How to Cleanse a Space Using Sage

Whether you are just moving into a new house or driving away bad energy, cleansing your home can be both therapeutic and beneficial to all those who live there.

Smudging, or using smoke made from lighting a bunch of dried white sage, is a Native American Shamanic practice that helps to cleanse and purify a space.

While this ritual stems from shamanism, many ancient cultures have also adopted a similar practice and the idea of using smoke to drive out negative energies can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt.

The theory behind the practice is that the smoke attaches to the negative energy and as the smoke clears so does the negative energy. It is believed that the bad energy is then released into another dimension in order to shift and transform into something more positive.

In Shamanic practices, the smoke from sage is believed to drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts and feelings and can keep negative energies away. Sage can also be used to cleanse auras, cars, your workplace, clothes, jewellery and crystals.

Smudging is recommended when you have just moved into a new home, experienced a lot of emotional upset or arguing within the space, when you are feeling depressed or unwell and when you have unwelcomed spirits.

The Ritual:

  • Make sure the area you are cleansing is well ventilated. Keep all the room doors in the house open and even a few windows.
  • Clean and tidy the area you wish to smudge. Having clutter around can block the flow of positive energy and give the negative energy places to hide.
  • Set your intention: this is the most important part. Create a mantra depending on what you are trying to achieve, for example “I fill this home with light, love and positive energy, only that which has this vibration is welcome in this space”. 
  • Take your bunch of sage and light the ends, once they catch flame, snuff it out and allow the smoke to emit. Keep the bowl under the sage to catch the soot. Make sure the bowl is not plastic!
  • When smudging people, smudge yourself first and then smudge others by moving the smoke over the outline of the body You can also use the smoke to wash your face and body like you would if it was water.
  • If you are smudging a house begin walking around the edge of each room, ensuring that you get all the corners. Continue reciting your mantra.
  • After you have blessed every room or yourself, place the ends of the sage into some water to stop the smoke.
  • If your sage has finished, bury the sticks in the garden. If you have any ash in your bowl, wash it down the sink.

Smudging always leaves the home with a sense of calm and peace, try it and see if it makes a difference to your space.

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  • Lily Huck

    Thank you for the article. Is it necessary to use new sage each time you use it, or can you reuse it?

    • yes, you can reuse it 🙂

  • Stephanie Elyse

    When smudging, is there something specific one can say? Or can one come up with their own mantra?

    • You can definitely come up with your own mantra, this is what I say- “I fill this home with light, love and positive energy, only beings of light and love may enter this space.”

  • JJ

    Never put out sage in water. Cover it in a bowl or sand.

    • Lia Lemus

      0mG d00d ….. laugh
      u act like its a SIN calm down yer all like
      NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      people can put sage out in water
      yer not gonna DIE good gravy

  • Lisa

    Hi, I have been getting this smudging article which I saved come up three times when I went to go on the internet without even searching yet. So I took it as a sign to smudge. I just finished smudging and could not do the bedroom my husband is sick I yet. Can I do this separately or should I do whole house over when I can do that bedroom. His door is closed

    • go with your intuition, but you could just do his room individually as well 🙂

  • Anniya

    I have been in my home 7 years now. Me and my girls at different times being alone in the home feel the presents of something. I always catch the appearance of something that crosses my eyes. When I look there is nothing there. My husband thinks we are crazy. Now things are beginning to happen,,my night stand light was turned on, I lock the garage every night and when I get in its unlocked, My cell phone was in my bathroom when I woke up this morning, I ask the girls questions but I word it so it doesn’t scare them. Is it possible for this spirit to all of a sudden start roaming after us being in our home 7 years now?

    • hi, thanks for sharing. this can happen but usually only if you have done renovations or drastically changed something about the home. this can sometimes “wake up” any spirits who may be still attached to the land. it can also happen if one of your daughters is going through puberty…i am not sure why exactly but i have read it is something about certain energies being awakened because of this. you may also want to ask if someone in the house has been using ouija boards or some other divination tools, this can also wake up dormant spirits. the most important thing is not to worry. the more you feed into the events, the more you will happen, so just stay positive and cleanse your home regularly. you may also find these articles helpful-

      • Anniya

        Thank you so much for that information. I am going to yes cleanse my home and talk to my girls. One of my girls just turned 15. Im hoping it will work. should i have them home with me when i do the cleansing?

        • you dont have to have them home, but if they are, you can cleanse them and yourself before you do your home.

  • Jessica Hegarty (heysoulcrysta

    Thank you Tanaaz for such a wonderful blogpost! You were very specific with the steps on smudging! Definitely by far the best that I have seen kn the web! 🙂 I use smudging for my crystals, to cleanse and rid them of negative energy. Not sure if youre into crystals, but I use sound cleansing via Singing Bowl to clear bad energy as well. 🙂
    It works well for most crystals and is non-invasive as compared to other methods out there. 🙂 anyway, I drop link here in case your readers are into crystal healing as well:

  • Ada May

    Hi, thanks for this blogpost! Finding sage in this side of town is impossible. The only thing I can find is from the spice shop, would that be alright? Or Is there any alternatives to sage? Thanks!!