Are Ascension Signs and Symptoms Real?

Being on this spiritual journey I have opened myself to many ideas and concepts however, ascension symptoms is just one of those things that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around.

Ascension symptoms are used to classify an experience in which you soul is evolving or moving on to a higher spiritual frequency. When this happens, many believe that you experience a set of symptoms ranging from feeling irritable to night sweats, headaches, depression and nausea.

I have done quite a bit of reading on the philosophies and theories behind the symptoms and even wondered if I myself was experiencing them, but something still seems to feels off about it for me.

Firstly, I believe that physical ailments and symptoms are the souls way of communicating with through the body. I always feel there is a spiritual or emotional reason for diseases and illnesses. Sometimes the emotional or spiritual factor is small, and other times it plays a more dominant role depending on the condition and the situation.

While I do believe that we are here on earth to develop and ascend our consciousness, I am not sure I believe that there is a set of symptoms that define this.

I do feel however, when a shift or change in our lives is needed, our physical body will start giving us clues. For example if you are stressed out about your job, maybe every morning before work your body will begin getting tense or anxious.

While this is a really simple example, I feel that these so called “ascension symptoms” are often caused by the emotional and spiritual implications of needing to shift in your life.

Perhaps it’s time to move on from that job that is causing you to feel so stressed. Could this feeling be indicative of ascension? Or is it simply the bodies way of just reminding you that you need to make a change?

When we listen to our bodies and essentially, our souls, it does help us to evolve spiritually. Perhaps all these physical symptoms we experience do help us to grow and move through to a higher consciousness, but can these symptoms be purely just because our body is ascending?

I believe that being stuck in life and experiencing the emotional and spiritual implications of this cause us to manifest physical conditions which when addressed, help us make much needed changes and move us to a better, more conscious place. Perhaps this is the true ascension process.

For those of you interested in knowing what ascension symptoms are and a brief reasoning, here is a list of the most common:

  • Feeling stressed or under a lot of pressure: this is to create more energetic space within you.
  • Depression: this is to remove the dark, past life and “skeletons” in the closet.
  • Anxiety/Hysteria: indicative of loss of ego or identity
  • Constant Hunger or Lack of Appetite: your body is needing more fuel and also learning how to not rely on food
  • Aches and Pains especially in the upper back: believed to be the “sprouting of wings” and the removing of energetic blocks.
  •  Nausea/Diarrhea: a literal purging of all that needs to be let go of
  • Deep sleep or waking up at the same time every night: going through this process your body needs to rest, waking up during the night is indicative of creation and being in touch with other beings.
  • Feeling Emotional: another sign that the “letting go” process is occurring and that you are becoming more empathetic with the world.
  • Night sweats: a sign your body is moving to a higher vibration
  • Feeling very cold: this is a sign your body is preparing to move up
  • Vivd Dreams:  this is believed to be part of the process of releasing energies and past life trauma
  • Memory Loss: forgetting who you are, where you are going- all part of the process of finding the new you.
  • Seeing and hearing things: as you become more sensitive, you may begin to hear or see things or get ringing in the ears.
  • Loss of passion for life: part of the re-aligning process
  • A wanting to go “home”: you feel your connection to the Source and want to return.
  • Change in friends/locations/jobs: all part of your new, higher-self journey
  • Heightened sensitivity: inability to tolerate technology, crowds or bright lights
  • Facing your fears: perhaps it seems that all your deepest fears have manifested and you must work your way through them.

I believe these symptoms turn up in our lives when we need to make a change or shift and yes, by doing this we can “ascend” our consciousness. I do not believe however, that they just appear as a product of us ascending.

Ascension is not an illness, there are no finite “symptoms” that we have to tolerate. Sure growing and letting go of things can be tough but if we feel things emotionally and spiritually its only natural that we will feel them physically.

These symptoms are purely just the souls ways of communicating with us through our body. We don’t have to endure them to ascend, and neither do we just ascend from experiencing them.

Ascension happens in different ways for different people and if you are experiencing these so-called “symptoms” perhaps you should just tune in to what your soul is trying to communicate to you and listen, the answer may just surprise you.

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  • Grace Grace

    For those on the Ascension path, symptoms are very real. For those NOT on the Ascension path, and Yes Ascension IS a choice, you will NOT feel ANY symptoms whatsoever. Because of this total lack of ascension symptoms, you may be very quick TO Judge others who ARE having the experience…. Do NOT be so arrogant to ASSUME that you KNOW what true Ascension symptoms are…. Those souls on this particular path, Have a deep inner knowing of this process. those who are NOT on this path seem very quick to JUDGE and INVENT realities to explain their own Lack of such symptoms. As always, Live and let live, and if you judge, then you will BE judged. As always.

