16 Signs a Ghost or Spirit is Paying You a Visit

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signs of a ghost

Do you ever wonder if you are being visited by a spirit? Do you have a feeling that there are spirits in your home? Are you curious if a loved one may be trying to connect?

Before we launch into the common signs that Spirit or Ghost is near, it’s important to understand the types of energy you may encounter. This includes ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, fairies, residuals and elementals.

Ghosts are typically identified as Spirits that have not crossed over, whereas Spirits are often used to classify those who have crossed over into the ‘light’.

There are some key differences between encountering a Ghost and a Spirit.

Usually Spirits make you feel calm, comforted and reassured. They often appear in dreams or you may see them as an apparition, either way, the feeling surrounding a Spirit is often calm.

Ghosts on the other hand often leave you with an eerie feeling, and can at times make you uncomfortable. They can appear as an apparition, shadow, orbs or ectoplasm mist. They may also be attached to an object or living person.

Here are 16 common signs that you may have a visitor from the other side:

Unexplained noises: Hearing sounds such as footsteps, knocking, banging, scratching or the sound of something being dropped. Usually these sounds can start of subtle and get louder.

Opening Doors/Cupboards: Any doors, cupboards or draws that seem to open on their own without rational explanation.

Lights Switching On/Off: Having lights switching on and off which are not caused by a rational explanation, or new lightbulbs that seem to blow too quickly.

Electronics Switching On/Off: Having items such as TV’s or radios switching on and off, changing channels, moving to static or increasing in volume without any rational explanation. Also hearing a favorite song from a loved one who has crossed over.

Disappearing Items: An everyday object is suddenly missing from it’s usual spot, only to see it reappear back a few days later.

Item of a Loved One: Randomly finding an object from a loved one who has crossed over.

Shadows: Seeing unexplained shadows in the corner of your eyes.

Feeling of being watched: This may be an overall feeling, or specific to only one area of the house. Typically this feeling can be eerie however, it doesn’t necessarily mean the presence itself is eerie.

Hot and Cold Spots: Experiencing huge fluctuations in temperature in particular areas in your home.

Feeling of being touched: Feeling a hand or something brush past, or a poke, push or nudge. Sometimes if the energy is negative there can also be unexplained scratches.

Unexplained smells: Fragrances that are not associated to anything in your home or a foul smelling odor- this is usually from a negative presence.

Cries/Whispers/Voices: Hearing soft chatter, cries, whispers or even music from an unknown source. Usually coming from one particular area of the house.

Levitating Objects: Very rare, but includes objects sliding off shelves, things flying off the walls or furniture moving. This is often indicative of a ghost or a negative energy.

Apparitions: Seeing a human formed apparition or entity, this can either be misty, transparent or solid. You may also see brightly colored orbs- blue orbs are often Spirits and white orbs are often Angels.

Objects at your feet: Seeing coins, stones or feathers at your feet are often sent by a loved one or Spirit.

Animal Sensitivity: Your animal reacts to a particular area of your home or seems to react to something you cannot see.

It is important to understand that typically, not all ‘bumps in the night’ are caused by an actual spirit or ghost. In fact, most of the time these types of noises can be attributed to residuals.

Residuals are basically an imprint of energy that seems to be caught on a continuous loop and is playing out over and over again. You can read more about residual hauntings here.

Residual energy is usually easily cleared with sage and other smudging rituals, incense and crystals.

As for Ghosts and Spirits, intuitively we can often tell which one is paying us a visit by the way the experience makes us feel.

Usually ghosts are attached to a particular object or home, whereas Spirits will come and go when they have messages they need to deliver.

If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home, take a moment to observe what type of energy you feel you are dealing with.

If it is a Spirit or a loved one, stay open to their messages and if it’s a ghost, set a firm boundary to ensure you can live in your home comfortably.

Convinced you have a Ghost or Spirit Energy around you? Here’s what to do…

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  • Shimmer FireFlier

    I think the spirit visiting me is my unborn child. I miscarried at 5 months and since then I feel like I’m being watched. Things move around all the time. Volume fluctuates, and I smell dead roses. (I was given white roses the day after I miscarried) I see shadows and I feel pokes and pats on my lower tummy late at night usually followed by soft childlike cries I hear right before falling asleep. (I miscarried 4 years ago if that means anything)

  • The previous owners of my house are still here (they both died in the house), along with one of their cats. People that never met them can describe them perfectly to me and I see the cat run around the corners or up the stairs all the time. We don’t have any problems with them. When I first discovered they were still here I told them they could stay as long as they didn’t cause any problems and they didn’t scare any of my family. It’s been 18 years since we moved in and all is still peaceful.

    • that’s great. glad you can all live in peace!

  • Kylee Nicole Cook

    My father died suddenly January 16th of this year, and I have been having dreams, strange coincidences, and most recently visual evidence of spirit. A month before he passed away suddenly at 59 at home, I had a horrible uneasy feeling and the strange thought of “death creeping in”…I knew without knowing that I did. I’ve had so many strange things happen since his death, finding a pair of earinngs he bought me that I forgot about on Valentine’s day, randomly finding an unopened card filled out by him to me in a drawer of blank cards on my birthday…..and most recently seeing an figure outside of the house on my parents back porch (I’ve been staying here with my mom since he passed)…..I have to admit I was terrified, bc what I saw could not be explained, I am not easily scared and I was in tears. I also assumed by his sudden death that it was suicide, he was in a lot of pain, and a few days after I told my mom that I thought it was suicide, I had a vivid dream. I experienced him dying, I even woke up in a panic thinking I took too many pills on accident and I said as my father “oh shit”…until I told my mom about the dream, I was a nervous wreck. When I said the words “mommy, he didn’t kill himself. He accidentaly took too many pills and was afraid to tell you, it was an accident”…..as soon as I said that my eyes filled with years and I literally felt euphoric, like I was floating, I’ve never in my life experienced such a peaceful, calm feeling. I believe my father came to me in dream bc he knew I was open and could interpret for him. He needed me to believe that he didn’t mean to die, so I could tell my mom and give her peace. Before this dream as well, I randomly for no reason at all, took a picture of his bedside table…..my mom was home when he died and she just wanted to know when he passed, they were in separate rooms watching tv, in the photo, the alarm clock read 6:19, which was way off, but after that dream I had, I got the chills when I realized that that was the time of his death, my mom found him around 6:40, I still get the chills thinking of it.

    Also, my song for my father has for some strange feeling been Winter by Tori Amos, it wasn’t until he passed away that I would realize why it was always his song…the music video still gives me the chills, she picks up her father ashes in the video, and after his funeral, I had done the same thing…as well as moving back into my parents home, just as Tori Amos does in the video..::

    Uhhhhg, chills. Life is such a beautiful mystery. I’m so grateful for my gift, and for my beautiful guardian angel ❤️

    • wow! how incredible! thank you so much for sharing this, gave me tingles as I read it

      • Kylee Nicole Cook

        It is quite incredible! I’ve always had premonitions, but never truly experienced spirit before my father had passed. I was so afraid to tell people what I was experiencing, some of it just seems so out there…but thank goodness I am starting to understand, that spirits really are all around us. Some people are not open to them as others, I am so fortunate to have the best guardian angel a woman could ask for ❤️

        • stormee

          Jesus tells us that he can use visions and dreams, and appearances—using other people in someone’s life—even manifesting himself personally as the Angel of the Lord. You are right; you must believe; but he is especially revealed in his own Word. He is with us, even when we are in the valley of heartache and despair.

          “”The angel of the LORD came back a second time and touched him and said, “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.””

          And don’t we sometimes attempt journeys that are too great for us? Don’t we enter into things that weigh us down, that burden us and set us upon cliffs to fall? Who will catch us but not for the One who loves us.

        • F.A.C

          I’ve been seeing these things my whole life but they never harmed me. I’m 36 grown man and I just seen one a few months ago clear as day in my room but they been coming and going for so long you still never get used to it

          • Ashi Munir

            I had this gift as a kid but only ever saw loved ones who passed. Since I started working in a hospital, I have been through all sorts of stuff esp in the past 4 months. I’ve developed insomnia. Have trouble sleeping. I wake up to faces or figures I’ve never met…Now there are two ‘regulars’. I see them as visions/ as a reel going on in my head, I see them in my own plane of existence, and don’t get me started about the knocking. Perhaps one of them used that bed frame I got second hand….always shows up on long weekends and right when I hit the bed there’s banging on the wall….I didn’t think anything of it until my Supervisor experienced not only the banging on the wall but other things as well….same ghosty.

          • F.A.C

            Yeah it’s not easy to live and be normal when things so beyond your comprehension show’s up at your doorstep stay positive and keep sending them prayers up because we’re under attack by the enemy

    • Helen Banks

      I too lost my Poppa a couple years ago. He passed in Feb & his bday (my son & my Dad have the same bday) in Nov. We decided to do our family pics at my sister’s & it was few days before their bday. Well later that night I was going thru the pics & posted one on FB & you know how FB puts a box around a face when you are tagging people? Well in this pic of the 6 of us standing in a line along the pasture fence & FB puts this box in the tree behind us, right between mine & my son’s heads & I’m like what in the world is FB picking up that I can see. So I did a screenshot of it. I showed my son & he says immediately what I was thinking that it’s Pop Pop. So here is a side by side pic of my Dad & the box that FB picked up. If you don’t see it right away, tilt your head to the left a little bit. My sister told me of his visits with her but I guess in my grieving I wasn’t paying attention to his visits until that day. Now needless to say I pay very close attention to everything now.

