Are You An Earth Angel? Here are 21 Signs

are you an earth angel

I will never forget that fateful day.

I was standing at an intersection getting ready to cross the road to my bus stop when a car came speeding through the intersection followed by a trail of police cars.

The fast car crashed into another car in the intersection and both of them spun across the road.

Debris and glass flew everywhere and I couldn’t help notice that if I had taken one more step across that road I probably would not be alive telling this story.

Needless to say, I was shaken. I stood there unable to move for quite some time, watching the victims emerge from the cars. I am not sure how long I stood there.

I eventually crossed the road, still shaken, when this guy approached me.

He was short with black hair and olive skin and he instantly asked me if I was ok. I nodded but couldn’t say much else. He then opened up his groceries that he was carrying and pulled out a slice of bread.

“Carbohydrates are good for shock”, he said as he ripped a slice in half. I thanked him and took the bread, uncertain if I should eat it or not. He just stood there smiling and reassuring me.

When the bus came he asked me what stop I would be getting off at. I reluctantly told him and he walked up to the bus driver, told the driver to stop at my stop, then he grabbed his groceries and walked away.

I was surprised he didn’t get on the bus, but when I looked back to see which direction he went in, he was gone.

I was too shocked to notice it then, but afterwards I couldn’t help but wonder about this strange encounter. I felt bad I hadn’t really thanked him but figured I would see him again. I never did.

It wasn’t until many months later that I realised that this encounter could have very well been with an Earth Angel.

Earth Angels are everywhere and they were sent to learn certain things about the human condition and to guide humans on earth.

Earth Angels are usually Spirit Guides in training, or Spirit Guides who have been sent back to Earth in order to learn or heal others.

Some Earth Angels can know and feel that they are different and are often aware of their spiritual duties, whereas others forget and have a hard time managing their life on Earth.

Here are 21 signs that you may be an Earth Angel:

– You experienced an awakening very early on and perhaps were always attracted to nature, mythical creatures and the meaning of life

– You seem wise beyond your years and often carry a very worldly energy

– Even strangers tend to vent to you their problems and frustrations and you delight in being able to help them

– You don’t feel called to do any one thing, in fact at times you can struggle with feeling grounded and finding your purpose

– You are interested in philosophy, alternative methods of healing and the metaphysical

– You have an intense and deep personality and are not afraid to dig deep within your psyche and the psyche of others to find the truth

– You may feel a constant struggle to align yourself with the physical world, this may manifest as struggling to deal with boundaries and your ego

-Relationships may be difficult for you to handle as you may find yourself attracted to abusive partners or those with deep emotional issues

– It is very likely that you are bi-sexual or have an attraction to both men and women

– You may not feel the need to “settle down”, marry, find a partner or have children

– You try to align yourself with societal expectations but you have a very hard time doing so, or the pursuit of these things can leave you feeling empty

– You are highly intuitive and often foresee events before they occur, you are also very in-tune with others needs

– You are extremely connected to your Spirit Team and have been since you can remember

– You feel protective of children, nature and other vulnerable beings; these beings are also often attracted to you

– Your emotions feel deep and heavy at times and can fluctuate from positive to negative; you have an understanding of both the light and dark emotions

– You may often “space out” or have vivid dreams or daydreams, lucid dream or astral project

– You have an innate understanding of the potential and magic of the Universe

– Your life may undergo many radical changes and you may find that you move around a lot

– You find yourself floating or moving abruptly from one thing to the next as you feel guided or inspired to do so

– You may not have stability but your basic needs such as money, housing, food etc. always seem to be taken care of

– You feel a longing to return home

We are all here to help others and ourselves to evolve to a higher state of consciousness and universal love, regardless of whether we are an Earth Angel or not.

But, ifย you are truly curious whether you are an Earth Angel, why not ask your Spirit Team to send you a sign, dream or message to confirm.

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  • Jason Hieu Tran

    I would like to add 1 more sign into your list that earth angels don’t tied themselves down for any particular religion. Thanks for your list it was great.

    • yes, great! thank you

      • Holly Sherรญf

        I have all, including this extra one… Now I’m freaked out. What now?

        • AB.z

          Don’t be freaked out, just be.

          • exactly ๐Ÿ™‚

          • hny

            I jst couldnt stop crying after reading this specially tje last point… thank u

          • i hope it has empowered you to step into your potential!

          • Cat K

            That happened to me just now too. I just said to someone the other day how much I wanted to go home but that I couldn’t bc I’d lost it. Several times. And I don’t know about my spirit team. I’ve just started reading and learning about the spiritual side of life as the true part of life and so much of what I’ve read has resonated with me and I still feel lost abt my life and purpose but it almost feels like I’m playing with fire. But like a moth to a flame I can’t stop. Trying to learn, read, understand. How do I connect with my spirit team? I asked for clarity on something earlier and while I still don’t have the answer, when I went back to the same spot I’d been when I asked for those things there was a medium sized white feather sitting in the chair. In the middle of winter. I am either crazy or the signs really are everywhere. But I need help navigating this. I’m not freaked out but I wonder if I’m losing my grip on Reality some days. Or if I’m just now getting one! Any advice?

          • T.M Henderson

            This story happened to me

        • Yes, you definitely don’t need to be freaked out. Honour your gifts and ask your Spirit team to guide you

    • Priscilla Levine

      Absolutely!!!!! I am one……no organize religion for me.

    • Adi Ivanovic


    • veverlie 052631

      omg i have all of this signs all is happening maybe thats why i often wonder whats my purpose here on earth and one day i end up praying that someone pls give me a sign whats the reason i am here why i cant reach the goal the i want in my life and everything is being hard.. and when i open youtube i aciddentaly open the page bout these earth angels and signs i still watch it though n i was shoked coz everything is happening abd connected bout me.. but i still need to confirm coz im still in shoked right now and i dont know were to start

      • i am working on a follow up article to this but in the meantime i am not sure that you need to do anything else. i feel like your earth angel journey will unfold automatically as it needs to ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Lisa Maikranz

          Why would someone call themselves a fallen angel when they are intuitive kind caring and can read people’s auras and believe they are directly connected to God whom they call Father?

          • Gareth Mason

            Fallen angels are not evil like they called Lucifer, it means we are all fallen beings/angels and fell from heaven, its another name for earth angels that’s all.

          • Lisa

            I just had someone close to me tell me they are a fallen angel – just researching and trying to wrap my head around all of it

          • Janice Lyndon

            Ask how long it took for him/her to get here, there is a secret to who’s telling lies or not whether they are for real or not, because this world is Satins he is the god of this planet for now, Satin can do what ever he wants even get people to tell you they are Angels.

          • Lisa

            She was in a cult called House of Yaweah for 16 years I think it was there she “realized” it. She is very out of character ntrol with alcohol and mental issues. She said she is one of 144,000

          • Janice Lyndon

            Quick answer to this, this is not God’s world, this is satin’s and his followers world, anything that is happening in this world is all satin and his followers, so all that auras, signs, pictures of angels with wings,( Angels don’t have wings) people, God does not give medium super powers to anyone on this planet, so all your visions and the healing and the sort all came from the Dragon – Satin, he has got all of you’s so blind minded, thinking you’s have some Angelic connection well the only one I see is the devils connection because this is his world people, WAKE UP

  • Debrael EarthAngel

    I have a support group for Earth Angels at Fb…”EarthAngels’ Hideaway-Haven” come check us out…and meet others who are like-minded in a safe and always-positive group. <3

    • Thanks for sharing this great resource!

  • Elizabeth Rollert

    At times, while meditating, I would get the image of having wings. This confirms my truth. Thank you!

    • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dhare

    Hi I have all of them not had and it grows daily. I feel the longing to go home so bad I’ve had to be hospitalized because of the way I see humanity today. I know what’s coming, what’s here and I don’t like it even thought I know it has to happen.

    • LMiller6794

      Maybe that’s what’s wrong with my daughter. She has been in hospitals more times than imaginable and meds do not work at all. She is very spiritual and no one can figure her out.

  • Iva_ana

    I really need some guidelines please anyone, im not sure about this list, i wouldn want to imagine things, but im totaly lost in this world. Im 32 yrs old, still cant find right partner, right job, im introvert, i dont fit in anywhere. Im good looking att least thats what others say, people usually say that im smart, because i can with real easyness resolve their problems, but they dont get it why cant i fix up my life. Im hypersensitive, i can sense few day before when im going to meet or hear somebody that i didnt hear or seen for long time, even years. I can sense other people emotion, and im really good at reading and analysing situations, like i can see all those things hidden behind peoples masks. All the time im afraid of wasting my time. I can easily change mood in a group of people, if im happy im shining and if im sad everybody becomes sad. Im starting with volonteering theese days and its adding sort of a purpose to my life, at least it feels like it and it feels peacefull. Im sorry for to long comment i tryed to keep it short, altho i didnt really wright down not even half of story:))

    • Donielle J

      Im 32 as well, don’t feel like i fit into this earth the same as you. Only advice I can offer to you is to EMBRACE IT!!! Be happy that you are different and just know, you don’t have to fit into what is considered normal because well, your not normal lol. You are special and you have special circumstances. Maybe you are not meant to have a specific partner, maybe you will have several partners in life that may not be perfect but fulfilling in their own right. Maybe you don’t need a job. Maybe you can create a type of service that you are good at, giving you some independence and control of the direction of your life. These are just examples but I’m saying make your journey as supposed to be doing according to society.

      • yes! thanks Donielle, this is very valuable ๐Ÿ™‚


    Sounds funny for some people, but is not…it’s just the ignorance of those few who does. As I struggle many times thinking why things happens to me as it happens, this Angel stuff, could big, really be myself. I know, I never fit in any group of people. Everybody rejects me and most people take advantage of me , looking around to see what they can take out of me, and they do. I could fit only with some, in very few occasion with a single person, which could be able to see my truly value. I can’t tell of all the favors I did to others in my life time…they are many and many and many. Back in 1976, I pulled a disable lady’s car with mine, just because she didn’t have money to pay a toll truck. She was in shock I did and thank me. I returned about 6 wallets in my life time to their owners, even some of them to their owners door’s steps, after I read their driver licenses addresses and delivered those wallets to them on their own houses, just to find that some of them, not even thanked me. I ,one day, returned a small bag with 106 dollars , cash inside to the city hall building inside the WDW Magic Kingdom, thinking that somebody inside the park may had that money to eat that day and since they lost it, they wont be able to do so, I returned the money with the idea that the lost and found inside the park, may return them their money. Also, in another occasion, I found a wallet with 1,400 dollars inside the bathroom inside the Magic Kingdom and I returned completely. When I lived in Spain back in the 1960s-1970s, once I returned 9,000 pesetas to the bank teller that erroneously gave me when he have to give me only 2,000 and he gave me 11,000 pesetas and I was confused why he gave me so much, just to realize he made a mistake and I just returned those 9,000 pesetas for what he was in shock and thanked me. He even called the branch manager to congratulate me, for what I felt a little shy and embarrassed because nobody ever appreciated me before, and almost never again after. I had countless of times giving a jumper cable to peoples cars and always with my own cables…some of them thanked me, while others not. There is only one AUTHORITY IN THE OTHER SIDE, BUT NEVER TWO, BUT JUST ONE. That AUTHORITY , which I work for, and He is very mad with us. In all the places that I worked, most people always take advantage of me and I always give three and receive only one, all the time while other give one and receive one, and some even give one and receive three. This happens all the time with me. Almost all the people that I know, think I am just an Idiot who don’t fit in planet earth and they could be mighty right…most people don’t want to be near me and they fear me as I tell predictions of things that will happen in the future and when it does, they even called me a witch. Being an Angel is very difficult and makes me struggle all the time by always being alone and in solitude. Just remember this…DO GOOD AND DON’T LOOK TO WHO, BUT JUST DO GOOD…I DON’T THINK I FIT IN PLANET EARTH…BUT I WILL BE HAPPY IN MY OWN PLANET, JUST WHEN I FINISH MY JOB HERE, BUT THAT AUTHORITY ON THE OTHER SIDE, WHICH I WORK FOR, MAY BLESS ALL HUMANS IN PLANET EARTH….

  • Mathilde Richardsdatter Lillo-

    Thank you so much. I have always known about angels, I saw one when I small, but in my later years I did not pay as much intention to it. The only thing I know is that each time I watched something about them, or heardabout them, this warm feeling I can’t explain surrounds my insides, I feel healed, I feel home.

    While reading these signs, this was no exeption, but now it was much stronger, and I almost cried. Thank you so much.

    • you are so welcome! so glad it resonated for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LMiller6794

    How common is it that a mother and daughter would both be earth Angels?

