Intuitive Astrology: Venus Retrograde March-April 2017

venus retrograde

Venus retrograde is one of the most significant astrological transits. This is because Venus retrograde is quite rare and only happens once every 18 months.

Venus is also the celestial body in charge of your heart center and your gut. Because of this, Venus retrogrades are often deeply healing and help to awaken your heart to a new understanding of Divine love.

Venus retrograde officially kicks into gear on March 4, 2017 however, Venus has already been slowing down since January 31, 2017.

Since the end of January, Venus entered into the “shadow” period, which is a time when Venus starts preparing to go retrograde. On this preparation day, Venus usually sends a message and highlights what the retrograde lessons may be for you.

Perhaps think back to what was happening around this time to see if you can identify what Venus may be trying to show you.

As the ruler of the Divine Feminine, Venus has an important role in our lives. It is Venus that aligns our heart and teaches us how to love. It is Venus that helps remove blockages and barriers from around the heart so we may experience the bliss of unconditional and Divine love.

Venus also rules over our instincts and intuition, and helps us to become better listeners and better observers of our body, mind and spirit. Health issues can sometimes arise on a Venus retrograde, but this is simply her way of reminding you to listen to your body and its infinite Universal wisdom.

In each of us we carry a Universal wisdom. This Universal wisdom allows our body to heal and look after itself. This Universal wisdom allows our heart to beat, our eyes to blink and our skin to heal when we cut ourselves. We don’t need to tell our body to do these things, the body just knows. The body has its own wisdom and the more we can connect with this, the deeper our relationship with ourselves will be.

This year, Venus is retrograding through the signs of Aries and Pisces. These astrological signs embody the energy of new beginnings (Aries) and endings (Pisces).

Endings and new beginnings have been a Universal theme for quite some time and it seems that this Venus retrograde is no different. The only difference here however, is that Venus wants us to see things through the lens of our heart and not our mind.

When Venus goes retrograde it is a time to heal the wounds of your heart, to let go of past lovers and relationships, to let go of past hurts and blockages, and to open yourself to a deeper love.

Venus retrograde is also a time to tap into your intuition and to really listen and follow through on your gut feelings. Venus is all about the link between the heart and the gut and this is a powerful energy center we all possess.

We all know the feeling of butterflies in our stomach or “gut feelings” and these sensations are believed to be an accumulation of energy that filters down from the heart.

When you can get your heart and gut working in symphony with one another, it will be easier to follow your intuition and understand intuitive messages when they arrive.

As Venus goes retrograde, old messages of the past will also need to be cleared and swept away. Any nagging intuitive feelings or nagging feelings in general will be swept up and away, particularly if they are to do with love and relationships.

If you have been feeling confused about a relationship or if you have been feeling withdrawn from love, this Venus retrograde is going to bring you clarity. Before this clarity can enter into your life however, there first has to be a healing.

Venus retrograde at first, can cause us to close off our hearts and perhaps feel withdrawn. Venus retrograde is a time of going within and sitting with the baggage inside our heart chakra.

It is only when you can do this, it is only when you can sit with the murmurings of your heart that you will be able to release yourself from the pains of the past.

While Venus is in retrograde, surround yourself with things that are going to help strengthen your heart chakra, such as pink or green crystals, pink candles, flowers and other items that remind you of feminine Venus energy.

Through the retrograde period, you may feel your heart challenged to rise up, release the fear and love even more. You may feel challenged by the Universe to truly delve into the healing vibrations of self-love.

When in doubt, self love is always the answer and Venus, whether retrograde or not, will always celebrate this.

If you do nothing else this retrograde period, self-love will be absolutely more than enough.

Venus will shift out of retrograde by April 15, 2017 and by this time her most important lessons would have been revealed to you. Venus will not be back to her usual energy and vitality however, until May 18th, 2017, so her lessons may linger until this time.

Many astrology books suggest not getting into new relationships or getting married/engaged during a Venus retrograde. They also recommend not starting a new job, getting plastic surgery, changing your appearance radically or purchasing luxurious items or jewellery.

Usually there is no desire to do these things through a Venus retrograde period anyway, but if you feel the desire to do any of these things, throw caution to the wind and see where it may lead you.

The Universe always puts you where you need to be and always takes you on the journeys that you need to go on, so don’t fight your natural instincts.

If anything, Venus retrograde is all about following your instincts and learning how to strengthen that all-important connection between the heart and the gut.