    • beautiful! I am sorry for your loss. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Amber

      Wow incredible beautiful experiences and I’m also sorry for your daddy passing However so glad u could feel the peace u needed and relay it to your mom

      • Stephen Danny Pegg

        Yes that is a nice story spirits can be around almost forever until they have cleaned up any traces of disparity​ they left in there passing. The stupid thing is all it takes is microseconds above or below to see them from what I was told that’s why people generally don’t see them the good ones are above and the one below are in fact below the second. It’s all to do with how fast one can think to see abermalityies in the space around them. Sometimes I can see things in the corner of my eye that make me think never hate but nutral

        • billegge

          Your right about the speed thing. For a while I could see things in the other room if I wanted to and in order to do that I had to think “fast”.

          • Stephen Danny Pegg

            Thats phase shifting you should attempt to do that to your hands and you can start to see inside the skin the nerves and stuff I thought I was going nuts when I first saw it. I talked with someone that has a little more experience then me about it and said I was not nuts. But the task I am trying to complete does seem nuts but I don’t think its impossible to fly. In order to do this you have to be able to take in allot of extra energy and extent your static field to make it really thick around your body with what is called dark energy.

  • Kieran

    Just to let you know that Satan is a deceiver and he will do anything to bring you down, and if you don’t belive the bible then there is a part in the bible where it states that one of satan’s greatest lies was telling the world that he doesn’t exist, and also the bible states that satan can transform himself into an angle of light, so please be careful when commuinicating with spirits as it could be a fallen angle, my best advice is to get a bible and read it everyday and know that as long as you trust the lord, satan cannot harm you. 🙂 God bless

    • Joanne

      uhm, no…. fallen angles don’t exist, I’m sorry but all that you said is false. The bible is not as it was first, so many people have changed it and it is not the right book anymore! I advise you to get a quran OR an Ingeel, a real bible with no wrong things made up by humans

      • Nessie Garcia

        Give me a break if you want to post about what you believe so be it whether it be in the Bible or the Quran or the Book of Mormon. But that doesn’t give you the right to criticize someone else’s beliefs as you did in saying that there are no fallen Angels not angles this is not geometry, as well as saying that someone’s religious book is wrong. That is not how someone is brought into the fold. People are brought in with love and compassion not judgement.

      • Janet Wiest LeMaire

        A Quran? It spews hate to anyone not of the same belief.

    • Daniel Leech

      Joanne is not wrong Kieran, but still, the recommendation is to head on over to the FIGU so that individuals can have it explained to them by professionals from another world.

  • Rachel O Connor

    My son’s dad passed before he was born,I met someone else a year later,in a dream I’m sure he came to me,I felt a wonderful bright presence beside me as I was handing our son to my then boyfriend,it’s hard to describe the overwhelming feeling of love joy an happiness I experienced,he was a beautiful golden light an I felt so happy when I woke coz I know he really did visit me,I never experienced anything like that since.

    • Amanda Clayton

      I’ve had my son who I miscarried come to me as a golden light/ figure, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.

  • Elizabeth Yuki Collins

    I just woke up with a nightmare about a girl who committed suicide.
    She was a student, younger than me.
    But I couldn’t see her.
    Before I woke up, in my dream I went to my family because I was scared and I was laying in bed and it got cold and my bed sheets started moving.
    I felt a wave.
    Then I woke up, freaked out, I turned the lights on and called my parents because my mom can feel and see ghosts.
    She said it was a girl from world war that saw me and followed me back, but it’s a good spirit.
    While I was talking to my mom the phone cut off twice.
    But after I found out more and felt more at ease, the coldness went away.
    My mom said she’s fading too.
    But the reason it followed me home was because it’s the season for spirits to visit home and family.
    But her family is all gone, and she was just at the graveyard alone.

  • Angie & Sal

    My BFs house has always made noises at night, usually after midnight when we are in bed either asleep or awake. The noises wake us when we are asleep, or we hear them because we are awake and cannot sleep. The house is a converted garage that is probably very old. The noises have always been like tapping on the wall behind us, or a crash noise outside the wall behind us. Commonly on the wall behind us. Sometimes sounds come from the bedroom. The other night we both were awake and heard what sounded like a young child or baby cry. We both heard this and I was very uneasy after. He is going to check around the house tomorrow for hanging objects that might tap on the house but we believe it’s not a lose hanging object. I just don’t want to go back to his house now. I’ve experienced encounters before and even if it is a gift, I really don’t want it

    • interesting! some sage or other cleansing tools may help 🙂

  • Turbosloth

    I’ve had some weird stuff happen. First was my door knob at the back door was completely unscrewed and came right off when I went to open it….2 days later I went away, came home and the same thing happened (was locked and screwed in tightly) except this time 3 of my windows were also smashed with rocks. Could’ve been stupid kids or someone I dislike in town but weird none the less.

    Then a couple weeks after that I saw an apparition in my kitchen, solid….It looked sort of like my friend that was over, but after I found out she was up stairs in the shower at that time (was at the neighbors for 3-4mins). Then one of the glass dome covers on my ceiling light was on the floor when I woke up one morning…it hadn’t shatttered after falling 7 and 1/2 feet…..weirdddd. Then sounds coming from the kitchen, usually knocks or taps, also sounds upstairs while I’m downstairs sounds like someone is walking around in my bedroom. Then finally a clock fell off my windowsill, just a digital plastic one, just yesterday between 6:30-7:30, then it just happened again tonight….same time…When I think about it, the windows were all smashed between 6:30-7:30 as well….

    And the house I bought just 2 years ago, the woman that did live here apparently committed suicide in the house…so yeah, weirdness. Never experienced anything like this before.

    • wow that’s intense!! like you mentioned in one of your other comments, keep smudging, especially if you are noticing a positive effect. You may also want to use some tools of protection too like crystals or any meaningful to you talismans etc.

      • Turbosloth

        Yeah it’s all really bizarre but getting a bunch more sage, sweet grass and some crystals too. Think I’m going to get a wireless IP camera or two just to try and catch some of this stuff on film.
        One other thing I didn’t mention, almost all of this stuff started happening when I adopted this kitten, the original owners were going to just throw him on the street, then a friend took him but she couldn’t keep him either so I took him, adorable little guy but coincidence or would a cat maybe have any significance? Hmm

        • mmm not sure about the significance with the cat…i’ll have to think on that one. could very well be…

  • Vickie

    My brother had something happen he was listening to music and heard someone singing underneath the bed so he turn the music off and thought I’m going crazy. Then replayed the music and heard a lady singing so he said who is that who are you? And heard a mans voice say I’m Satan I’ve come to collect what is mine. Your soul is mine and my brother asked my son can you hear that do you hear it. My son said no I don’t hear nothing. He then began to pray and got scared the voice told him it was no use god couldn’t hear him and my brother said yes he can he kept praying while Satan kept telling him who do you think provided for you for your addiction god no I did you owe me your soul. My brother said he kept praying and heard a trumpet blow and another voice kept telling him to pray that it was going to get harder and that he was forgiven. He then heard demonic growls and banging so he kept praying from 12 midnight until 4pm the next day he saw 3 dark shadows outside his house and 3 in brown robs and 2 family members that have passed. Telling him to come out side. He told them no your dead your not real. They got upset and said why would you do this ,why would you say that to us so the 2 that passed gave eachother a hug. He kept praying until everything was silent and the voice stop. Until he opened his eyes they began to sink into the ground the brown figures turn to dust.and what he that was a good angel at his door had hands of a pig. So he said I know your not who you say you are I’m going to open this door your gonna kill me jump me but my god is stronger and I’m not scared. What was silent and empty as soon as he open the door he said he saw kids playing cars passing but before that it was empty. Two days later my son started to hear banging underneath the house they pour holy water and started to hear growling and the banging got worst so they called the cops. They left to go stay the night at a friend. His friend said someone told him to wake up that night and that’s when he heard him knocking at the door at 3:00 am. My brother goes to church he has stop drinking and before this happened he had made a choice to stop and fix his life prayed for a job got one that same day too weeks later got a car but then all this started to happen. He keeps going to church and praying my son is the one that’s been hearing stuff but nothing serious has happened.he prays for my son because my son has become more aggressive and angry he is 17 and turning to drugs and because Satan told him he had a spot for him already. His friends said they had dreams of a demonic figure underneath his house that had them fighting with pple they never even had a disagreement with. My brother then told him what has been happening at his house the banging underneath his house at night.

    • wow this sounds terrifying!!! maybe time for him to contact a professional to help!

      • Vickie

        The pastor has him on a list for someone to go bless the house. I asked him to research the history. The house was abandoned for 4 years before the landlord agree to let him rent it for cheap and fix it up. My brother was really needing a home he was about to be homeless if he didn’t get the house. I’m in a different city from him 4 hours apart. I send him money if he needs it. But things were looking good until this happen. He still going to church he said his experience has left a impact on him that he don’t want to go to hell. He tries to tell people of his experience in hopes he can make a difference. This just happen 3 weeks ago and my son still hears things from time to time.

  • Sasha

    At my old house, I would always feel like something was watching me.. it didn’t feel uncomfortable or evil… just weird. A few months later we moved out. In the week that we were moving, every day we would come and pack boxes. Each morning when we came back though, the laundry was flooded.. like somebody had turned the tap on. We disregarded that and thought that one of us must have just left it on and my mom made sure to turn it off tightly before we left. The next few mornings the same exact thing happened…. by now we were freaked out and very confused. After trying to figure out what happened for a while, my friend told my mom that a little boy who drowned in the marina used to live there. She said that him turning on the taps each night was him trying to portray that he was crying and sad that we were leaving. My mom told my brother to go in the house the next day and talk to the boy and tell him to stop. (nicely). So my brother did that, and comforted him and basically made him feel better lol.. so the next day we came back, we expected the laundry to be flooded again and it wasn’t! We were all so shocked but happy that the boy had stopped and understood that we had to leave.

