Intuitive Astrology: Lunar Eclipse August 2017

lunar eclipse astrology august 2017
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The Lunar Eclipse falls on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius, and will be shaking up your life so you can make some much needed changes.

August is definitely one of the more potent months of the year and will be bringing about changes and shifts in your mind, body and soul.

The most significant date that August has in store for us is the total Solar Eclipse which falls in the sign of Leo on the 21st.

I will be posting more information on this as we get closer to the time, however it is important to mention, as this partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7 is all part of the energy cycle that is unfolding.

Since the start of the year, we have all been called on by the cosmos to make some changes. We have all been called to reinvent our lives in both big and small ways.

In fact, think back to what was happening for you around February 2017, as these August Eclipses are closely linked to the themes that were occurring at that time.

You have probably heard by now that 2017 is the year of new beginnings, and perhaps you have even felt the cosmos guiding you to start a new chapter in your life that is more aligned with who you are and where you want to be.

The is no doubt that the consciousness of the planet is on the rise and even though there is still a lot of corruption in government and politics, it seems that all of this is coming to the surface in order for it to be exposed.

Big corporations and organizations that have been getting away with misconduct and lies are no longer going to be able to hide, as everything is slowly rising to the surface.

For true change to happen, all of this mucky stuff has to rise to the surface. We have to come face to face with the dark in order to transform it into light.

This is happening on both a global level and on an internal level as well. Perhaps this year you have also had to clear through some of your own muck in order to transform it into light.

All Lunar Eclipses are about releasing and letting go, however what makes them potent is that the Universe often intervenes and releases things from your life that you haven’t yet had the courage to release.

Think of a Lunar Eclipse like a fast tracking process to getting you to where you need to be.

If something melts away during this Eclipse, the best advice is to let it go and don’t hold on. Even if you are not ready to part ways with it just yet, sometimes you just have to trust and see what unfolds.

Seeing as this Aquarius Lunar Eclipse is followed by a very potent and very strong Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21st, it is likely that whatever needs to melt away from your life is going to be quite significant.

If something has felt shaky in your life, or if a particular area of your life has been volatile for a while, this Lunar Eclipse is likely to bring things to a head. This is so you can clear the way and make room for the rest of the energy to come.

Aquarius energy is all about change and non-conformity. Aquarius is the pioneer and is always coming up with new ways to do things.

For this Lunar Eclipse, channel some of this energy and try to think outside of the box. This Eclipse is going to help you pave your own way, so stop looking to others for guidance and instead look within.

This Eclipse is also going to be guiding you to really trust yourself and to follow your own inspiration and your own calling, rather than getting bogged down in trying to live up to other people’s or societal expectations.

There is also a calling to break down some of the boundaries or barriers that you have given yourself so you can achieve all that you desire. As it goes, the only limits you have are the ones that you give yourself.

There is a revolutionary energy to August and it seems that this Lunar Eclipse is definitely going to be triggering this in a major way.

The time has come to step out of your comfort zone and break away from the heard. This Aquarius Lunar Eclipse will be forcing you to pave your own way and to do away with things that are no longer in your highest interest.

The August Lunar Eclipse is your cosmic calling card to step out of the box, break away from the norm and embrace all that you are.

We all have our own unique energy and by owning this it gives rise to our purpose and to our true soul calling.


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  • ohiogrind

    WOW!!! This is SO ACCURATE it’s scary and mind-boggling!!! I agree as it is already happening!

    • glad it resonated for you!

  • Jade

    This makes me kind of upset. I’m dancing around the idea of “breaking up” with my best friend. She’s toxic for my growth and I’m toxic for hers.
    On the bright side stepping out of my comfort zone to truly embrace my art is a huge focus, currently.

    • Well the good news is that this eclipse will probably guide you in the right direction. Just try to stay as still in your mind and heart as possible and be open to the signs and messages that this eclipse brings. Lunar eclipses are about letting things go, so perhaps setting an intention to let things go would also help you to feel more directed. You don’t have to let go of the friendship per se but maybe set an intention to let go of any thoughts, feelings or emotions that are no longer serving you. hope that helps!

      • Jade

        Let that stuff go. Yes! This is my direct intention I manifested during the Leo eclipse.
        Love & light sister

  • Thank you Tanaaz, there are so many prompts for me to keep going on my journey in this reading!

    • glad you found it helpful Bren!

  • Rosemary

    Hi Tanaaz. I am feeling compelled to finally propose a new position to the regional VP of the company I am with. My supervisor and the VP have hinted over the past 6 weeks of putting me in a position that I have mulling over for months. I have finally created an outline for the job would actually entail. Ironically this all started at the end of January and now here we are. So my question is this. Propose the position now, during this lunar eclipse, or ride out the mercury retrograde and let the solar eclipse new moon develop first? The energy and idea that have right now is the most clearest its ever been however I don’t want to “push”.

    • this is a tricky one! the best thing to do is follow your instincts, it seems that if its something you have been working on since Jan, it makes sense to have it reach “culmination” point this month so if it feels right to you, go for it….but listen to yourself first!

  • Virginia Warren

    Thank-you Tanaaz. This is reassuring. I am looking forward to embracing the changes I’m seeking.

  • Emily

    In early February I cut someone out of my life who’s presence became extremely toxic and negative.
    I’ve been trying to heal and deal with the effects of this person’s actions towards me for a long time now. My energy felt drained and hurt from these interactions for months,.
    But lately, I’ve felt that I should finally contact them and put everything out on the table to at least be on civil terms/to reconcile (finally).
    It’s hard though because in the past I’d always been the one to put myself out there, to only be met with resistance and excuses and backlash… so I’ve been hesitant to actually send anything/reestablish a connection.
    Thoughts on this? I have such mixed feelings I’m not really sure what to think anymore or if I should just go for it and hope for the best.


    • mmm…i would trust your instincts, if you feel the need to reach out then maybe that is the right move. it is really hard to say but i would just do what feels right to you! good luck with it all 🙂

  • HeatherAnne Grose

    My birthday is August 21. Would there be some individual special significance for me that day?

    • yes! happy birthday. when your birthday falls on the eclipse you will feel the effects over the course of the year. it will be a big year of new opportunities and change for you! a very creative year as well 🙂