Are You A Starseed? 21 Signs to Look For

signs of a starseed

Do you sometimes feel like you came from another planet?

It may seem like a far-off concept, but Starseeds are actually souls that have originated from different stars, planets, solar systems or galaxies.

Starseeds are highly evolved souls that were sent to Earth to help bring about new knowledge and wisdom in order to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Because they come from a different star, Starseeds carry a very different aura or vibration that allows them to access certain information that is not from this world. This information usually holds clues on ways to advance the planet and create new technologies.

At their core, Starseeds know that Earth is not their true home and sometimes this can create feelings of being out of place or alone.

Starseeds also often report having reoccurring dreams of alien abductions, encounters with aliens or that they were dropped off to earth in some sort of spaceship.

Many of the political and social rules of society may also feel unnecessary or irrational to Starseeds and often they will forge their own path or find a new way of doing something.

Starseeds are also extremely intuitive, psychic and empathetic. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also have an interest in time travel, space and alien life.

Appearance wise, Starseeds often have large eyes, long necks and angelic faces.

If you feel that you could be a Starseed here are the top signs to look for- 

1. You feel a strong sense of knowing that Earth is not your original home

2. You feel out of place and that the rules of society go against your beliefs

3. You have reoccurring dreams about aliens or spaceships

4. You are highly psychic or intuitive and sensitive to your surroundings

5. You often see UFO’s or have a strong affinity to space, time travel and the spirit world

6. You are naturally technologically savvy and have a different way of problem solving

7. You are empathetic to others emotions and can pick up on what others are feeling

8. You may have a body that functions differently compared to others

9. You are extremely intelligent but are not interested in conventional academics

10. You constantly feel challenged to awaken or reconnect with your purpose

11. You may struggle to find your purpose and integrate into society

12. People around you may also feel that you are different or are wary of you

13. Animals and children may instantly trust you or feel intrigued by you

14. You can only handle large crowds of people for short periods of time

15. You may suffer from social anxiety and have a hard time making small talk

16. You have a memory of your purpose and mission here on Earth or you catch glimpses of it every now and again

17. You may have a memory of being from another planet or galaxy and what it looked like

18. You are an old soul and even as a child you were mature for your age

19. Life one Earth may at times feel boring or disappointing to you, especially when you are reminded of where you came from

20. You seem to find solutions to problems much quicker than others around you- Earthly complaints seem simple to you

21. You are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics.

It is believed that Starseeds have a programmed “alarm clock” inside of them that allows them to awaken at different points in their lives in order to fulfil their destiny.

As a Starseed, it may feel as if you are constantly awakening and forever growing, however once you truly step into the work things tend to manifest rapidly.

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  • Drile Kahansky

    I have like all of these and on one of your other lists (the one about the different clairs) I have all of these. Not sure what to do now…

    • Maybe you can do some more research on Starseeds, I think they actually have a group or organisation of some kind? Either way, there is not much else you can do other than be who you are. Hopefully this article was able to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. 🙂