  • anna

    Pains do not last forever,as much as some of us are grief over issues that borders us over loved once due to we never had the chance too say good bye to them or give our last love to them by showing how much you love theme(he or she), but its good to let you know you still have a chance to speak to your loved once by the help of inviting their spirit so you can know those things which you could not know from them before their departure from earth to the spirit world. I am hear too ease the heart of many that i can help cos i was once in grief too. Its not my power but God and its infinite mercies to give help to those who are in need, contact me via;sevendoctor@yahoo.com
    do you want too speak to your love one again
    do you want to know about their departure
    do yo want to know about what he or she could not tell you before death
    anything u want to discuss with your lost one,contact me via the email above.

  • Hellsgrimtyrant Tyrant

    yes the spirits are real.

  • Emmanuel

    Tanaaz…do you have anything else to say besides WOW? I can tell you have no real experience in paranormal because of the so called signs you lost ARE way off. I have had many experience and none of which starts out how you listed.

  • Roe

    So um, I just moved into this new place a few months ago with family, and everything has been fine and dandy.
    But lately I’ve been feeling like I’m being watched, constantly, it makes me feel uneasy. And my dog is always barking when left alone downstairs, and lately, even barking when I am downstairs. He’s always also barking towards the stairs/bathroom/front door which is all quite close to each other. And there is also a little window on top of the front door, and laying in it is an extremely old looking cross. We are renting the place, so I didn’t touch it, and if there is a ghost, I think it would be rude to move it anyway.
    Oh, and there is also tons of noises, I mostly hear them upstairs when I’m in the living room downstairs, which another family member has complained about. Granted, we live in a condo, so it might just be the neighbors. But if it is a ghost, it seems transfixed on hanging around me. I never feel uneasy when I leave the house, and our dog never barks with anyone else, I feel like someone is watching me/cold while I get ready to sleep (or just be on my room in general, it’s a come and go feeling though.) It’s always when I’m home alone. And the final kicker is from this morning, I was standing in front of my front door, sheltering myself from the light drizzles and cold. I’m dressed pretty heavily, and wanted to take a picture to joke about how weird I look during the winter. I completely missed me, and took a picture of the window on top of the front door. I didn’t think much of it, but the thing is, I’ve lately always been looking in reflections to see if I ever ‘see’ anything different. So it struck my mind to “check the picture” before I mindlessly deleted it. I did, and kinda had a heart attack, because in the picture was a very prominent shadow of a head, looking out. No facial features, just the silhoutte. When I turned towards the window, I didn’t see such a shadow, only the picture had it. Well, I was freaked out enough to delete the photo, I regret it, but it’s to late now.

    If Im honest, I’ve been recently watching an acted show about paranormal stuff, so it could just be that plus the added anxiety over everything that runs in my family. And I haven’t seen anything else, and sometimes I just jokingly have a fake conversation with the ghost, or just say goodnight or goodbye to nobody.
    So I don’t know what to think or do.

    • interesting, sometimes spirits are drawn to a particular person because they know that they can be or are aware of them. somehow spirits are very good at also seeking out mediums and psychics. if there is something present in your house, it could be interacting with you because it knows that you have an awareness of it. It may help to protect your energy using crystals, sage, essential oils etc.

      • Roe

        Oh, thanks, this helps a little. But I was just wondering if there was a way to help them move on? Or perhaps at least make sure the spirit is comfortable enough to where they won’t do anything drastic to me or any other person in the house. I’m not scared that they would do something bad, if it is a ghost, they mainly just seem curious. Of course it still makes me uneasy though, I’m just hoping to establish boundaries I guess.

        • it is a little tricky to offer advice on this because every situation is different and every case is requires a slightly different way of handling it. i would simply set your intention and then do the cleansing/protecting rituals mentioned above. sorry i cant be more help!

  • Shreyes Tripathi

    It may spund kind of weird and most of you wont believe it i haven’t told anybody about this since they might think that im crazy but i have these dreams not every night but sometimes when they happen im aware that im dreaming but cant controll any thing what ever i see in those particular dream comes true in a few days like my grandma’s death even my very own bike accident earlier i thought this is just a coincidence but now im having these dreams more frequently and ive only had them about something bad happening what should i do? is something trying keep me safe?
    I my dreams im not my self but someone esle who is watching me (im watching myself as someone else) and there is this unexplainable feeling u have when the dream is about to come true

  • Shanthi

    Dear Tannaz, I am feeling wired sometimes in my dreams and it is like someone passed by while I am sleeping or a kind of energy crossed me or make me numb which when I am trying to shout or scream my voice not appears. But these all scenarios are happening in the dream and I am fighting to wake up when I get this kind of dreams. And when I wake up theres nothing strange. But this feeling (or dreams) I had so often last few months and they didn’t come to my dream until yesterday. Yesterday night I dreamt the same. It was kind of dummy or a doll suddenly started to move its hands which made me scared in my dream. At the same time I felt kind of energy touched my body and its always like someone of something dragging me. Can you please explain what is this?

    • Hi Shanthi, i am not really sure what that could be. i would just practice shining your body in positive white light before going to bed and then perhaps keeping a dream journal. maybe after writing down your experiences for a few nights you maybe able to piece together the reason. hope that helps!

      • Joanne


    • Joanne

      a spirit is not solid, not a ´mist´ ir ´orb´ it is not something we can see, it’s not something the same as thing of the earth, it’s completely different. And there is NO WAY humans can have contact with spirits, it’s just impossible, spirits AUTOMATICALLY cross over. What people feel or see, or anything, IT’S A PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLNESS. they also cannot interact with solid items or people, nor can they make sounds or give heat. I’m sorry but it is true

  • Lectron Games

    December 24,Saturday 2016. Im from Malaysia and im having a holiday at Sarawak,Kuching. When me and my mom and brother checked into the hotel, we put our baggage in the room and left for shopping . And then we came back and my mom told me and my bro to follow her to wait my dad at the airport for his arrival . So, my brother joined my mom and i did’nt . Because im lazy to wait for my dad arrival from 7 pm until 12 midnight . So i stayed in the hotel . About 7.30pm i was taking a bath and i feel like something is watching me . I did not want to close my eyes because im worried if theres something scary apearred in front of me suddenly . I dried my self up and i was chatting with my group in social media . Around 9.30pm the lights in the room started blinking a few times and i felt something touched my bed . Before all of this happens i prayed to Jesus because im worried if my mom and brother was kidnapped in a Uber taxi. And then i asked Jesus to give me strength and forgive my sins . I stand up from my bed and was making hair . I looked at the mirror and then i turn back to see the TV’s reflection . And then i focused on the TV’s screen and i saw a reflection of a ghost . She was just at the back of me . And then i looked into the mirror again theres nothing. But the TV? Theres a ghost behind me. I got goosebumps and then i quickly took my phone and my wallet but i forgot my rosary(im a stupid dick) .In the situation i rushed to the door and i pluck out the room key to turn off all electrical things. And then the cupboard apparently opened and i was scared . I locked the door and i get out from the room . I got to the lobby and i noticed my skin is soo white because im scared . Then , in the feared situation i go to an Indian Restaurant and i ordered a Soya Milk . He gave me a pat on the shoulder and it felt good for a minute then i was cold and shaking . I called an Uber to pick me up and drop me at the airport . In the trip to the airport i talked about my life and the thing happened just now . I felt a little okay . When i arrived to the airport i told my family i had reached . And i talk about it all over again . Please , do not go to the Hotel in Kuching . Its called Marlin Inn . Its haunted . Room 1027.

  • Maarten

    I think a saw few times a ghost, because i didn’t know the person and it looked some kind of angry. It had a dark colour. and it was a girl with black eyes and black hair and i am scared and i want to know what it is. I saw it first in a basement from a flat. My friend saw it too because she can see ghost and things. When we saw it it looked angry and when we looked again it was gone. And later it was back but this time i saw the whole face she had a thin face. I saw it in the hall because my door was open. I remebered the face and i saw this time her body. It was not a girl from now. It stared at me and later it was gone. And now i really don’t know what to do. I literally dit nothing bad. And i’m only 14 years old. What can i do. And i come from the Netherlands.

    • Joanne

      a spirit is not solid, not a ´mist´ ir ´orb´ it is not something we can see, it’s not something the same as thing of the earth, it’s completely different. And there is NO WAY humans can have contact with spirits, it’s just impossible, spirits AUTOMATICALLY cross over. What people feel or see, or anything, IT’S A PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLNESS. they also cannot interact with solid items or people, nor can they make sounds or give heat. I’m sorry but it is true and proven in the book of god, which has not been touched or changed by humans, the quran. search on that maybe…

      • Virginia bolton

        u are so wrong…..just because u havent seen one …… i have seen many and my son too….my daughter havent ……so no everyone see them.

