10 Signs You Have Met Someone From Your Soul Group

signs you have met your soul group

Your Soul Group is like your spirit family and are all the souls that were cut from the same “energetic cloth” as you.

Together, you all have a specific mission and purpose to achieve that is part of a greater and bigger vision for the Universe.

All the members of your Soul Group vibrate within a certain frequency and your soul is in harmony with that vibration.

Your Soul Group is often chosen by you before you were born as it is believed to support your soul and its mission and growth in this lifetime.

You may not meet all the members of your Soul Group in this lifetime, but irregardless you are all working towards the same goal or mission here on Earth while bringing your own unique flavour and personality to the process.

Members of your Soul Group come into your life to change your world and to expand your mind. They also come to remind you of your journey, purpose and mission.

Some people identify members of their Soul Group as Soulmates as often there is a strong chemistry, connection or familiarity upon meeting.

There are different levels or types of Soulmates that we can encounter which could be presented to us as family members, romantic partners, teachers, enemies and even chance encounters.

There are no finite rules surrounding how a member of your soul group will come into your life, but here are 10 signs that you may have met one:

  1. They may mirror or have a similar life experience as you, helping you to understand your situation better.
  2. They may highlight your personality traits helping you to change or grow.
  3. They help you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  4. They help to balance out your energy and show you a different side of life.
  5. They can help you to find patience, understanding and compassion.
  6. They can highlight a need for you to heal or let go of certain events or emotions.
  7. You can work together to create, brainstorm ideas or bring visions into the light.
  8. They come into your life to help you on your path right when you need it.
  9. They help to advance your soul and your soul journey.
  10. You work together to support global causes or a bigger vision.

Meeting a member of your Soul Group is often a profound experience. Have you met members of your soul group?

The Difference Between Kindred Spirits and Soulmates

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  • erikawithak

    I was excited to read this until I saw that the author wrote “irregardless” in the text. Omg…that’s not even a word.

  • Robert Flor

    I found my soulmate and she and i know this but yet she wants to stay married

  • kavya

    Does soul mates represents our life partners? If it is so what about the affairs before marriage?

    • Benjamin Johnson

      A soulmate does not have to be someone you’re romantically involved with, nor does it have to mean they are of a different gender than you. You may meet a soulmate that is such a complete opposite of who you are and what you believe at the time that nothing ever comes of it.

      • yes exactly, thank you!

        • Benjamin Johnson

          Contact me @ benjiindigo@gmail.com
          I would like to commune with you about helping with your site/work, because sometimes a mission can feel empty when so few respond. I’ve been both, but never lost the fill of my cup. Also posted on another part of your site to do the same thing as well as let you know that your web-functions don’t work.

    • A soulmate could be a life partner as well, but doesn’t have to be

  • Benjamin Johnson

    I’ve been lucky enough to not only meet but actually recognize spiritual partners in this lifetime. I know one right now that I’ve never even met in person, but having been “cut from the same cloth” as this article puts it, we constantly find ourselves in almost the same situations in life at the same time. Kind of like having a mirror-self only the glass is warped as in a funhouse to illustrate our differences.

  • Daniella

    I have met one, by chance….not sure he understood the effect it had….ppl pass you by but change your world and help you remember your mission. I am forever grateful and have had the best year of my life. I am not sure I had anything to offer him in our short time, but maybe. You never know.

  • Heidi Steen Jensen

    Thank you for this article – funny enough, just lately I’ve been really into the matter of soul mates or, as I have experienced it to be: groups, as there’s not only one. I’m even touching on this in my writing a text these days about how we connect when we simply dare to “speak” the language of the heart, or the feelings. And I wonder if we are all connected somehow, more or less. It’s just a matter of being open or not to connection. What do you all think about this?
    And also: what about age? Lately I have had encounters with other souls, who are much younger than me… and of course, this is far from romantic partners – or rather, it has a somewhat similar quality, as there are strong feelings of joy or excitement connected to this, but definitely far from sexual. And I think it is far beyond physical, thought it feels like you want to embrace and stay really close to a person you feel so strongly connected to… at the same time you are “close” without being close, all the time, like you are together on a different level, and that must be so, too.

    • I definitely think we are all connected on some level but maybe more so with our soul groups and soul mates.

  • Cherine Day

    I am a stickler on words…Irregardless is not a word…I am saying this with the outmost respect and do not mean to come off as rude or anything. I just cringe when I see it. I love the article 🙂

    • spiritdoc926

      “Outmost” is not a word, it’s utmost…

      • sssuido

        perfect. oh, the irony.