    • I am not sure how common it would be, but it is possible!

  • SpecialGift

    This is totally me. I am an earthquake angel and I have been here before, wow!

    • Curious what you mean by earthquake angel?

  • You are so welcome, glad it helped

  • andy raybould

    Hi there, I want to share something with you about my life so far. My first two memories of my existence. Number 1; I remember opening my eyes and seeing for the first time inside of my mother’s womb. Still so clear. Number 2; I saw a boy at the age of 3-4 years old on a tricycle. I watched this boy play with his father, then a rush of noise like when you dive into water and I became that boy. Such a strange memory. All through my youth I found myself fascinated with the sky, stars, planets, anything to do with space. I have always believed my home was up there somewhere. I had many strange experiences like seeing things before they had happened. And getting a sense of danger, enough to make me avoid a lot of things. I have found that animals are comfortable in my presence, even when I have been warned they are volatile, they become calm very quickly. I am well educated, my yearning to learn is still present at the age of 34, I can’t stop finding out stuff about this world we live in and space. I still feel connected to the stars and often just sit outside at night and talk to the heavens. I know that’s where home is. I now read people’s emotions, their thoughts and get them right. I have no enemies, I have never been disliked by anyone and sometimes often feared by people. I am a leader for sure because people always follow my advice and guidance that I give them. I can change people’s thought process from bad and negative to good and positive. I have had many and I mean many mediums and psychics tell me I am an earth angel. People are attracted to me, not sexually or anything like that, they want to be around me. They always tell me that. Like I am addictive. I am currently working on mediumship as I know what I see and hear is not the same as everyone else in the room if you understand what I’m saying. People bring spirits with them and it’s the spirits I see all the while. Getting used to orbs and smells and feelings, even visions and words are getting stronger. I have no real religion I follow even though I wear a cross necklace. I know there is a God, he’s not tied himself to a religion, humans have made their own versions of this being. We all go to the same place regardless of religious values and beliefs dependant on our life behaviour. My life is a confusing one and sometimes a little hard to grasp, a lot of stuff is scarey but has to be dealt with. I am not afraid in telling anybody all of this as the world is becoming more aware of the fact that this stuff is real. I know stuff about people I don’t want to know, that’s the hard part. See things that can be horrifying at times but they are shown to me for a reason. I am here to help and guide and I have only recently been putting this into practice. My life is very much all of the things you listed apart from I am married with 5 children, settling down was always a priority for me. Took me a lot of girlfriends though to find the one I feel energy from like this one. Love is an energy that you cannot mistake, not an emotional state, lust is an emotion, love is a state of mind I can sense it. Well there’s some of my life and I can tell you something, I love it.

    • that is amazing, thanks for sharing! it is also amazing that you have memories of being in the womb. what you write also reminds me of a starseed, have you read about them as well? you may find it interesting- thanks again for sharing!

      • andy raybould

        No I haven’t, I will definitely read up about it today. I’m glad you enjoyed my life so far lol

        • haha great! curious how it will resonate with you

          • andy raybould

            Hi Tanaaz, I have had a reading from a psychic and you will be interested in the results. Apart from saying I was difficult to read but getting what he could absolutely spot on. He went on to say the same again as four other psychics, I am an earth angel. But if you remember the original post I put up I mentioned about my childhood memories. He told me I was selected, I was placed into a boys body years after birth and that my mother isn’t my birth mother just my bodies. Said my life was designed from heaven before I entered earth and it had to be this way I had to chose the boy. He also said I find a connection to the stars and that is because I came from there. That is my home. Amazing or what. Said I am becoming very strong and will gain psychic abilities quickly.

          • wow, interesting! seems like that is a pretty good confirmation. keep working at building your intuitive abilities and connecting with your inner self, this will help you on your earth angel journey. many blessings to you ๐Ÿ™‚

          • andy raybould

            This is where I am confused on exactly what I need to do. I don’t have the first idea. I was hoping you would know about grounding and channeling and all that stuff. Here is my email if you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you

    • Pam paul

      Getting similar experience myself and life is roller coaster but I try to stay positive and leave it in gods will, I now can see people for who they really are, I can brighten people’s day when I enter a room or if I go to empty shop it always becomes full within minutes very strange at the moment I am experiencing something no one believes not even the Drs but I know it’s happening and I wonder if I am the one who makes it believable so all the other people who did experience it but society don’t accept it they went along with it or didn’t and was told they have mental issues only two people believe it as they saw it but the rest of them it’s like banging your head against a brick wall, so I just leave it at that and I am not a people pleaser, I will stand my ground, and I believe all religions aswell, and always knew never to hurt anyone and one God for all, I also have seen his miracles right in front of my eyes God means everything to me he is all relationships and I can talk to my soul I feel the energy vibrations when I talk about God it gets so excited also I get lot of static shock with sparks at times my hearing is sensitive I will sound from far away and it sounds like it’s next to me, I’ve learnt so much about the universe in the past few years and my son is more spiritual than I am I have learnt a lot from him he is a special soul . I can tell loads of stuff but sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve it as I have faults in me like addictions and I sometimes have family telling me God doesn’t like those with addictions so at times it gets me down even though family who tell me this are sometimes nasty to other people love money and like pleasing people not God. It’s a hard journey full of joy.

      • Bre

        Ok! I feel the EXACT same way. God has released me in a way I can’t explain, for so long I was blind and miserable. His presence in my life feels different, but I think it’s just because we all have a different relationship with Him. For your worries about people not believing you, I know it’s hard not to worry, but just pray. God will help them see, or not, but it will be resolved. For your addiction(I struggle with that as well), God loves you, flaws and all. Don’t let anyone tell you what God thinks, pray about it! I hope this helped.

    • Susahloh

      I was hear a sound come to me and say I was a angel and my eyes can see the jesus or angel when I was closing it. Sometime I feel pain in my back and also my cat always see my back just look like he can see somethink on my back.

    • Cybil Marie Merritt

      My son, when he was 5…told my mom and I he could remember when he was in my belly, pulling this curly cord that was also inside his belly. My mom swore up and down I described an umbilical cord to him or within his hearing boundaries…to this day, I did not and will put my lif on it!!! I have no reason to or would have for any reason!!! My mom was freaked out for a long time. I believe I am a light worker, my son is just like me, maybe an indigo child, for he too was diagnosed with a learning disability, and he brings so much love to everyone he meets, he even stood up for some mentally disabled kids from his class when his popular friends were pickiv on him! I am so proud!! He was in a bad car accident, found in the woods 4 hours later with an impacted skull and brain. He was med flown to a big hospital in my area. In a coma after hours and hours of surgery, for 2 months. He to this day only has anger issues because he is learning his emotions again..but I believe he is a miracle! He saved my life and still does to this day by just being here. Thank you for this!!! <3

      • wow that is so beautiful! thanks for sharing Cybil ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ludmila Shchepin

      I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the difference is between the white witch and an earth angel. I was told several times that I am an old sole, but I don’t know what that makes me exactly, if anything at all besides human. I feel like this planet is just a temporary home but I also know that this earth has an alternative universe, and it looks very different. It had building and everything but they look different and have a significance. I relate to what you are saying, Andy, a lot, but I also always wanted to have love in my life and light now am married and have a beautiful baby girl. I also always looked for love and always avoided giving into lust because I always knew that it alone can’t give me a happy marriage. I love God more than anything or anyone in the whole universe and trust Him wholeheartedly. I do not remember being in the womb but I do remember an episode when my mom was teaching me how to walk. I must have been lass than 1 y. o. at that time. People don’t believe me when I tell them or are scaptical usually. I used to think that everyone was like me, but started realizing over time that things that are normal to me are often unusual and even shocking to others. I can’t see visible oras but I can sense people’s state. I always felt like everyone could be helped and changed. Even the engriest most nasty people are just putting up a front sometimes to hide what’s on the inside or as a reaction to what’s on the inside. I could usually tell that and see what exactly is wrong on the inside. I could see things sometimes too. I had a lady come into the bank ones. She finishe her transaction and happened to mention that she had lost her keys. I sew exactly where she had put them, so I told her to check her purse. She said that she did already, but I knew that they were in the inside pocket of her perse. I could just see in even though I wasn’t looking at her purse. She checked again and sure enough they were exactly where I told her they will be. She was so grateful. However, to see people and to help them one needs to be able to love people unconditionally. To love humanity, and I did, until something happened that literally ripped apart my soul. My only parent that I knew and was raised by got very ill and died shortly after. I skipped sleep and refused to eat. I prayed for her day and night. I cried so much. I had hoped that God would heal her, but He didn’t. He has healed for me in the passed, several times, but not this time. God did not leave me in my struggle and sent me an angel a few months before she died, who is now my husband and my happiness, bud He took her nevertheless. I can not understand why. I keep asking this question over and over again. It was very hard for me, especially at the beginning, because my wound was sooo deep…people didn’t understand. They were acting their ususal and loading their issues on me, but my burdain was so heavy that anything anyone placed on me had become to heavy for me to carry, so I had to ignore it, and it hurt even more. No one was able to help me, except God and my husband. The world had suddenly become so cold, selfish, dark. That also hurt, and made me close out of it. I isolated so much. I practically lost all of my friends, and gained only one, who has been very helpful. It’s been 4 yrs since she passed, and I only now am starting to wake up, but I feel as though I have to relearn to love humanity. I mistrusted humans now and I am struggling to love them because I realized how selfish, self-centered, and draining they are. I am struggling between scaptism and judging them upon and being as I was, opening up my soul and seeing them.

      • Pragya

        Beautiful , stay blessed.

      • Janice Lyndon

        A white witch or any kind of witch, witch doctor or black witch and the sorts, are all Devil Satin related learned from this worldly system of things that he is ruling for the time being, Satin owns this planet now, the 1000 years is not yet up for him, to be an earthly Angel from God you’ll know straight away before you were born, God himself have got earthly Sons and Daughters, and those people out there truly know who they are, God sent them here to help people with pangs of stress of this system of things, all those psychic abilities, or you are a seer, all of those bad things belongs to the devil he owns this world right now and have been for years, God doesn’t want us to indulge in mediums, psychic practices of any sorts, God the ruler of the Universe does not give you any gifts to know secret stuff of any kind of psychic medium related sorts over the years, he warns not to dabble into that which belongs to the devil, you receive the gift from God before and after birth here on earth, Satin the devil he’ll con you to thinking you are one of God’s sons and daughters from heaven, anything to trick you away from the truth, just saying you’ll know that you are an Angel, because you were in Heaven first before you were born here on earth, and yes earthly sons and daughters of God who are Angels do experience human form to grow old, or there live’s are cut short under different circumstances. Have anyone experienced the true nature of God himself, and the full story of Angels and the devil Satin and his followers, these are questions I’d be asking to people especially before and after they were born, to truly know your an Angel is you truly know God and all his works.

    • Gareth Mason

      That’s a spiritual awakening you had and I think you are a Indigo Child because everything you mentioned resonates with me too, I’ve had similar experiences.
      I remember past memories too, even as a dragon funny enough, we were not just human beings you know, there’s stories of dragons, mermaids, reptilians, ETs (last two are from the dark forces, but do exists) The bit where you explain feeling others emotions and your emotions effecting those others, is the same for me, Heyoka Empath and that’s because our empath ability is based on our very sensitive nature to all lower and higher energies, which include animals, plants and minerals and yes I hear peoples thoughts telepathically too. Our auras when in a negative and positive emotion send out energy of what you are feeling at that time to whom ever is near by; negatively we attract other peoples emotions and we get confused as to where they come from, but positively we send out our emotions to others near by (I can sense all these myself and have on occasion made some people horny, Lol) Have you ever looked at someone walking past them and you look back? It happens all the time, people who are asleep don’t notice it, but we who are awakened and have expanded awareness notice it, its basically our spirits sensing people looking at us and talking about us, like when people say this person is sending me vibes, even if they are million of miles away, we can still sense it psychically. Negative and positive thoughts, feelings and emotions effect our spirits whether we are aware or not, even the dead kind. The only way to save your energy from effecting others or you protecting yourself from other people’s energy is to remain passive (I sometimes feel people’s auras as I walk by, this is because I was passive at that time, if you feel some negative emotions as you meet someone, then your vibrations are low and need to be higher, your being negative my friend, and the same for making other people calm and relaxed, means your being positive)

      You mentioned a yearning for the stars and like you are from there, yes we are an ancient race of people called the Lyrans who lived on earth 65 millions of years ago and our divine mission, is to help mankind ascend, we chose our life’s here and our races are called Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children or Starseeds.

      If you want any more info I can direct you to some good sites.