  • dbo134

    Well idk what’s going on wether I’m going crazy or what but I’ve kinda been like this and I’m wondering if it’s me or honestly everyplace friends house house ive never been in or people I meet some how someway if I hang out with them for awhile or continue to goto to there all the sudden outta nowhere they start having things happen and they say it’s never happened.. Just three weeks ago I wrote my GPA who was sick who I didn’t see for a long time years I started the message off going I know you can sense it and goodbye… He died a hour later.. I’m sitting In my room writing this message and it sounds like something is in my closet..lol.. Right..haah. So I turn on my camera im in the dark I turn on the light after two min and I record my closet door closing.. For three months straight at age 19 deathly afraid for three months I will die in my sleep for some reason my buddy moves in with me begs me to stay one night for some reason we both say we love each other he had serious siezure in his sleep so long it burst and aneurism he was brain dead when he got to the hospital deax two days later… I mean the list goes on and on.. Idk what the he is happening or why it is.. I’m not making this up its all true so I mean any answers…

    • Joanne

      I’m sorry but you kind of ARE going crazy, the ghost and spirit is not solid, not a ´mist´ or ´orb´ it is not something we can see, it’s not something the same as things of the earth, it’s completely different. they also cannot interact with solid items or people, nor can they make sounds or give heat. And there is NO WAY humans can have contact with spirits, it’s just impossible, spirits AUTOMATICALLY cross over. What people feel or see, or anything, IT’S A PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLNESS. I’m very sorry but it is true and proven in the book of god, which has not been touched or changed by humans, the quran. try searching the web: quran, spirits and ghosts

  • Joanne

    This is so fucking hilarious and ridiculous omg you are so fucking dumb please do your research and use your brain… First of all ghosts are an energy that connect the spirit to a body. The spirit is what makes a human a real human with emotions etc. so there’s nothing like a ghost is a spirit that didn’t cross over, wtf are you saying. Second, the ghost and spirit is not solid, not a ´mist´ ir ´orb´ it is not something we can see, it’s not something the same as thing of the earth, it’s completely different. Animals also can’t see it!!!! And there is NO WAY humans can have contact with spirits, it’s just impossible, spirits AUTOMATICALLY cross over. What people feel or see, or anything, IT’S A PSYCHOLOGICAL ILLNESS. period.

    • Joanne

      they also cannot interact with solid items or people, nor can they make sounds or give heat. I’m sorry but it is true and proven in the book of god, which has not been touched or changed by humans, the quran. search on that maybe…

  • fun n view

    Ghosts attack on me when ever they want to I was in lit sleep then suddenly my whole body gets paralysed and then when I tried my arm to raise up it is automatically bended back to its original position and I felt some one is bending my arm backward
    Horrible experience
    Please anybody help me

    • Moo

      This event is called Sleep Paralysis. It’s an uncomfortable and unsettling experience for most, but it’s certainly not ghosts attacking you although it might feel that way. I suggest you look it up – there are certain ways to prevent it from happening or snapping out of it. It’s happened to me a few times.

    • Brian Smith

      Whom do you depend on people cannot do nothing it takes Jesus Christ to do it for you if you trust in him and speak in his name to tell that evil spirit to back off and mean it within your heart then it must obey the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and flee from you tell it in the name of Jesus Christ to remove its presence from you and it must obey if you truely believe this it must obey and leave.

    • Brian Smith

      I know the feeling you are experienceing I have done this as well before you get out of that state of mind you wake up with foolish nasty evil throughts emerging in your mind crazy stuff that just piles upon you and its not you doing it but an evil nasty spirit that tried to bound you in its grasp you couldn’t scream and tried but you could always speak in your mind to the Lord while you was under attack and asked him to remove it. God is the only one that can read mind and heart of our throughts and he knows if they are our throughts or not. God plainly told us if thy heart condemns you he is greater than our hearts and knoweth all things. I had that experience a couple of times and trying to scream out Jesus’s name and finally when i fit myself and spoken his name it all just went away in a flash if you I and others could really see the spiritual outcome of seeing evil spirits what they actually do when they hear or even listen to a slightly whisper of Jesus Christ name they run and hide and scream with a loud yell trying to run somewhere and get out of dodge haha. They was a woman once told her story about where she ended up in hades she was a lost wandering soul and she remembered her family telling her about Jesus once and she was fighting these evil spirits off of her rebukeing them in Jesus Christ name she said they was some screamed so loud they went crazy hearing her rebuke them and they got weak and couldn’t attack her no longer. God allows us to go through things to strengthing us if we never went through things we couldn’t learn. God fights our battles for us it takes us to depend upon him and keep him on our minds always pray to him and asked him to always be with you in your dreams and always be with you in life and never leave you and asked him to fill you with his righteousness he will keep God upon your mind and your mind will be sound nothing evil can enter it if you keep your heart mind and soul upon God nothing can stand in your way.

  • Aletse Nehciets

    Mt family and I saw an orb or something like an orb floating near the ceiling tonight. It just seemed to be observing us and when I approached it it seemed to back off and then just dissipate. One second there, the next gone. We all saw it. M husband thought it was a soap bubble just floating there but I’ve seen these things before and recognized it for what it was. Granted, it didn’t look like others I’ve seen before. This one was darker, more mist like and didn’t emit light like the others seemed to. Of course the others I also saw in complete darkness whereas the lights were on in the dining room and kitchen area when we saw this one.

    • how interesting! it is very rare to see orbs with the naked eye, often they only show up in photos.

      • A. Nehciets

        Hi. Sorry I just saw that you replied to me. I’ve seen orbs on other occasions, this was the first time my family also witnessed it.
        The summer of 1997 is the first time I recall seeing an orb. I was visiting my grandma and was sleeping in her living room, on the couch by an open window. I woke because I was hot. I sat up and looked out the window and there, just floating in the air, was an orange orb. It was the size of a cantaloupe and emitted a fiery, golden glow. Though it wasn’t moving its center was fluid-looking, like molten lava. As I sat there, struggling to determine if I was truly awake, it seemed to sense I was watching it and seemed to become startled. Suddenly it zoomed away, leaving a trail of itself behind. I leaned out of the window but it was gone and the trail faded to nothing. I told my family about it over breakfast and my grandma was convinced I’d seen a witch.
        In February 1999, when my eldest was newborn, I fell asleep with him in my arms while he breastfed. I woke thinking the overhead light of our bedroom was on and was surprised all was dark when I opened my eyes. Then I realized it wasn’t completely dark. There was a soft, golden-white glow just above my son’s and my heads. I gasped and the light seemed to become aware of me. It was beautiful and pearlescent strands of light ebbed and flowed within its center. I was shocked and amazed and with my right hand was nudging my husband to wake up. The glowing light began to ascend and recede simultaneously. I reached for it, but it was gone.
        In the early fall of 2006 I woke suddenly and lay wondering why. Gradually I became aware of a presence at the foot of my bed. It was an orange ball of light, ringed in darker orange. The light at its center fluctuated, dimming and brightening, with darker coils of orange shifting within it. I stared at it, transfixed. My husband worked the night shift so I was alone, except for my baby. My eldest was asleep in his own room. As I watched it I wondered whether I would be able to take a picture of it with my phone. Without taking my eyes off it, I reached for my phone on my nightstand. Suddenly the orb jumped in place and zoomed past me, over my head, through the bay window behind my headboard, making the vertical blinds rattle. The neighbor’s dogs went wild, barking furiously. I looked out the window myself but saw nothing.
        Lastly, on a fall weekend in 2012, our three boys were spending the night at my parents ranch. My husband and I had the house to ourselves. I woke to a light in my face, almost too warm on my right cheek. In my somnambulant state i decided it was one of my boys shining a flashlight too close to my face. Just as I was on the point of telling them to stop I realized they weren’t home. My eyes flew open and I blinked several times in disbelief at the orange orb just hovering there above my face. It, too, seemed to become started and as I continued to stare at it, wondering if it was real, I realized I could wake my husband beside me to bear witness. Almost immediately I got the feeling the orb sensed this. It jumped in place and zoomed away, out the window, again upsetting the blinds. And the neighbor’s dogs.
        Weird. Whatever these things are, they seem to be sentient. I don’t remember feeling fearful, just amazed and powerfully curious.

  • Brenda

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  • That Man

    I work in homicide. Living people can be far worse than any ghost. Too bad the victims can’t haunt their killers the way they “haunt” me until I can solve their cases.

  • Unamamed
  • Angel V

    I’ve been having an experience like this the past few months. I couldn’t figure out what it was. During these 2 months i was dating this girl, she was a little complicated but we met half way on almost everything, we were happy. And about a week or 2 ago, she started becoming distant, I understood because of her Gemini ways but I stayed supported her. She became more distant, silent and I could feel she wasn’t feeling the same. On Sunday we got into a little conflict and it was idiotic, at the same time it became really self realizing. I knew what i had to do and what i needed to do to fix it. I apologized and just wanted to forget about it but it really got to her. She suddenly tells me she needs “space.” So I respect & support that. Then on wednesday she wants to break up because she didn’t want to continue. It left me like “really, what the f*ck.” I seen it the way it was and left me questioning and thinking but I just let it be. And on Thursday, i smoked some pot to clear my mind. It was working, until she pops into my head out of nowhere. So I start getting lost in the thought of her existence. Of her body and soul. And I start to get the chills. It started unsettling wuth my body and it got so intense, I could not feel my hand. As if a strong energy was holding onto it and I couldn’t break free from it at all. After about an hour it started to fade. But I can still feel a grasp in my hand. It was very weird and uneasy. It makes me think if her spirit was around trying to reconnect to me or something. Maybe the universe needed me to do something more. But it bottles my mind as to what the universe was trying to tell me. What I need to do and should I try to contact and reconnect to her. But idk what this means…

  • Adriana Greenlaw

    The only things I get a lot is sensing a presence and feeling someone/something touching me but other than that there is nothing else that happens..

    • billegge

      I feel like like there are 1 or more presences around me but only in specific places. Sometimes I feel a local cold patch on my skin, usually my hand. In fact, I feel it right now on my left pinky as I am typing. A little earlier I felt it on my elbo, left arm as well. I have tried to communicate, despite being scared out of my gord, but nothing happens.

  • R_K_TISON!!!!

