Your Horoscope for Scorpio Season October- November 2023

scorpio season horoscopes october november 2023

Scorpio Season 2023, is proving to be a potent time of year! As the Sun moves into the sign of the Scorpion, we begin gearing up for the final Eclipse in a cycle we have been working with since 2021.

With an Eclipse cycle coming to a close during Scorpio Season, we are likely to leave feeling transformed, renewed, and rebirthed. By the end of October, something may have cleared from our lives, or the stage may have been set for a pathway to come to a close.

There is also a strong wave of fixed energy that comes from this Lunar Eclipse, which means we will really be challenged to surrender and release what is no longer in our control.

By the time we move into November and reach the Scorpio New Moon on the 13th, fresh energies will be flowing, and we may feel a little more settled and ready to begin a new chapter.

By the end of Scorpio Season, the cosmic airways will start to speed up. The end of the calendar year will be in sight, and there will be a lot of forward-moving momentum pushing us to the finish line.

Overall, Scorpio Season 2023 is going to bring a wave of change into our lives. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, but this theme seems extra potent in 2023.

To dive deeper into the energies of Scorpio Season and how the Taurus Lunar Eclipse is going to affect you, check your horoscope below. You can read for your Sun and Rising sign.


The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28 brings the end of a cycle we have been working with since 2021. Under this Eclipse, you may feel as if you have reached a culmination moment or perhaps the end of the road on a journey you have been walking. As this Eclipse moves closer, you may realize that things need to change or that something needs to come to a close. Eclipses tend to bring fated events, so trust whatever manifests under this Eclipse. This Eclipse does carry the theme of endings, but it may very well open a new path too, showing us that all endings have a new beginning that eventually follows. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse is a partial Eclipse, which means that it is not as strong as a Total Lunar Eclipse, but still more powerful than a Full Moon. If you find yourself sensitive to the Full Moon, you may be feeling the energies of this Eclipse strongly. Full Moons and Full Moon Eclipses tend to draw energy out of us, so we may be feeling all the feels. All the emotions, anger, or trauma we have suppressed may come to the surface for clearing. It may come up to be felt, to be heard, and to be listened to. When we have so-called “negative” emotions, it can be easy to squash them or believe that we are wrong for feeling them, but this is the opposite of what we should do! All emotions deserve to be felt. All emotions deserve to be heard. While we don’t want to wallow in them or play the victim, we can definitely give our emotions space to be felt. When we do, we are often able to see them in a new way and to overcome them in a way that is healthy and productive. This Taurus Lunar Eclipse may get you thinking about the inner work that you have done lately, and just how much you have grown. You may have been doing a lot of self-reflection or healing, and perhaps this Eclipse is a good reminder to congratulate yourself for how far you have come. As we reach the Scorpio New Moon on November 13, the dust will begin to settle, and fresh energies will emerge. Whatever journey you have been moving through will take a gentler turn, helping you to focus on what is truly important.


Scorpio rests opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, which means that you have reached your halfway point on your trip around the Sun. This is a good time to check in with yourself to see if you like the direction you are traveling. Are you satisfied with where you are today? Or are you feeling disgruntled and out of alignment? Maybe you are even feeling both! No matter where you are on your journey, recognize this – it is just a journey. And there will always be ups and downs. Things will flow nicely sometimes, and not so nice other times. And that is just the nature of life. So wherever you have landed, give yourself the grace, the compassion, and the love to meet yourself where you are. Be present with whatever is coming up for you, without trying to force or struggle to have it be something different than it is. On October 28th, you are having the Lunar Eclipse in your sign! So you are really going to be feeling the power behind all of these energies. You are no stranger to Eclipses in your sign, you have been working with this cycle since the end of 2021, but now the end of the road has arrived. Eclipses are highly transformative, so it is almost guaranteed that since 2021, you have been doing a lot of transforming. Change has likely swept through your life, but now you are ending this chapter. You are ending this Eclipse cycle and wrapping up the lessons that it was destined to bring your way. Eclipses help us to level up. They remove obstacles and open doors. They get us where we need to be, long before we realize that is where we need to be! They can bring life-changing events, but those events tend to unlock a new chapter or pathway on our soul map. This October 28th Taurus Lunar Eclipse is not as harsh as the ones we have had before it. But it does hold some intense energies! There is a strong wave of fixed energy that surrounds this Eclipse, which means that whatever unfolds for us may be something that feels beyond our control. We may even feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, but ultimately, it seems that a decision will be made for us. This Eclipse may also highlight a relationship in your life that is no longer supporting your highest growth. You may have to say goodbye to someone, or perhaps even a relationship dynamic that you have been working with. As we move into November and arrive at the Scorpio New Moon on the 13th, things will be feeling a lot more optimistic. If a relationship has cleared from your life, you may begin seeing the silver lining, or perhaps even recognizing that the relationship needed to come to a close for your higher good. This New Moon may see you doing some soul-searching and perhaps uncovering some deeper patterns when it comes to the way you connect with others. A lot of growth and self-development work is on the cards this Scorpio Season!