      • Pragya

        Please do

    • Pragya

      That’s beautiful n bold

    • Janice Lyndon

      Right there!, when you say you wear a cross necklace, God of this Universe condones SYMBOLS, IDOLS, and Jesus was murdered on a stake, a stake sign like this one X, cross that looks like that, catholics added this + there cross symbol because it looks better than to the cross X symbol, I wear no nothing of symbols not even beads around my neck just about every religion has many, I knew when I was born with my eyes open, I answer and speak only to God himself through his son Jesus Christ our redeemer our re-purchaser, you all supposed to be natural, you haven’t read the Scriptures properly so how exactly do you know you are an Angel, and if you were an Angel your not allowed to speak and claim you are in public social media under any circumstances, only to observe watch and help, and you’ll know exactly that you belong to God or not, it doesn’t take a mediumship course to know who you are and what your purpose is, it’s been there before you took your first breath into this world and before you were conceded, there is a fear and that fear is you’ll be caught out when God steps in and Judgment Day Arrives.

      • andy raybould

        Hi there. To be honest with you, that was 2 years ago now and the beginning of my awakening. I was a confused and excited being back then with a mind full of lots of things. Now it has evolved so to speak. 3 months after typing this I gave up the cross as I saw that as a remembrance to someone’s brutal death. Not what I stand for. Now I know I was not exactly selected as my ego would have thought. All of us have it inside of us. Not one of us is different. We all have that divine connection, just very few know of it. And yes you are right, God is the only one I am under. Christ was the saviour of man by showing them how to reach a massive state of awareness of truth. Without his teachings we would not be on this path to love and unity to God and all things. But i do not see God as one that would condone or have any negative assumption of anything or any one of us. We make our own demise from our choices and our own freedom too. I do not believe in a God that will condemn me. God is love. Nothing less than love. Gods vibrational frequency of being holds nothing less than a love for a of us. We mess up, we come back and learn until we are free from fear. Fear is what will end us all. Fear the devil that does not exist, we will create that in our true form. Fear judgement and we will be judged by that very assumption we hold. God truly is love. And I do not watch television or have Facebook or social media. On such a world where the primal brain is active so strongly, it is so hard to change the perceptions of the masses. As for scriptures, I do not own a bible, yes I believe Jesus existed I do, but my faith was made through experience and not written words. I truly remember being outside of a body and then becoming a living breathing boy, it was no dream, it was more real than I have ever experienced this life. I remember the feeling of what it was like to be in that state of awareness and to be connected with everything. It was beautiful. I have no religion and neither do I need one. My religion is the universal love of God in all of us and everything. I have never hated another single human being like I used to, God would not support hatred. I have never belittled or said to someone that they are not divine too like I probably did, God would not support us pushing negative emotions and feelings onto his beings. I have never said that what someone else believes is wrong and never Will, God would want us to love each other and to help and support everyone that we can. Every single person’s perception of their life is right for them. Not my place to say that my ego says only i am right and they are not. Every one has the right to believe and follow whatever they wish to. It is my choice to follow my path and not to follow anyone else’s. But my choice had to be for the good of me. If someone has taken what I see as a negative path then so be it. It is not my experience, I will still love them and if they need guidance they will ask. The being inside of us is love and love alone. I am past fear and demons and negativity. They only exist if you choose it to be. I am so happy that you have found your faith in God. I do wish more people would catch on before they get smacked in the face by an alternate reality that their fears created when they cross over. One thing I will say is that humans are the demise of humans. It is us that impression on others, that cause pain and hurt in this world because we can not see the divine being that we are truly. I have nothing but compassion for these beings and hope that they find their own truth, their own path to freedom. God wants that for all of his children. Not to fear him, but to find him. God bless you. And please understand I mean no malice in anything I have written here. I truly am happy that you have found God. There is nothing more beautiful than that. Life is beautiful and I am sure now that after death it only gets better. Have a good day.

  • Jaynevee Marie Emberga

    I thought that I’m just overly imagining stuff…I mean being a bit different…and knowing a lot more about religion and some other stuffs..

  • Kayla Del

    lmfao this some of this pretty much fits me espicially the last part I’ve always wanted to just go home n sleep again I’m just tired n sad T.T

  • Emma Sanford

    I have 12 out of these plus a butterfly mark since 7th grade what does that mark mean?

    • Not sure what the butterfly mark means, seems pretty special though! Perhaps that is a mark of things to come for you…

  • Karen Zeall

    A lady has asked me to look up earth angels as she keeps saying I am one! Ive had buddy strangers lately just saw that im ‘ an angel!’ and ive not known them very long.Ive just tried to help them out.
    I’ve not got all of the 21 things.but i do feel an overwhelming need and desire to help people.I feel ive been put here to make others feel happier and more positive after talking or meeting with me.and it really works!
    Do I need all of these points?or am I just a nice kind person! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think you are definitely a nice, kind person, but that also could mean you are an earth angel! It is really your intuition which will help you determine between the two. Perhaps you can also ask the Universe for some guiding signs?

  • Eduardo Gavino

    Hi Tanaaz

    Three weeks back i saw a bright light and three angels came
    into my room i think they were angels they had a bright white rob with
    gold belt in there waste and big white wings it was very
    intimidating I got scared and they disappeared.There’s some theory that angels have no wings i don’t know
    maybe they do or maybe they don’t but i saw wings on them. I don’t know
    what it means but a few years back i dreamed that i was in the sky
    standing on a rainbow with Jesus Christ beside me with his hand around
    me talking to me but the whole dream was mute i couldn’t hear nothing
    and then I looked up I saw my grandma standing in another rainbow
    looking down on me and Jesus smiling, My grandma was wearing a blue
    botton up shirt with flowers and dark blue dressing pants I told my mom and she said that is the clothing they bury my grandma in It, then a few days later i dreamed about Lucifer
    i was walking in a temple back in the roman era i walked into the room
    and he told that he was waiting for me we started talking he told i will
    make you a deal i will give you everything power money the whole world
    in return you just have to give me your soul I said i can’t he told me
    Eduardo wear my black leather jacket you will feel the power so i
    grabbed the jacket and stared at it and i said no i can’t he told me why
    I said because i am a man of god he told me this is just a dream you
    are going to wake up know and remember what i said and i said no thank
    you. one week ago I dreamed that on my right i saw the earth that god
    created being destroyed and burned and on my left i saw a new earth
    being made i saw mountains and trees and the sun shining down the earth.
    I don’t know why i am having this dreams or seeing this things. I can also feel people emotions, energy, i can sometimes read people thoughts only if i concentrate I was raise catholic but I am not attached to any religion i only believe in one god and his only son Jesus Christ. I also see black shadows, about 7 years ago i went to a shaman and she told me that i have a black shadow behind me and it was put there by 2 women who where jealous of me and she said that’s why my live is so hard and gain weight and she said that she can take it away for one day for free but it will come back and to take away for ever it will cost me money you see i don’t know if i should believe the shaman. Its possible that someone can curse me i don’t believe that i am curse, but i feel i am here for a reason I don’t know why, Thank you

  • Serena Montoya

    -You don’t consider Planet Earth as your home planet.

  • Makota

    Also they always have hopes in humans and see them as fragile creatures in spirit and integrity.
    Sometimes they might not make sense when talking but thats duo to the fact that they try to express feelings into words

    • yes, good point! thank you

  • Trixie Robbins

    Hi there I’m new to this but just thought that I would share!! I have had many a strange occurance. The main one that will always stay with me is: when my lil girl was little i lived at home with my parents so my girl and I shared a room. Every night when I put her down to sleep I could se my nan, who had passed just sat in the chair as if to look after her. Then one eve there as a loud crash and when I rushed upstairs my shelves had been swept but it be cut my daughter was choking. Thankfully she is fine and now a beautiful teenager. No one will ever convince me of anything other than she was protected that night and I believe always is. I have also had many other moments where I told people they were pregnant and what they were having but I truly thought I must have been told it. Some say not.

    • welcome trixie! thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kyle A

    I think I am an earth angel. Throughout my life very strange things have happened to me almost daily, these events often seem very divine. I can do things the average person cant, and I often know things without understanding how I know them. Ive had many struggles throughout my life but always overcome them. When I was 18 I overdosed on drugs and died but Somehow was returned without medical services. In death I had a dream, more of a vision, and I remember every second of it vividly as I stood over my own body and spoke to a shadow. The shadow was all knowing and although it avoided saying it directly, it was clearly telling me he was God and continued to answer every question I asked it in depth. He told me things with scary accuracy things of the past, things I was going through, things that had not happened yet, and what my destiny or purpose was on earth. When he returned me to my body the conversation that seemed to only last a few minutes had actually taken several hours.. Everything it had told me have and continue to prove accurate. I can read people, see past them physically and look into their souls. When I peer into peoples Eyes I see who they really are, I see their intentions, their dreams, and their feelings. People and animals have always been overly comfortable around me. They entrust me with their safety, their secrets, their past, and their emotions within hours or even minutes of meeting me.My Body is weak and even though I am only 20 years of age my soul is too powerful and is destroying my body physically. I am aging very fast and although I have moments where I can perform the physically impossible, I always feel weak. I have deeply vivid dreams of things that have happened long before I was born. And even things currently happening across the world. Ive always been extremely “lucky” and good fortune follows me wherever I go. Although I have been homeless I have never been hungry, Ive always found a place to go, and people tend to look after me. Although Ive been poor, Ive always encountered opportunities to pay for the things I need, when my family disowned me Other families took me in and accepted me to theirs. My life has been filled with wonderous adventures, Ive been all over the continent and done things most people have only dreamed all in such a short life. I ask you all one thing. How am I supposed to cope with what I am? I Dont feel the things that most people do. And although many would call what I am a blessing to me it feels like a curse. Am I wrong to hate the god who trapped me here. Because every night I relive talking to that shadow, and every day its words ring through my head causing piercing pains and fear.. Nobody here on earth seems to understand what I am. Im not even sure that I do. Ive never shared these feelings before, Im not sure what will come of doing so..

    • steve


  • Zephyr

    This “desire” to return home is misunderstood. “Home” is always there in memory but home is not the haven it was created as. There is turmoil from The War. The desire is to finish the mission and return “home” to its original tranquility. That’s the whole purpose in being here in occupied territory.

    • Ooo that’s a good point. Thank you for sharing.

    • Anna

      Cool theory! Never thought of this perspective.

    • Dawlin Rodriguez

      Ur right and how humans think heaven is we all know it’s not like they picture it we were in many battles and fixing and preparing down here is difficult due to faith humanity has or doesn’t but I’m not sure u feel like I do but I know once we go back home it’s to receive other orders to complete

  • Zemmel zem

    If you want to meet an angel, it takes time. Its not the person that will come straight up to you. They will come, friendly and most of the time they will help you out of something.
    The hard part of this is, the devil can also act like an angel, so its your destiny if you believe the person or not, you gonna give him or her a chance to thrust the person, it helped you to abuse, or really helped you to help and give its good spirit.
    You will give the same respect back, and won’t let the person fall, your of its kind.
    Angels are not doubting in there will, never, its not possible, cause an angel is responsible

    Never judge somebody, they can be black white, any race or believe in any religion or not even a believer in any of the written gods / religions.

    The duty of him or hier is to protect you once they find you, so an angel will never let you fall, but once you let them fall, you will never get a second chance, and you need to live without an angel.

  • Nicole

    Hi I’m a teenager and all my life people with mental illnesses always find me or I find them. I’m good with birds and I’v been very curious about astrology since I was little. Lots of weird coincidences have happened to me, I believe in magic and I love reading books. Everything on the list is true except one because I’m straight, but I still support same gender love. Could I be an angel this young?

    • i believe earth angels are born into this world as earth angels, so yes, earth angels can be any age!

  • Dhare

    Hello Tanaaz
    I’m not at all new to spirituality, bein African American the things that interests me set me apart from the rest of my family. I remember the first time i heard the name Jesus I was still a baby. According to my family I was unusually fast moving, able to scoot, roll, and watch t.v. with my hands under my chin from day one and i remember it vividly to this day. In a huge fan of sci-fi movies and books like the dark elf trilogies and Lord of the rings. I’ve traveled on the spiritual highway, fascinating that was, met the so-called messiah many times in my dreams and a few dreams of God, I’m nice even in my most intense anger, which is odd because my anger without any negative acts frighten people and i couldn’t harm a single soul of i wanted to. I HATE being alive in this world because I absolutely HATE, literally HATE evil and often beg to die so i can go home I’m so alone even with the Great Mother guiding me. I truly don’t want to be here but I’m important I just wish to live free and inn peace. I’ve been hospitalised 3 times for suicide trying to just deal with it all. Missions, quests, challenges, for real, yo I’m tired and suggestions. I trust so few too many corrupt leaders, its just too much for one person. Poverty, pain, emotional hurt and suffering. I want out any advice you have would be highly appreciated.