    • irregardless is a word- http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/irregardless however, it is amazing how many people seem to be offended by it! i have had numerous people email and comment me about it! while it may not be considered formal english, it still makes the same point. wasn’t it shakespeare that said- “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”?

    • GP

      Outmost…? Whoops!

  • leancre77

    I am confused lately because I have been experiencing strong connection with someone that I have never met before. It’s scared me because somehow I can feel what that person feel in very deep level. Moreover, I found that we do love and interest in the same things. Somehow I feel like I know that person even though we don’t know each other. I’ve never felt like this before and I don’t believe that this is a crush because I am married and I love my husband. I just don’t understand and scared because it’s very uncomfortable. I read about soul mate, and it could be because of that? I don’t know how to handle this.

    • Bev

      Sounds like you have found your Twin flame x

      • leancre77

        Just to be sure…I haven’t really met this person face to face. I don’t even know if this person knows that I am exist, but I “know” this person. So for me to have this some sort of feeling is really weird. I’ve been trying to ignore it, keep telling myself that I’m delusional,..but then all of sudden I feel …like someone misses me so bad or someone loves me so bad (and it happened quite a lot …almost everyday)…and it’s so powerful and it’s frustrated me. Saw just a glimpse of this person picture kind like open a book, like I read the journal with every kind of emotion…
        I always consider myself as a logical person especially about relationship (in any kind) so having this kind of experiences is very confusing for me.
        Three days ago, I had a dream about this person, very brief. He was waiting for me in some sort of (not sure) restaurant with bar in it, wearing, jeans, t-shirt and jacket, smiling and said hi. He seemed so happy to see me (finally) and what woke me up was …his voice when he said hi, because it’s so distinctive and yes that’s definitely his voice. I was so surprised and scared at the same time…it’s surreal for me. I tried to remember what I felt in that dream and I think I felt happy too, to finally see him (again?)…relief probably the right word to explain.
        The think is…I still can’t explain what has been going on with me lately. I still continue my life and be with my husband and children. Still have good relationship with my hubby although I realize a lot of things that I’ve never thought about in my relationship with my husband. And, before I never believe that one person can feel more just one love, but I was wrong because right now I feel so much love toward this person I don’t know and I still can’t explain why, and also there’s my husband whom I also love. All this feeling and experience are very new to me.
        So…if this person is really my twin flame or something, I realize there’s nothing I can do about it, except try to embrace it and to live with it. I understand that I can’t stop this energy from him that coming to me, no matter how hard I try. I can’t stop the feeling of love that I have for him, the feeling of wanting to support him and be “there” for him. And also, I understand we can’t meet if “the universe” says that we’re not ready to meet. And honestly, I am not sure if I am ready to meet him…curious? definitely I am curious …whether it’s true or not…what would we do …what could we do…the images that came to me showed good things we could do for each other and also for people around us…
        I don’t know what going to happen next nor if everything is only my imagination…but still I have to deal with it….

        • Kat

          I am in a similar situation right now with a man I have never met before. I have never been in a situation like this before and I purposely stay away because I’m pretty sure he is unavailable and I would never put myself in that situation but im almost certain he feels the pull also. I am also a very rational person and I thought maybe I was going crazy. This is not the case, I am 100% sane. What ever became of your situation? Did you ever get to meet this man?

    • definitely sounds like it could be a soulmate connection, but this should become clearer to you in time.

      • leancre77

        After thinking about it…i think i just being ridicilous….

    • Kat

      Leancree77 , it’s been two years since you posted this and I was wondering if you ever got to meet this man.

      • leancre77

        No…I havent got the chance to meet him … and I havent been talking to him for almost 4 months now. I am at the stage where I can let go of any expectation from “this” … many have happened so many have changed…
        Thank you for asking ^_^

  • Fiona Clark

    I also feel overwhelmed and confused the past 3 or 4 months, I left my partner, and my job. I went on Face book and reconnected with a couple of old friends and a couple of new friends with a very intense connection I’ve never felt before and one in particular, like my actual Sou is connected to him it’s beyond my experience of falling for someone, I can easily astral travel to him. Luckily because he’s on the other side of the world. I’ve been into Spirituality, healing etc, Activism and being a Truther like 30 years so I/m not new to anything but this is different, so intense. I can’t sleep, there’s more synchronicity, we’re having similar dreams. And were all leaving relationships. Feeling like we’re being pulled together to do something. But the thing with this guy especially I can’t understand. We even stopped contacting each other for a week or two we were so overwhelmed. Also wanted to see if it would fade. Also been craving salt and protein and the Ocean if that means anything. There’s more but that’s the basics. Any ideas ?