    I was sleeping and it was around 2:00 o clock in the morning although I was sleep I could see the clock with exact time on it…..then suddenly a child was sitting next to me trying to reach out……at first I thought it was just a bad dream but later when I woke up I say my dog barking at that part where I saw the child……my room was chilly n was uncomfortable….. N stangly time was 2:02 on the clock……but what shocks me the most is the accuracy of that vision…..and most difficult was that I couldn’t even move for a few minutes like someone was holding me tightly n couldn’t speak or scream at the moment……..But after some time I found my things broken….I thought at first I would be my dog but those things were too high for my dog to reach……from that day onwards I can’t sleep at night only in daylight I feel comfortable a can fall asleep…..if any one has faced same thing as I do plz help……all moments I feel like I am being watched I saw doctor he said everything’s fine…..strangely that scares me the most….

  • Alex Rich

    I was with my 2 cousins in our step grandparents house and the story was that the owner passed away in the bathroom and so one day me and my 2 cousins were sitting on the couch and waiti my for my mom to bring us something to drink friving up to bring us something to drink …i have a gift of seeing and talking to.the dead and we was feelimg that someting was wting in the room like something was watching us and i happen to look at the tv and the was something siting on the bucket of clothes amd i have a picture of it still clear as day siting with his hand on his head smoking a cigarette watching tv with us he never bothered us but came to watch tv with us watching over us and i had to wittiness a sec time but at my friends house same thing owners passed a way in living room watching a movie with us

  • The Last Socialist

    I don’t believe in ghosts. Tonight is the second occasion that something strange has happened to me that I can’t explain. A couple of months ago I was working late when I realised there was something in the room with me. I heard laughter felt comfortable and felt something brush past me.
    I am a fully grown man and I don’t scare easily. I searched around but there was nothing there. I went back to my office but I sat down I felt as if someone was watching me. The laughter started again so I decided to leave.
    The next day I reviewed all the camera footage and nobody was near the building at the time I heard the laughter. Tonight I was closing up when I heard something fall. I went into the room to check. Nothing had fallen. Again the laughter and a feeling of something bad being near. I checked the live feed from the security and noone was near.
    This is freaking me out. My workmates have reported a bad smell which appears and disperses instantly. We have cleaned all the drains but it was there earlier today. Two of us smelt it and it just dispersed in seconds.
    What should I do? I do not want to get involved with this just for it to go away. Please help Tanaaz

    • i would try your best to ignore it as much as possible and have as many tools of protection around on your desk or while at work. these include crystals such as quartz, black tourmaline etc, any”good luck charms” that mean something to you, even visualizing yourself in a white light. it seems like this presence is at your work not home right? the most helpful thing would to just stay as positive as possible…sorry i cant be of more help..good luck!

  • ibrahim azar

    I want to tell you that I live in a five-story building. The neighbor on the fifth floor, originally Armenian, was beginning to have strange things. First started burning electric boxes and electric wires, we pulled the wires and cut the electricity and yet still burning things like the curtain inside the house and the kitchen and television cabinet and today burned fridge and the whole kitchen knowing that we noticed the heat on the walls of cement. What can we do? Please help us?

  • ibrahim azar

    I want to tell you that I live in a five-story building. The neighbor on the fifth floor, originally Armenian, was beginning to have strange things. First started burning electric boxes and electric wires, we pulled the wires and cut the electricity and yet still burning things like the curtain inside the house and the kitchen and television cabinet and today burned fridge and the whole kitchen knowing that we noticed the heat on the walls of cement. What can we do? Please help us? ibrahem.azar@yahoo.com

  • Tiger Township

    I’ve had this really bizarre experience 3 times over the last several months and each time it is very similar. In my bedroom, which is very small, the window is right at the foot of my bed. On that window I have a real dream catcher (left side) and a blessed eagle feather(right side) from my native American friend. I usually get a sensation that something is wrong, a heavy feeling, and when I look, there is a strand of red beads coming from the feather, dangling in the air coming towards me. I’ve felt someone sitting on my bed before..usually I run downstairs scared! Well it happened again last night and I got brave enough to reach up and see if I could brush them away by waving my hand, I thought I felt something so I reached up with my fingers and it felt like very fine thread. I ran downstairs again really scared out of my mind! I decided to go back up, with all the lights on and armed with a flashlight! I laid there watching tv, barely keeping my eyes open and I thought I seen something on the left side of the bed, looked and nothing was there. I decided to get brave and turn the lights out and go to sleep and as I’m laying there, I felt the heaviness by my feet. I just slid them over some and it was ok.
    The dangling string of red beads has happened 3 times and I have no idea what it means..the 1st 2 times I just blew it off as maybe being stressed or not enough sleep but this time I touched it and felt it! So any ideas on this?

    • Brian Smith

      Get rid of those objects of superstition and as much as you allow fear to enter you that gives whatever you fear the most control over your life whatever you have in that room its attracting unwanted attention get rid of the indian beads the eagle foot thinking it is bringing you good luck they are no such thing as luck or chance in this world. We are all predestinated to do what we are going to do and no one can change that. God already has our stories written knowing what we are going to do through birth to death and we all are living in a never ending story together as long as you fear something it will eat you up inside just allow your mind to stay calm and keep your mind upon God and it will be sound mind nothing then can bother you if God be for us who can be against us?

      • Brian Smith

        And besides we all are going to go through trials and tribuation on this earth and that devil is going to test those who he can scare and tempt with his foolish tricks. God is the one that allows whatever happens if that wasn’t so if God didn’t test to see what kind of person we were and didn’t allow temptations to come upon us to try to see what kind of person we are for him then how could we learn. Look back to old Job what he went through the Lord allowed Satan to test him out to see if he was for God or for the Devil himself. Satan made a bet with God saying he could get Job to curse him to his face haha. God allowed Satan to go down to this earth and try the old boy out to see where he stood. Satan cannot do nothing not unless God permits it. God is the Father of all. Even Satan has to obey him and even those evil spirits has to obey God. They cannot go on their own tareing up the town with people without God allowing them to do so if that wasn’t so then this world would been turnt upside down before life began. Satan is out to destory everything that God created even us we are made in the image of God we are his children and Satan and those evil spirits hates us with a passion. They know their time is almost up they are out to do what they can to tempt us to go along with their deceitful plans its up to us to make the choice we all have free will whom to we believe in whom do we trust? Whom do we love the most? Whom do we depend upon the most? Its us that makes that choice. God will not voilate any of our rights he gives us the freedom to choose life or death God told us to choose life. Its not his will that any of us perish but all come under repentence if nothing never did bother us then what right or wrong choices would we know what or which we are making?

  • Makhiya

    Idk but i would he some one call my name or breath loudly repeatedly and like 2 or a couple of days layer i was sleep and woke up to seeing red eyes reflection on my tv i was to scared to look so i closed my eyes and opened them back up the red eyes were still there and so i went downstairs to sleep with my grandmom but i was still scared so i kept saying in the name of jesus and god please protect me because i was scared but now that im researching about it im worried and sad that i didnt ask who it was cuz i wanted to know if that was my dad trying to communicate so he could cross over or not cuz i lost my dad last year and i just turned 13 in march but when he died the day of his funeral it was raining alot but i didnt know what it mean and my mom was talking about it and they said that if it rain the day you die or at your funeral that means you going to heaven but does that mean he crossed over yet but now im ready to sleep and wake up to those red eyes and ask if its my father but i just wanna know if you see red eyes and everything is all black watching you while your sleep is a loved one or someone trying to communicate with u im young and i just want my dad to be happy and satisficed and i also been wondering if you only had one dream of a loved one that passed is it bad does it mean your not thinking about them no more or if hes not happy or thinking about us no more or something like that but im really worried about my father and i want to have a chance to talk to him and stuff i want to have a good conection or relationship with my dad but i told my mom about it and she said its nothing but ik its something i really miss him but idk what to do but im scared that those red eyes isn’t my father i wanna know if those red eyes watching me a good thing or a bad thing ik im young but i want someone who knows what they are doing or know how to handle things like this help me understand please im begging anyone please

    • Alex O’Brien

      Your father’s soul is free now, traveling far beyond this world. It left his body when he died; only fragments of them can remain trapped here. Having a single dream after a loved one dies where they appear and interact with you is a relatively common experience, and a good sign that your dad is absolutely at peace. If you had more dreams like that, especially if he seemed like he needed help, or asked for it, then that would be a bad sign that something had kept part of him here. If you have more dreams about him where y’all interact and it is very positive and loving, then he may have become one of your “guardian angels”, but that isn’t common. I can still tell that you two loved each other very much, and he will always be with you every time you remember the good times that you shared. Don’t worry if you aren’t “thinking about him enough” or anything like that, he wouldn’t want you to do that. Instead you should focus on doing good in school and figuring out who you are as a person, so that you can live your life to the fullest extent and know confidently that he will be so proud to see this beautiful woman that his amorzinho had grown into. You may not have a chance to “talk” with him ever again, but you can still talk to him. Visit his grave once in a while. You can keep him alive by thinking about how he loved you and your family and wanted y’all to do well. Always remember, everyone dies two different times. The first is when your soul leaves the body. The second is the last time someone says your name, sharing their memory of you. I’m afraid as well that those red eyes are probably something very different, and not something you want to interact with. Many of those type of beings live off our fear or energy. Next time it tries to scare you, don’t be afraid, because that is probably the reaction it is seeking. They cannot hurt you, at least not significantly. Their presence in this world simply isn’t strong enough in a physical sense to actually hurt you. You have to let it know this; “You don’t scare me anymore. I’m not going to allow you to invade my space like this.Treat me kindly with respect or leave now. I have no fear for you.” You can say that out loud, combine it with prayer, or just keep repeating it in your head. At the same time, reach deep into your mind and let your loving energy build a barrier like a force field all around you and your room. That energetic visualization might be hard for you, for some it’s natural and for others it takes practice, but just keep trying. I believe in you.