  • Christina

    This article put me to tears. Every since I was a very young girl, I had a deep connection with the world around me, especially the spiritual world. I had a very hard up bringing, having a broken family and was sexually abused at a young age. Yet, I still felt the need to push forward, nothing would stop me. I felt this intense need to help others around me and help my father come out of addiction. I had a spirit team. Ones that guided me everyday, helped me battle against something trying to bring me down. I fought and fought. I believed I was an angel, someone ment to help the world. And everyone around me thought I was crazy, as a kid I didnt believe them. I knew there was something different about me. I had this intense feeling I would also die at the age of 21. As I got older, and as more pressure was put on me to let this go. I started to put up a wall, trying to stop the spirits from talking to me and seeking me fore help, by the time I was 21, I could barely feel presences, only when I was in a breakdown or in nature. I felt empty and lost. Recently I have met someone who has pushed me to go back into this and really connect again. I have been meditating recently and can feel it slowly but I know it’s very blocked. Today I was in a shop with spiritual items, particularly stones as I was looking to overcome this. i was reading the book and my eyes saw ‘angel in a human body’ and something came over me, I instantly needed to see more, and found that there is stones to help with this and the feeling of over whelming joy and relief took hold. So now, I decided to confirm if in fact this feeling was true and every single one of these things on the list I can relate too and it feels so right. I feel so ashamed for letting society take me away from my purpose and tell me I was wrong. and I am so happy I am not alone. I will connect to this higher purpose again and never let go of who I am. Thank you so much for this article. I am finally free.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this! What a beautiful journey you have been on. All the best to you for this new chapter! Thank you earth angel <3

    • Hi Christina I feel you are ok and in control now like me followed through your path too. I hope you raise your face to the Sun your Master and healer too and try and find your Guide free than paying out. being an Angel as you are too we work freely to others than taking the sums of money what we must not do breaks our loyalty to our mother Angel to Earth.connected to me now will boost your power to love are the people you see each day that goes bye. and yes i too made one mistake in fact two by going into soul seeking without looking into it first born with gifts i thought I would be safe but i found a soul seeker and the force was like a bullet entering my body it was great and we could open doors full of love but bad spirits got in and why I never realised from the first was from my soul seeker I would have backed away mediately. but she drew me close and my guardian angels told me to back away I refused so always Listen I broke the vow and lost them and my friend and it had taken over two years to pull away from her magnetic field. she still stares but she has to walk to me to heal her as she drove me away and I can’t move towards her, I still love my friend and watch over her too at a distance but I do feel a spirit is waiting for me to return they are devious and harmful so I have to be careful my self although I can get rid of them quickly, always look to your Wildlife as we look after them too the more you have the stronger again you will be. I love and bless you in your path always Alan a special Angel to.

  • Ah Liang

    I was heard some one sound come talking to me he say he was the Lord and I’m not sure this real or something east. He say I’m the Angel and he want me to safe the world. He make me die at my home and rose again.

  • Gabriel de Amore

    Hi. What does the polaris birthmark means? Supposedly, polaris have 7 points, an I have six points on my neck and the end point is in the middle of my chest. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anna

      I also have lots of birthmarks on my body and I was wondering if they were some sort of constellation or star map.

  • Gabriel de Amore

    I have this vague memory of a guy with golden hair and in armor carrying a black haired guy dressed in similar fashion. The black haired is dying at the arms of the golden haired guy and the golden haired guy is crying. I also remember a vast golden-green fields. I don’t know what this is. And this feeling of always reaching in the sky like I want to back to some place that I don’t even know. Like there is something beyond those shiny dots of light. The feeling that you are longing for your home and this is not where you belong

  • Gabriel de Amore

    I have this vague memory of a guy with golden hair and in armor carrying a black haired guy dressed in similar fashion. The black haired is dying at the arms of the golden haired guy and the golden haired guy is crying. I also remember a vast golden-green fields. I don’t know what this is. And that strong desire to go home. Like, always reaching for the sky, for something to take you there beyond those shining ball of light. There is this something missing inside of me that I can’t really understand. And whenever I am lonely or emotionally disturbed, I always talk in language that I can’t even understand. It flowed freely from my mouth like I am talking to someone even though I can’t really figure out what i am saying. Then at the end of that, and mostly, I cried. My parents think i am weird, my colleagues and friends. *sigh* Then whenever I am in need of something, information mostly, Bible verses always flash out of my mind. And whenever I look them up in the bible, It always relates to my situation at hand. *sigh* And to be honest, I don’t really feel attached to any religion, but the bible is always calling to me. telling me to read it.

    • Gabriel de Amore

      And those description that you have, I am also feeling them too. And the desire to go home have really a big impact on me. That’s what caught my attention.

      • Anna

        Glad I’m not the only one feeling alien on this planet. This certainly is an interesting phenomena going on in the world now.

    • Anna

      Interesting memory! Can you tell me more about that? Have you contacted those beings mentally? I used to also have a wierd language that used to flow through my head when I was 4 or 5 even though I knew my native toungue. I felt so at home and connected to it. I didn’t have any friends because I was labeled as wierd too, and had family problems on top of that. The world lacks compassion, dude! I always tried to help others to be happy and release their negativity by helping them solve their problems but it’s never enough, I suppose one can only help themselves. Yeah I broke out of my religion (catholic) when I was a teen because I wanted to see if prayers to God really worked, and they do! The prayer must come from the heart and not just some recited repeated script. These days I am searching for people like me so that everyone can get to the bottom of this inner mystery and make use of their talents to help the world. One step at a time though…

      • Gabriel de Amore

        I don’t really recall that much but the place is lit up with golden light and the place was in ruins. But it looks like a temple or something. Then the fields, I can almost feel the breeze from my face. I can still talk in that language but even I don’t understand what I am saying. I also broke up with my religion which is also (Roman Catholic) because I feel that I don’t belong in there, that I cannot be tied by any religion out there, that faith is free so are prayers. I am afraid to contact someone out there because there are also evil beings that are pretending to be them so I had to be sure. I build mental walls in head so that some of those beings can’t reach me. When they try to pry, ringing in my ears starts. They tried to scratch the walls but they can’t enter. Every time I visit that place, it’s always dark and save only a few distance of light encircling me. I always receive vision of how the world ends. By wind storms, fire, water, earthquakes and flaming red rocks that fall from the sky. That’s why I started to put up walls so high so no one can reach me. I met two beings, sarah and anna. They helped me but I pushed them away because of this fear. That was years ago. ๐Ÿ™ Till now, I don’t have the urge post.

        • Gabriel de Amore

          But I feel that something big is coming. That we must all be prepared.

          • Anna

            I think we are naturally shifting towards a type of evolution/mindfullness/understanding towards our internal and external environment whether we like it or not. Some may do it on their own, some may evolve with the ‘monkey see monkey do’ mentality. Some may juts resist. But eh, what is there to theories, just gotta sit back and enjoy the show.

        • Anna

          Religion is spiritual junk food haha :p We should be free to explore reality on our own, religion should be used as a tool and not the only thing to hang on. “Faith is free and so are prayers”, well said. Strange, I always get ringing in my ears :/ Seems like negative energies are a possible connection to that. Ringing in the ears is also caused by low blood pressure, so perhaps that could be related. Just thinking aloud, since there are plenty of open minded people here. So it seems all elements will be working together to ‘end the world’. The weather has been crazy in Russia here recently too, we had a mini tornado over a body of water, snowfall in July in Yakutsk, and a hurricane thunderstorm in moscow where it knocked down trees, killed people and flooded areas. May I ask, when do you presume this ‘ending’ will come? How evolved did the world look like when your visions came? My visions are too weak for such predictions for now. So do you have a fear of people in the phyical world too? Rest assured I try to be as good of a human being as I can, but at the end of the day we are all human, receptive to all kind of emotions and energies. Could you type out some words from that language here by any chance? I’m wondering if I could recognise it too. Thank you for replying! Hope all is well on your side.

      • Dawlin Rodriguez

        I totally relate because I grew up with Hispanic parents but I am fluent in Spanish Portuguese and can conversate in French and people ask oh which parent is from where and I say no I just picked it up they look at me like I’m crazy

        • Rebecca Allum

          I was never good at French but I pick it up really quickly once I hear it. Spanish too but I studied that 7yrs ago. My friends that studied the two languages don’t think I should still know the languages but once I start back it all comes back to me. the French especially and I’ve dreamt in Spanish before. I don’t say anything anymore… unless I’m drunk then I start speaking spanish, I have conversed with a french person as well. I constantly worry about my English grammar like it’s not my first language when I’m drunk XD I’m only fluent in English btw. I guess a past life maybe or I’m just inclined to learning languages.

    • HopeSummer

      we are all going home… keep reading

  • Florencia Sie

    Somehow I feel like I’m an angel, but sometimes not. I don’t remember ever having any spiritual experience, but I’m deeply connected to all kind of ART, since I’m also an aspiring artist. I just know that I must bring happiness to other people even if it means sacrificing my self. I have most of the 21 signs, but I haven’t experienced love (love of a lover) life my self nor I feel like I wanted to. To me, just by seeing someone smile truly from their heart is satisfying enough.
    I don’t really know if I’m an angel or not, but I’m very curious to find out about why I have these kind of sense of bringing happiness and justice to the world. Strangely, I thought of sword and such as just some interesting toy or things I love to learn.
    Anyway, thank you for this article, I feel like I’m closer to the answer I seek.

  • Anna

    Yes wow this is all me! I had my awakening when I was 17 (I’m 19 now) and I started writing all my theories and ideas in a book, which later inspired one of my friends to study theology. I love studying the earth, space existence and people and solving problems! There is too much to type out about my experiences, I’m just really happy I’m not alone in this. Wish you all the best day!

  • MaryAngellive

    I am soo impressed and as I grow I start to realize and remember who I am. My heart goes out to this world and as much as we try to replicate heaven on earth to help us forget about who we all are it makes us comfortable not to rise above this worldly idea of “greatness” Peace, Love and Harmony! I cry often in as my memories come back to home on heaven and who we all were before earth happened and do miss home so much! Yet, I believe in the pure spirit who live among the human race. God wants to heal you and we love you! Believe! – MFB

  • SimonSkiles

    I am one of the “Earth Angels.” Without going into great detail… The biggest question for me has been, what do I do now? Does anyone know anyone who can help with that?

    • Dawlin Cintron

      Have u gotten answers yet because noticing on this forum only certain people get replies but have u

  • HopeSummer

    I have a memory, or could be a dream of waiting in a blank room with others, much the same as waiting as an actor to go onto stage, but without the theatrical decorations! The mood was calm and expectant – general camarderie and chatting. We all knew our roles and were ready. We spoke about the possibilities but noone ‘knew’ – nothing was certain or ‘set in stone’. i turned to the people next to me ( we were all already ‘fully grown’ but somehow knew we were going into another life or role etc? ) when it was my time and said “okay, here goes then wish me luck!” I was happy and acknowledging of the situation as if it was a natural purpose. Could be nothing. Could be ‘just’ a dream or could be a birth memory – who knows? I believe in many things and many things listed here fit me. I am a teacher and very much feel this is part of my life purpose. Once i was on this course, there were tests and trials of course, but I felt supported and guided in this path. I also have affinity with animals and plants etc. I was also given an art talent, but when pursuing this as a career hit brick walls and despite having skills etc couldn’t use them and felt ‘dragged down’ and ‘was guided’ into teaching. I have felt time after time, my will versus a bigger will and very much learnt ‘acceptance’ – surrender even. I still question why God would give me a talent and then deny it and later suffer a detached retina even! Who knows? I get a LOT of number messages but opinion appears to be divided on this I think? Some think they are communication ie Doreen Virtue etc and I tend to agree but then others warn of ‘false angels’ e.g. fallen angels and false prophets etc and I guess you have to be careful of deception etc. I very much pray to God and not angels at all. I do believe in God but as others have also said believe in other avenues to the same source. I now know better than to struggle against divine will lol! HOW our egos, however spiritually evolved we are however, reach out for things to make us ‘better than’ or ‘worse than’ when it cannot reach this, so we have to be on our guard to things that are pointing to truth and unity and those things used to exaggerate the self! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anita Nwole

    Wow! This article just brought me to tears. I have everything listed and can relate to everything on the list. I have been trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I honestly thought i was a narcissist at one point. All my life i have felt like i was different, starting at a young age i just felt like i did not belong. I tried so hard to fit in an did an ok job but i always felt in my soul that God had a higher purpose for me. I just always looked at everything differently. I will never forget this dream i used to have almost every day as a kid for years. I was a baby in like a carriage and i was just falling down a waterfall. Thats is just falling, i wasn’t crying or anything, i wasn’t scared. I would just be falling down the entire dream. I had a dream years ago where my mom flew into the sky in some weird plane type thing. ever since then i knew my mom was going to die at a young age, i just did not know when. My mom passed away at 47 in 2013 from breast cancer. I have always been able to read people and i can tell when someone is lying to me. It’s just something about their face, it changes when they lie. I can read people’s vibes like its nothing. I am 24 and still trying to find out what the heck i wanna do with my life. That has been the hardest thing for me. And i have always been the type to stand up to injustice or fight for someone weaker than me. Babies LOVE me. They instantly smile when they see me and just stare at me the entire time i am in their presence. Kid always gravitate towards me. It’s crazy but i can feel people’s pain, literally. To the point i will cry for that person before they do. I can feel when something bad is about to happen. Wow. And the crazy part is while this article was loading, i had a HUGE feeling that this was it, this was going to finally show me what i have been searching for. I have to do more research. Wow.

