…

I had a sudden influx of creativity and passion to finish my goals. A big project that I have been working on finally got some good news and I will be able to share it with the world hopefully a little after the New Year. Even the relationships in my life seemed to improve after realizing that “all it takes is one day for things to change for the better”.

Now, I don’t know if the take away from this lesson is “seize the moment” or “this too shall pass” or even “don’t row upstream in a crap creek”. Sometimes life just hands you blessings that don’t always have to be analyzed by thinking “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!”.

But if there is one thing that I have learned this past week it’s that if you are ever feeling like you are drowning, use a life line and dial-a-friend. Because they are the ones that will come with the life boat (and probably some beer).**

When was a time that a friend helped you stay above water? How did that make your friend(ship) stronger? Tell us about it in the comments below!

** I know boating and beer doesn’t mix, but I figured since it’s a metaphorical boat, it’s still legal.

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