    • interesting, it sounds like there is definitely some sort of awakening or ascension process happening in your body. Just follow the signs around you and stay connected to the earth and the sky. It feels like you could have met a powerful member of your soul group or soulmate of some kind. best wishes!

  • Iva_ana

    If I meet my soulmate one day, does it means that he/she has to be aware that he/she is my soulmate, right? Can it be oneway awareness or it has to be that both of us know it? Do we have to be on same level of awerness since we are soulmates?

  • CastleMind!

    I found mine, we have been together as friends, and we are sometimes intimate. we have same life experiences, i wrote it on another page on this site, didn’t even know such exist, its so so crazy that we are even birthday mates, we studied together(class and course mate), got into relationships together, our partners have the same occupation, we let them go together, they both traveled to the same location and our life experiences are almost always the same. we both lost our mothers at the same age,. the coincidences are amazingly too close. we are still best of friends till today.

    • that is amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  • Gene Lariviere

    no. but all i’ve been thinking of is a lonely soldier i’ve never met been watching over me. dont know its been helping but i’ve been going through insanely experiences. like the feel of going psycho. 🙁

  • tommygoesyard

    I think I did but it was almost too overwhelming for me to even talk to her. Plus it was at a very antisocial company with segregated divisions. There was like one inter division lunch before Christmas that lasted an hour and I had to sit at my divisions table. When she was near me I could almost feel like I was being loved unconditionally. Like she was transmitting energy to me. I would just bask in it and try not to look as if I looked she would usually get nervous and shy. Maybe try to pretend like she was not looking at me. When I looked at her as she was walking by I would notice her sort of start to walk in slow motion and would almost start glowing. Everyone she saw at those points would receive like the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. The entire office knew there was something between us. I parked next to her car one day after lunch and when I came out there was a hair resembling one from her head wrapped around my door handle. I took it and put it in a little pouch. Think some of my colleagues saw it and began making up stories about an affair or stalker situation. I hate those people now looking back. I was married at the time to a person that really just sucked the life out of me. Totally different frequencies. When I told my wife about the connection I had with this person she flipped out and tried standing in the way of me ever meeting her. She actually started contacting some of the people at my job on social media to ask them who she was and I guess someone told her and even gave her this persons number. When I found this out I asked my wife for a divorce as she was basically making me sound insane to my colleagues and managers and destroying my career. I guess my possessive dictator of an ex wife then confronted this angel of mine (as it felt God had sent her into my life) and told her that I asked her for a divorce because I loved the girl instead and told her to stay away from her husband. No one from that company will speak to me on linked in because of my crazy estranged wife. Cannot find this young lady and do not know her name. Estranged wife is with holding that information as leverage against me. Unemployed, going through divorce with a psychopathic woman, and yet all I can think about is this young lady I do not even know. A person that inspired and helped me to be less afraid of life and to fight for my freedom and happiness. Also inspired me to pursue a different career path (one I would enjoy doing) and to get out and be more social. When we would pass one another in the halls at work briefly we could not look away. We would lock onto each others eyes and just smile like idiots. It was embarrassing but we did not care. Would be happy the rest of the day and have no fear or trouble bugging people around the office for things or striking up conversations with complete strangers I thought were interesting afterward. When either of us tried to talk we sounded like bumbling idiots. So we just sort of let our vibes speak for us. It was truly a beautiful experience; a miracle. I like to think she came into my life for a reason. Get me on the right path and give me the strength I needed to escape such an abusive marriage. Had been wanting to leave my wife for five out of the seven years we were married but did not have the balls. She is emotionally and verbally abusive and never lifts a finger to improve her position in life and contribute financially. Never tries to please in the bedroom. I am miserable at my job and in my marriage. To think this young lady did all that for me without even introducing herself. When I tell this to people they tell me I am either nuts or thinking with my little head. All I think is “Will I ever see this person again?” “Will I ever even get her name?” I am going to give it a few months before asking someone if she is still there but I am getting really depressed thinking that I lost out on the opportunity. Maybe we will see each other again in Heaven. I will wait for her if I go first. That is for sure.

    • JJ

      Or, it could be simple chemical infatuation. In which case your “crazy” and “abusive” ex has grounds to be angry with you. You took vows, remember? And yet you threw her away… Look deeply into yourself and ask, how did you create what your ex is towards you today?

