Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2017

solar eclipse astrology february 2017

The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the intuitive and watery sign of Pisces on February 26th.

This Solar Eclipse is the first of the year and is going to set the tone and energy for the months ahead. In fact, whatever energy transpires on this Eclipse is likely to create a theme that will last until the next Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

Earlier this month on February 11, we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which was all about endings, letting go and clearing out the past. This energy has still been lingering but will shift as the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy takes over.

If Lunar Eclipses are all about endings, Solar Eclipses are all about new beginnings. Whatever emotions or events were stirred earlier this month are likely to melt away and shift in a new direction as February draws to a close.

Energetically, the Universe has been calling on all of us to move through a process of endings. To some extent, we have all been called on by the Universe in different ways to shed the old in order to make way for the new.

Perhaps you have even noticed this constant theme of “death and rebirth” through the last 12 months and the breaking away of old thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

The Lunar Eclipse earlier this month was in many ways the tipping point of all of this energy.

Whatever needed to be cleared from your life has likely already started to melt away and perhaps, even through the chaos of it all, you are starting to feel a certain amount of relief.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26, is definitely going to be something to look forward to. This Eclipse is going to bring a wave of new energy that will help all of us to start looking ahead to the new.

Whatever has been cleared from your life in recent months is now dissipating and the New Moon Solar Eclipse will help you to get an idea of what new chapter lies ahead.

For this reason, the Solar Eclipse is the perfect time to start writing down your hopes, dreams and wishes. The energy for manifesting is going to be extremely high at this time, so definitely use this to your advantage.

When it comes to manifesting however, sometimes it is best to focus on what feelings you want to create for this new chapter, rather than physical or material items.

While there is nothing wrong wishing for something material or physical, there is greater power in manifesting feelings or states of being.

For example, instead of trying to manifest the perfect job, perhaps try to focus your energy on manifesting the feelings that this perfect job will give you. When you work from this place, it allows your energy to stay open to the Universe and open to the opportunities that come your way.

When you manifest openly, it also allows you to surrender to the flow and to be directed naturally and organically towards your highest path.

Of course, there are no limits or rules on what you can or cannot manifest, so don’t be afraid to dream big, especially on the night of this Pisces New Moon Eclipse.

Pisces energy is all about inner reflection, intuition and higher consciousness. This is a wonderful energy that will join us for the months ahead, making it a perfect time to think about your spirituality and the deeper meaning behind your life.

In many ways, this Pisces energy will not really allow you to move forward unless you have considered the inner stirrings of your heart and intuition.

Use this time now in order to get clearer about what you truly want and why you truly want it. Perhaps it is also time to think about what you want to work on and give your attention to for the year ahead.

The energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse is also going to lead all of us into the starting of the astrological year, which happens on the Equinox, March 20th, 2017.

The Equinox is going to be the highest point of rebirth on a long cycle of letting go and shedding and the Solar Eclipse is going to open a pathway that will lead us straight to the doorway of the new.

Whatever new energy is waiting for us in the new astrological year is going to slowly start to be presented to us after the Pisces New Moon Eclipse.

This New Moon Eclipse is going to open a doorway and light up a pathway that is going to lead us to where we need to be for 2017. This is an extremely powerful time and one of the most significant turning points of the year.

In the coming weeks, allow the old to be stripped and melted away and start looking ahead into the new.

It has been a long cycle of endings for many of us, but this is now coming to an end and the energy to create the new is now here.

The February New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be sending all of us waves of positive energy that is highly motivating, eye-opening and directed.

Stay open to whatever flies in around this time and stay open to any inspiration that moves you.

February 26th is a day to look forward to and a time to truly celebrate and honor yourself for all that you have been through.

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  • optimystic1

    This eclipse sounds good, i can feel it ! – I imagine that the impact is greater for those who are Pisces? (me, six planets in Pisces)

    • yes, Pisces will feel it, especially if your birthday is within 1-2 days of the eclipse

      • optimystic1

        Thank you for your response Tanaaz

  • Tori Burke

    My Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Pisces.

    • wow! new beginnings is a theme for you! happy birthday too Pisces 🙂

  • Not sure why I hadn’t thought to shout out before this, but thank you for these amazing posts! I’ve quoted snippets from at least a half dozen articles over on my blog, and my readers always enjoy what you have to say (and I’ve seen a number of them click through to your site). Bright blessings to you!