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  • J. XYN

    Thank you.

    • you are so welcome 🙂

  • Eunice

    Thank you so much for this. It is so helpful and confirmative to my feelings and intuitions. I need guidance from the divine feminine more than ever now. Blessings from my heart to yours.

    • blessings right back to you! I am glad it helped 🙂

  • thank you!

  • Amy Byrne

    My sun sign is ruled by Venus…I’m a Taurus. I’ve heard this is supposed to be a very good time for me?? Can I look for anything in particular to work with this blessing? If it is a blessing…I am a MSW student, with a family, internship, etc. So much on my plate and so little time, but graduating in May. Good energy would be so very welcomed!!!
    Awesome posts! I will be following. Thank you!

    • Lots of good energy around for getting things done!! This is mostly due to all the Aries energy we have right now, plus the upcoming Aries new moon!!! You are definitely being supported by the Universe! Venus will just be helping you to ensure you make time for self love and self care. 🙂 Congrats on your upcoming graduation!!!

      • Amy Byrne

        Thank you for the reply! Good energy for a stressful time. I welcome it!! Best-

  • Taina

    I’ve been feeling so off for the past three weeks. I left a job I loved because I wanted and need to make more money. Through the entire trasition from the old job I loved to the new job I wasn’t sure about I had this gut feeling like I didn’t want to leave. Today I just found out about Venus retrograde and I’m feeling a bit better because perhaps it has to to with retrograde. Now I’m worried that perhaps I made a mistake

    • Don’t be worried. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Trust your decision and know that you will be able to make the best of it no matter what happens. Things have a funny way of working out sometimes, so keep your mind focused on looking forward. 🙂 The Aries new moon on March 27-28 will also help to bring clarity to things

  • arvind khavadiya

    Hi there, just wanted to share that I am an Aries and had/have a scorpion girlfriend, on the first week of March, out of nowhere she said she is not happy into the our relationship and since then she has become distant and almost not talking to me.its a very hard time for me and I am still not able to understand and accept what has been happening.Does the venus retrograde can have this effects , will it get better after the retrograde.please advice

    • Kevin Durkin

      if she’s born before November 15 she is a vedic libra sun, Venus retro is working extra hard on these people.

      • arvind khavadiya

        Yes , 7 November, so if she is vedic Libra sun what else to expect.
        Thanks kevin

    • things may get better after the retrograde in the sense that you may be able to talk things through with each other and get more clarity….good luck!

      • arvind khavadiya

        Tanaaz, thank you for bringing some rays of hope in this difficult times, is there anything in particular which can help or bring better results which I must try to do.communcation is limited to email only, where only it’s me who sends the email, I had my birthday on the 7th and she called me and was singing a birthday song in her language, she also said that she might come back if it doesn’t works what she is into now or may be she won’t.I want to keep the hopes high but at the same time the fears and the reality of her denial to continue the relationship pulls me down everytime she is saying it.

  • Leah Muthoni

    I have been feeling all this things, all the guys that were interested in me before are talking to me after such a long time, except one, my ex but my instinct says it’s better that way, wow good to know it’s the Venus retro

  • Jamie

    What happens to couples that break up during the early shadows of Venus retrograde? I’m a cancer woman, and my boyfriend, a Virgo man, broke up in mid-February in what felt like a miscommunication to me. We were friends prior to dating, and we had been together for 3 months. He hasn’t initiated any contact since then. It’s doesn’t feel right to me. Any thoughts?

    • usually a breakup during a venus retrograde does signify unfinished business, usually there is more to the story or more to be revealed. often people can get back together after the retrograde is finished, or perhaps more conversations will need to happen. with mercury also preparing to go retrograde, perhaps some more info will come to the surface in the coming weeks?

      • Jamie

        Thanks for the response. It was an event that didn’t feel final to me.

  • Robert

    I am a Pisces man who has feelings for a Libra woman and a Virgo woman but I feel pressured by the Libra cause she feels the need to have a baby at the age of 18 and although i do not want a kid right now i do want a realtionship with her but right now its been rocky and i keep leaving then wanting to come back and with the virgo woman she already has a kid but she is on her own and wants nothing to do with her babys father but yet broke up with me back in febuaray before my birthday cause shes not over what he did to her and wants to be single and focus on herself but tells me that she is okay having a sit around the couch and watch movies friendship but when the time comes and i ask her its always a not today and maybe tomorrow

    I have always been having trouble talking to girls and let alone keeping them in my life, any suggestions or advice i should think of? And btw way i recently buzzed my head cause i wanted to cut my hair shorter but messed up and ending up taking it all off is this going to affect me baddly?

