The Ethics of Using Sage for Energy Cleansing

ethical sage

Burning dried herbs, resins, and wood in order to energetically cleanse and protect our energy field and surroundings has been practiced for centuries across many different cultures and traditions.

Here in the United States, White Sage has been used by the Native Americans for centuries and is native to the land, however with the popularity of sage increasing, it is creating some question of ethics.

Wild Sage is being over-harvested which is devastating the land and driving up costs. As the herb is considered sacred by the Native Americans, some also feel that its use is being disrespected and that the increasing prices are making it harder to access.

While White Sage is a powerful, potent herb for energy cleansing, it may be time to consider where you are choosing to buy it from and if there is another alternative that you can explore.

For those living in the US, buying White Sage perhaps once felt like the sustainable choice as it grows wild and is connected to the land.

It has long been believed by ancient medicine doctors that herbs grow where they are needed, and so the abundance of wild White Sage in the Californian desserts can be seen as a gift from Mother Earth, and a resource to tap into, especially when we are local to the area.

But the gratitude of this is often lost when we buy packets of neatly wrapped bundles off the shelf, not stopping to think about where the Sage has come from and how it has been harvested.

While this sacred plant has been given to us by Mother Nature for us to use, we have to start becoming mindful about the energy that is behind how it is being harvested.

After all, how can we properly cleanse our energy fields using something that could have been butchered from the land for only profit and gain?

Herbs like White Sage are a gift for all of us to use and enjoy, however, at this time, the use of wild White Sage does seem to be something we should avoid due to over-harvesting and the devastating impact this having on the environment.

There are, however, some alternatives we can explore:

  • Buy ethically sourced White Sage, this would be Sage that is not from the wild and is grown specifically for commercial use. Or even better, grow your own!
  • Experiment with other dried herbs such as rosemary, mugwort, or eucalyptus. When experimenting, try burning just one or two leaves to begin with. Be safe!
  • Use essential oils or flower essences instead. Essential oils carry their own cleansing properties. Simply mix in a spray bottle with water and spritz around your home and aura. You can also add crystals and charge up the water on the New or Full Moon.
  • Crystals are another great way to cleanse energy. Stones like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, etc. are great to keep around the home or to wear in order to strengthen your auric field. You can read more about sourcing ethical Crystals here.
  • Incense is also a great tool for cleansing, you can wave the smoke around your aura or place the stick in a particular space in the home in order to cleanse and invite positive energy.
  • White light meditations use no resources except your own imagination! Close your eyes and visualize a white light coming from your heart and moving outward to surround your entire body. See yourself sitting in a ball of protective white light. You can recite a cleansing mantra as you do this as well such as- “I am cleansed, I am light”. You can also visualize this same white light in the center of your home and watch it expand to cover your entire home.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps are also natural air detoxifiers and energy cleansers, just ensure you are buying genuine Himalayan Salt that has been ethically sourced.
  • Spending time in nature is very healing and can help to reset your energy field. You can also bring nature inside by keeping some house plants. As an added bonus, certain house plants also have the ability to purify and clean the air in your home as well.
  • Leave a bowl of sea salt water out to charge under the midday Sun or the Full Moon. You can then use the salt water to spritz around your aura and through your home in order to cleanse and purify.

Cleansing your energy and your home is a sacred process and from the herbs and products you use, to the intentions you set, make sure you are doing no harm, and supporting Mother Earth in every way you can.

While all of these herbs can help and support the cleansing process, in truth, cleansing our energy is something we can always achieve from within. Try experimenting with more sustainable options and you may just discover that you had the power within you all along.

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”- Wizard of Oz

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