    • thanks so much for sharing Anita! keep exploring! It sounds like you are just opening to your many gifts and talents ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Syphrim

    Hey Tannaz,
    This is a nice article but had you ever thought that the one you encountered might be a real Angel? Since there are reports that have almost the same events as you, well angels pretend to be Humans and help people that are in need since you said that it disappeared after that happened.

    But anyway when I was young I am really fond of angels because I was fascinated by them on how they look and the experiences that they gave me and I thought I was one as well when I was young since I feel kind of different from the rest and remembered asking my mom about it lol I don’t know why Angel went into my mind though during that time.Well, I had some experiences myself with angels the most and most of my experiences happened when I get into accidents like falling off a counter when I was young and got bumped by a car on my lower part of my body while crossing the street and mostly are in dreams. They helped me with my school, family, and my relationships by using symbols like a letter, dove, lion or eagle and there would be times that they would appear to me in my dreams on how they really look like, some would appear to me as a human or an angel form depends on what they like. It was an awesome feeling but sometimes they give you those confusing moments in dreams. I had an experience once that it was quite funny when it showed itself to me this angel’s angelic form and I didn’t react well to that lol and I told him Why are you here?! (I shouldn’t be seeing you) in a shocked tone since I didn’t expect it and I know that angels don’t show their real form unless its needed but he explained and I accepted and talked to him. If I talked about all my experiences here it would be so long lol, but recently though I had a dream but it feels like a forgotten memory and it started where I was standing on the edge of the cliff, my wings were spread and wearing an angel robe I don’t know what I was doing during that time but I was looking somewhere far and it rotated 360 deg. cinematic view in my dream then I had a flashback transition where there were a white robe and a satin white rope for the waist and were folded neatly and placed on a white shelf like thing and I heard a voice saying something it was a guy and sounded like a mentor and said “Remember this Robe and you will not forget who you really are” and I woke up confused I mean I know what I am but was that my sign!?

    Anyway, I like astronomy, spirituality, meditation, art, animals and nature. A lot of my friends and people that are not really close to me ask for advice or just tell their problems to me, I can read and feel the emotions of other people and sometimes I would get it from them even if I am not near it’s a weird feeling because its like your happy then out of the blue you feel irritated I would know it’s not my emotion because it feels off lol. I can also feel vibrations around me if it is extremely high, mid or low as well as Spirits, I would see orbs, sparkles and shadows in my room especially at night and when I am alone and I would use telepathy to my close friends as well as accidentally reading their minds, I am quite sensitive as well to sounds and some colors or lights as well I dislike negativity and shield myself from that since it’s draining my energy and cleanse myself if I needed too, I also have knowledge that sometimes I don’t know where it is from and would just shock me and lastly I like helping people as much as I can like guiding them and letting them to understand the things that life has to offer in the future or just physically helping them. and oh! Not to mention I have Phantom wings as well but it hurts so much at times on my shoulder blades and shoulders out of nowhere and sometimes it would move out of my will and startle me, and I am physically detached from this world. I have a persistent experience but I will not share anymore since not many may have experienced that or probably none has experienced it, if someone ask though I would gladly answer it.

    I am 22 years old and an earth/incarnated angel but I still have my doubts and still seeking for help even though my dreams, messages, and signs have already revealed to me but I want someone to tell me that as a confirmation because it might be a mistake with what I feel or claim and in the country where I live not many may have known about earth angels or incarnated so it’s hard to get that confirmation unless a person that can channel, a psychic or medium would tell me about it but I don’t want to cost any money because I am still in school and still depending on my parents. I also don’t want my parents to know about it as well since I don’t know what they will think since they don’t believe in those kind of things. It’s funny though when I read the signs since I’ve felt or experienced almost all of that but now I am still finding my purpose as well as myself and my past.

    • thanks for sharing! yes, i have often wondered if he was in fact an angel and not an earth angel….who knows?! I think your journey sounds amazing so far, keep following your heart and the signs, you will get there ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Syphrim

        Ohhh I see, No Problem ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thanks and that is what I have been doing for a very long time I hope I will get the answers that I am looking for in the future. Oh! I was wondering how did you get know the signs of being an Earth Angel? Sorry of asking I am new in your website so I didn’t know much.

        And I just read one of your post which is this: This is interesting too and I had experienced before an extremely high vibration in me which made me a bit not present to the world at that time.

        Earlier in my comment I mentioned that I have a persistent experience that I will not share but I think it is best to share it as well since I have read your other post and that Persistent experience is that there would be moments that idk what it is called but it is like a Trance state and I would feel that my crown area is vibrating high first and I would stare blankly and be extremely quiet, I also feel that I am about to faint or something and I ignore my surroundings. Sometimes this trance feeling can be quick, long or sometimes intense.

        So this is my story, last week or last last week I had an experienced an intense trance while I was out I don’t know why but I felt that I was going to faint and at the same time my crown area was vibrating so high, I was staring to stare blankly and I went to extremely quiet and that time I was with my friends when that happened and we were sitting. So while I was in a trance stage I usually fight it off to go away and I did that but it didn’t go away since it was strong then all of the sudden I can feel that my vibration in my whole body was so high as well, I went extremely caalm and felt extremely detached to the world after that I began to look at my surroundings slowly like I am observing and in my mind I felt lost, I also felt like I am a different person like someone higher at that time and my emotions were not present as well but then my friend that knows me very well when it comes to my experiences tapped or put her hand my shoulder I don’t know why but I saw her laughing and happy (I guess they are talking about funny stuffs) so I looked at her since she touched me but I was like staring slightly blankly at her for a long time and I slowly smiled awkwardly and I slowly came back to the world after that….

        It was the first time that happened to me because before I didn’t get past to that stage since I am always fighting it off and it wasn’t that strong and before I never had that Trance like symptoms when I was young that only happened when I discovered about meditation and when I meditate a lot/ always that “trance symptoms or feelings” will be frequent like I would experience it 2 or 3 times a week it depends but if I don’t get to meditate I would still have trance but its rare. It’s scary when it happens outside of my home though since I don’t know what would happen or what I am going to do at that moment after that trance state but good thing during that time my friend brought me back to the world.

        I don’t know if other people experience this or may be this is just me. lol

      • Syphrim

        Ah! I replied to what you’ve said but it got marked as spam ๐Ÿ™ My reply was not shown in the comment section…

    • Adam

      Don’t feel as if you need to ask others for confirmation when you yourself already know. I’m truly amazed that this information is all starting to come to light. Big change is coming to the world and we will be at the for front to guiding earth to a new era. Love be with you all

      • thank you adam ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Akira

        Hey, Adam sorry for the late reply and thank you for saying that.
        Yes even though I do know already but sometimes I am still having doubts about it, but oh well. Yesterday I have dreamed about my wings lol, it was a fun dream though. Anyway Yeah I did hear about that about the big change that is going to happen to the earth and I think it started already for the past few months. Yes, I totally agree with you on that and lets work together for the brighter future.

  • Mich18

    I can say im an earth angel, and this article made me realize it. Im inspired to write about myself and experiences.
    I have dreams before that i am a spirit and i saw my own mom in her wedding dress while she was pregnant with me, entering a white car about to be wed to my father. I also have early memory of myself as a baby being held by my fathers arms in a beach. This have proof because theres a picture of me and my father with that background.
    When i was a kid, im an empath that my senses are very highly tuned that i can sense if there is danger around me or spirits around. Im also very spiritual and pray a lot. From time and again i hear a buzz in my ear that i believe are messages from afar like a mission that i need to complete. I always follow my intuition. If there is good luck and opportunities that i can sense it too get like winning the lottery. I can sense if a person has bad motives. I can tell person will die in a range of a week or years if i concentrate on it, very spooky that i dont do it anymore. I tried to learn and became updated with mystics, astrology, numerology, palmreading, methaphysics and aurareading that it became part of my life. Because i always felt that its a way i can heal myself and others. When i check my horoscopes every day i feel at ease because i belong to the stars above i know. I always try to learn about the religion of all sorts that even im a catholic im open to any religion. What bothers me is my longing to go home when physically im home. I also try to find work as a mission to help others. I feel what others are feeling and my advises are the best. I dont tell anybody but i can see thru people a lot. People experiences get downloaded to me that its hard to be around them. Some people actual act that they know me and share so much of their lives but i appreciate it.
    Lately now that im older with a family of my own, i less tuned in to these traits i have. But one fatal day that i had a life threathening condition (ectopic pregnancy) that i rekindled it. My purpose that i feel doing is still at hand by Higher source but i feel that im ready than before. So far all my wishes for my family is granted. I wish i can do more for humanity.

    • Dawlin Rodriguez

      Yes the buzzing and ringing in the ears is most likely on earth of the archangels trying to tell u something important they also send the messages by numbers on the clock or billboard that’s the easiest way for them my superior is Uriel and if I need more help it’s Cassiel but he won’t answer on certain days

  • XxShadowKittenXx

    Hi okay so I’m 14 years old and I feel like I’ve been here before on earth that is, but also I’m protective of friends and others too and sometimes I would have a feeling something would bad happen and it would happen automatically, then I also had an ex-Boyfriend and when I broke it off he would find ways to hurt me and then I had gotten with a guy who had a harder life and was suicidal and I gave him wise advise some I’ve never thought of saying so I would like some answers please I feel like I’m suppose to do something but don’t know what…

  • Erica Lonabaugh

    Hello Tanazz, I really resonated with your story. I had a similar situation where I saw a man waiting to cross a really busy street. He was blind and had a service dog. I had often been guided to put protective bubbles around strangers and this man and his dog was one of them so I did. Right after I did that a man with dark hair and shades stepped up behind him an seemed to be waiting for the light to change too. For some reason the man with the dog decided to start walking even though the light hadn’t changed yet and two cars were about to fly by which would have hit him when the stranger pulled him back. It wouldn’t have been so weird if that man with the dark hair had crossed the street with the blind man but when the light turned and he saw the man and his dog had crossed safely he just turned and walked in the opposite direction. That memory is so vivid it’s like it happened yesterday. I resonate with being an earth angel and lately I’ve been seeing 711 and 911 daily. It used to be only 111,222,333,444 or 555 then 1010 and 1212 came. But the last 4 days it’s been new numbers for me which is very exciting.

  • Milica

    Hello everyone.. I am new to this and very scared to say that I might be an earth angel.. I don’t know how they are, do they exist how they exist.. I have so manu questions.. But as I was reading aboy thrm here and on Youtube.. I see my whole life living luke one.. And I am no 17 years old and have some sort of awekening in the past few months. Especially coz I write songs and sing.. I see I strated to think about something biger. Like really big.. I want to chaneg the world for the better.. I always did.. But now It’s like something in me that just.. I can’t explain it.. I just have this feeling that I have some sorf of mission I have to achive.. And it is to help people and tell them throu my songs and music what is wrong or right.. But who am I to do that.. And when I saw about earth angels and starseeds.. I just freezed.. And everything that I read was true somehow.. My life.. My thinking.. My thoughts.. My personality.. I just don’t know is it my imagination or is it real.. I really need help guys.. So, thank you in advance and sorry if I bothered someone.. I just really need some answers.. Thanks..