Well, haven’t you been busy! Chances are 2023 has been an incredibly successful year for you! If that doesn’t sound like it resonates, take a moment to reflect on where you were at the start of the year and where you are now. Saturn, the planet known as our Master Teacher, has been very active in your chart this year, and chances are this teacher has been guiding you to new levels! Like all good teachers, Saturn may have had to help you unlearn some bad habits or put boundaries in place to keep you on track, but trust you are doing the homework and making progress! As our master teacher, Saturn can help bring success our way, so keep up with those hard lessons and know that your rewards are coming! Saturn may be harsh, but he always brings gifts too! While Saturn is active in almost all corners of your life, the corner where it is shining the most is in your career. This is where you can really harness the energy of Saturn and create some incredibly long-lasting success for yourself! Saturn is all about longevity; it doesn’t take short cuts, so hang in there and know you are setting the groundwork for years to come! The Taurus Lunar Eclipse may feel a little challenging for you. Falling on the 28th of October, this Eclipse appears to shine a light on some shadowy things. Things that have been hidden; things that perhaps you did not want to address. A possible manifestation is that a big secret is revealed, or the veil is lifted on something, helping you to recognize a higher truth. Something may have to fall away from your life too, something that could feel like an ending. There is an intensity here that seems to hit you on a deeper level and get you questioning a few things. But this is part of the process and part of your journey back to rebirth. The Taurus Eclipse is also a highly psychic time for you, so trust those intuitive impulses and look for clues from the Universe, it is always sending you signs. As we move into November, things will level out, and you may find yourself ready to start something new. The Scorpio New Moon on November 13, holds incredibly fertile energy, so use it to your advantage. However, also remember that the New Moon is a powerful time for rest and restoration. The energies guide us to go within and connect with who we are and where we are at. You may need this check-in after the intensity of the weeks passed, so use this New Moon as your reminder to nourish all that is in need.


As we begin Scorpio Season, the element of water will be strong. As a water sign, you will feel at ease with all of this watery energy, however, you may also find yourself feeling a little too floaty or even lost. Grounding your energy and bringing yourself back to center is going to be important to remember this Scorpio Season, especially with all the Eclipse energy in the air. As a sign that is ruled by the Moon, you are always going to feel the Eclipse energies no matter what sign they fall in. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28, is the last in a cycle so, it is going to be a powerful time of endings and closure. Observe how these themes come up as you reach the end of October. Work through any feelings around this release and see if you can hold space for yourself to feel all you need. There is a chance a difficult conversation may need to be had under this Eclipse. If that resonates, see if you can flow from a place of authenticity but also kindness. Be firm in your boundaries but open to listening. Having mindful and productive conversations is definitely challenging, so be gentle with yourself and keep coming back to your breath if things feel overheated. At the same time however, don’t be afraid to assert yourself and stand up for what you think and feel. There is a fine line here, so navigate it the best you can! Pluto will be active here, reminding you to find that balance between claiming your power and taking a stand, with surrendering and releasing all that is no longer in your control. Find that balance and you will have an easier time navigating these Eclipse energies. As you move into November, things are going to settle, and you may feel a little more at ease with wherever you have landed. The Scorpio New Moon on November 13, holds some fresh inspiration and may ignite a spark of passion in your life. This would be a fantastic time to surround yourself with a strong community and supportive friends. Make it a priority to do something fun and to bring a sense of adventure and passion back into your life. This time of year can get busy, so use this New Moon as your reminder to do something fun and to bring some play and lightness back into your life. Cancer, you have a lot to swim through this season, but you are no stranger to the waters!