  • Robin Duhan

    I am from india and lived in a village from my birth to till i was in 8th grade…
    But in this interval i saw some very scary things.My father and his brother died in an interval of 5 years ,my dad died later then his brother .but the strange thing happened when my grandfather died.We actually lived at that time in a joint family so after thirteen days of my grandfathers death there was supposed to be some kind of purification kind of thing but at night of that day my cousing brother(the youngest ) got possesed by my ancient relative or atleast that what we think..i was too afraid to see it so i was just crying but my mom said that he got superhuman strangth ,he pushed my sis like a toy..but after thay day it never happened ever again…it happened couple years ago but right now i am visiting my realtiver here and when i sleep at night i wake up every night and then too scared to sleep ,sometimes i feel like someone is trying to snatch my blanket and it only happens in specifically one room …
    What do u think could be the reason for this? And also
    My parents beleive that by burning pepper near a possesed human can make him unpossessed… Is it true??pls reply

  • Sean McCarthy

    I have lost both of my grandparents and often believe they are with me. There have been some strange occurrences that have been happening to me over the past few years, some of which are explained here. I just cant put my finger on it at what this entity(s) could possibly want. It plays with me.. It teases me.. and is also like a consciousness. Its hidden things from me, pushed away negative people from my life. and miraculously made being mischievous very easy. I am not sure what to do but I have seen signs now in 3 houses I have lived in. This one it likes keys… Turning them till they are just about to open but never such *(I never see them move) only when I look away. Lots of strange things. I also have the number 69 follow me everywhere. If I concentrate I can see them with my eyes closed through my eyelids if that makes sense. The world is strange. Just wish I could speak to them to find out what this is all about.

  • Multiplicary

    My oldest brother died many years ago.. I didn’t even got to see him because I was not still born. Starting on my grandma’s house we rented it.. so when we were sleeping I was always scared so I always knock the door of my parents room and they let me in..I don’t know swhy but I am very scared…one time a spirit go trough my body or controlled me.. they said that I talk to my aunt (still alive) even if I am sleeping the spirit is talking to her then the spirit got back to my room and pretend nothing happened..this happen rarely but my parents noticed that I am having these spirit control me.. they put me into a ritual of something to get rid of the spirit or contact the spirit… So we moved in to another house and I sleepwalked again..I know it sounded funny but I was not controlling any thing there is someone controlling me and many times I always see black shadows…they creep me out And the most latest thing that happened to me is I was controlled while carrying my bed sheet,pillows,blanket and the bed !
    I can’t even brought those! While I was carrying those I’m crying and I went trough my parents room and they let me in… And the I woke up.. and asked why am I here in they room..they told me that I was crying while carrying my bed..I don’t remember doing that…

  • Adam Haynes

    This site sucks! This needs to be entitled “How to Know When You Have a Poltergeist”. I’m not gonna go into it, but all of these ‘signs’ represent an attached or malevolent spirit among you. Strange noises, things moving, items being moved around? That’s a poltergeist. That’s trouble. If you want to get in tune with spirits, get the necessary equipment, and do loads of research, and then proceed.

    • Brian Smith

      If you see an invisible force throw something at you throw stuff back lol haha.

      • Adam Haynes

        How can one ‘see’ anything that is invisible. Not wasting anymore time on a dumbass.

        • billegge

          You can see with your mind what is invisible to your eyes.

    • billegge

      I was thinking something similar. I have no idea why everyone on here is having such major experiences and why these experiences are concentrated to this comment section.

  • Missy Timm

    Since I got my cat and she sleeps with me I have not had any bad nightmares
    Although I see her looking at the wall or closet or sometimes ceiling ….

    When she don’t sleep with me I have bad nightmares
    I call her my dream catcher

  • Glen

    Yesterday, while half asleep I felt the presence of a female in my room. I was laying in bed when I glanced to my left. I could sense the presence of a female spirit. I saw only her back. She was facing Her away from me..She was wearing white…She immediately disappeared…I have felt this person before on that side of my room, but she was sitting in a chair next to the window of my bedroom…I thought it could of been my late first wife or my sister…I would love to know why her back was facing me..

    • Rhondalousey

      If she was in the bed with you, it could’ve been your first late wife.

  • Honest River P

    I lost my dad in 1990 but before loosing my dad I used to have a scaring dream that made me hate nights until now…

    When I was like 6years, this dream came as an elephant chasing me and finally caught me took me in a dark place and entered my tummy ate all I had in my stomach but whenever I woke up I would feel too much pain in real life and this used to happen 3 to 4 times a week if it wasn’t elephant chasing me then the next day it would be a cow.. so I consulted my class teacher she told me it happens to everyone that there’s something that comes at night and eat our food when we are asleep! I so I took it as part of life I never talked to my parents about it..
    When my dad died it stopped coming but it was giving me huge sleeps, classes, day times, sleep walking and all sorts until I joined a boarding school when I was 11 years old.. it came back with two strong methods making me sleep and coming while M so much aware that it’s coming feeling it’s presence and touching my body in my skin and every part of my body I felt it every single day.
    It gave me a lot of scaring different dreams but it had to end with a cow chasing me towards that dark place that i would wake up from the dream again I dream that M from that dream yet still dreaming but fighting with scaring creatures at the same time in real life I can hear my friends are going to shower for preps until until someone wakes me up it can not leave me ….
    This thing’s M sure it’s more than one ghost attacking me continued making my life a leaving hell I used to be the best in school I started losing my reputation and my education declined I started sleeping in class, library I started to pray, read rosary, fasting but the more I prayed the more it attacked me I finished my primary level went back home n told my mum she said u must pray it became so tough that it started attacking day light too it even came to church on Uganda martyrs day …. I gave up it followed me my secondary, until university until now M married for 3weeks it just came in this morning and attacked me… My life is a leaving hell.. I don’t know what M dealing with but I thought if I can cross the boarders leave my country Uganda it won’t cross to come over USA where M now staying n married…
    I never enjoyed my sleeps I HATE NIGHT….
    IF someone their can help please I ask please I need your advise.. thanks

  • Katie R

    im really scared. i once told a bad spirit to follow me in elementary school with a home-made ouija board. i didnt know it was a bad spirit and now im hearing whispers, heavy breathing, seeing things in the corner of my eye but when i turn nothings there. also goosebumps. i dont feel like im alone although i am. please help. the ghost is named GINA and i think its her watching me. if you have any advice on how to stop this please email urkatiegurl@gmail.com

  • shivashankar

    Haii my name is Shiva and I have a lot of experience like you all.I have seen ghost which no one believes me and sometimes at night it comes into my dream and when I woke up I can only see by hearing terrible voices but I couldn’t move a bit sometimes I hardly tried to move but I can only able to move the fingers and I tried to scream but I couldn’t one day when I was sleeping in a open sky in night suddenly these terrible sounds were started and when I open eyes it was sleeping back side of me upto now I feeing her hands and body which she placed very close to me but I couldn’t move again with one another again with these all experience I became adopted to it Starting I am little bit scared but later you will have to face it with no fear but one thing I want to say whatever religion you are just believe in God he will definitely help you +917337004669 my contact number

  • Nesta Manawatu

    My Grand mother Had recently past a few months ago and I’ve been hearing strange things every night. My mum, which was my grand mothers daughter said that my Nan was rubbing her head and kissed her and was having dreams about her and as soon as she said that it was, I thought that she was crazy and i laughed at her because i told her that ghost aren’t real they can’t be. That was just a few months ago when she died and then later I was experiencing something out of this world (Literally). It was actually last night i woke up in the middle of the night, it was about 4:00 am and the speakers were left on that were connect to the computer and all of a sudden i have a crazy dream it’s about my Nan and she’s with a priest but then before i can take a good glimpse i wake up and the speakers are making a noise like something was coming a ghost or something was trying to communicate with me because i felt something poke me and as soon as a felt it i looked up and know one was there so i try to go back to sleep but i can’t i’m not tired then the noise stop and i think it’s over, but it turns on again and i can feel my heart beating so hard and fast, i could sense the ghost when it was coming. It was like a feeling in my hole body and all i could here was my heart beating and my ears were ringing and all i could here was those stupid speaker, i wish i had turn them off. but there it was again i left my head up this time because i didn’t want it to poke me but instead i felt something crawl from the bottom of my legs, to the top of my head, (underneath my blanket) Then the breeze goes and the crawling stops so i open my eyes and know ones there, everyone is still asleep. So i decide to run out of bed and go to my mum and i tell her someone is touch me quietly so my dad can’t here and she said it’s probably your brothers and i go no everyone is asleep i was the only one awake and she said well who was it and i said i don’t know so she got out of bed and we went it to the bathroom so nobody could here and i told her everything and she told me that it was probably Nan and then we hug and i sleep with her and we can still here the speakers going off and i can feel the cold breeze but she can’t feel it and my mum tells me everything will be OK so we make it though the and I looked up how do you know if a ghost or spirit is paying a visit and it came up with this website and i saw the sign and I’ve only had 2 of them and it said it was a nice ghost so thats great so it must be my Nan but I’m still freaking out from last night and I’m going to hate what will come tonight thank you and this is my story. (By the way I’m 14 year old)

  • Rosita

    My moms died on jan 29 2015 i have dreams seen her get up from her casket passing by my nieces with a very bad attitude.then last year while i was in bed someone sat down on my bed an i felt their pressure i prayed the god father in english but it did not leav i prayed it in spanish an than it left like to know what those it mean?