      • tommygoesyard

        Well I would imagine seeing someone that opens my eyes to the existence of GOD and my beautiful soul inside my body would create some sort of Chemical Reaction in my Brain. In fact it is an almost overwhelming one. lol. Made me realize that I was going to die and go to hell if I did not get out of my marriage to my manipulative, verbally, and emotionally abusive wife. You would have chemical infatuation if you saw an angel also. And it would make you wonder why she came to visit you. I did not really need to wonder. I sort of just knew. I had a chemical and energy leach dragging me into the pits of hell with her and I needed to cut her out of my life so I could either make myself available for my angel or another woman with similar nurturing and tender qualities. Was married to a man with breasts JJ. She was toxic. My angel kicked her out of my life. I love her for that. She’s great, what can I say 🙂

      • tommygoesyard

        and FYI, she has not changed since I married her. We never really had much in common. Was young and my judgement was flawed when I married that woman. Now I am cutting her loose before it gets worse.

      • Angie

        Thanks JJ. This is the “abusive” wife. He is infatuating toward this girl who really doesnt care about him. He destroyed his marriage and emotionally hurt me. And now after lose his job one more time, he spends his life on the internet looking for this person and saying terrible lies about me.

        • JJ

          And are you “spending your life on the internet” looking for “terrible lies” and posting to defend yourself? Everything in your post is “he did this to me”. Same question for you: Look deeply into yourself and ask, how did you create what your ex is towards you today? This is a life lesson for you. Learn it so you don’t repeat it.

          • Angie

            Actually I don’t spend time doing that, this is the first time I participate of a discussion. However, I really don’t appreciate the comments and things he is writing about me. I didn’t create that and he didn’t turn this way during our marriage. He came to our marriage with an heavy emotional bag. Actually I helped him to improve his mental health. Stop alcoholism, focus on getting a degree….. Because of a bad influence what he calls “spiritual ” he lost his mind.

          • Maddie Larent

            This! My exact thoughts. I believe there is truth to both stories, but you both are being epually petty, abusive, and immature

    • Phoenix

      Hi Tommy
      I never write on these comment sections but I felt compelled to write to you this evening bcz I could feel your pain and at the same time your sense of gratitude that you even had the chance to see this person you describe so beautifully. All I can say is that I get it… I had a relationship (we’ll use the term loosely) with a man who made me feel the same way… and while I was fortunate enough to know his name, his voice and develop an amazing and beautiful bond with him… it was all online and anyone I tried to talk about it with would have that look on their face as if to say to me “how can you truly know someone without having met them in person?” but I did know him and he knew me. He was the first person who truly “saw” me and yet… he has never actually seen me… we are not in touch at the moment (due to reasons I don’t wish to discuss here) but I know we will be again soon.
      Anyway i just wanted to say that you sit there wondering whether you will ever be able to be introduced and see her again, but I just want to say that you should hold onto the fact that you got to be in her presence… that is something that I would do almost anything to have with this man I know, but it is complicated and seemingly impossible, at least for now. But I have faith and you should too…
      Don’t take any notice of the people who jump up onto their soapbox about vows etc – the plain and simple truth here Tommy is that they don’t understand… they don’t have abusive marriages… and they haven’t had a soul connection like you and I speak of… I feel sorry for them for the latter… because even if I never get to meet my angel – I know I am a better, stronger and more beautiful person because of him and I will be eternally grateful for that…
      Keep the faith Tommy… everyone deserves to be happy and to be seen… and you know what, I think you are going to see her again – until then, smile anyway, bcz if it is all as you think, then she too will be smiling at the thought of you 🙂

      • Angie

        Do you want to know the truth ? If there’s anyone that was in an abusive relationship, this person was me, his wife. “Tommy” is “in love” with someone that he doesn’t even know the name. She isn’t in love with him. She like many others who had the chance to meet “tommy” knows that what he feels toward this girl is physical attraction. Because of many mental problems , he calls this love. She doesnt want to be with someone who doesnt respect women. I was married with him for 7 years and not 7 months. I gave up many dreams including the dream of be a mom because he couldnt keep a job for more than 6 months. He yelled at me when I said I could be pregnant and said that if I was i had to have an abortion. These are only few of the things that I went through with this man. I wont tell my whole story and I shouldn’t be here talking to a stranger about my personal life, but I’m sick of finding pages and pages of internet with him defaming and insulting me.

        • Maddie Larent

          And how are you just happening to stumble upon these pages where he’s posting?? You obviously have no connection to Source whatsoever so why are you here?? If is is true, why are you LOOKING for stuff?