Since the end of 2021, your fire has been burning bright! You have been receiving some of the best energies for personal growth, and perhaps you are starting to see the results trickling down to all areas of your life. You may have revamped your career, improved your relationships, and are just feeling better about the direction of your life overall. If this does not resonate, know Scorpio Season is your chance to take some action. You have wonderful supportive energy on your side that is encouraging you to go for your dreams and to make positive moves forward in your life. If things have been feeling challenging, hang in there as things are likely to shift, especially under the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse is the last in a cycle we have been working with since 2021, so the theme of closure and endings will be strong. Think back to what themes were prevalent in your life around the end of 2021, especially in regards to your career or your home life. Chance are, one of these areas received a huge shake-up and perhaps it is only now that you are beginning to see how things are falling into place for you. In fact, under this Eclipse, all of your hard work is likely to be rewarded! While this Eclipse can bring challenges for you, Leo, it seems like these challenges can be easily turned into glittering opportunities! In fact, there is some fantastic abundant energy around this Eclipse for you, which really has the potential to be magical. Shine bright under this Lunar Eclipse, and put yourself out there for the world to see. Share your message, and don’t dim your light for anyone! You may find under this Eclipse that an opportunity comes up by surprise that is too good to refuse or perhaps something you have been wanting for a long time. This Eclipse has some beautiful surprises and rewards up its sleeve for you, so stay open to what comes! With all of this excitement in the air around Eclipse time, you are going to have to pay extra attention to your health. Your light may be burning bright, but you don’t want to burnout! Make sure you are taking time to rest and look after your mental and physical well-being. As we move into November, we are greeted with the Scorpio New Moon on November 13. This New Moon will help to soften any intensities left behind from the Eclipse. Use this New Moon energy as an opportunity to check in with yourself and your family. You may feel called to be there for a family member, or you may simply want to rest and recharge in the comfort of your own home. This is going to be a very internal time for you, so try not to force yourself to do too much, and instead, give yourself permission to rest- you have earned it!


Scorpio Season brings a lot of change and transformation, mostly due to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse that falls on October 28. This Eclipse is the last in a cycle we have been working with since the end of 2021, so it’s likely that something you have been working on since this time will now reach a culmination or completion point. While the energies of Eclipse Season and Scorpio Season can feel intense, you have some of the most supportive energies on your side! Your ability to stay grounded, rooted, and connected to your truth will really hold you in good stead and give you so much strength to navigate whatever will come. Lean on these abilities, remember your roots – allow your leaves to sway in the breeze of change, but keep your trunk planted. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse holds very expansive energy for you, especially when it comes to your mind and the way you think about the world and your role in it. You may have a new realization, awakening, or ah-ha moment. If you have wanted to study a new topic, you may be knee-deep in learning some new wisdom. Alternatively, you may find yourself traveling to a new destination that expands your horizons and makes you see the world in a new way. Something in you will shift, bringing a new way of being. This Eclipse may also trigger a difficult conversation or relationship situation that needs to be addressed. There is a chance that this relationship or difficult conversation will bring the end of something or will allow you to reach a point where you can make a decision to move forward. As we move into November, you may be feeling a little more settled in your being. The winds would have calmed, especially as we reach the Scorpio New Moon on November 13. This is a deep, introspective New Moon, so you may wish to seek some alone time to recharge your batteries and to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Connect with what you desire, and get clear with what you need most right now. Following this New Moon, the energies of the cosmos are going to speed up, so recharge under this New Moon as much as you can!