  • Rosita

    Does sorry spell it wrong

  • David Wallace

    a couple of years ago when I was 18 I had this unusual ability during sleep call it sleep paralysis or whatever you might to separate myself from my body I could see my arm floating out of my physical arm and it would be a see-through or translucent color. I would always feel as if my central nervous system was going crazy because I would begin filling the needles all over my body that you would feel during an anxiety attack. It became very usual for nightly episodes of this to happen when I finally left my body completely which only lasted a few second and I only got As far as floating into my closet which I had no control over my movements. Upon returning to my body I was awaken to a cloaked being floating above my bed very tall and dark and perhaps evil. It was speaking in some foreign language I could not understand and what I could compare to my sister’s voice. Upon waking up I reached for my lamp trying to turn it on I turned it on about a second later the entire electricity in my apartment shut off completely. I was abusing sleeping medication at this time and contemplating suicide a lot. However as a nursing student who took pharmacology I understand that over the counter Tylenol PM is not common to cause hallucinations. This is perhaps the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered in my life and I’m worried it might be waiting for me once I die. Having these experiences really shakes your world up and your understanding of what reality is.

  • Brian Smith

    God told us to try the spirits to see if they are of him or not if they are evil spirits rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and mean it within your heart when you tell them to leave. Or otherwise you can pray over annointing oil and asked God to bless the oil in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Only true believer’s that are saved through the grace of God can bless the oil you can buy extra virgin olive oil at a grocery store its 100% pure and pray that God blesses it when you do take that step of faith and place it on every door, window, pets yourself and your family if you are having struggles with unwanted presences they are only two ways to know which or what spirit is around you if you feel and eerie cold chilling presence around you its the devil and those demonic spirits called as unfamiliar spirits they can mimic your loved one making you think it is your loved one its not your loved one. Human spirits doesn’t roam this world they are either on one of the sides of the gulf they are on heaven’s side or hades side not hell literally its self. The spirit of God is a chill that warmth you, you can feel that chill at first then a warmth runs all over your body and when you feel that overwhelming of love presence you in that body you live in that is the Holy Spirit of God that comes upon you and he loves you that is a feeling that cannot be explained it feels so wonderful that you want it to last forever it makes tears of joy roll down your face you know that it is God with you. Many comments I read here I overheard one saying it asked an evil spirit to follow it to a school and was afraid and didn’t know how to get rid of it well I just told you how to get rid of it. Its not the oil itself its the power of God through that annointment oil that stops that evil spirit in its tracks. Jesus said some doesn’t come out so easily it takes alot of prayers and fasten to remove just as the disciples was trying to remove Legions out of one person Legions are 7 or more evil spirits in a person they are many. Jesus gives us the power through his Holy name to remove every obstabcle that comes in our way but it takes faith with love faith works by love it tells us that in the words of God. If we really knew whom we were we wouldn’t be in a fearful mess we are in as of today. They are more to us than what meets the eye. Those evil spirits knows who is saved and who is not. They will not bother you if you are with them but if you are not with them they will try their best to get your attention but you I and others have the power to put them behind us. Jesus said resist the devil and he will flee from you.

  • fits

    My brother passed away this past April. We hadn’t been in touch for 5 years and when we parted it wasn’t on good terms. Things have been happening in my home. A cry out almost like that of an animal when I was in a small powder room. Then a cane that I had standing suddenly crashed to the floor. Never had that cane fallen which has been in this house for years. Also, I have bottle lights on my kitchen counters and peripherally it seems like something is passing in front of them. Then as I am asleep I start hearing knocking on the door so loud it wakens me then stops. This has happened several times. When things start being weird I tell it to please leave that it is my house and I didn’t invite them in. Is this a sign of an evil or angry spirit?

  • disqus_OVBe09ptAM

    The last few months, and for some reason only has been happening to me. When I do to bed at night and the moment I lay down, I feel movements on my bed, feels like a cat or dog walking on my bed, because the steps are light. Lately what ever it is been getting brazen, been touching my back, walks on my legs touches my arms and neck, and sometimes flips my hair. When I am just sitting on my bed, nothing happens, only when I lay down to call it a night. I don’t know what to make of it, this does not happen to anyone else in my family, just me. I tries a method of talking to it, and using my flashlight to say if you are a man, if you are a woman, if you are family, if you are a friend turn my flash light on and off, and nothing, just only the movements all over my bed, one time my bed actually shook. Then I was even thinking may be a spirit of an animal I lost. Right now I’m just guessing at everything. This happenings has never occurred to me before. I lost my son over 9 years ago, was hoping it was him, but I just don’t think he would try to scare me. What ever who over is trying to get my attention, I I just don’t understand what it is trying to communicate to me. A couple times I lit a candle and turned the light off and when I videoed it, I could see a couple orbs flying around the area. For some reason the candle lighting calms it some, but doesn’t stop the movements. Anyone that could give me answers I would so appreciate it. Email me at stellaca@aol.com

    • Linda Cohen

      Hi Stella,
      Same with me! About twice a year I would feel as if something light is walking on my bed. The other night it felt like it was sitting on my legs. I call it the cuddly ghost because its as if I can feel breathing on my neck and almost like a light hug! I lay there completely petrified and wait for it to go away. I finally said “please go away” and it did.
      This has happened 1 other time in an apartment I had years ago.

      A few strange things happened when I first move in. The garage door going up and down on its own, or finding paint chips on my bed and the ceiling is smooth.

  • Jeana Fraser

    Way back in 1990 I had a miscarriage of a 6 week old fetus in our bathroom shower. I saw it on the floor of the shower and picked it up. It was sort of peachy gray. Then the water hit it and I couldn’t catch it before it went down the drain. I had a son in 1991 and daughter in 1995. It was 6 years later in 1996 when my son was about 5 and daughter around 1 when we were in the den and I was folding clothes. I looked up and so did my husband and we both saw this grayish cloud coming from our bedroom. It stopped about 5′ from the bedroom door. Then it disappeared. Does anyone else think that was the spirit of the fetus I lost? I haven’t seen it since. I never told the kids about the miscarriage. We moved to another house 5 hours away about 3 years later. When my daughter was a 12+ approx, she started talking about hearing things upstairs (their rooms were upstairs). That is when I told her about the miscarriage and seeing the spirit or whatever I saw. Does anyone think that the spirit moved with us and was enjoying hanging out with his or her brother and sister? We were the only owners of the homes we lived in; no prior residents.

  • Tylerplayz 10

    me and my friends flicked the lights because someone said that might summon a ghost we then asked ghost if you are hear give us a sign. the corner of the room got really hot. we wouldn’t fo known that if one of my friends didn’t sit in the corner. tthen at the night before we asked someone one saw a gray hand touching my ipod and changed the music to frozen music on yt. in the morning i had my yt history have alot of frozen. and the painting was like changing colors light gray to dark gray. we saw a shadow figure behind the lady in the painting. it was creepy.

  • Jennifer

    I am a massage therapist and always seem to have energies come and go often spirts . Weird things happen here ( I work from home ) there are times we will see like shadows or hear something drop which nothing has sometimes the sink or shower will turn on by itself , it seems like the energy gets super ramped up like everyone is hyper and more anxiety in the house . I sage frequently it helps but never really goes fully away . Any advice please will my home always be like this cause I am energy worker white light healing I am a massage therapist . Like they are attracted to me . Like it isn’t haunted and grim but they stop in or stay visiting all the time and it’s not the house but me attraction to me .. it’s been like this since I was a kid now that I am Lmt it’s all the time .. I don’t want to be that person or house the want to be with . But I am white light and I can’t control that they are attracted to me . Any advice would help thank you !!

  • EndeRedCreeper543

    Question, What if you see a green orb, then red orb, then 3 mins later another green orb in the middle of the night

    • Ashi Munir

      The orb thing….It wasn’t an orb for me. I ticked off a ghost that had taken up residence in my apt and then before he scared me half to death he disappeared as a starburst of red and yellow light. But of course, its back now and either I’ve got to live with it or move out….sigh.

  • Ashi Munir

    I moved into a small town recently and every long weekend, I hear banging on the wall the moment I hit the bed. At one point I ‘saw what Mr. ghost looked like and it wasn’t a dearly departed loved one I knew. I brought in a priest, and played recordings of a prayer at home. The next thing you know he waited till I woke up and then shook my ankles and then disappeared after I saw like a starburst of orange and yellow light. I literally jumped out of the house in my pjs and headed to the church across the street. Then I don’t hear from him for a month and I happily head off for a vacation in China with a stayover at my parent’s place. In China, I was in the bus with my tour group heading to a village in the mountains and ended up seeing a ‘vision’ of a Chinese woman from that village hitching a ride and sitting in the empty seat opposite me. I just kept quiet, but then when we reached the village the local ladies were wearing the same traditional clothing but in black and red. The one I saw was wearing black and pink (apparently the previous generation wore black and pink). Then I go home to my parents at the end of the trip and I wake up to see a Korean mother and child right in my old bedroom. The child was sitting right by me and the mom came looking for her kid and got mad at me before she took him and left. I come back home from my vacation and no ghosty in my apartment and then right after a month – the first long weekend back and I get that loud banging on the wall again….he’s back for a visit. My great grandmother had this gift, and now I do, but as a kid it was mostly with dearly departed family members…eg. messages from beyond, vivid dreams …seeing images of people’s thoughts when in a large crowd….but since I started working in a hospital. I’ve seen one ghost of a sweet elderly lady in my own office and I don’t think she even realized I could see her….It’s been surreal. Especially waking up in the morning to faces or figures I am not familiar with.