    • Ashley Quinn

      Love this. Thank you

    • fatkat

      Thank you!! I agree, although I think ascension is a choice made on a soul level, I never felt like I had a choice to opt out of that process when it started 14 years ago

    • brian gullickson

      Its been 13 months of ascension mindfulness..think it started a few yrs.b 4 but seem to b body changes..headaches and upper back stuff..fear of anything think finally its true..1st thought i was nuts..after so long though they accept it..still are not going thru it like i am…loving life and even death as knowing we are all immortal..tends 2 do that.

  • Janel Perkins

    I definitely think Asension symptoms are are real. There are some uncomfortable things happening to me, but also good things! I have been aware of the process for 2 years, and every 6 months or so there are huge chunks of sadness and fear that completely lift like magic! It freaked me out completely when it happened the first time. Feels unnatural. Like something or someone is working on you. Im having neck pains and i wake up in the middle of the night at 4am like I’m using an alarm clock, but I am the happiest I have ever been! I’m very excited about my next step! I think it is good to question things though. Trust your own judgement. Just giving you a different perspective! I wish you well!

  • Elizabeth Brownbland

    I have never heard of ascention symptoms before, but I have had “gut” feelings of there being a spiritual connection.
    All of the symptoms I have experienced are met with dead on explainations in this article. This is the most acceptable explanation I’ve had for my experiences. Now armed with this information I can move on and work through my emotional issues that will hasten my spirtiyual growth. Thank you!

    • thanks Elizabeth! I am glad this was able to resonate for you.

      • Sawyer Green

        I think this is all real = People all around have been having these symptoms – its crazy

  • fatkat

    sorry, but this article has been clearly written by someone who hasn’t been part of this process themselves.
    During that process – and I have been on it since 2002 – we confront everything that we kept hidden in our system. Every old wound, every stuck emotion will come out and will be felt so it can be released. We are undergoing a clearing process that is challenging us to our core. We are being “reprogrammed”, our old self is dying and being reborn and of course this will have some very unpleasant symptoms as a side effect. So yeah the ascension symptoms are definitely real and their cause is what I just described a sentence earlier – that deep cleansing that we on the ascension process are going through.

    “I believe that being stuck in life and experiencing the emotional and spiritual implications of this cause us to manifest physical conditions which when addressed, help us make much needed changes and move us to a better, more conscious place”

    No, that’s not what this is about.It’s not about doing as in fighting and trying to change something with effort, but it is about being. I’m naturally a very active and goal ortiented person who is more a doer than someone who lets things happen. But since I have been on this process none of the old methods have worked for me. It is very hard for most humans to let life unfold naturally without making an effort but this is exactly what this process has taught me and is still teaching me. Things that I need are coming to me, without me having to work for them, without me having to make an effort. The times of trying hard and working hard are over, the challenge is to be in the present and let those things come to me that I need in that particular moment.

    • I really appreciate your point of view, however I don’t think it’s fair to say that
      “this article has been clearly written by someone who hasn’t been part of this process themselves” – I have gone and still am, going through my own awakening process for many years now. I don’t think its fair to judge just because my experience has been different and I see things differently. A lot of the points that you have made also reflect points made in the article, just expressed in a different way. Awakening is a “re-programming” of sorts and yes, often there are symptoms that come along with this, however I feel that these symptoms are there to help us clear any blocks that we have inherited and are not just because we are awakening. Of course, there is no right or wrong here as everyones experience is as unique as they are.

    • Grace Grace

      if you focus on your Spirit instead of your ego, you would find that Being is easy and effortless. Humans have taught to follow anything other than their Divine Self… which is sad of course… but those who realize this, follow their spirit and any type of “ego control” which is all it is, simply vanishes…. I wish you well on your ascension…. and do NOT listen to the ego… ti will ALWAYS lead you down the wrong path…. always… that IS the ego’s nature. it follows the path of DEATH… and our spirit follows the path of LIFE…. the choice then, is VERY easy… do NOT worship death, for you then worship the ego… Worship LIFE instead… and realize that death is ONLY a MAN MADE CREATION to use a tool of fear…. and NOTHING more… it does NOT exist for those who CHOOSE NOT to Die…. Immortality is HERE and NOW…. leave death to those who choose it… we ALWAYS have choice… use it… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blessings

  • ralphylad

    I have had these feelings for well over a year now and have triggered some really random behavior in me that I would have never have done before, Having a bizarre kundalini experience in January made me finally realize what it was. Still most days are filled with sadness and I am constantly bringing up past and the emotions I have stashed away with it; I hope that it stops soon. It got so much and need speak with Dr. and given meds but I feel no better

  • Raphael Chung

    Vitamin D level low or deficient …