The Sun has just left your corner of the zodiac, and you have been busy! Not only did you have the Sun in your sign, shining down all its light and love, but you also had an Eclipse in your sign too! This was the Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14, and while it has passed, the effects of this Eclipse are going to linger with you for some time. Whatever seeds were planted under this Eclipse will continue to grow and sprout in the years to come, so watch this space! Moving into Scorpio Season, we have the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 28. This Full Moon Eclipse is the last in a cycle we have been working with since the end of 2021, so the theme of endings and closure will be strong. If there is something from the end of 2021 that you have been moving through that you are ready to be done with or ready to close the door on, then this is your chance! Put all you wish to release out into the Universe under this Eclipse, and watch it wash away! Eclipses are incredibly powerful, and actually, we seldom need to tell the Universe what we want to release under an Eclipse, for the power of the Universe tends to guide us exactly where we need to be anyway. This Eclipse may feel challenging for you, as it will highlight some of the shadow sides of your psyche. You may feel withdrawn and introspective at this time, you may be doing a lot of questioning, or perhaps even feeling lost. The energy of endings may be strong, but perhaps you have no clue what is actually ending- maybe things feel like they haven’t even begun as yet! If you are feeling a little lost around this Eclipse, don’t worry. It is ok to feel how you feel. It is ok to not have everything worked out. We don’t need to know the way we are traveling all the time. Sometimes it is ok to simply move through the motions and be present with what is. In fact, that is the key here for you under this Eclipse energy. How can you be present with what is? How can you flow with wherever you have found yourself in your life? This Taurus Eclipse may also bring issues up around your sexuality. If you have been struggling in this area, you may find that this Eclipse brings some answers or removes some blockages, allowing you to see the truth. Alternatively, you may be dealing with some health issues that may not be done, but perhaps you can finally reach a state of peace with. As we move into November, and reach the Scorpio New Moon on the 13th, the energies are going to lighten, and we may find that we feel more at ease with how things are flowing. This is a good New Moon to focus on your income and your relationship with money. Many people have issues or blocks around their relationship with money, most of which stem from their feelings of self-worth. If you have blockages around receiving abundance or just feel you are not good with money in general, try to challenge these beliefs and see how they may come back to your feelings of self-worth. Aside from getting stuck in the deep work under this New Moon, know it is also a good point in the month to recharge your batteries. Make it a point to fill up your cup and bring some beauty into your life. What can you do to get excited about your life? The answer to that question is what you should follow.


Happy Birthday, Scorpio!!! Welcome to your Season! Well, you have made it! You have reached the final chapter of Eclipse energies that have been working through your sign. Since the end of 2021, you have been working with Eclipses on your axis. The Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse cycle has likely transformed your world, shaken things up, and got you digging deeper than you ever have before! Your life is probably looking very different to where it was back at the end of 2021, or perhaps, if it’s not looking different on the outside, you are feeling different on the inside. If this is the case, don’t worry. Your outer life will catch up in time. Eclipses are highly transformative and tend to work on a soul level; it can take a while for their energies to truly reveal where the path forward is heading. On October 28, however, you will reach a graduation point with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. This is the last Eclipse in this cycle, and it’s going to leave a parting gift. But before it does, there is one last job to do. This Eclipse is going to be triggering your relationships. Perhaps there is a relationship that needs to come to an end, or perhaps it is not a relationship but a dynamic that continually shows up in your relationships that needs to end. It seems that you will be closing the door on a chapter in your life. There feels to be an ending, but also a new beginning that will blossom in turn. This new beginning is a clarity in what you want moving forward, especially when it comes to your relationships and whom you wish to align with in your life. You may be coming into a clearer understanding of what you are willing to tolerate and what you are not, and all of this is incredibly powerful not just for your relationships moving forward, but in all areas of your life. While the theme of endings is strong, you may also find yourself regaining a new power under this Eclipse too. Something may inspire you to rise up and claim your power, to step into your voice, and to know that you are indeed, a worthy, incredible being! You may feel this power rise up and help you to break free from any struggles or patterns that are leaving you stuck in a victim mindset. Reclaim that power! As we move into November, the dust is going to settle, and you are going to be able to reflect back on this journey with a little more clarity. If you walk through your life since November 2021, perhaps you will begin to see just how you have been led to this moment, and how much you have grown and achieved in that time. The Scorpio New Moon on November 13, falls in your sign and is a wonderful New Moon for setting intentions. A lot has changed, your life may even look different, but this is your chance to set some intentions for what you desire. This is your chance to put out into the Universe what you want for your life moving forward. We are co-creators of the Universe after all, and after the intensity of the Eclipses, you deserve to have your say! Put your wishes out there for the Universe to hear, and by next birthday season, you may very well be walking through what is only now a dream.