  • Ben Morris

    Needs proof-reading – some silly mistakes.

    • Roger Hixson

      What are you,,,a silly English professor? These posts are out of your league.

      • Ben Morris

        Rubbish. There’s no excuse for sloppiness. Shape up.

  • Dramaine Ivy

    my uncle died last year and everyone in our family has had stuff happening like him being in our dreams seeing his name everywhere and me getting a feeling of something crawl on me and poke me how do i know it is definitly him

    • you can ask for a clear and obvious sign but it sounds like you have already been getting them! there is no way of getting concrete proof with these types of things, you just have to trust your instincts and use your intuition. hope that helps!

  • LifeBeyondTheGrave

    We love your website! We love it so much that we used it in a project. Our page is about ghosts and proving that they exist on our world. It would be great if you would check it out!

  • dev jenson

    hi friends, I recently moved in with my partner, her flat seems very active fleeting visions, bathroom door being locked from inside or outside , when no one is near the door into the room, our gentle pet dog is being bothered , she refused recently to go into the kitchen no one was in there . she shot up like a bolt of lightening from her bed when peace fully asleep .for no reason what so ever . our egg timer just went of for no reason a Faberge musical egg suddenly plays music when no one is near it. …most of all our main entry door, we had visitors when I needed to open the door it was stuck solid, both myself and partner tried to open it, it would not budge an inch . I am a strong person, but it would not move. my female partner tried she could not do it either. our son in law went straight to it. it opened straight away no problems when in the shower itself . the bathroom door locks by itself when the door is left slightly open . for that reason, yet when we get out of the shower the door is both closed and locked when no one else is around. or they in another room . this is getting crazy whats bothering us the most is our lovely pet dog, shes become a nervous wreck. yet she is so loving and sweet in her nature

  • Dave

    Hi I
    I have always had experiences all my life
    Lately there has been a lot of activity around me
    Just this morning around 5 am I was laying in bed and instantly became alert.
    I always sleep with a pouch containing hematite in my left hand. Well this morning something pulled the pouch out of my hand I quickly grabbed it back. Not sure why it wanted to take it away this has happened before .
    Any thoughts would be very helpful
    Thanks for your help in ad

  • Damond Bateman

    when i was young there was a magnificently beautiful and sweet and funny girl named Rita who everyone around knew and loved. she was charismatic and people , including i , just felt we were in the presence of greatness and the ultimate goodness and purity . Rita died in an accident before she could finish high school. the grief in town was overwhelming. a few months later, no more than 4 , i had a dream. a lucid dream, and Rita came to smile at me and tell me to not worry. she was fine. i thought that was sweet, but the dreams didn’t stop coming. over the next few years the feeling of her presence and more dreams followed. they became regular and a part of my life. i had not been able to force myself to go to the burial, so i didn’t know where to find her in the cemetery. the director took me out and showed me. there was no marker. nothing. i fell to my knees like i had been kicked between the legs. i knew her parents and they adored her. how could this be? then it hit me. they could not force themselves to put it there. it was admitting she was gone. so i got up and went and had a headstone made and paid cash and told the guy to put “col. Sam Flagg” on the receipt. i told nobody. it was a top secret, between me, God and Rita. well, the dreams got to be even more regular and more loving and detailed. and over the years that photo of the pretty strawberry blonde with the big green and golden eyes sat on my bookshelf by the door. and when i was in the army i took it with me all over the world. she was a part of my life. the first face i saw when i got up in the morning and the last face i saw when i went to bed. last year i became close with her baby sister and we were talking about Rita. and i finally confessed. she said they knew. i was the only one mom said ever did anything for Rita. of all her friends and admirers it was me. i told her that her sister has been coming in dreams. she was not shocked. she had seen mom up late one night talking to someone and she said she saw her sister there. freaked her out and she never had the courage to ask what the hell was that?? so in the past year or so the dreams have gotten to be more intense in emotion and detail. i talk to our old friends who tell me they feel Rita’s presence all the time and i think others have seen her in dreams as well. and i was in an accident.. a truck hit my little car and demolished it. as i was the third in line going through a stop light i had the sudden thought, a sweet feminine voice tell me to slow down. i did a tad. if i had not i would have been hit directly on my side, likely killed by a truck going 50 mph at least. the cops told me they never saw such a wreck and the driver never even having a scratch or bump. its like a force field redirected all that kinetic energy around me. it even cracked the back windshield, buckled the roof, bent the shaft on my kia sephia and i was untouched. i believe my Rita protected me. there is no other way to explain it. and Rita gives me signs, always funny and sweet. i asked her when visiting the cemetery once if she could give me a sign she heard what i was saying to her and a little bird landed and cackled RITA! RITA! RITA!….i just looked up and went; “oh, you are GOOD!” and walking along one day and talking to her and said; “i just get the feeling if i make it another 20 seconds or 20 years you are going to be following me around.” a pickup went by and the driver threw a white cylindrical can out. i got down the street and in big pink letters on it were the words strawber-RITA…..i looked up and laughed. and said, well, i guess i got my answer. and in the sweet dreams i was told “i love you so much,’ “thats nice , but by the time i get where you are i will be old enough to be your grandfather. “where i am that doesn’t matter. time and age mean nothing.” and after i found the cemetery plot next to her is available i decided to put down a deposit on it. i know where i will be. after that a couple of nights i had another visit. she was sitting with me, always at my right, in a pretty white dress this time, saying ; “i know what you are doing. and i think its sweet. its like you are marrying me.” i had not thought of it that way, but you know, she’s right. she is still that sweet, sentimental, romantic 17 year old girl. with a big sense of humor, who loves me. i found an acquaintance who i was informed is a medium. she keeps it very quiet. i didn’t even know. her conversations with Rita would fill a book. lets just say, Rita and i are both old. she is VERY old. a pure and powerful soul that can manipulate nature and come and go between the worlds . the friend said of her; “i like her. she’s FUNNY!” and “Rita is the most humble and unassuming young soul i have ever met. she is so modest. and kind.” yeah. i know. always was and always will be. she said ; Rita thinks its sweet all you do for her, but sad.” i asked how? “because you have passed on some really fine girls over the years, trying to find someone like her.” yeah. i sure have. i was dishonoring her without realizing it. i was denying her uniqueness . the friend had never heard me mention Rita, she knew nothing about her, but took one look at the photo and the info poured from her. things she had no way of knowing. word for word quotes. and not long after she started talking to Rita she said; “Rita liked the joke about the storm.” i thought WTF? then it hit me. in 2005 during the hurricane Rita evacuation i made my way to the town where she is buried, to pay my respects . i joked to her; “sorry its been a while since i came to visit. it took a storm with your name on it to get me down here.” there were no witnesses in sight and i had old NOBODY. Rita knew. she heard me. and she told the friend. i am comfortable with the presence of my “companion”. she and i come to find out have been connected for centuries. married a couple of times already and will be again someday. that is very reassuring and sweet. soul mate? i guess that is the case. all our friends call her things like “an angelic being” , a “guardian angel”. well, they sure are more accurate than they may realize. so when i hear of people who have mean, angry spirits following them around, i feel sorry for them. mine is sweet and good and loving. and funny as hell ! 🙂

    • Damond Bateman

      and the medium said “Rita is always on your right.” when i talk to her i always by instinct face right. and she always approaches in dreams from the right. and i never told her i do this but i have my own little mr. spock vulcan mind meld ritual i do in the morning and at night. “Rita likes the cute little ritual you do . she says its very comforting. ” wow. nobody knew but Rita and me. and her mother was a tiny little woman with a big personality and a mouth. she said that mom had some comments but i may not want to hear them. i said, please, tell me. “ok. but she is cussing.”………and this would be out of character for Tommie, how? 🙂 she knew. Tommie was mad at the baby sister for mourning her late husband and not trying to heal. tommie figured she had done so long enough. and she told me that when mom was in her last days , with alzheimer’s , Rita sat with her, held her hand, stroked her hair and sang to her. off key. (rita couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket) and when she passed her mind cleared and she said to Rita; “well, THERE you are!” she got her Rita back after all these years and she led mom off to the other side. that made me so happy and cry. she and dad had mourned for her for so long. i am happy they are back together again. and RIta’s reaction to realizing she was dead? “bummer. i thought i had longer this time.” Rita told her also when its my time she will be there for me as well. it will be her and my dad. who is the only other person who comes in dreams so often or at all.

  • Dave

    Had another experience today
    I was in the kitchen having a cup of coffee when my right hand started to get a burning sensation on it
    When I looked at it there where 3 scratches on it and the scratches burned
    Has this happened to anyone else

  • Tony Thompson

    Since my. Partner died in may this year, I’ve been experiencing weird things such as seeing spiders that ain’t actually there and I’ve also been seeing black figures, can anyone please tell me if it’s my partner trying to contact me or if it is something else, I don’t feel that its bad or evil, but it doesn’t feel nice or peaceful, please can anyone help me, thanks

  • Justine

    My mom threw away my great great grandmas stuff and I went up to my room and the lights went off and the switch was up then when my mom came up the light switch was down and she turned I on is my great great grandmother here

  • jasmine wing

    My cousin called me tonight saying she thought someone was in her house, she was home alone with her best friend and they said they saw a shadow and heard a voice say hi, I don’t know if they’re joking around with me but it seemed pretty serious. She also said she heard something roll on the floor(like if you were to drop a glass bowl) and her dogs were barking at their front closet. My family has a past with ghost happenings. And then they heard footsteps leading up to the room they were in.