Take a Hike

As I was sitting at my parent’s home in Phoenix, AZ I was wondering why it felt so good to be doing Nothing.

I mean, of course it’s great to be sitting with family and loved ones (especially the free meals that they offer). But what was it about being away from Los Angeles that made me feel so energetic?

Well, studies show that taking a vacation is great for your health! Reports show that those who take time to enjoy other sceneries than their office and living rooms, tend to live longer. So next time a friend or family members asks you to take a spontaneous trip, don’t think about the cost, think about the joy of living longer because those who take vacations reduce the risk of heart attacks by 50%.

LIving in the Australia? Even better! In Australia, it’s law that each working citizen is allowed four weeks of annual vacation time. That’s pretty outstanding compared the U.S law of a lousy 8 days. And most of the time those 8 days of vacation come after being with the company for one year. Even after three years with a company, the average paid vacation time is 10 days. Maybe it’s time to take a permanent vacation to Australia?

Research shows that you don’t have to take an elaborate vacation to improve your health. Doctors say that just taking a walk in a new town or taking a hike will reduce heart disease and headaches brought on by stress.

Oh, you’re married with kids and can’t find the time? Well buddy, you should make time because taking a vacation with a significant other improves romance, leading to a happier marriage. Plus if you take the kids with you on your next getaway, they will have happier memories when they grow up (and less therapy).

So if you are already back to work after the holidays season, start planning that vacation. Hey, even if you call out sick and have an ultra cool Ferris Bueller’s Day Off situation, it won’t be a lie because you did it to get healthier!

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