Wow! There is so much to unpack for you this Scorpio Season! Firstly, Scorpio Season is always going to hold a theme of endings for you, as it’s the last place the Sun will visit before it enters your sign. You can think of the Sun visiting your sign as the rebirth moment, and we all know that before a rebirth there is usually a “death” or ending of some kind that precedes it. So, this Scorpio Season, what are you letting go of? What are you doing away with? This theme of letting go and releasing will be doubly amplified for you due to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse that falls on October 28. This is, hands down, one of the most potent events during Scorpio Season and of the year! This is the last Eclipse in a cycle we have been working with since the end of 2021, so whatever this Eclipse cycle brings to a close, it’s likely something you have been building towards since this time. If something exits your life under this Eclipse, trust that some divine intervention has been involved. This Eclipse is a powerful ending point, so let go of whatever has served its time. By the time we move into November and arrive at your birthday season, you will feel ready to begin a new chapter. Let the dust settle, and trust any endings will be short-lived and soon replaced with something brighter! Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, will be in a nice strong position, so you can lean on her energies for support. Venus can help us to step into our feminine power, to trust the flow, and to go after what we deserve. She allows us to stand in our power, to stand up for ourselves, and to find the beauty in all things. As Venus also rules over money, you may find yourself in a very abundant position this Scorpio Season! You may be taking on a new project or receiving accolades for some of your previous work. If money matters are on your mind, know you have some cosmic support on your side helping you to receive. Stay open to the flow of abundance and see what comes your way. Don’t shy away from seeking or accepting new opportunities – you never know what may cross your path. Especially around Eclipse time, there is a certain magic in the air where the veil is thin, and our intuition can speak to us with more clarity- use it to your advantage! Scorpio Season 2023, may also be very revealing for you. Some secrets may come to light, or you may find yourself experiencing an awakening moment where you realize a deeper truth about something. The curtain may be pulled back on something, and with the truth revealed, you may find it easier to move forward on your path. Don’t be in too much of a rush however, once the Sun moves into your sign, you will have far more power and strength to get where you want to go.


Since the end of 2021, how has your life changed? Chances are you have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery and deeper understanding. For the last decade or so, this has actually been a theme of your life. The Universe has been helping you to dive deep, to wade through the shadows, and to perhaps even move through some powerful cycles of death and rebirth. All of this energy has been stimulated by the planet, Pluto, which has been moving through your sign since 2008. Pluto is still dancing in Capricorn, however it is getting ready to leave. It is making its departure and won’t return again for your lifetime. Pluto, who is now very much a dear and intimate friend, will be very active for much of Scorpio Season. It is triggered by the Eclipse and by the fact that Scorpio is the natural ruler of Pluto. On October 28, we have a Taurus Lunar Eclipse. This is a partial lunar Eclipse, so while it’s not as strong as a total lunar eclipse, we are still going to feel its vibrations strongly. This Eclipse will be helping to bring us full circle from whatever was going on for us at the end of 2021. We have grown and evolved since this time, and are now finding ourselves at a new point on our journey. We may be feeling more empowered and perhaps with more resources and support on our side. We may even have a new community that we have surrounded ourselves with. This Eclipse is going to be a power moment for you, and perhaps a point of celebration too. While its energy feels intense and can bring endings, for you, it feels more like a culmination moment. A point where you realize the journey, perhaps part of its purpose, and you can feel the satisfaction that has come by reaching the end of it. Of course, no journey is ever complete. These journeys are more like spirals, moving us up and up. We are forever learning! But it definitely seems like you have reached a graduation point under this final Taurus Eclipse. Taurus is a sign that is connected to abundance, so hopefully, this Eclipse can bring some abundance your way! Stay open to the gifts of the Universe, as you never know what may find you. As we move into November, the energies are going to lighten. The Scorpio New Moon on November 13, is going to help bring some fresh energy and momentum into our lives. It is at this point that we will feel free of the transformative Eclipse energies and more open to the idea of new beginnings. As Scorpio Season comes to a close, you may find yourself feeling more supported and with a strong community around you.