    • haven

      It already did affect you badly, you got a bad hair cut. But luckily they grow out.

      • Robert

        How is it affecting me badly? i am not being put down because of it except for the teasing that comes with any decision but its not wanting to make me cry in my pillow. So i ask again how is it affecting me badly?

        • sometimes it is refreshing to get a new haircut! hair stores energy so perhaps you just needed to release the energy, which is why you decided to cut it shorter. embrace it! much love and light to you

  • Enigma

    How about break ups towards the end of Venus retrograde? I had a partner (cancer and I am a Gemini) who got really weird during the end of march and was feeling weird about everything in his entire life including the relationship. we ended things a couple weeks back but were still on friendly terms, it wasn’t finalized until yesterday and it was like cold turkey and it came out of the blue, he just randomly flipped and ended everything and blocked me off of everything, where I literally didn’t do a single thing. It all seems so foreign and I am in complete shock.

    • frivolouspink

      the same thing happened to me, I assume it has to do with fear and unfinished business and stress? Cancer signs are known to be especially emotional and there’s a possibility of reconciliation once the mercury retrograde passes as mercury is known to inhibit communication, take the time to heal and recollect yourself.

  • Irfan

    Now i got it !! it is effecting more on me as i feel Venus retro is something very bad for Libra. i hope time will change soon otherwise it is really hurting too much.

    • hope things look up for you soon 🙂

  • frivolouspink

    I’m a Taurus women who has been dating a Libra Scorpio cusp woman for three years, she suddenly has broken up with me in a strange way saying things like “for now” and “maybe we’ll get back together”. we’ve never fought before until the Venus/Mercury retrograde. She does not want to speak with me right now because she feels she needs time to heal, which I’m more than happy to respect. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I’ve never been superstitious until now.

    • i would just give it time, venus is getting ready to move direct and things will become clearer soon! good luck with everything!

    • Liilly

      Wow, very similar situation happened to me. Taurus woman dating libra man…we also never fought and just a few days ago 4/12 he said he needs time to figure out what he wants. I’m heartbroken but also respect his needs.

      • frivolouspink

        perhaps it’s a sign that things might get better soon? It’s our job as Taurus signs to stay strong and stubborn, am I right? Good luck with everything.

    • Nox

      yep, the girl I mercilessly I banged last night stopped talking to her fiancé this week, since she is not ready to marry him, she realized she is not that much into him and might just decide to be single.

  • May Connor

    Affecting me bad. I sensed something was off. I’ve also been distant (he wares me out). I just needed a break but I think someone else has his interest now. He actually was okay with ending our convo the other night.

    • Ty

      Sounds like the same thing in going through… so weird…

  • Enigma

    This Venus retrograde has been intense and severely weird, just weird energy all around. I feel like there should be some kind of support group for everyone who has taken a hard hit by this retrograde haha.

    • frivolouspink


    • hahaha yes good idea! there are many planets in retrograde in April and this trend will continue at least for another month or so….this is definitely a time to lay low and to trust the flow of the Universe…hope things start looking up for you as Venus prepares to get back to her regular speed

  • mgomezau

    I’m a very shocked Gemini Taurus cusp at the moment. My Scorpio Libra cusp partner has been 2+ years telling me he is committed for good and I am his soulmate, rather asking me constantly if I’m as committed. In January I felt he was saying all this but not acting like it, so I asked for time apart in to give our relationship the thought and commitment it deserves, since I am YES fully committed. He didn’t want to be apart and I couldn’t resist it for long so soon we started talking again and actually decided to get engaged. We started doing our paperwork and planning for this when he started acting very casual towards the relationship. When confronted, HE asked me for time out. He went apart for even longer than agreed, and now when I push him to talk to me he calmly says he feels he’ll better off not being in a relationship at all. I’m baffled. He says he’ll give no excuses and he knows it doesn’t make sense, and he’s not looking forward to meeting someone new but this is just how he feels now. [broken dreams right there] He has never wanted to be apart from me since we met until this bloody Venus retrograde period –

    • frivolouspink

      i’m in a very similar situation, I’m a taurus woman who dated a libra scorpio woman for 2+ years and we never fought until the retrograde and we ended things last week, more of her decision than mine really. Hoping for things to clear up very soon, good luck with everything.

