Intuitive Astrology: The Sun and Regulus

regulus and sun

Every year between August 21-23, as the Sun moves across the cusp of the tropical zodiac of Leo and Virgo, it meets with the star Regulus.

Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars, which ancient astrologers considered the sacred guardians to four cosmic gates located in the north, south, east, and west corners of the sky. Regulus was the guardian of the northern cosmic gate, which holds vibrations said to activate our highest chakras.

During these few days, connecting to our Higher Self, intuition, and Spirit Guides may feel easier and more fluid. We may recognize with greater ease our connection to the cosmos and everything within it.

As Regulus and the northern cosmic gate are activated, set an intention for this energy to beam down from the heavens straight into your crown and into your heart. See this energy expanding outward, filling your being with a sense of belonging, intuitive wisdom, and serenity.

Along with activating the higher chakras, Regulus is also considered the star of royalty, success, and wealth. It is known as the Heart of the Lion, and can support our highest passions, dreams, and ambitions.

If you are looking to attract more wealth or launch a business idea, working with Regulus can aid in your ability to attract success and abundance.

You can use the days where the Sun aligns with Regulus to launch projects, publish work, sign contracts, or take action towards your dreams and goals. If you move from the heart, Regulus will work doubly hard to bring your manifestations to light.

If you are born between August 21-23 or have any planets around 0 degrees of Virgo, you have the lucky energy of Regulus on your side. Those born with an active Regulus often thrive in leadership positions and may find that people naturally flock to them for their advice and counsel.

In ancient times, Regulus was also considered the star of Kings and Queens, so as the Sun aligns with Regulus, there may be news around Royal families or even prominent world leaders.

Here are a few more ways to work with the energies of Regulus:

Enjoy these Regulus Rituals!

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