The big event of Scorpio Season is the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28. This Eclipse will dominate the cosmic airways, making it our focus for October and for some of November too. Eclipses can be in operation a month before, and a month after they arrive, but by the Scorpio New Moon on November 13, we are likely going to be done with the main work of this Eclipse. Falling in the sign of Taurus, this Eclipse may feel a little overwhelming for you. You may feel the need to take on other people’s problems, or perhaps you will find yourself in a situation where you feel that you need to fix things for everyone. While it can be tempting to fix things for others and be a helper, you need to protect your own energy too. Instead of fixing things for others, why not instead focus on holding space for others to go through their own process? Be supportive, be kind, but have your boundaries. Don’t take on responsibilities that are not yours to take. While you may feel a little overwhelmed under the intense energies of this Full Moon Eclipse, there is a chance you may see some rewards too, especially when it comes to your career. You may find yourself reaching a full circle moment where you are able to celebrate some achievements. A project you started in 2021 may come to completion, or you may start to see the rewards paying off from that project. This could be a powerful opportunity for you to launch into the next phase of your career. Alternatively, this Eclipse could bring an ah-ha moment, allowing you to reflect on a deeper purpose. You may feel more aligned with your passions or ready to take a leap of faith on a path that feels more aligned with where you want to be. There is cosmic support on your side if you feel ready to take a leap of faith in a new and more passion-filled direction. As we move into November, we have the Scorpio New Moon on the 13th. This New Moon will feel like a breath of fresh air, allowing us to feel a little more settled and at ease with whatever has transpired. If the end of October feels like an ending, by the time we reach the midpoint of November, it will feel like a new beginning! Overall, Scorpio Season is a power time for you to recognize your strength. You have a strong ability to help guide and heal others. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice yourself. Instead, you can hold space for others and help them through their own unique journey. Just the same, there is a calling for you to step into your passions and purpose with more strength and courage. Trust that whatever falls away or arrives under the Eclipse energy is guiding you to a higher destiny.


Think back to what has unfolded in your life since the end of 2021. How have you changed since this time? How have you grown? Chances are a lot has changed for you! You have been on quite the journey over the last few years and under this Taurus Lunar Eclipse, you may just start to realize the impact of it all. As this is the last Eclipse in the cycle, you may have a full circle moment, or an awakening moment that helps you to a higher perspective, a deeper truth, or a new avenue forward. This Eclipse will be influencing you on an inner level, helping you to realize a new truth, or sparking a new source of inspiration in your life. You may feel like you can finally let go of outdated thoughts or beliefs, or put to rest some deep-seeded traumas that you have been working hard to transmute. Transmute seems like the right word here for these energies. You are likely to be transmuting something – shifting it to another state so you can move through the world more awakened, more enlightened, and more aligned. Eclipses tend to bring fated events, so trust if something falls away under this Eclipse. The energy of release will be strong, and you may find that something comes to an end. If you have been studying, or dealing with legal issues, an ending may also be in sight for you. A communications project may also be in the spotlight under this Eclipse, allowing you to see the impact of your work. If you started this project back in 2021, you may find that you have now reached a full circle moment or are perhaps, gearing up for the next chapter. There is some abundance tied to this project too, so it could be that you are just now starting to see the rewards of your effort. As we move into November, the Eclipse energies will settle, however, they can still linger for up to a month! Be gentle with yourself as the energies will be heightened and you will be feeling extra sensitive. By the time we reach the Scorpio New Moon on November 13, you are likely to be feeling much more at ease, and perhaps even ready to bring some fresh inspiration into your life. If the Eclipse stirred any endings or created some havoc for you, by the New Moon, you will feel the dust settling and things taking a more organized position. Overall, Scorpio Season is a highly transformative time. You may feel a little stuck with all this strong energy, but as things begin to flow again, you will start to see just how far you have traveled, and chances are, you may just surprise yourself.

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