The Best Hidden Treasure

It truly puzzles me when I meet someone who doesn’t read. It shocks me even more when they tell me they’ve never finished a book. I don’t at all judge them or think they’re uneducated.

I feel sorry that they haven’t experienced getting lost in an amazing adventure. I feel bad that they’ve been missing out on a world of imagination, discovering and conquering journeys we get to experience in a fictional world outside our own.

It’s the best travel experience! If you need a vacation, but can’t afford one or don’t have time to take off from work, treat yourself with a book and visit that imaginary world. Take a break from your own worries. Jump into a world you get to paint in your mind.

This may sound like I’m speaking to you as if I’m your kindergarten teacher, but seriously, you’re missing out on a treasure.

I think people connect books to school, and how they weren’t necessarily interested in their English assignments. That, or how easy it was to not even need to read those books, because they used Spark Notes and “got all they need to”-  which is fine, but you’re still missing out on an incredible opportunity.

If you’re someone who didn’t enjoy your assigned books in school, don’t let that discourage you from a timeless activity. There are books literally for everyone!

If you don’t want to read a tale in Old English, maybe you’ll like a comedy. If you don’t care for romance novels, maybe you’ll love graphic novels.

There are  BILLIONS of books out there. How can you say “books are boring” when you haven’t even tried to find your cup of tea?

You should try to explore new things everyday, and saying “no” before giving it a chance is a judgement that is based off no evidence that you’ve put the time in to uncover.

I lose myself in books. When I find a novel that interests me, something instantly clicks. I can’t stop turning the pages. I lose track of time. If I have to go to work, all I do is daydream about what’s going to happen next when I have the chance to get back into that world– and that want to have more is the most incredible AMAZING gift ever!

As crazy as it may sound to some, finding a good book is similar to experiencing falling in love. They’re very different, for the obvious reasons. Duh. At the same time though, your heart races, and it’s hard for you to end the night because you crave for more. It’s the only way I can really describe “love”. You get lost. You feel like you’re on this life changing journey in a foreign land you’ve never experienced, and will never experience with another again.

Storytelling has been around as long as humans. People all over the world, throughout history, who weren’t even connected to each other shared the same practice of enjoying a hell of a good tale.

There have been people who have fought to read books. There have been political arguments about even letting certain books be published. This is something, people have gone a long way to keep around because it is important!

So, when people tell me they don’t read because it seems boring, they always then see my geekiness come out, and my jaw absolutely drop. I always say you should read. You should really read! You’re missing out on the best feeling in the world if you’re not!

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