Intuitive Astrology: The Sun and Jupiter Align October 2017

sun and jupiter astrology

The largest bodies in our solar system are preparing to align, on October 26, 2017. This powerful, cosmic energy is going to be guiding all of us to new heights of awareness, understanding and optimism.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Whatever Jupiter touches it expands so we can reap the benefits and the rewards. Wherever Jupiter goes, it is always helping us to gain more, discover more and enjoy more!

When Jupiter and the Sun meet, the energy of Jupiter helps to ‘expand’ the energy of the Sun, allowing us to feel optimistic and full of life.

The Sun is responsible for giving life and energy to all of us on this planet, and with Jupiter by its side, we are all going to feel invigorated, replenished and full of light.

The Sun also represents our consciousness, and when it joins forces with Jupiter, we have the potential to see things in a whole new light, and to raise our levels of consciousness to a whole new understanding.

Seeing as the Sun and Jupiter are both in the sign of Scorpio, we are also going to feel an amplification of Scorpio energy as well.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and peeling back the layers to discover who we really are. Scorpio energy beckons all of us to keep growing and evolving into our highest expression and this feeling is also going to be amplified as Jupiter and the Sun move closer together in the sky.

As Jupiter moves through Scorpio we are all going to be guided on lessons involving transformation and personal development. We are all going to be guided to raise our consciousness and open our minds to higher streams of awareness.

Although this energy will be with us for the next 12 months, the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter is going to really kickstart this energy forward.

In fact, pay attention to whatever comes up around October 26th as you may just receive some clues as to what Jupiter is asking you to transform in your life and within your soul.

Jupiter is considered by many astrologers as the lucky planet, which means that the meeting of Jupiter with the Sun is really a 5-star day we can all look forward to.

This combination of cosmic forces is the perfect time to start something new, sign contracts, start a business and to put plans into place. It is also the perfect time to think bigger and aim higher when it comes to going after your hopes, dreams and wishes.

If there is something you have wanted to get off the ground, or seeds you have been tending to for the last few months, the cosmic forces of Jupiter and the Sun will definitely be helping your entire garden to bloom.

Whatever is meant to be, whatever you have been working hard to achieve will really receive a boost from this abundant and positive energy.

Another great way to use this energy is to boost your mood. If you have been feeling down, or if life seems to be sending you challenge after challenge, use this energy to really pay attention for all that you feel grateful for.

Remember, Jupiter is the planet of expansion so if you can focus even on the smallest amount of gratitude, you are instantly going to feel this expand and brighten your entire outlook.

Any effort to bring more positive energy into your life is going to feel easy and seamless under this cosmic energy, so use it to your advantage!

Now is the time to visualize, send your wishes out into the Universe, take small steps forward and to do something to help set your life on the path you want. By doing so, the bountiful energy of Jupiter and the Sun will ensure big result and big rewards.

The effects of Jupiter and the Sun will be felt most strongly on October 26th, however this energy will linger as the month comes to a close.

The meeting of Jupiter and the Sun will help us all to feel far more optimistic and excited about our lives, all we have to do is welcome this energy in with open arms and use it to dream big, aim high and go after only the best for ourselves.

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  • Charles Cocreator

    Thanks so much for this!!! I totally resonate with it!

    • you’re welcome! glad it helped

  • Todd Clark

    I am a Scorpio…this may explain why I have recently had a spiritual awakening and have changed my way of living….

    • yes, that’s great! Scorpio’s are definitely going to love having Jupiter in their sign till Nov 2018!

  • Lonilyn

    Ive beed devastated this past week. I discover many fake friends and cheater behind my back. I think this is one of the preparation to let go of the negatives before the transformation. This is gonna be our year fellow scorpios!

    • yes, this is definitely a good year for Scorpio’s for sure! Things like this can really hurt, but the blessing is that now you know the truth! You can use this new truth to make yourself more powerful and exactly like you said, to transform!

  • Hans De Beucker

    I’m a Capricorn, I’m both excited and worried about December’s Saturn moving into Capricorn. I read somewhere this only happens once every 30 years or so? Not sure if it’s correct.

    • hello fellow capricorn! you shouldn’t be worried, Saturn is our ruling planet!! this is powerful energy for us. and yes, it happens every 29 years or so. Big shifts like this can be challenging, but again it’s all to help us get to the truth of who we are. I will be writing about this closer to the time 🙂 blessings

      • Hans De Beucker

        Thanks for confirming, I am looking forward to it. It’s just that I get really intense physical symptoms and reactions to energy shifts, even smaller ones. I can keep my emotions stable using the mental skills I’ve learned, but there’s not much I can do during a digestive apocalypse other than scramble with energy self-healing as those deep blocks surface. :p

  • Tannaz, thank you for your information, I was waiting for this, for Jupiter! for me, it seems every single act I did and I do, was written before!, even visiting your website was not just an accident for me. Well, we are living in WONDERLAND(S)! Feel free to have a look at mine too, if you like: God Bless All.

  • I’ve been feeling extremely down and negative for past 15-18 hours or so. It feels deeply disconnected with everything and everyone as I’m not longer interested in anything at all. For past 2-3 hours or so, I can almost feel a constant ache at the back of my neck. When I tried to look for reasons by searching for energy shifts today and going through your website, I came across this piece. I don’t know what to make of it as here it is still the night of October 26 but technically next day has started since it is 1 am. Usually your articles make a lot of sense and I resonate a lot with them but this time I feel something’s off. What do you suggest? Also, just to let you know if it’s relevant, I’m a Gemini!

    • Hi Vishal, it is ok to feel this way. you have to think of the energy like an offering. You need to take this energy and work with it. Some people may feel naturally high from this energy, but others will need to take a few steps in order to embrace it. Also, everyone is going to feel things differently, so honor that for yourself as well. Just trust that this energy is there for you to use. i would just start by practicing gratitude. just go through at least 7 things you feel grateful for, this will help to create a subtle shift. blessings

    • scrumpchef

      Vishal, I had a similar experience. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Peace to you, brother.

  • scrumpchef

    I’m reading this the day after the 26th and surprised that I felt nearly the opposite from what the article said. I’ve had some pretty good days in the last week or so, but today felt so off. i felt anxious, unable to engage in anything productive or healing, used junk food to cope. My dog got bit by another dog at the park and the owner just made excuses. I was unable to get my medical records transferred to my new doctor. i couldn’t find the inner patience to prune the trees I was working on with mindfulness. I spilled a whole bottle of water in my car. i tried to find a cafe to sit and journal in and couldn’t. Nothing clicked all day– I felt lost in the swirl all day long. My Jupiter is in Scorpio in my birth chart (also moon in Scorpio), so this further confounds me. Since I went into it feeling optimistic, I’m not sure why today sucked so much. Any thoughts on this Tanaaz? I really enjoy your articles and they usually resonate strongly with me. Thanks.

    • Hi, you may like what I wrote today on Instagram, copied and pasted for you here, i hope it resonates!

      The positive vibes are going to continue as we shift into the sacred 11 vibration of November and welcome the Taurus Full Moon on the 3rd/4th. While the cosmos has all of these positive vibes for us, many people have been reaching out saying- “hey, I don’t feel it, my life sucks!” Yep, life sucks sometimes and the only person whose going to change that is You. The Universe is offering you energy, but you need to take it and work with it. Also, how do you know that the sucky things you are dealing with now won’t teach you or help you to grow in some of the best ways possible? Ok so how do you navigate through this…..? Gratitude. Come back to gratitude whenever you are struggling. It doesn’t fix anything, but it does create a shift, if only for a few moments. And that’s progress.

      • scrumpchef

        thanks, Tanaaz