Finding Your Soul Place

finding your soul place

“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you. Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move against the earth and the sky, the Beloved has bowed there- knowing you were coming.”- Hafiz

Do you feel a connection to the earth that you are standing on right now? Do you feel a strong soul connection to where you are in the world?

At different times in our lives, our soul may be called to a different spot on this earth. At the time of my spiritual awakening, I felt a calling to the city of Los Angeles.

I wasn’t really sure why or how, but I knew that I would end up there. Of course, 5 years later I did and this is where I reside today.

I am not sure if Los Angeles is where I will be forever, but for right now I am certain that it is my Soul Place.

A Soul Place is where your soul feels most at home. For me, my Soul Place was half way around the world, but for others their Soul Place can be in their own backyard.

When you find your Soul Place there is an instant feeling of belonging. An instant feeling of having a connection with the earth.

Many tribes from the Native Americans to the Australian Aboriginals, believe that we all have a place of power on this earth. A place of belonging that will help us to fulfil our destiny.

Our Soul Place is where we can do our greatest work and step into the fullness of who we truly are. Our Soul Place is also where we come to heal and release things from previous lifetimes and previous traumas.

Finding your Soul Place is a different journey for everyone. Usually when it is time for your soul to go to that place, you will feel the calling. You will feel the desire to move, travel or venture out to where you feel called.

Often our Soul Place is revealed to us in a dream or through our intuition first. However, some find their Soul Place by simply stumbling upon it.

When you find your Soul Place you may feel – 

  • A strong connection, like you have been there before
  • Free to be who you are or more yourself
  • Things manifest or flow with a greater sense of grace and ease
  • Like you belong, or are “home”
  • A greater connection to the spirit world or your own spirituality
  • Directed and motivated in your life path or life purpose
  • In touch and connected with nature
  • Rooted and secure with where you are

There are no mistakes in this world, so chances are where you are standing now is your Soul Place. But, if you are feeling that where you currently stand is not a vibrational match, the best thing to do is travel.

You don’t have to travel far, but sometimes leaving and surrounding yourself in a new environment can help you to put things in perspective. Travelling somewhere out in nature is also a great way to reconnect with the earth of where you stand.

Many people also take pilgrimages or trips to sacred sites that are believed to hold a strong, spiritual significance.

These include Sedona, the Egyptian Pyramids, Uluru, Stonehenge and others. These places are believed to hold a strong energy or vibration, and can help reconnect people with their purpose and power.

These Soul Places are perhaps Universal Soul Places, and help to recharge all of those inhabiting this earth.

Some people may feel a need to live in these places, and others may simply just enjoy or feel recharged by a visit.

We are all on planet earth for a reason, and we all have land where we will feel most at home. This land may change at different points in our lives, but finding our Soul Place can help guide us to fulfilling our purpose.

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  • Shizuo Heiwajima

    I know my soul place is in China. I was born in America and visit China once a summer because of summer break. And my dad don’t let me have internet in china , so there really is no internet and may seem boring. But I feel alive. Its a feeling of alive that I do not feel here…..even if 2 months without internet

    • that’s interesting. i guess it sounds like you feel more at home in China, even though its not technically your “home”. Follow your instincts, who knows? Maybe there will be an opportunity for you to move there one day 😉

  • lectrus

    Hi! So I’ve been reading your website posts for almost 3 years now (every single one of them fantastically insightful by the way) and not once have I been so extremely moved to write a comment as I do now. When you opened up with your story of how you moved to L.A. I was floored to say the least. Since I was a young child I’ve always followed my intuition, and I knew for a long time my journey would end up in California. I’ve been living on the central coast for 8-9 years which have been some of the best years of my spiritual growth. As it would have it, I knew 3 years ago somehow I would have to go to Vegas. I even spoke to my friend who resides there, telling her about the amount of time it would be..3 years. I recently moved out there 6 months ago. When I went to see my friend, little did I know that she had remembered the conversation we had 3 years prior. I had completely forgotten and so she went on to recall that it was 3 years ago to the exact day.
    That’s my story, I thought you would like to hear another person’s experience that fell in line with yours.
    It’s not over of soul place is yet to be discovered as I recently packed up my belongings in my car and had the notion to drive with no destination. My spirit guides to let me know which way to go. Currently I’m in Belgium and I’ll be flying back into LAX on the 17th. I can’t wait to get home to start back on my journey into the heart of nature where I do feel is one of my soul places. But honestly I feel that I’ll forever be a wander in this world. Following my heart and my inner knowing. To be wanderlust. Thank you for reaffirming that my decision to keep traveling is not as fanciful or unplanned as others have assured me it is.
    I’m in complete love with your beautiful words of wisdom and your inner light that shines bright through your writing. Peace and love to you Tanaaz 🙂

    • Thank you so much Lectrus for your beautiful words! I think it is so amazing and so courageous to be able to follow your heart wherever it may take you around the world! Infinite gratitude and blessings to you on journey xoxo

      • Carina Talos

        Hi Tanaaz , I feel exactly like you , it;s like you described my entire experience . I live in Romania and i feel an incredible connection with L.A , and an incredible urge to get there. I would love to hear how did you get there 🙂

        • hey carina, i actually ended up winning a green card in a lottery! the US has a Diversity Visa lottery program that I entered into and won…i guess it was meant to be!

  • David Berlant

    My soul place is the city of Chicago. I grew up in California and was always unhappy there. I particularly disliked the climate, it was always hot and unchanging. (I prefer and thrive in cold weather). I always yearned to live where there are 4 distinct seasons. Every time I would see snow falling in movies, etc, it was almost a mystical experience. I moved here a year ago, and I have never been happier. I love everything about this marvelous city, its friendly people, beautiful architecture, residential streets lined with huge maple trees (at least on the North Side, where I live), the beautiful lake shore. This is the first place that I truly feel is home.

    • VioletRoses

      How interesting…I was born and raised in Chicago, and while there are amazing neighborhoods and creative energies there, the yearly eight months of endless chill, wind and grey and brown everything was soul killing (and physically miserable) to me, and I’ve been in California for more than a decade now. While I have been feeling the increasing pull towards making another geographical change (not sure where yet) due to the need to be even more connected to nature and less contained and trapped by urban areas, the aesthetic beauty of constantly green year round plants and trees, generally temperate weather and blue skies here has been so important to me.

      It appears one person’s hell can be another person’s heaven, at least for a while!

      Best of luck to you and enjoy the wonderful Chicago food, people and pubs!

      • Joji Marie

        I’m the same way! I would recommend Costa Rica if you’ve never been there! Santa Teresa is a surfing beach town in the jungle, very connected to unspoiled nature

    • Joji Marie

      that’s funny because i’m the opposite I grew up in Chicago and (still living here unfortunately) and it’s always been my DREAM to move to California! I have always felt miserable in the fall/winter cold months. I’ll never understand why people like the seasons changing because I have really bad Seasonal Affective disorder so I can’t help getting depressed and am always suffering during those long cold and dark months. Ever since I went to visit San Diego CA with my family when i was younger I knew I wanted to live there, and i’ve been back several times and always feel like its the only place in the world I’m truly happy and feel like I belong there I even cried when i have to leave because it kills me I feel like my soul belongs there. I love everything about it, it has everything i want from life: warm weather, always beautiful and sunny, mountains, beautiful beaches, scenery, the ocean, surfing culture, the best fish tacos ahh i get so excited thinking about it! it has everything. it’s perfect. Chicago to me is miserable. But everyone is different I guess