How to Ask the Universe for a Sign

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The Universe is always guiding and lighting our way forward. In fact, if we can get really still and pay attention, chances are we will see signs and clues all around us that will help us to know the way.

Let’s be clear; there is no wrong or right direction in life, but sometimes allowing a little Divine inspiration in can help us to make clearer decisions and follow our path of purpose.

Following the path of purpose is really about following our truth and going in the direction of our soul and heart.

While we all have a say in what we create in this Universe, when we tune into the flow and energy around us, we can create a life that truly feels good.

This is about working alongside the Divine Universe and allowing it to help us.

One of the best ways to achieve this comes from Tosha Silver, who says-

“Hold the question in your heart. Ask with complete focus and conviction for the Universe’s guidance. Then let go and see what bread crumbs come for you to follow.”

To me it doesn’t get any more real than that. But how do you recognise the breadcrumbs? How do you see them when they appear?

It can be tricky to recognise the breadcrumbs especially if you are caught up in the labyrinth of your life and are struggling to find the truth.

Here are some strategies to help and how you can receive a sign from the Universe:

  • Get clear about your intention. Why are you looking for a sign? Feel your intention and get clear with it. You may even want to write it down. For example- “My intention is to know whether taking this job will be the right step in my career?” Note: this is a pretty loaded question, if you are new to this you may want to start with something smaller so you are not too attached to the outcome. 
  • Hold your intention close to your heart, allow yourself to feel it. Try not to get logical with this or start dreaming up “what if’s” just send your question out into the Universe and trust that you are being heard.
  • Ask the Universe for a specific, clear sign by
    • Setting a time frame: ask the Universe to deliver a sign during a certain time period.
    • Ask the Universe to send the sign a number of times, usually 3 is a good number.
    • Ask the Universe to help the sign be obvious and meaningful to you.
  • Let it go and stay open. This is the most important of all the steps. The sign may not come in the way you expect it to, so stay open and trust that the sign is already be delivered to you. Also, try not to get caught up in rationalising everything that happens to you as a “sign”. Just let it go, and allow the message to come to you.

The Universe is always speaking to us in signs, but sometimes it helps to set an intention in order to observe the Universe and work alongside it.

The Universe is an amazing force that lives within us and all around us. When you tune into the vibration of your own soul and the energies around you, you will automatically feel the guiding light moving you forward.

Here are some common ways that the Universe communicates with us.

So, give this a try and see if the Universe delivers to you a sign.

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  • NKSinn

    Thank you for posting this; it is very helpful and informative. I love your site!

    • no problem! thank you so much 🙂

  • Wonderful suggestions!! Thanks so much for this.

  • This put the biggest smile on my face!!! Best thing I have read all day!! You are experiencing the magic that I just want to shout from the roof tops about!!! Welcome to a whole new world 🙂

  • Kitty

    Hi Tanaaz. Thank you very much for building this site. It is a really empowering place for me at this difficult point in my life. I am a firm believer in following my intuition since I was a small kid and this led to me a journey finally that was the hardest. In summary, I followed my heart from the other end of the world to the US to only find that I had been only played with all this time. Even Nostradamus was wrong with his predictions as I saw once in a documentary, so was trying to see this experience as sth that would turn into something else.Then my sister who had been battling with psychological illnesses over 18 years killed herself in a dramatic way and it became harder for me to find positivity. If there weren’t your articles to read, I don’t know what I’d do. Thank you for being who you are and lighting up my path and surely many others.

  • Kattie Annabelle

    I asked for a sign from the universe to be delivered in 24 hours and I have a cat who loves water as it was raining very hard and he loves water, I opened the window holding my cat in my arms and we were just looking outside when a very loud thunder almost shook the house and a lightning but it was very loud and all I can think is:
    The universe is telling me off, it is possible?
    Has anyone had similar experience?
    Please anyone can answer

    • sounds like you got your sign! i dont think its the universe telling you off.

  • Ashley Percival

    I asked to see three white feathers a couple weeks ago to give me some direction on a relationship I have. Within a week of asking I did see the feathers. One week after the time frame I asked for a saw two more- what do you make of seeing the items you requested but outside the time frame asked?