The Spiritual Significance of Your Birth Order

spiritual significance of birth order

The family that you were born into is no mistake. Your soul chose your family because it knew that it would offer the best energy to support your highest spiritual development and growth.

The same goes for your birth order. Whether you are the oldest, youngest or only child, your birth order also carries a special spiritual significance.

The First Born 

On a deeper and more spiritual level, first born children are often extremely strong souls. Part of their purpose is to absorb majority of the family karma and to transform it into something new.

All families have their own karma and patterns that will continue to play out for generations, until someone steps up and heals and transforms this karmic energy.

The first born is the number one person to complete the job and has taken on the responsibility as part of their soul work.

In many ways, first borns are equipped to take on a lot of family energy in order to bring healing to it. If they master this, there is truly nothing first borns can’t handle.

First borns also act as powerful caretakers and nurturers on an energetic level. Whether consciously or not, they protect their other siblings and carry a lot of the family weight on their shoulders.

While they are strong enough to hold this weight, if things get too heavy to bear, it can lead to feelings of not being good enough or low self-esteem.

When they successfully hold this weight and are able to transform it into something positive, they rapidly advance and are often very successful in life.

The Middle Born

The middle child has many talents that it needs to bring into the world, which is why it needs the shield of the first born and the camaraderie of the last born.

While the first born is busy holding up the shield, the middle born can get to work on what their soul has come to achieve.

In many ways, the first born and the middle born are often working together on an energetic level, even if it doesn’t seem that way on a physical level.

The middle born may also have to support the first born and hold them up when the going gets tough. At the same time, they may also have to support the last born as well, making them feel somewhat stuck or caught in the middle.

Most middle born’s are natural mediators and are very good at working with people and working in a healing capacity. They are also usually diplomatic and can see things from a bigger picture view point.

Middle born’s can also lose sight of who they are and easily get off track as they often doing things for other people.

When a middle born learns to own who they are and be more independent, they can often go on to birth and create new and exciting things.

The Last Born 

On a spiritual level, last born’s were sent to bring a lightness and joy into the family. Last born’s are all about bringing the family together, connecting with others and making long lasting friendships.

Last born’s are usually more relaxed in how they approach life and are less likely to absorb a lot of heavy family karma.

Last born’s often want to do things their own way and may beat to the tune of their own drum. In many ways, they strive to create their own path and lay down new energy for the family.

Because the older siblings typically absorb a lot of the heavy family karma, last born’s can sometimes lack the ability to take responsibility for their lives. They can also lack maturity and need to learn how to be comfortable with creating their own path.

Last born’s are often brought into a family to bring a fresh energy, optimism and a new way of looking at the world.

When last born’s are able to take responsibility for their lives, they can go on to do innovative and inspiring things.

The Only Born 

The only born child is very similar to the first born child, but in a more amplified way.

Only born’s take on a lot of the family karma without having the middle born behind them for support.

This means that only born are often extremely independent and resilient. They are also more likely to step into a leadership role than a first born.

Most souls that come in as only born’s are usually there to help their parents to complete something or bring more energy to something that their parents have been working on.

On a deeper level, only born’s have also come to learn how to deal with emotions and feelings of emotional security. This is because only born’s can sometimes have a hard time relating with others or forming healthy bonds in relationships.

One of the key differences between first born’s and only born’s is that only borns usually come to join the family dynamic whereas first born’s usually come to change or transform something.


The significance of your birth order also depends on the energy of your family and the purpose of your soul at large. If you are the only male or female amongst your siblings, you may also resonate with elements of the first born.



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