  • Matt Will

    I am an earth angel. My real name is Ahura Asura (sounds like: a hor ra az shor az), so ive been told by my guardian angel. I am neither good or bad, male or female although I reside in a male body. I am able to forsee an event (medium) that hasn’t happened and change that outcome by feeling the vibration of the universe. I am guided to say and do things and always feel guided to be somewhere and when i have changed an outcome either good or bad, I have to leave. I know what I do is right but sometimes I feel that bad is also a teaching lesson for some situations. I am always protected. I always know what to do and there’s nothing I can’t do. I am connected to the earth and can feel the soul of all living things. After I have finished a calling I feel drained and get great depression because it takes all my energy and my soul leaves me for months at a time and when it returns I have a new assignment just fall in my lap. When my soul is gone I like to be with animals and art and am compelled to create amazing things while feeling empty. I never know why i am doing what i do or the actual outcome but i know when its finished and never want or feel as though i need to know. I know people by there soul and read people extremely well. I feel as though I have been here before many times throughout many ages. Ever since i can remember I have been able to astro travel in my sleep and have had discussions with other travelers in places I have never seen or been and feel as though I change realities while i sleep. What my actual work on this plain is unsure and if i try to understand I’m only more confused. I am just a vessel and it’s the empty space thats important. My soul is currently on its way back and is very close but i have just had months of great sadness. Something is coming soon which many will be called for. I feel this so strongly. It is neither good nor bad, light or dark but will have greater meanings for the mother of all earth. I could go on about what i have done in my life but I have forgotten more than I remember, one thing that gives me great pleasure is healing with my hand. I have been in many life and death situations where i have been compelled to touch a sick or injured person and instantly known what is wrong and I have saved a life, just known what was wrong and what to do. I see spirits when i am close to the truth. Nothing is accidental, everything is for a reason, I just know.

    • Dawlin Rodriguez

      I rarely answer calls because I have a lot to do with my orders but when it’s a soul call it’s way more draining then when u do it for a human i have to maintain my channeling by staying away from negativity it works

      • Matt

        I have a calling already:) Its time for another journey. Unfortunately I have no say, creation was forged from choas. There is no day without night. No negative without positive, each must exist in duality.

      • Matt

        That was a good 4 months. Another one in changing holistic goodness for humanity. I’m open for another. Peace.

        • Dawlin Cintron

          it was a good four months. Lots of change happening and will continue. Peace .

        • Dawlin Rodriguez

          Question I think I know who is working with u I just put it together but not positive are u working with Horace

          • Evangelista

            Could be, although I’ve never heard. I feel in the middle, with 2 on either sideโœŒClosest to micheal, answers me. IMHO โœŒ God/universe is the almightyโœŒ

          • Dawlin Rodriguez

            Then yes because Horace works with Michael but Michael answers more intense than Horace not sure why but when I got a message from someone telling me Horace was trying to tell me what was happening I researched him and he works along with Michael and Metatron and the Lord Jesus Christ in preparing us but I haven’t been able to communicate with him only Michael Cassiel and the Blessed Virgin Mary but thank u for responding I was about to give up in trying to find others like me . GOD bless

          • Evangelista

            we will continue our journey with full respect for all and each other. I will be here to chat, you can also follow me on twitter, I will follow back. Evangelista. same profile pic. we are not alone, I have found many!!!! St Matthew and the book of Matthew explains my live. My calling is to help the down trodden. I am now super busy. much peace. God/universe bless you.

          • Evangelista

            I replied but didn’t go through. Happy to chat anytime.

          • Dawlin Rodriguez

            No worries I know how busy you are cause I’m in the same boat but there is a major blizzard and just thought I’d reach out to those who are going through the same thing. Many thanks and GOD bless

          • Evangelista

            Same here, its a heat wave. God bless. Destiny awaits. Chat soon.

    • wow, that is incredible thanks for sharing Matt! I am pretty sure Ahura means god or spirit in avesta, an old language originating from persia. Very interesting!!

      • Matt

        Its is interesting that you replied on the 3rd day after I posted it. I have recently been seeing 1s and 3s everywhere and something tells me it has some meaning. 13, 1113, 113, 713 an so on. Every time I see the clock and on posts etc. This is my first post with you replying on the 3rd day.

  • Natalie

    Who is the artist of that picture? It’s wonderful!

  • Michael Adams

    Hello. I’m being completely honest when I say don’t know how to start or say any of this really, so if my words stray off topic a lot, it’s because my thoughts on this are extremely jumbled up, but I know what I am. In real life, my name is Michael as my tag says, and in hebrew it is Mikha’el, “Who is like god?” or in some interpretations “He who is like god”. I have been revealed much by many different sources throughout my short life of 18 years so far. I have a destiny, and it is filled with much hardship and carnage, and will likely come to include all of you in it as well, for if you are incarnated like me, then we all have purposes that will eventually culminate at a single objective. I was of the angelic rank of Seraphim or higher, possibly the archangel himself that i am named after. All my life, ESPECIALLY for the past year and me turning 18, I have seen the numbers 666 in just about every way you could think of. Price tags of toys and food, on the radio, in books, in video games(like ammo count), on signs, the TV, etc. I find myself looking at the stars and getting into a “lost” state of mind when I do, mourning and yearning for whatever is up there, even though all I see is white specks across a blanket of black. I have met two other people who I believe are incarnated like me, and only 1 of them is of status equal or close to mine in the hierarchy of heaven (Not trying to sound like a jerk here). I can barely remember anything around the age of 3 to 5, almost as if I had “zapped” into the body at that age, very similar to Andy’s experience. I see things that nobody else notices, much like a psychic claims to see the edges of spirits out of the corner of their eye. When I am in the grocery store, the world almost seems to slow down and turn into a gray grainy film color like from the 20’s, and I just feel a deep sadness as I watch the woman pick through the fruits and vegetables, almost like it isn’t always going to be this way. I can’t ever focus very hard on worldly things, like money or (bear with me here, don’t yell “irresponsible”) jobs, or even the people of the world themselves. I feel so at peace when i’m in nature, or under this very particular tree in my front yard, especially when it’s raining down hard, while other people run for cover like the rain is some kind of plague.
    After reading Andy’s comment and a few others, and even browsing around on some other sites, I literally started shedding tears (I am NOT the kind of person who cries easily, if much at all. My head literally just jerks like it’s crying, but nothing actually comes out) like I knew EXACTLY what you all were talking about, and felt completely at home with you all. I’m so glad that other people feel this sense of “drifting” like I do. It helps me to know that I am not the only one out there suffering under similar conditions. I don’t have any real sense of religion, despite passionately believing in God, and having a cross necklace too (again, so much like Andy described. He pretty much summed up my life so far), and I have a deep spirituality despite not really ever going to church. I have nothing in common with the people around me, or even my family really, save for a VERY select few that I mentioned earlier. I don’t get along well with my parents. At all, and it’s not some teenager hormone problem either, it’s deeper than that, at a level I can’t explain verbally. Random strangers can talk to me and spill details that would typically be reserved for a significant other, and animals also have no problem being around me, despite being judged dangerous by others (again, like Andy said). I am glad to see everything that you all have said. I hope you don’t take one look at my comment and think i’m just some “kid”(18 here guys) with a religious fixation and obsession, looking to escape a world he “doesn’t try hard enough to fit into.” I’ve read all of yours and wholeheartedly opened myself up to say all this, something I don’t do for anyone except my girlfriend and brother-like friend.

    Peace be with you all,

  • The Fluffy Rooster

    When I was little. Before the age of 7. I was certain that I could fly. I would say to my family, “I used to do it all the time. I know I can if I keep trying.” I have re-occuring dreams, very vivid, of being a creature which oddly resembles Dobby from Harry Potter with wings and ability to climb buildings. I feel like I lived in a different planet. Sometimes I “remember” it. I cannot understand humans at all. Everything humans do is so complicated, even when they try to do good with religion, they tend to become more judgmental. The level of stupidity of humans amazes me. I think humans walk around blind. I don’t even have respect for people that are well educated and are still doing meaningless things. I’ve always tried to do my best to fit in only to find myself completely uninterested. However, I do things that are completely odd to me. I can change the moods of other people. I can make others happy instantly. I used to think it was all coincidence. But I started noticing the pattern and became curious about it. I would let the mood of the room continue until I decided to step in and “fix” it, and it works instantly. All my life I have been told, “Why am I telling you all my problems? I’m so sorry to have wasted your time but I feel so much better now.” I find strangers telling me their whole life story quite often. When my teens friends come over and start pouring their souls to me, my kids think I’m psychic. I’m not. I notice my body picks up on feelings a lot. One night I had a panic attack, which is unusual for me, I’m usually calm. The next day a friend calls me and tells me she had a panic attack the night before. This happens a lot. So now when I feel things out of the blue I know it’s not me and I try to find the person right away to console them. Two weeks ago I saw a psychic. Without me bringing it up she said, “You feel like you’re not from Earth. It’s because your soul is not.” For some reason hearing her say that make me feel like finally someone understood me. It was such a relief.

    • wow, that’s so interesting! thanks so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yay! congrats on your awakening! love and light to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sunny Smile

    Hello Tanaaz,
    I hope you are well. Some very interesting reading and comments from other people. May I ask, where did you get this information from regarding Earth Angels?
    Best wishes,

    Sunny Smile

    • Hi Sunny Smile, this is from a combination of what i have read/researched and felt from my own experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Donielle J

    This comment section is beautiful, I have been reading it like a book! lol

    • so happy to hear that! i love reading them too!

  • Kristina

    Hi there,
    I am not sure if I am an Earthangel but almost everything describes my personality exept that I am a Sagittarius. I definitely like to be around angels since I feel safe with them. I definitely don’t feel like I am angel now since I am having a lot of sadness with love. I have suffered a lot of pain with my family and now my spouse. I am seeing numbers and I am trying to find out what they mean. I am also starting to meditate and I have this beautiful amazing warm feeling for a moment and than it is calm. I woke up with my chest hurting. I don’t know what this means… I really love to give to people and make them smile! I don’t know about wings…. but I have constant back pain and stomach issues. I really like to meet others who are experiencing something different in this life. I don’t feel good here and just having a normal life seems empty to me.

    • Myth

      I think you can find beautiful things in this world that can help ground you. You can help so many people just from sharing your experiences. If you don’t want a normal life then go out there and make it interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ the arts are a great way to spice up your life. Try to paint something, draw something, sing something, go to a play, travel. I can’t speak about love but I feel if you expand your horizons you can meet someone that can help you.

  • Jasmine Rose

    My mom had a dream of me with angel wings, holding a sword, and leading an army of angels. She told me, Jasmine you’re an angel. You really are. God showed it to me. I usually feel isolated and have many visions of living in a different world. I’m always longing to go home to those places and it makes me sad. I’m also nomadic by heart and opened to many relationships. If I’m not an Earth angel, I’m definitely called to a higher purpose in this lifetime.

    • Evangelista

      Have you found your calling? Jasmine Rose. You have truth in your words and i am wounder if you have asked the universe for assistance. โœŒ

  • Kristina

    Hi Tanaaz
    Do you have any books about Earthangels?

    • No, but you have given me an idea!!! The best book out there that I know of is by Doreen Virtue. There are probably others but this is a great starting place-

      • Kristina

        I am happy I didโ˜บ thank you Tanaaz!

  • Emmet Spear

    I had a sneaking suspicion that I was one.. That is how I found this page.. Andy is right about seeing the inside of your mother’s womb, and actually comprehending what you see. I also wear a cross with no particular religion in mind. I am younger, so I guess that it will take me some time to stop fearing what I don’t understand about myself. All of those things apply to me except the ego, and the bi thing. I don’t feel that I need money, or materials to make me happy. I will need some time to get used to these things. I will have to find my path.

    • Evangelista

      Have you found your path? Did you requested assistance from the universe? โœŒ

      • Emmet

        There is a lot of uncertainty, and conflict in the world. I am supposed to help as many people as I can. The rest I am not entirely sure of yet..

  • Sonnya

    Hi. I cant really say much about myself except that growing up it wasn’t good. My father was abusive, physically and mentally, he murdered my mother when i was 11. After that i felt like i was to blame. I even felt it from a few close members off my family because i was my fathers daughter i should have stopped it from happening. So i lost my faith in god. While my father was in prison i contacted him and asked him why? I stupidly believed his answer that it was a crime of passion and he killed my mum in the heat of the moment. And i forgave him. He was released in 2007. By April 2010 he was back inside for murdering his ex girlfriend! I will always hate myself because if i didnt write a letter to the Prime Minister he wouldnt have been released and his second victim would still be alive. At the end of last year i was watching youtube and this video came on, it was a cctv clip of some kind of bright light in the shape of an angel. My partner thought it was a fake but i swear i could feel it in my whole body that it wasn’t. I felt this warmth like something was holding me i cant really describe it but i know in my my heart it was god. It was like i had been asleep moast of my life and i just woke up. My whole life i have never felt at home, and i have done things like drink and drugs to make me numb to the pain. That all stopped in August 2009, and i moved down to London at the start of 2010. I turned my life around and now i feel like god wants me to do something but i cannot figur out what.

