Are You Manifesting from Your Higher Self or Your Ego?

manifesting from your higher self or ego

Are you manifesting the desires of your ego or the desires of your Higher Self?

Most Law of Attraction books will tell you that you can have everything, that you deserve everything, that all you have to do is visualize yourself having what you desire and *poof* it will magically appear.

While there is a lot of truth to this, when you manifest the desires of your ego, chances are you will always be left with wanting more or your manifestation will be filled with obsession, attachment and fear.

The ego loves to be in control and loves to ‘want’, in fact the more things the ego wants, the happier it becomes until the pursuit of these things leaves your soul withered and forever chasing.

When you manifest from your Higher Self however, suddenly your work becomes less about “asking and receiving” and more about “opening to receiving.”

“Instead of asking “What do I want from Life?” a more powerful question is- “What does life want from me?””- Eckhart Tolle


Manifesting from the Higher Self allows you to create experiences that don’t serve your small, ego-self but instead, cater to your highest path.

For example, lets say that you want to attract the perfect partner into your life.

The ego loves to control (ie. manifest) and will make a wish list of all the desirable traits their partner will have, from their occupation to the color of their hair.

The Higher Self however, will trust that the Universe will bring the “perfect” person, at the prefect time and trust so deeply that they need not state their intention more than once.

When you manifest from the Higher Self, there really is no need to visualize, make a wish list or create a vision board, because on a deeper level you trust in the Universe and that what is meant to be will always find a way, no matter what the circumstances are.

Working from the place of Higher Self, allows you to fully surrender to the Divine guidance of the Universe and to trust that the plans for the Universe are no match for the plans your ego-self wants for you.

This doesn’t mean that you sit back in a place of passiveness, in fact it is quite the reverse!

When you relax, release control and allow the Universe to unveil for you all it has in store, you are guided to always make the appropriate steps, in the appropriate direction and at exactly the appropriate time.

You hold the entire life force of the Universe inside of you, and when you allow that energy to fully move through you, rather than trying to control where it goes, you instantly open up to infinite possibilities that you could never even have imagined for yourself before.

This is why you can only ever vibrationally attract what you are- if you are always asking for more (like the ego does) you will only ever be left with the feeling of wanting more, no matter how many riches the Universe bestows upon you.

Just the same, when you start only wanting the things that your Higher Self wants, it instantly aligns the vibration your inner Universe with your outer Universe and that is where the true magic *poof* happens.

Instead of sending the Universe your wish list like it’s Santa Claus, why not instead ask the Universe to guide you using their wish list for you? After all, this is the wish list of your highest path and has the potential to serve the greatest good.

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  • Vivien Long

    Can you choose your family and life you come into before you are born or are you just paying back Karma?

    • I definitely think it is a bit of both. I think you can choose certain things, and then certain other things are your karmic destiny…

  • Taisha Rucker

    It’s interesting that I run across this article now. I recently released an online course that teaches people that the only true way to have it all is to first make contact with the Higher Self and then learn to sustain that. Only in this way do we 1) actually know what we really want; and 2) can be certain that our collective desires will converge in a greater service to all life on the planet.

    This article perfectly aligns with the growing energy that I know is guiding us to new ways to experience what it means to have it all.

  • DaveM

    An immoral person is unable to assess true information, the facts and circumstances tell nothing to an immoral person, even with 100% undeniable proof, they will refuse to believe the truth. The immoral person has NO higher Self, and the Spirit of that person is no longer there and the Spirit absent altogether, removing the “feelings” and that person only thinks and acts robotically with NO presence or consciousness whatsoever. An immoral person doesn’t know themselves, nor looks within, everything is materialistic and their thoughts are completely absorbed with getting ahead, screw unto others, and have NO care or consideration for anybody else except for the self, the wants, needs, desires, what’s in it for me, that is EGO. I made mistakes, several, I was wrong, but I certainly changed my ways altogether, and the Universe responded to me. One day I woke up and had seen all of the drastic changes that I attribute to being “moral”, that means doing the right thing all of the time regardless of the consequences.