      • mgomezau

        Thank you for that… you know what, I am thinking of staying friends and monitoring his internal process because really there is no objection about me or us, it is just his personal issues demanding more energy, which I think he can explore without us having a complete breakdown in communication.. maybe this can work for us and you guys too <3

        • frivolouspink

          yeah yeah thats my situation exactly. It’s a good time to work on personal happiness and just give it time <3 If its meant to be, it's meant to be

        • StarSeed8

          What a lovely mindful thing to say!

  • Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ort

    Hi Tanaaz! I recently broke up with my boyfriend….I ended the relationship in march 14th because he wasnt sure of our relationship and maybe want to meet new people, a week later he want to talk to me but get mad and tell me that he didnt have nothing to talk with me and i ended the communication, he doesnt show up on two weeks, I was very injure for his words, so I went out with a guy and have something but just because i really believe in my mind that he was doing the same because he said it a lot of times, so then a week later (april 8th) he went to talk to me and said to wanna have me back, that he was wrong. we get back and were together for a week, everthing was really fine, then he asked me if I were with somebody, I couldn’t lie and he gets angry and didnt want to understand the situation, the feelings and the circunstances. He end the relationship the past weekend just for that reason, the friday. For some sources, I know he stills is VERYvery angry, (I know this huge anger is being accumulated for situaciones and experiences on his life previous the relationship). ¿Is the final?

  • Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ort

    Hi, I recently broke up with my boyfriend….I ended the relationship in march 14th because he wasnt sure of our relationship and maybe want to meet new people, a week later he want to talk to me but get mad and tell me that he didnt have nothing to talk with me and i ended the communication, he doesnt show up on two weeks, I was very injure for his words, so I went out with a guy and have something but just because i really believe in my mind that he was doing the same because he said it a lot of times, so then a week later (april 8th) he went to talk to me and said to wanna have me back, that he was wrong. we get back and were together for a week, everthing was really fine, then he asked me if I were with somebody, I couldn’t lie and he gets angry and didnt want to understand the situation, the feelings and the circunstances. He end the relationship the past weekend just for that reason, the friday. For some sources, I know he stills is VERYvery angry, (I know this huge anger is being accumulated for situaciones and experiences on his life previous the relationship). ¿Is the final?

  • Candice Lee

    Aries here, broke up with my Aries boyfriend (same birthday, April 14, right before the end of Retrograde) just last week at the cut-off and completely unaware of this Mercury/Venus double whammy till now. Can’t say I’m surprised. Break-up probably consisted of 90% emotional/circumstantial instigation and 10% long-term, compatibility issues. Sure, perhaps we can start communicating again after the waning cycle peters off, but honestly, I’m doubtful. And yes, Aries + Aries don’t mix. Learned that the hard way.

  • Lala

    This is so crazy. I am a Gemini female and my male interest is a Virgo. We used to click very well, the energy between was amazing. The past two months though I have felt very uneasy. I felt the communication between us was off and that I was being lied to. I kept doubting and questioning him and questioning myself if I should just leave him alone. I keep going back and fourth with wanting to talk to him to letting him go. I am driving myself crazy (And him too) when all I want to do is get things back to the way they were. I don’t know what happened or what changed. I do feel there is someone else in his life, and that he is just not being honest with me. Why am I feeling so crazy? Are these just random thoughts that I am creating in my head or is my intuition really that on point?! What is going on??? Lol ahhhhh!

    • Niks

      Lala I am having the exact same feelings as you are (back and forth feelings, doubting everything, what the heck happened, etc) I am Cancer cusp Gemini with Scorpio Asc, and my Virgo Sun/Virgo Asc bf and I have been puttering out hard since January. When the Venus Rx hit, we had a week or so of genuine reconciliation, but mostly back and forth. I have always had trust issues (paranoia and reality-based) with him but during this retrograde my alarm bells are off the chains. So I get it.

  • Niks

    Can anyone shed some light on the Venus Rx influence on this: In march (inside the retro period), I applied for a job across the country in an amazing location. They called me and hired me a few days later (so I got hired inside the retro period), and I start next week (well outside the retro period). I have only talked to them on the phone, I wont meet these people until I get out there. I’m having a hard time finding info on Venus Rx and job offers. I have gone back and forth during the retro wondering if I will actually follow through, but since Venus went direct, I became a firm yes. Now that I am down to the wire though (days away), I am paranoid about how Venus has affected this offer. Any thoughts?