Your Aquarius Season Horoscopes January-February 2024

aquarius season horoscopes 2024

Aquarius Season begins on January 20, 2024, but what makes this date particularly auspicious is that Pluto is moving into Aquarius on the same day.

Pluto has been hovering between Capricorn and Aquarius for some time, so while it is no stranger to this territory, its move into Aquarius will usher us into a new chapter. A new energy expression will be on offer, one that will amplify the themes of Aquarius.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. The water bearer collects water in its vessel, but here, the water represents the psychic and emotional debris of planet Earth. The water acts as a conduit for all of our emotional baggage. With the water in its vessel, the water bearer uses the power of its breath to cleanse and transmute the water, returning it to its original, neutral state. The water bearer then returns the water back to Earth, cleansed and balanced.

This symbolism embodies the healing and cleansing energies that can find us during Aquarius Season. It is a time to cleanse all that is weighing us down and making us feel heavy. It is a time to return ourselves back to a neutral state so we can better listen and follow our truest and higher selves.

Aquarius is also the sign known for its quirky personality and sometimes eccentric ways. Aquarius wants to do things its own way, it wants to break the rules, find a new path, and forge new adventures. Aquarius is focused on freedom, fresh ideas, and innovation. Aquarius is also closely linked with technology and advancements that will lead us into the future.

With Pluto entering into Aquarius at the same time as the Sun, we are getting a boost to all of this energy. Pluto represents power, so all of this energy that is shining down under the Aquarius Sun will be amplified.

Through Aquarius Season, we also have a beautiful Leo Full Moon on January 25th. This Leo Full Moon is full of bright energy and will be reminding us to focus on our joy. It is a highly creative Full Moon that will help push us out of our comfort zones.

The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus, also stations direct on January 27th, helping to strengthen the themes of freedom, independence, and innovation. This is also further enhanced under the Aquarius New Moon on February 9th.

There is much to talk about this Aquarius Season! But let’s take a peek into what you can expect for your zodiac sign. You can read for both your Sun and Rising Sign-

Aquarius Season Horoscopes


Aquarius Season will bring your attention to your community and your surroundings. Who are you surrounding yourself with? What type of environments do you thrive in? You may have to reconsider who you surround yourself with and the types of environments you frequent. It’s ok to say no if you need to. If you are looking to attract some new and more aligned communities, put yourself out there, start a new class, or sign up to a new club or community.


What brings you a sense of purpose? Aquarius Season is a good time to reflect on this question. We all want to feel a sense of purpose when we wake up in the morning, but our purpose doesn’t have to be some big, grand thing. Think of small ways you can start to infuse more purpose into your life. When you do, it will begin raising your power and confidence, which in turn, will help you to knock on more doors, try new things, and have new experiences! Life is here to be lived to the fullest; that is our ultimate purpose, so see if you can find ways this Aquarius Season to bring more life into your life!


Aquarius Season is a time to expand some of your thinking. How can you dream bigger, aim higher, or perhaps turn things upside down to gain a new perspective? Your mind will be sharp this Aquarius Season, so put it to use! See if you can challenge some of the ways you have been thinking. See if you can start looking at things from a new vantage point. You may find that you also need to do away with limiting beliefs or thoughts that are rooted in scarcity. Focusing on abundance and gratitude is good place to start. Our thoughts can be so powerful, and Aquarius Season is your chance to make them work for you.


As we move deeper into 2024, you may still find yourself catching up to the shift in energy. You may be feeling a bit tired or lethargic, or that you still need time to integrate all that has transpired. You are a sensitive soul, and sometimes, it can take time for you to calibrate to the current energies. Aquarius Season is your chance to take that time to rest, nourish, and recuperate. This is your season to practice self-care and to be gentle with whatever you have going on. See if you can bring acceptance to your current situation, rather than trying to change it or make it something it is not. This doesn’t mean you have to settle, but sometimes, just accepting can help bring the shifts you are looking for.


Aquarius sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so you are always going to jive well with its energies. You also have your Full Moon this season, a Leo Full Moon on January 25th. This Full Moon is your chance to shine; it brings bright, bold energies that will have you feeling optimistic and inspired. This is a wonderful Full Moon to bring a boost of confidence and perhaps some motivation to craft new and exciting dreams and goals. Aquarius Season may also have you focusing on the relationships in your life. Who you keep close to you is so important, so think about what you want that to look like and start taking aligned actions.