  • LanceJasmine GoForth Wilkerson

    I am a Christian. Can my beliefs as a Christian some way go hand in hand with this article and some of the other ones too? Like maybe I was sent down by God as a sort of messenger? I just don’t understand why I am feeling a lot better after reading this even though I don’t believe in a lot of it. It’s weird. Can’t explain what I am feeling or thinking…I just know I love and believe in Jesus but I have a more open mind than other Christians in this day and age. I feel as though we try to put God in a box. He can do anything. He is God. So why wouldn’t He send ones to Earth to carry out a purpose…like awakening others? I even started a page on Facebook and I have I think 49 whole likes but it’s about awakening, Tolkien’s work, and Jesus. It’s random and doesn’t make sense to most people but some get it and that’s cool. I just have been feeling a change coming and then called it “awakening” and then found out that’s an actual thing. Awakening is a thing. So yea….can I relate this to Jesus, because I am, but if that’s not what it means and you guys are not open minded, which would be a contradiction of who you say you are then please let me know. Let me know either way. You can email me or whatever you would like. Oh and this is me and my husband. He is an aviation mechanic and I help him do whatever because I can do pretty much anything that has to do with relations, brainstorming,…etc…I wrote the about page for his company website in about 20 minutes. I will be 30 on September 27th, the Harvest Moon, and his bday is 4 days before Christmas, and he will be 29. We have a little boy and he is a lover of tornadoic activity and always wants to get in our storm shelter for practice. He is pretty much perfect in my eyes but he doesn’t fit in either. None of us do. We can’t keep friends for very long, and we are very nice, but just extremely weird I guess compared to others. I talk a lot and Lance doesn’t at all. I can sense things off of people and Lance knows to trust me when I give him, what we call “yellow flags or red flags” about something. I know weird stuff that doesnt make sense that is happening and my husband is good with electeonics and mechanics and he invents stuff. We grow food too. We are surrounded by strange events and are a little confused, tired, and would get counseling but we think most therapists are not very sensitive to true sources of problems and just go by wait thwy learned in books. We pray to God for answers and get them back. Sometimes i5s an old testament style answer and sometimes its a very new style of answering our question.Like one time, we were struggling as we are starting our own company and this world can make it almost impossible to reach goals in life. We got behind on our electric, and I was very upset, and I asked God why bad things are happening to us because we work really hard, and as soon as we pay something then something else happens that we have to pay for. So after the guy came out to shut off our electric and I vented to Lance and to God, a man ran into the huge electrical boxes that go to our whole neighborhood, and the same company that would not work out a smaller payment plan with us, so that we may get caught up, and avoid a shut off, had to come out for a week and rewire everything that connected the power to our neighborhood, yet somehow everyone still had power after that including us. The boxes were destroyed and wires were running everywhere and there were electeic company trucks everywhere all of the day, and it was hot, and they were sitting under little umbrellas, and looked very upset, AND THAT’S JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF THE WEIRDO STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN OUR LIVES….that was a sort of sad example. I also am a singer, and literally escape in music, he plays guitar, and we could not exist without nature…literally…but what I mean is that we do not sit indoors. We are all very thin and healthy, other than we get ear infections, and my son and i have stiff necks and backs a lot…oh and bug bites, like chiggers and mosquitos. We do not exercise other than doing the outdoor stuff and we eat whatever basically because we can and if its chocolate I am on it. If its cheesecake Lance is on it and if it has sugar in it my son was on it like 20 minutes before we even knew it was in the house. We are also the only people in our neighborhood who lay out in our driveway from 9:00pm-10:30 or until we can not see anymore satellites moving…and sparkly thingies. Cars drive by us really slow and stare at us. We are selling our house. We need some privacy here people. Its just stars. They act like they have never looked at the stars before, and its either go outside before winter as much as we can and look at stars, or stare at a huge black box in our living room for ours. I pick door number 2 please. Okay well….I am gonna go now. Bye. Please talk to me, and tell me what you think. Are we from somewhere else, or is there a way to look into this without making God jealous. If it is from other gods He will get jealous, but He still loves me, and I love Him. I do not put my focus on that that is not good for my relationship with Him. He is a loving, just God and I just know He is fully more than capable of doing something sort of like this article is speaking of, except I believe it is people who have lived and died and have been sent back to this planet to awaken the last ones who remain here, before it is too late.

    • wow! thanks for sharing. I definitely feel you can hold your own religious beliefs being a Christian and then add your own beliefs that work for you and your family. there are no rules!

      • Lance Wilkerson

        Thank you. I knew this was the place for us. We get so tired of being judged by the Christians for being a true Christian and judged by the secular people for being a Christian. We have decided, as a family, that wr just want to be what we have been created to be and God tells us we are new creations. This to me…means so much more than we can comprehend. New Creations. My husband told me that when he was like 2 years old he actually remembers coming out of a room and saw a bright light and that is where his memories started. I actually have never met my biological father. My mother w as adopted and non of the people in my family are blood related. This is weird to me. My mom is supposedly my biological mother but she had my brother, he looks like her twin, got pregnant with ms, was sent to Virginia for some reason to give birth to me, and then brought back to her home town after I was born to finish living with her adoptive parents because her first husband was not good enough for her and my brother. That’s my opinion because he left. His loss. Anyways. So yea. I have no idea whatsoever of where I come from. My husband also has thought about it.