  • Livier Caballero

    Such a great article ! Thank you for sharing your wisdom ! I have a question , is there a special effect if the solar eclipse is the same as the MC sign (Pisces)? Thank you !!! Good vibes

    • If the eclipse falls on or within a few degrees of your MC it is significant, often means a big turning point (in this case a new beginning) hope that helps!

  • Krysta Arner

    This is my birthday! I am starting a new position at work and already have felt like it was just the beginning of new things to come. Should be an interesting new year! Thank you, Universe, for this lovely birthday gift. Thank you, Tanaaz, for this beautiful article. <3

    • Happy Birthday! Will definitely be a year of new beginnings for you!!! <3

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for an encouraging article, endings and death have been major themes for me for a few years. All good and necessary! So, the nodes are almost exactly opposite my natal nodal position for this eclipse…what do you think the nodal opposition indicates here? Difficult to suss out from inside it (with Neptune nearly opposite my Sun, hahaha). Thank you.

    • Laura-Lee Bee


    • haha yes! Neptune can be foggy and confusing, but also a great reminder that trusting your intuition and heart is best! nodes could indicate stepping into your purpose or your soul mission. nodes are all about releasing karma/past lives in order to continue the evolutionary journey your soul is here to achieve. see if you can notice any past stuff arising or any “soul callings” that seem to be guiding you…this energy will linger till August so see what transpires between now and then, it may make more sense looking backwards rather than trying to see it all right now 😉

      • Mike

        Hi, I just want to second the question above. I’m wondering what the message would be for those of us that have a complete backflip of the nodes in their natal chart ? Example my North node resides in Pisces while my South is in Virgo, complete opposite to our current astrological nodes of North in Virgo and South in Pisces. I’m not sure how to approach life with this theme… would love to hear your opinion on this one 🙂

        • Arzee

          Hi Mike, I think the energies are telling you to not take on more than you can handle – especially with your South Node being in Virgo. Sometimes its good to just feel your way around and trusting your intuition is probably a big theme in NN Pisces. Don’t worry too much about what the nodes are doing astrologically now, your path is, I feel, the same as it was before. Just my 2 cents.

          • Mike

            Thanks Arzee….yes you’re right about not worrying about the current astrological nodes and to continue on those set for my path! Needed that! Thanks 🙂

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you for your perspective, Tanaaz. Yes, Virgo Sun and s.n. (and three other planets!) definitely want to control the process rationally, haha. The lunar eclipse was square my Scorpio Moon/Saturn opposition and reflected back to me some pretty intense wake up calls. The day of the solar eclipse I engaged with my anger about a lingering situation in a constructive way and it seemed to burst the cycle of suffering I’ve been swirling in since the New year. I’m looking forward to the unfolding of the next few months! This is part of a much bigger cycle though, I was born 5 days after a powerful annular eclipse at 9 Virgo that has lifetimes wrapped into it. Thanks again!

  • Sofia Ashenhurst
    • Laura-Lee Bee

      The article to the left “To the Men I love about the Men that Scare me” on that site is also an old one I’ve seen elsewhere. Maybe they have a deal, maybe that site is dodgy. Admin?? Were you aware your article was up there?

      • no i was not aware….i do allow some sites to republish my work as long as they credit and ask for permission first, but many do not!

        • Laura-Lee Bee

          Wow. So shocking! As someone making the transition from academic writing to blogging – I’m absolutely stunned by the wild west mentality on the internet! It’s absolutely so not cool not to cite stuff. I mean… it’s plagiarism. Yikes. Good artice though!

    • yes thanks for bringing that to my attention it happens a lot!

  • Kim Beck

    I’m making a big time job change this coming week and it is also my birthday on the last day of my current gig. It’s a milestone birthday and I’ve often said it’s a gift wrapped to me to move on from the old and start out fresh and new. How ironic to stumble across the article. Thank you so much for sharing it. It just reaffirms what I was already feeling.

    • Happy birthday!!! sounds like you are on track for some wonderful new beginnings! woohoo! 🙂

  • Tijana

    nicely writen 🙂

  • ps

    So if we were having bad experiences / feelings on the 26th – that’s going to be the tone for months to come???

    • LifeTriumphant

      transform and let go, if you have bad experiences and feelings, they’re just being pulled out of your subsconscious, i guess

    • yes, exactly what @lifetriumphant:disqus said! The bad experience wont last it will be the lesson/space that is created from having these feelings released. It is the beautiful healing energy that will last as the “bad” is released