  • DaveM

    A well organized vast interconnected infinite powerful structure with everything having a purpose, everything is relative, and there are NO coincidences. From cellular / molecular level (microcosm) = Humans = space galaxy to our solar system to the entire Universe (macrocosm) = the ALL, God, the Intelligent Field, the Creator, the Great Spirit. Whatever you may call “IT”, “IT” is there in everything and everyone as we are all a part of “IT” as “IT” is in all of us, as we are all a part of each other, including the moon, stars, the planets, the galaxy and the Universe. As above, so below. Whatever “IT” is, IT is the TRUTH, Love, CARE, joy, compassion, and “IT” IS THE HUMAN CONDITION. “It” comes from within, mentally, in the mind, “it” is a complete and an absolute KNOWING only from experience that cannot be learned or taught. Seek and ye shall find the TRUTH -“The kingdom of God is within you” . You are the teacher and the student. This mental connection is referred to as an awakening, enlightenment, a satori, etc., and it is the evolution of Human Beings. WE are all ONE and ONE with “IT” (InLakesh) with many systems working in harmonious conjunction floating and rotating through time/space on a giant magnetic rock between the Sun and Moon. The oxygenated air we breath into our lungs, and our circulatory systems that distributes this oxygenated blood throughout our bodies to sustain life. Our central nervous system, our digestive system, our skeletal system, and all the vital organs so neatly packaged and surrounded by a rib cage for protection, topped off with muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin tissue!!! Gravity (for examples: aids digestion and the flow of rivers) to OUR SENSES to all of the rules or systems in place that support all LIFE is NOT by chance or by accident whatsoever. There are LAWS for the universe as well, they work just as flawlessly and are always in effect. UNIVERSAL or NATURAL LAW. “IT” is all a PUZZLE of ONE LIVING BREATHING ORGANISM….. The NATIVE AMERICANS HAD KNOWN THIS for a very long time as well as many ancient civilizations thousands of years ago. If WE as a species get “it”, this is the answer, the key, the simple solution, and is what the powers that shouldn’t be do not want anybody to know to stop their “mind cage” “the trap” agenda for human slavery and all suffering to continue. OUR rulers, the dominator psychopathic inbred control freaks that WE allow to CONTROL us by giving away our power, suppressing this knowledge while they laugh all the way to their banks (federal reserve), their fake money, and man-made laws they have created while we are all too busy arguing and fighting amongst ourselves and so easily CONTROLLED with the DUALISM and DIALECTICS. There is a War on Consciousness!!!! Please help your fellow man/woman SEE the IGNORANCE in people, the brainwashing, the mind control, the manipulation, and the difference between right and wrong (show him or her), stop the LIES (and speak the TRUTH), and get out of base consciousness (the Reptile Brain or “R” complex which “FEAR” is the lowest vibrational frequency) and off the floor of the house to the higher Self. THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is NOT divided by pride, or a me, me, me, look at the “egoic me” selfish, self-centered, I am special, I’m better than you, look what I can do, and my crap don’t stink, building bombs spreading hate and discontent, creating wars, biological, chemical and radiological weapons, greed for world power, opium, cocaine, and oil, killing one another, putting countries and people at odds with one another, continually arguing and complaining, the finger-pointing casting blame games, politically correct, economically, socially, religiously, by heritage, by culture, by background, by race, by class, by creed, sexual preference, THIS IS all perpetually propagated and disseminated by the Government media outlets, education indoctrination systems, social engineering to condition people what to THINK what’s acceptable or considered “the norm”, to go along with the PROGRAM and their God = money, etc., which is all a carrot on a stick, herd, robotic, and parrot mentality on this human farm having to prove yourself or the group you think you belong to be right or any better in a non-stop dissention competition for human beings TO be forced to THINK a certain WAY!!!! THIS learned behavior, monkey see monkey do IGNORANCE easily controls the masses – with a unique cognitive separateness to a divide and conquer strategy, rather, a consciousness in which YOU actually think for your Self, more importantly, a TRUE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS in which we are ALL connected to OUR CREATOR for the betterment of all mankind in accordance with Natural Law, the Golden Rule, Karma, and the Law of Attraction. I WAS THERE – I KNOW, I WAS WRONG, and you too will recognize them by the fruits they bear, not by their clever actions, their charm, charisma, or clothes they wear, or cars they drive. If you lower your consciousness level by continuing to choose evil or do the wrong things, even once you stoop low, you will inevitably become a part of this dark force as a willing tainted participant inviting evil in. Also, if you choose to accept falsehoods as truths and continue to “believe” in things that are not true, you are most likely on the left hand path unknowingly!!! Your FREE WILL is not taken from you, you give it away slowly and unknowingly.?? That is one way evil operates and it SLOWLY creeps into the lives of so many people, through consciousness or the lack thereof. The ultimate deception is going on with your life and NOT even knowing you’re FOOLED, DUPED, DECEIVED….BAM-BOOZLED. PLEASE HELP OTHERS WAKE UP and scream TRUTH from the rooftops!!!!!!! There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; The other is to refuse to accept what is true. Sorrn Kierkegaard. “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

  • pacNW1967 how do you connect with your higher self? Meditation?

  • rideforever

    If you don’t know what your higher self is, then you are the ego.
    If you know your higher self then you recognize 2 beings in you, the outer conditioned ego a product of the cultural programming, and something pure inside.
    There is no compromise, or you are the ego.
    If you are unsure then you are the ego.
    How to find the Higher Being ?
    If you know already then all is well, and many do.
    If you don’t it needs to become activated – discovered inside and this often requires Holy company, time self-reflection self-rumination and the catastrophes of life’s disasters faced honestly. It is a difficult stage.
    Always be sensitive and self-observant and as honest as you can muster.