    • Brenda S Heagy

      I love that you lay on the driveway and look at the stars. I love your stories and sweet spirit. I feel similarly. I get what you are saying n feeling. God is love & all good things are of God, glorify & testify of God.

      • Lance Wilkerson

        Yes. We try to not watch too much TV because it takes up room in our brains. I do love God. I have always wondered if we had a life before and the thing about being dead to this life means that we can die while still being alive physically. I don’t ever want to go back to be dead for I have been born again into a different life. I have been awakened by the Lord and have recently been called to help and awaken others. My husband is also awakening. He is working on blueprints for an invention as I sit here right now. He wants and I want…my son Isaiah and all of us want to make this world a beer place. Beautiful and full.of light!!!

    • Donald Dolan

      If you would like to know more, I’d be glad to help you although it is quite personal so do you have an email I could have to tell you a little more about myself and my experience of the awakening that might help you with more insight.

  • Tarun George

    I seriously doubt that seeing UFO’s and dreaming of space ships have anything to do with being a star seed .The concept that Aliens or Distance beings use or used physical objects to travel around seems more like a limitation than an advancement .

    Was it knowledge that led to our advancement or was it pure luck , as both will to give you the same result if you made the right decision .

    Its not always about helping people , today its more about connecting to everyone else .Serving others is just a medium to achieve that , having said that its not always necessary to connect to the person you are helping . They may be acting as a medium too for something greater that you are meant to achieve.

    • Rebecca Allum

      Deep man. I always say that everyone has a purpose even if part of it is to assist someone else’s purpose for the greater good.
      On spaceships though, if they have to carry or transport physical things then they need a vessel of some sort.
      I feel my purpose is to help people. It would be nice to have connections but my readings, feelings and life so far doesn’t seem as that’s my main purpose. I do connect people though.

  • Ellen B

    Hello Tanaaz! I would love to thank you for all the wonderful posts, articles and ideas you share!!!
    It is always a please to read and find out they are practical or similar to my own life experience or thoughts!
    It is awesome to be in tune with such kind of thoughts! Million thanks.

    I liked very much this curious post about Starseeds.
    Years ago I had been writing some strange poetry in English… and one of the verses was about the aliens.
    I have never understand meaning of my writting such kind of verses. But your post has reminded me about my writtings. Just want to share it here:

    Strangers from another planet came to the Earth
    Occupying what was viewed from South to North
    Eliminating what was wrong and opening people’s souls
    The Earth inhabitants respected them without words: in bows

    The strangers re-programmed all people’s minds
    Restricting in them worst sins and the vice
    They put into basics seeds of love
    Which were brought to us from the far beyond God

    That changed the story of our planet’s end
    Invoking strength to live ahead
    Awakening life of hidden breath
    Since then the world was kept under careful bless…

    • wow! so interesting. what a great poem. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true 😉

  • Tricksterella

    I just the Earth Angels article and this one and i feel like everything i read applies to me from both this and the earth angels one. What does that mean?

  • Aleli Dacanay

    I do believe that Angelina Jolie, having the physical features of a Starseeds, being human activists. allegedly a “loner” is a Starseed herself

  • Phillis Stein

    Well I’ve always joked that I took a wrong turn at Alpha Centauri 😉

  • Kimberly

    How can I get my people to come pick me up? This life is not for me.

    • you have to remember that your soul chose this body and this life. this life is for you, or you wouldn’t have chosen it! it when you were a soul and you had a higher awareness of life and the lessons you needed to learn you chose the life that you currently have….trust that!

  • Patricia Ann Dodd

    Hello Tanaaz, I am part of a facebook private group for psychic and medium development. I would like to share your articles,, if I may. With you listed as author of course and your web page. Please let me know. thank you so much.