    • Matt

      You need not know “what”, and none can teach you.
      For, it is your journey, “faith” will lead set you free.
      Follow your heart.
      “God” ??? is an unknown enigma. We are it. It is us. “God” is everything!
      You are connected to the universe every second, the air around you, the ground you walk on, is all connected to “God” or energy.
      Throughout time the fight has been between good and evil.
      What “we” see as “that” isn’t “truth”.
      This age is filled with deception.
      Truth is in our heart, our basic of instincts.
      Step outside and look around. The planet is crying “help”.

      I believe in God, all of them. Which one is “truth”. Who will save us? Us.

      Every religion teaches the same basic beliefs. “Good” “Evil”.

      My advice to you is “believe”, in you, as one, with the everything.

      I was here for your call.


    • Gareth Mason

      Healing, help others, writing, anything that can have a positive effect on others is usually what we need to do…

      • Christy

        Hiya Gareth mason you seem to know your stuff and I need your helping in finding what I am
        When I was 5-6 years old I’ve always had a calling to mature and animals and would prefer to be outside and play with animals and run in fields then associate with kids my own age as well I used to feel that I was a mermaid and would have intense dreams of the ocean calling me for a very long time and I used to believe in reincarnation I don’t how or why at young age when religion was not introduced to me but I already had ideas weirdly I also had a calling for nature I still do have this yearning feeling for the sky and its very strong I am also very fully awake and aware and at times I will look at the sky waiting for something I don’t know what but also having these strong emotions that I want to go home
        Another thing is I have very strong senseries I know when I’m not alone and I know where to look if it’s a bug , mouse , or spirit
        I also have very strong empathy for women , children or anyone suffering even spirits emotions they are also able to connect with me with their emotions or feeling and this makes me very emotional with high intensity I don’t know why but this has only started for the last couple of months
        Am I earth angel

  • Kempachi

    I saw myself I was a sad angel in heaven, and suddenly i fell to this world and was reborn to be a human baby already inside a mothers womb, I can already see myself inside that womb until the day I was taken out of the womb on my rebirth on the 1st day of December.. Until now i can still remember this unclear memory..

    • Evangelista

      Your road is bumpy. Has it smoothed out for you?

  • Johan Vermeulen

    Hi there i am very new to all this . i have always been told i am crazy and making it all up for attention
    but now it is getting stronger . i have been told by others that i have shadows attached to me , but i have never seen it but i can always feel them with me .
    i have been in 2 car accidents where i was supose to be DEAD and yet i did not even have a scratch on me .
    i also have the ability to feel someones mood if i am near them and even adopt it .
    i can even control my ageing , i am 38 and look 25 and i can control my healing and metabolism .
    i have also found that i get a lot of dayshavoo with current happenings

    can anyone please help me to figure this all out
    Kind regards
    Johan Vermeulen

    • Evangelista

      The shadow of the past follows us all. You must move forward with clarity. No one can help, it is your journey. Ask the universe for assistance. Pray, meditate and call an angel to sit beside you. Faith is a must to be able to here. โœŒ

  • Abby Myerscough

    I just read this and got extremely emotional,(uncontrollable crying) and had a spiritual encounter /omen with a hawk today. I have always followed Catholicism, but I feel there is something deeper. Recently I came out of such a terribly hard time, dealing with crimes, affairs, sodomy, death, and now, as if I’ve risen from the ashes, I am completely whole and pure as if something has been carrying me. Having all my essential needs hit the hardest for me, as I’ve never been hungry and help those who are. I will ask for a sign of conformation, to reveal if I am just very imaginative or I am, by your definition, an old soul/Earth Angel. (I am also vegan, and haven’t consumed animal flesh for many many years by pure choice.)

    • beautiful! thank you so much for sharing, yes i think asking for a sign from the universe is the best way to know but i think judging by your reaction to the article, you probably already know the answer ๐Ÿ™‚ love and light to you

  • Evangelista

    Your numbers(12) (100%) add 112 = 4…….masters are helping you. You must have faith to hear the masters. โœŒalso look up angel number 112 โœŒ

  • 420Mama

    crying so hard

    • Dawlin Rodriguez

      Hello are u alright? Did you want to talk about it? I’m sorry u are sad I have been crying for one month straight daily .

  • andy raybould

    Hi there and thank you all for replying to me with your wonderful and amazing stories. Also thank you for Tanaaz for this page so we can tell each other about how we feel as we embark on a journey that could be absolutely indescribable. I think we need a group or Facebook page maybe so we can connect daily or weekly to guide each other and new people who are awakening. I have studied so hard now in this field and have some remarkable findings about different things that just fill me with excitement and joy. No longer are we alone. If anyone has any ideas please comment back and let’s get connected and feed off each other’s energy and guidance. After all we are one of the same spiritually. With what I have learned I could pass on so much knowledge and so can you from your own experiences in life.

    Thank you every one of you


    • Julie Wilson

      Hi Andy,
      Guidance is definitely what I need and somewhere to share my feelings with people I hope may understand. Since being a child I’ve felt like I don’t belong on this plain. I’ve spent years searching for a purpose here there and everywhere. Virtually all 21 Earthly angel traits apply to me which I’m pleased about as it means I’m not going totally mad – I experience such highs and lows that I see a shrink and take mood stabilisers. I’ve told psychiatrists in the past that I feel like a fallen angel and that I should never have been born. They haven’t locked me up because I’m too intelligent and of sound mind, lol. Anyway, my story is long and complex. I’m now 53 divorced with 2 children and no longer working as a teacher, which I loved, due to Lupus. The older I get the stronger the yearning to go home is, though God has always looked after me by opening windows and doors when needed. I’m alone in a crowd. Any advice? xx

  • Marina Oprea

    The angels are not allowed to be sexual/bisexual. Fallen angels have been cast out of heaven for sinning with women and not with men. They were not bisexual. Satan became their laeder. A fallen angel is not an angel. A fallen angel fallows Satan. Sorry guys but this article is crap.

  • James Cline

    Earth angel continue forever! Don’t Exists

  • mcrum dw

    For me its all true! me its all true. But not the title. Im playing your angel now. The title is deceiving. Just using the word angel is racist(in my opninion). Some of these people used to worship different things and beings since long time(before monotheistic religions came to be) till now. Dont you feel this runs in the genes?! Dont you feel at least one other family member can fit these symptoms? Or at least few of them? These are all symptoms of a combination of cetain physical circustances and brain disorders. And in My opinion maybe(not sure but id like to feel special too but in a factual biological way) the gene responssible for this was naturally selected to help the human race get to were we are now. in my personal opinion and no judgment intended, religion was created by such people who used there power to mind control on a large scale which is the escence of human evolution. Putting hand in hand and working to achieve for the greater good for OUR SPIECES.
    Please dont reason with what u dont understand. And dont understand what you cant reason!


    I believe my case is a combination of:
    personal exerience, Ethics(taught by my parents), relatively high IQ and a very high EQ( emotional inteligence), Atenttion Deficit hyper activity disorder Disorder and other things that i may not get to understand. :p

    By the way! For you angels i have social media accouts which i rarely use. And this is the first time i get compeled to comment on a subject

    I thank you taz for this wonderful effort to put your self into your work in helping people find their inner piece.

    yours sincerely
    The devil
    (Just Kidding :p)

    • mcrum dw


  • Yvette Kyriak-Lopez

    After reading this I realize that I definitely have all of these characteristics. I’ve had them since I was very young but at some point in my life growing up I started to suppress them due to very Christian Catholic mother and community that shamed me for these talents saying they were demonic. I actually help people for a living now after so many years of battling with these gifts I’ve finally am giving in to them again and accepting. I’ve very drawn to people but also need time to be alone. When reading the signs of a lightworker, i also noticed that I have a few of those characteristics/talents/gifts. How can that be?

  • Christal

    I enjoyed the reading. i did have a hard time with the statement that angels could be bi-sexual, cause if u remember the story of when the angels came to lot to bring him and his family out there was two men whom followed those angels male angels desiring to have sex with them and lot offered them his daughters instead but they refused so the angels whom don’t believe in such stuck those men with blindness for punishment….

    I found many things spot on. u didn’t mention how out of place u might feel as a child specially if u are off playing with ur team that only u can see and how other kids might make fun of u for it. Then u finally realize the older u get i mean and this keeps happening then u realize u must be the only one whom sees these others. Then by the time u are grown u realize more and more how different u are and how there are so many things in life u just can’t do cause it don’t line up with how u feel inside, like maybe u can’t drink, smoke or part take of many earthly things sinful things. But if u read titus in the bible and timothy u begin to feel like u know why. Just thought i’d throw this out there.

  • Christal

    I have a question for those whom believe this is u and that u r one, plz this is a serious question plz don’t be offended I have read some replies, so i just need to ask do any of u have gifts do u know what ur purpose for being here is? When i say gifts i mean do u feel what others feel? or see things before they happen, do u have the ability to heal earth beings humans if u will? Such things as this…If any of u do can u share a story with us or such.

    • Alexis Dupuis

      I know when people are going to die, I can see images that have symbolic meaning to people, I know what others are feeling, I can pick up on energies, I can feel spirits, and I know how to deal with people. That last one basically means I know what scares them, what makes them upset, and how to befriend them just from talking to them for a few minutes or days, depending on the person.

      • Christal

        Alexis, thank u for the reply… I hate that gift of knowing when someone will die. I often feel like i am causing it just by speaking it into being. But it’s just something i feel and know and speak. It is one of many things that i have be able to do. Since my early child hood i have told my family and friends things that ended up coming to past. as a small child i often saw things play out like a movie on a wall or floor as i got older it was like it was in my head, then as i got even older it’s like it was just a feeling just something i knew. as i get older i find my gifts change and grow. i feel what others feel. I mean literally i feel pain, sickness, even joy, and love, fear, the stronger they feel it the more i feel it and something think it’s mine, often over a distance even. I find myself connected to people hundreds of miles away from me and i can’t explain why. I feel like they are my family and i get attached to folks in my churches very easy. U have discernment of spirits u said u feel them can u tell when u feel them if they are good or evil? I was searching for people whom might have been shown things like i was. I was hopeful i am not the only one. I wont say what that is i want to know when i find someone they r able to tell me what they have been shown without my poluting it.

        • Alexis Dupuis

          I am still kind of young, only 15, so my gifts haven’t changed much. But recently I started seeing numbers, which were exact dates and times. I’ve also seen bible passages that needed to be seen by certain people. And yes, I can tell if a spirit is good or bad. It’s either a light warm feeling or a heavy dark feeling. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it other than that. And just like you mentioned, I also feel pain and worry of others. I use it as an opportunity to talk to them and ask what’s wrong. And I thought I was the only one who felt like they were causing death by speaking of it…I was always so worried that I was a death giver, like I somehow planned when they were going to die and I felt terrible about it.

  • Alexis Dupuis

    What happens if you relate to every single thing listed? I do but I don’t want to think I’m an angel. Angels seem so pure and wonderful and I’m me. I cam be selfish and I have desires that can be seen as impure. How do I know? I have spiritual abilities as well, like knowing when people are going to die, and I see images in my head that pertain to other people. I’ve been confused about myself for a long time. Any insight would be amazing.

    • earth angels still have all the same qualities as other humans, but that doesn’t change who you are on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lorrie Cooper

    I would say I have 50% of what they call an earth angle.

    but I have dreams – physical dreams… not just sight and sounds. like I am pinned down but I can fight back.

    one time I was sleeping with my arms behind my head… and something was fighting me… and told me not to show my wings. it was physical – it was holding me down… but I was not scared.

    I am not nuts and have many contacts all my life but I don’t understand….

    when I sleep… always hot and cold… can someone help?

  • Lorrie Cooper

    would say I have 50% of what they call an earth angle.

    but I have dreams – physical dreams… not just sight and sounds. like I am pinned down but I can fight back.

    one time I was sleeping with my arms behind my head… and something was fighting me… and told me not to show my wings. it was physical – it was holding me down… but I was not scared.

    I am not nuts and have many contacts all my life but I don’t understand….

    when I sleep… always hot and cold… can someone help?

  • Sree

    Do earth angels really exist??