It’s time to get organized! And if you are a stereotypical Virgo, that should be one of your favorite things to do! It’s time to clear the clutter. While it’s not exactly spring cleaning time just yet, it seems that Aquarius Season may have you hungry to clear out the closest and remove junk and clutter from your life that no longer has a place. Aquarius season is also likely to be a busy time for you where you are perhaps juggling a few things, so being as organized as possible will help you to stay on top of your to-do list. If you are looking to start a new job or pick up new projects in 2024, Aquarius Season offers some good, supportive energies, so get the ball rolling!


The festive season is over, but it seems it’s just getting started for you! Your social calendar is likely to be buzzing this Aquarius Season, and it seems you have a lot to celebrate. The Leo Full Moon on January 25 would be the perfect time to organize a gathering with friends or circle back with friends you haven’t seen since the new year. Having fun and being social can really be a source of inspiration for you this Aquarius Season, so make it a point to connect with those you love. If social events aren’t your thing, this is a highly creative time for you, too. You can channel this energy into focusing on your creative passions; I am sure you are likely to do some of your best work!


Aquarius season is a good time to focus on your environment. Creating a space that feels aligned and organized can do wonders for your productivity and your general feelings of peace. It may be time to clear the clutter, reorganize your bedroom, or to think about finally moving to a new place. Feel in to what feels best for you. Alternatively, you may find that Aquarius Season brings some family matters to a head in your life. You may have to be there for a family member, or you may wish to spend more quality time with your family. As a sensitive soul, be sure you are protecting your energy and practicing a lot of self-care, especially if you are taking care of others.


It’s time to get your thoughts and feelings out on paper. Perhaps you have had a lot going on, or a lot of pent-up energy has been bubbling in your mind. The time has come to get it all out, and journaling is a great outlet. If your anxieties have been getting the best of you, it may also be time to talk things through with a friend or therapist. Communicating, connecting, and expressing how you really feel seem to bring the answers you need this Aquarius Season. Sometimes, in order to express ourselves better, we need to first go within and figure out how we really feel. Then, it becomes easier to talk things through and communicate with others. Don’t shy away from making that journey inward.


The Sun has just moved out of your sign, and perhaps you are feeling a little lul from where the Sun’s rays once were. You are now knee-deep in your new trip around the Sun, and perhaps you are feeling a bit more directed and settled with where you are heading. Aquarius Season is a good time to focus on your feelings of self-worth. Are you looking for validation from external sources? Do you only feel worthy if you have a certain item, or if you look a certain way, or if your bank account shows a particular number? Allowing your worth to be tied to these things never ends well, so perhaps focus on ways you can build a sense of worth and self-esteem from within. Can you meditate on the idea that you are worthy and wonderful just for being who you are? Sit with that idea this season and see how it marinates.


The Sun is shining in your corner as you celebrate your trip around the Sun! Whatever you have planned this birthday season, I hope you are able to surround yourself with love, joy, and excitement for what’s ahead! The Leo Full Moon on January 25th will be a wonderful time to surround yourself with friends and family. If you are planning a party or event, do it as close to this Full Moon! If you are looking to find a partner, mentor, or agent, this Full Moon is a wonderful time to put yourself out there. With Uranus, your ruling planet, stationing direct on January 27, things will start to feel like they are flowing in a nice, smooth direction. You should find more momentum building as we reach the end of the month, and this momentum will be helping you to make progress in any direction of your choosing. As we move into February, your focus will shift to your health and well-being. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you listening to your inner wisdom? The February 9th New Moon will be a good time to focus on some self-care. With Pluto moving into your sign, it means that transformation is underway. But don’t worry, this transformation is slow and steady. Pluto will be in Aquarius for almost 20 years, so you have a lot of time to get used to its energy. But, the transformation is underway, so expect this next chapter to include a lot shedding and releasing. Pluto always promises a grand rebirth however, so know while life is up for some changes, there are also wonderful new beginnings on the horizon, too. Happy Birthday, Aquarius!


The Sun will be moving into your sign next, so this season will be one of cleansing and closure. You will find yourself needing to wrap up loose ends, get organized, and create space for the new chapter that is getting ready to begin. Before your next trip around the Sun, there are some things you need to do away with. There are perhaps some things too heavy to take with you on this next journey. The Leo Full Moon on January 25th and the Aquarius New Moon on February 9th will be a good time to take inventory of what needs to go and what needs to stay. Use this lunar cycle to think about what is no longer going to join you on this next adventure. Your heart and how you feel will guide your way, so try not to get too caught up in your head.

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