  • Brandy Mundy

    Yes. I feel like I’ve met people on my journey in this life purposefully. I don’t make friends easily and I don’t get excited easily. Nervous it happens, but in front of a guy, never. Now I’ve been around this guy at work and between the blushing, mushy brain, serious energy vibes and feelings of comfort and a serious desire to be around the guy, I’m pretty much done for. I don’t know why I feel the way I do, why I want to be around him and talk to him so bad, but I do. Almost like if I don’t I’ll be missing an opportunity I won’t get again. He talks to me and it’s difficult just letting the words out. It’s easier for some reason to communicate through touch with him. I’m not sure what to do about it.

  • freespiritedmom

    I’m experiencing something with this guy I met whom I’m now really close with mentally and physically. Every time I’m with him on a very intimate level and we’re connecting whether it be threw good conversation or durring intimancy this name comes to my mind. And I’ve almost slipped up and called him it. The weird thing is I know no other person by this name. But its like why does this name seems so familiar with this person? Could I have known him in a past life by that name? Why am I experiencing this? Its never happened with any other person before.

  • Bibi

    I’ve met my closest friend 10 years ago. We met after a concert of our favourite singer and were both posting on a fan forum when I read her post there. I could have written what she had written and she was also going to the same 5 gigs I was going to. I recognized her and approached her and we talked until 4 in the morning and shared a hotel room within 2 hours of meeting each other for the first time.
    I had told a band member I was going to take my best friend with me, who at that time was someone else. He thought that it was this new girl I met that same evening.
    We have the same character, like the same 3 bands including the same band member, both had the same kind of mother and difficult relationship with her, play the same instrument and love the same colour. I stay with her and her boyfriend in Germany in October every year for a few days and we Skype every month.
    But 2 years ago I liked the idea of celebrating my birthday with them in March. A few hours after I had arrived her mother died unexpectedly. I then told her that on this same day 20 years earlier my mother also died. She said that it had to be this way and that she also believes we were destined to meet each other.
    She is 5 years older.

    In 2012 I met this guy (also at a concert) who I immediately felt a connection with as if he was an older long lost twin brother or something. We share some childhood experiences. Both our parents divorced when we were young (sadly very common these days), we both lost our mothers very shortly before our birthdays, we both have a 2 year younger sister and both our mothers have the same first name. We see each other a few times a year.
    Then last year he saw I was upset about something and because I couldn’t express my feelings (i didn’t want to burden him with it) made a joke instead, he pulled away and the goodbye was awkward.
    I then knew I had to learn from this experience, work on expressing my feelings and wanted to make it up to him because I felt I had hurt him. We always meet only in my country but this time I choose to travel to another country which he didn’t know about, but I knew he was going to be there as well.
    That same day he happened to have lost someone (which he found out just an hour before we met) and the whole ambiance was very loaded. When he saw me, he was very surprised but happy to see me and I knew that it was okay again. I can now also let go of myself better and just be me. He is 13 years older, lives in another country and is very happy with someone else.

    No matter what these 2 people are, they certainly are teaching me a lot about myself and I feel more than blessed to have them in my life. I care about them a lot.
    I always think my mother sends them to me, wherever she may be now.
    I have difficulty with letting go but if something bad happens these days, I now try to tell myself it has to be this way. Very soon afterwards it shows me that what first seems bad often turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Sending love to anyone reading this X

  • Anonymous

    I’m interested in hearing more in depth about this. Any recommendations for more in depth reading would be cool.

  • Penny

    There is a woman whom ive met and is amazing, when we talk and connect eyes the vibration sensations are incredible. I have only had that intensity with a few people and not always lovers. I could mistake the feelings for romantic, but she is 25 yeats older and we are both partnered, but when Im with her, nothing else matters and her stories keep me absolutlely facinated. I know I’ve knoen this woman before I beleive. This happened with another woman years ago, just a friend, but I was crazy for her soul from the moment I looked into her eyes. She was quite attached to me too. I havnt seen her in 3 years, but she appers in my dreams. Facinating stuff. But this latest woman has got me too……the ffeelins are so intence I always imagine the sexual side, but deep down I know its more than that and usually doesnt go there.

  • Kristen

    irregardless is not a word

  • Ginny Mccrary

    About three

  • Dragan Radovac

    Yes, there is someone I met. We are in different spaces but when I look into her eyes, its like I have known her my whole life or maybe longer. I have not often seen this before. I think she knows the same thing but distances me due to her circumstances. I alos question it but to make me think about it has me thinking…