  • Sree

    Hii there. I want to share some of my experiences. Since my childhood I had been very silent. I don’t talk much with people. Whenever there’s crowd, I feel very much uncomfortable. I like to be alone. I keep talking to myself almost all the time. Also I’m very negative. I Don’t have confidence in myself. I Easily get hurt by people. When I see people around me I get the I get somewhat feeling. For example, when I saw my friend first time, it was just coming into my mind that she is not good, she is selfish. Because we were of the same class, she become my friend. At first she was like she’s a good person. I doubted my feelings that what I was thinking about her was wrong. Later after few days, I came to know that actually she was not good. She make fun of others. She hurt people and make use of them. She act Kind whenever she wants her work to be done by them. This kind of things happen all the time like I will be able to judge people. Still not sure if my thoughts are right. And I don’t have any faith in myself. I can’t just control my thoughts. I treat people kindly, also help them. Most of the times I will be thinking about the purpose of life. And I don’t like technology, because its actually destroying everything nature, increasing diseases, people have to work so hard, and that too they hav to work on something which they have interest on, there’s only sufferings. God made things so that people can understand each other. But for these things, people are fighting. This place is actually a hell. Can you suggest me anything so that I can try to change a bit so that it would comfort me in any way. Because I’m tired of watching all these. Also I get hurt too much that it’s causing health problems.

  • Maire Dauphine

    Maybe the Angels should come together to find their place and who they are….we don’t need to feel out of place here. I don’t want to feel alone or confused I’m 17 and I just had my recollections of my whole life as an angel or the knowlege of being one hit me the other day and all of a sudden I just know things and everything thats happened to me just starts to make sense. I know all about gods duties and mine and whats its like to feel as I did without my human body…I am so happy I found out who I really am but I want someone to talk to about it without sounding wierd or mentally insane. I was down and lost and I kept asking for my purpose then all of a sudden a voice in my head told me I was an angel and strange memories came back to my head…my whole life i pretended they were dreams but i never remembered dreaming about them they’ve just always bean there. Now I know they’re memories. And Im an angel!

  • kennedy bailey

    I’ve always had a rather not so interesting life, I am 17 now and after I finished my freshman year of high school was when I started dreaming about being home or somewhere I wanted to be, and dreaming of people I have never met and places I’ve never been, but then I realized that they were memories that I didnt think were connected to my life but they were, I’ve always had a longing to go home, I would have christian songs stuck in my head when i fall asleep at night and I’d wake up singing them first thing in the morning. I’m really protective over my 3 month baby brother he smiles at me a lot and he crys when someone he hasen’t been around, but when I hold him he immediately stops. I had a dream once where i met the archangel Gabriel, and then when I was actually driving to Georgia with my grandparents one year, this one isn’t a dream but we stopped at this gas station to get gas, stretch our legs, etc, I saw this little girl about age 6-7 right around there come up to me and ask me this question “Are you an angel?” she asked. My response “Do you think I am?”. She nodded “Yeah, I can see your wings”. Her older sister came over then, and said that her sister had developed an imagination of seeing angels after their grandmother passed away, but i don’t think it was the little girls imagination at all, I believe she was seeing what she was seeing. And then what happened next was me and my grandparents weren’t there for like 10 minutes before I saw an angel outside, people call it a gift, if you have the ability to see angels, but it was the archangel Gabriel again, the little girl could see him I could see him too, the little girl had a sweet name, Rosie… she looked at me then to him and then back at me and said to him “is she going back with you?” Gabriel answered softly smiling down at her and said “no not yet, her task here isn’t done yet, but when it is she will return to us, it wasen’t by chance you happened to come across her, she was meant to be here”. to me when i read through the signs listed on this page, i was suprised that all these signs related to me. and i am proud to be an earth angel, and i cant wait to go back home.

  • Xuggs

    Interesting article. I feel that all but maybe one or two items aren’t checked off of my list yet. So… Has anyone ever been given a book to read when astro-projecting? I found a very old dark toned book and was curious to see what it said but was spooked by a presence before reading it.

  • Alekai

    haha thats just funny a earth angel?? I meet all the categories and feel like its not possible. I guess this is just another blog on how to make people have a purpose by giving a purpose like ‘Earth Angel’.

  • C Biley

    I remember many things which took place in my life as a child and prior to birth.
    A shot gun house white with paint peeling that set on a lot with 3 other houses the same. Children running outside.
    Hearing someone calling my name in the manner of my mom when she wanted me to come home from playtime.
    A fierce storm with lighting that shattered a window when I was 4 and caused a shard of glass to pierce the large vein in my dad’s left arm. I watched his eye become white and he was still. I ran to the window and yelled..”stop making that noise!” Leave my daddy alone.”. I went back to where he sat . As soon as I touched him, he came out of his catatonic state.
    Our home had a poltergeist. Being young I did not know how to fear as today. Dishes would break, women will be on the porch laughing and cigarette smoke was strong. One might, my family including my 2 younger brothers sat in a room silent. I listened to dishes falling and breaking as if someone was angry times 10! I asked my daddy who was in the kitchen he said nobody. I asked who breaking dishes? He said he didn’t know. I told him to go see. He told me ,”you go look”. I ran to the kitchen, it was spotless still as my mother left it. I walked around. Looked in the pantry and saw nothing. I came back and told my dad and family nothing is broken come see. Nobody in the kitchen. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the threshold he looked around and left. They (we) never had that problem again.
    I have experienced entering others body when tough decisions are needed to be made. Including visiting a president prior to a setback and encouraging him.
    Visit past. Future 10 years advance of my own life, and more. I try to stay low-key.
    These things I mention are surface only however, it cause me to seek my equal as I have not found. He has visited in the spirit while awake and sleep.
    Relationships as she mention are difficult to obtain. I seem to be drawn to people that have tainted souls or spirit. It seems I’m suppose to help them. Often they do not desire it. Attraction has always been for bad boys, so now I know whom to stay away from.. (laughing).
    I really enjoyed reading…

  • AlohaSnackbar

    I call BOOLSHEET. I’m an earth angel but I despise the metaphysical and new age horse-crap that gets dolloped on good deeds. I have natural compassion —- more than my fair share, and I will do what it takes to save other life forms. This stoopid article is EXACTLY why people like me who are srs about doing decent shiz here are marginalized. Dude, you are doing way more harm than g00d.

  • Sonja Regenberg

    Reading this had me a little emotional. I was googling why I felt like light lol.. It was only yesterday I told my nanny I get homesick often. I have never fit in, only with older people, little kids, and a few very special friends. My partner has a darkness and I can’t understand what attracted me to him. Just that I had to be with him to balance and help him. Our first son I had a dream of before we decided to have a baby. It was a little golden hair, blue eyed cherub from heaven. He’s now 3 and the most sweet little boy. I always felt very connected to him, he was always with me. When I wanted to have my second child, the week my partner and I decided, a little girl spirit hung around Henry and I. Toys moved, my son who was 2 at the time watched her, and I knew she would be mischievous. My daughter is now 1 and very cheeky. I’ve had a lot of spiritual experiences and I have been learning to see angels as colours. I have had prophetic dreams (awake and asleep). I’m studying nursing and later midwifery. I went from 6 years working as a legal secretary to desperately wanting to become a midwife. I want to help mothers during their most significant life experience. I don’t know if I’m an Earth angel and I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve always felt like this is my last chance at humanity and when I’m 111 (I told people I’d live to this since I was a little girl haha!) maybe I am an angel… haha got a lot of work and life to enjoy until then ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dude

    The problem with the list above is that everyone can relate to their own interpretation of them.

    For example, Your emotions feel deep.
    Many will agree, but how deep is deep?

    Describe deep? Is your deep deeper than my deep? Can it even be measured?

  • Jane Doe

    Hello, I need some advice on being good… Recently, my neighbour’s boyfriend has been stealing parcels/packages from our mailbox many times when I caught him today right in front of my front door to get away with all of it again. What should I do to talk the higher road? Can I ask the angels to make the man confess and bring back the things he stole? I think spirit guides/angels were warning me earlier because I was at our back yard then I see medium tapping on our glass door enough to shake it so many times and that glass door leads to the front door of our house before the boyfriend came… I just really want to get our stuff back and to make him stop stealing from our house…

    Can I get some advice to get some help from angels? I’m really upset since I bought the items in parcels for good intentions…

  • HopeSummer
  • Angie Cnvt

    Hola everyone, I am atheist. I don’t believe in god or anything that is supposedly superior to human kind. I think the only limits are the ones we set ourselves and the ones society sets for us. Yet, I somehow feel attracted to the christian religion. I was given a miraculous medal by a spanish priest when I was 8, and then found an other small medal on the floor with an angel and strenght written at the back of the medal. I’ve kept it until now. I acknowledged things about the world and existence that most people of my age (16 now) don’t even ask themselves about. I’ve always felt like I had a purpose, a message to give to the world the best thing is my name means messenger (Angelina). Since I was little, I talked to the moon or the stars, maybe hoping for anyone to hear me. I still do it today and I don’t even believe in anyone being up above the clouds and watching or listening to me. It feels so natural and it helped me through depression a few months ago. What I’m trying to say by this is that I feel like I’m supposed to do something. And whether I’m an angel or not, i don’t know. I’ve always been associated to one, and even my name has some angelic signification but I can’t tell for sure it’s not all just a coรฏncidence. I’d love to have answers but I somehow know the answers will only come from me and probably with time and experiences. Thank you for publishing this though, because it made me ask my self for real if there is a possibility I could be an “Angel” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Taylor Schumacher

    when I was about 6 or 7 i woke up in the middle of the night and saw a about toddler sized floating being that was glowing white somewhat like an angel, i closed my eyes thinking it was a dream naturally and reopened them and it was still there at this point i was quite frightened and to this day i dont know what it was or what it meant.

    • sounds like a cherub! they are protectors and guardian angels.

  • Tracy Cortes

    I always felt like I dont belong. But i see shadows lot. I feel like I experience things over and over. I went to sleep and I was in park in New York. I was standing tbere and seen woman killed. I have never been there before. I just feel different.

  • muamiska Yeboah

    Ive been looking for others like myself. I was once in a grocery store and a little girl starting yelling look mom its a angel and she was looking and pointing at me. In my life Ive had some pretty weird things happen to me from seeing spirits all the time growing up, to being able to read people, etc. I sometimes hate that I can feel others emotions as well as my own emotions are felt by others. Im very sensitive to caffeine, alcohol and cant do any recreational drugs or medical drugs neither. Im always looking at my body as if I dont belong in it. I once took ayahuasca and the spirit of the plant confirmed when I asked who am I, I was told I am a angel who was put on this earth as a black woman for a specific purpose. To help others and to redeem myself because I wasnt so good before. well this totally freaked me out and I swore to never take the plant again

  • The Emerald Ghost

    I feel phantom wings on my back. They feel heavy, but light. I can move them and stretch something that isnโ€™t there. They can flutter and I am working on flapping. They first became apparent a few years ago. And since then the weight suddenly pops up and I feel them. Now it is nearly constant. Is this a sign?

  • Alex Gutorovics


  • Manuel

    Fake spiritual teachers everywhere, angels of God, please listen to Jesus. if you are really awake, youll know your mission here on earth and take orders from Jesus and your prime guardian only. dont be fooled. Know that the devil will disguise as the light and tell you things that you wanna hear, jesus otherwise, his voice roars like thunder, you cant control your kneeling and you will tremble in fear if you are an evil doer.

  • Cherie O’Connor

    We are all angels, are you going to claim your wings that is the question.

  • Miranda sweitzer

    Wow. 19 comments huh? I always see 911… everywhere. I had a very rough spiritual awakening. Thought it was a mental breakdown actually. Now I understand. Iโ€™ve been known to be able to heal. Lately, Iโ€™ve been hearing messages from spirits and itโ€™s loud. So far every single thing I have been almost urged to say has been confirmed that I had no way of knowing the info.. weird stuff happens to me every day. Unexplainable events that no one would even begin to believe. Any sane person would say I need to be in the nuthouse . Firmly believe god sent me here to help certain people by delivering these messages I receive randomly. Just last night it wasnโ€™t only me my boyfriend experienced it too. White noise at 4 am. It was very loud and lasted abt 5 seconds… right before that we both were touched by a spirit. Can anyone please help me understand this? Please anyone who has had anything similar happen contact me! I am certain I know exactly who this specific spirit is that touched us last night. It is my bfs best friend who died about 16 yrs ago. Maybe I just need some reassurance that we arenโ€™t crazy. Thanks for yโ€™alls time

  • Janice Lyndon

    I know what your saying I SHIP IT. it’s too late to save quite a lot of people from the clutches of the Devil, he hasn’t got long to live now its any hour or day now, and this is what he does to try and take out as many as he can away from God the real Sovereign of this Universe.

  • Steve

    I love this story , thank you for sharing