The Energy of the August New Moon in Leo 2015

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August’s New Moon will fall at the peak of the Lions head in the constellation of Leo on the 14th, bringing about gentle and harmonious energy, particularly in the areas of love and money.

Love and relationships have been on the forefront of our minds lately due to Venus retrograde. She has been forcing us to work on the love and relationship that we have with ourselves and with those around us in order to grow and evolve.

Her retrograde cycle may have brought about some heaviness and sadness in recent weeks however, this New Moon is definitely going to bring about a fresh new perspective.

On August 14th, Venus and the New Moon will align in harmony, bringing about a peaceful energy in matters surrounding love. Together, Venus and the Moon will start allowing you to see the positives of all that is around you and may even give you glimpse of your next chapter ahead.

The planet Uranus will also be involved in this beautiful union, bringing about an element of surprise, particularly around some information that may have been left hidden or unresolved.

It is likely that on this New Moon you may receive some important insights into your emotions and any issues surrounding self love and relationship love.

Whatever comes up for you on this New Moon, the results are surely to be positive and will definitely help you to look forward with confidence.

Most of the New Moon’s from previous months have been heavy and transformative, but you can be assured that August’s New Moon is sweet and gentle.

In matters of money, this New Moon may bring you some good news. You may receive a bonus, a raise or even some money that was owed to you. Ways to make more money may also be apparent to you now as the Universe aligns to show you your untapped potential.

If you have been irresponsible with money however, this New Moon may bring up some bills or financial matters that need addressing. Know that it is better to take care of them now rather than later.

Jupiter, the lucky planet of abundance will also move out of Leo into Virgo just a few days before the New Moon, leaving behind a glittering trail of opportunity for all those born in the month of August.

Because this New Moon also sits at the top of the Lions head in the Leo constellation, it is also a very fortunate time for all business dealings, self promotion, and artistic expression, especially in the area of entertainment.

If you work in the entertainment industry or in the media this is a fantastic New Moon to really put yourself out there and promote your work or talents.

Earlier in August we also had the opening of the LionsGate Portal. This portal has been rapidly expanding the consciousness of the planet and will also officially wrap up as the New Moon appears, bringing a lightness and an understanding to everything around you.

August’s New Moon is definitely one to look forward to and is an excellent time to manifest what you really desire for your relationships and financial matters. It is also a great time to go within and truly learn new ways to nurture, love and support yourself.

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