Star People, Starseeds and Star Systems

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We are all star people, we are all made of stardust, but some of us hold the energy of star systems from very far away.

If you have ever seen pictures of our location in the Universe, you will see that we are nothing but a tiny dot suspended in the cosmos.

Our Universe is so big and so vast, that it is impossible that we are the only conscious, living beings out there. There has to be other intelligent life in the Universe and sometimes this intelligent life comes down to planet Earth.

In society we often label UFO sightings and alien abduction stories as being nothing more than delusional, and while some may be, there are probably a good number of them that are not.

Many ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and Mayans have countless stories about beings descending from the stars and imparting knowledge and technology to Earth.

In fact, ancient structures like the Egyptian pyramids, which are so advanced we couldn’t recreate them today, are believed to have been made with the help of alien beings from a different star system.

Many ancient cultures also revered these stars in the sky, and believed that they were the birth places of the Gods.

Even when we think of ‘God’ or even the afterlife, we often look to the sky. Could this be because of some inner knowing or some inner memory that we have all forgotten?

As the planet awakens and the level of consciousness advances, it is likely that more information about “aliens” or star people from different star systems will become known.

Starseeds are people that reincarnate on Earth from other star systems. Even though they still have the same human traits we all do, they also possess their star like qualities.

There are many different star systems in the Universe, but the most common and the most talked about by confessed Starseeds include-

  • Pleiades
  • Arcturus
  • Sirius
  • Orion

According to Edgar Cayce, the famous mystic, Arcturus is the most advanced star system in our galaxy. Cayce stated that the Arcturians lived in the fifth dimension and were highly advanced in technology and spirituality.

It has been said that the Arcturians know how to move through time and space using sacred geometry. They are also believed to be responsible for crop circles.

If you have felt connected to other star systems and are wondering if you are a starseed, here are some common traits from each-


  • Very sensitive and empathic
  • Have a youthful energy
  • Natural peace keepers/mediators/teachers
  • Drawn to energy healing modalities and often have an innate understanding of how they work
  • Often have light features and blue/green eyes
  • May feel connected to dolphins


  • Often highly intelligent
  • Feel drawn to lead or guide others
  • Have intense eyes/piercing stare
  • Highly intuitive
  • Have gifts of telepathy and alchemy
  • Good at mathematics/ analyzing codes


  • Appear wise beyond their years
  • Drawn to all things relating to technology
  • Highly intuitive, especially when it comes to problem solving
  • May have prophetic dreams or premonitions
  • Very calm, focused energy
  • May struggle to express feelings


  • Highly intelligent and they have a strong mental focus
  • Have a very sharp mind- they love to ask ‘why?’
  • Love to learn or seek new information
  • Very sensitive- can be easily thrown off balance
  • Often very introverted or like to be alone
  • Strong psychic ability

While you may feel connected to a lot of these traits, it is more important to go with your instincts and to trust your intuition.

Often starseeds feel their origins on a purely intuitive level and feel connected to a particular star system without having to rationalize it.

Starseeds also often have an innate feeling that Earth is not their home and that they belong somewhere else.

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