Intuitive Astrology: Venus Retrograde March-April 2017

venus retrograde

Venus retrograde is one of the most significant astrological transits. This is because Venus retrograde is quite rare and only happens once every 18 months.

Venus is also the celestial body in charge of your heart center and your gut. Because of this, Venus retrogrades are often deeply healing and help to awaken your heart to a new understanding of Divine love.

Venus retrograde officially kicks into gear on March 4, 2017 however, Venus has already been slowing down since January 31, 2017.

Since the end of January, Venus entered into the “shadow” period, which is a time when Venus starts preparing to go retrograde. On this preparation day, Venus usually sends a message and highlights what the retrograde lessons may be for you.

Perhaps think back to what was happening around this time to see if you can identify what Venus may be trying to show you.

As the ruler of the Divine Feminine, Venus has an important role in our lives. It is Venus that aligns our heart and teaches us how to love. It is Venus that helps remove blockages and barriers from around the heart so we may experience the bliss of unconditional and Divine love.

Venus also rules over our instincts and intuition, and helps us to become better listeners and better observers of our body, mind and spirit. Health issues can sometimes arise on a Venus retrograde, but this is simply her way of reminding you to listen to your body and its infinite Universal wisdom.

In each of us we carry a Universal wisdom. This Universal wisdom allows our body to heal and look after itself. This Universal wisdom allows our heart to beat, our eyes to blink and our skin to heal when we cut ourselves. We don’t need to tell our body to do these things, the body just knows. The body has its own wisdom and the more we can connect with this, the deeper our relationship with ourselves will be.

This year, Venus is retrograding through the signs of Aries and Pisces. These astrological signs embody the energy of new beginnings (Aries) and endings (Pisces).

Endings and new beginnings have been a Universal theme for quite some time and it seems that this Venus retrograde is no different. The only difference here however, is that Venus wants us to see things through the lens of our heart and not our mind.

When Venus goes retrograde it is a time to heal the wounds of your heart, to let go of past lovers and relationships, to let go of past hurts and blockages, and to open yourself to a deeper love.

Venus retrograde is also a time to tap into your intuition and to really listen and follow through on your gut feelings. Venus is all about the link between the heart and the gut and this is a powerful energy center we all possess.

We all know the feeling of butterflies in our stomach or “gut feelings” and these sensations are believed to be an accumulation of energy that filters down from the heart.

When you can get your heart and gut working in symphony with one another, it will be easier to follow your intuition and understand intuitive messages when they arrive.

As Venus goes retrograde, old messages of the past will also need to be cleared and swept away. Any nagging intuitive feelings or nagging feelings in general will be swept up and away, particularly if they are to do with love and relationships.

If you have been feeling confused about a relationship or if you have been feeling withdrawn from love, this Venus retrograde is going to bring you clarity. Before this clarity can enter into your life however, there first has to be a healing.

Venus retrograde at first, can cause us to close off our hearts and perhaps feel withdrawn. Venus retrograde is a time of going within and sitting with the baggage inside our heart chakra.

It is only when you can do this, it is only when you can sit with the murmurings of your heart that you will be able to release yourself from the pains of the past.

While Venus is in retrograde, surround yourself with things that are going to help strengthen your heart chakra, such as pink or green crystals, pink candles, flowers and other items that remind you of feminine Venus energy.

Through the retrograde period, you may feel your heart challenged to rise up, release the fear and love even more. You may feel challenged by the Universe to truly delve into the healing vibrations of self-love.

When in doubt, self love is always the answer and Venus, whether retrograde or not, will always celebrate this.

If you do nothing else this retrograde period, self-love will be absolutely more than enough.

Venus will shift out of retrograde by April 15, 2017 and by this time her most important lessons would have been revealed to you. Venus will not be back to her usual energy and vitality however, until May 18th, 2017, so her lessons may linger until this time.

Many astrology books suggest not getting into new relationships or getting married/engaged during a Venus retrograde. They also recommend not starting a new job, getting plastic surgery, changing your appearance radically or purchasing luxurious items or jewellery.

Usually there is no desire to do these things through a Venus retrograde period anyway, but if you feel the desire to do any of these things, throw caution to the wind and see where it may lead you.

The Universe always puts you where you need to be and always takes you on the journeys that you need to go on, so don’t fight your natural instincts.

If anything, Venus retrograde is all about following your instincts and learning how to strengthen that all-important connection between the heart and the gut.

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  • J. XYN

    Thank you.

    • you are so welcome 🙂

  • Eunice

    Thank you so much for this. It is so helpful and confirmative to my feelings and intuitions. I need guidance from the divine feminine more than ever now. Blessings from my heart to yours.

    • blessings right back to you! I am glad it helped 🙂

  • thank you!

  • Amy Byrne

    My sun sign is ruled by Venus…I’m a Taurus. I’ve heard this is supposed to be a very good time for me?? Can I look for anything in particular to work with this blessing? If it is a blessing…I am a MSW student, with a family, internship, etc. So much on my plate and so little time, but graduating in May. Good energy would be so very welcomed!!!
    Awesome posts! I will be following. Thank you!

    • Lots of good energy around for getting things done!! This is mostly due to all the Aries energy we have right now, plus the upcoming Aries new moon!!! You are definitely being supported by the Universe! Venus will just be helping you to ensure you make time for self love and self care. 🙂 Congrats on your upcoming graduation!!!

      • Amy Byrne

        Thank you for the reply! Good energy for a stressful time. I welcome it!! Best-

  • Taina

    I’ve been feeling so off for the past three weeks. I left a job I loved because I wanted and need to make more money. Through the entire trasition from the old job I loved to the new job I wasn’t sure about I had this gut feeling like I didn’t want to leave. Today I just found out about Venus retrograde and I’m feeling a bit better because perhaps it has to to with retrograde. Now I’m worried that perhaps I made a mistake

    • Don’t be worried. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Trust your decision and know that you will be able to make the best of it no matter what happens. Things have a funny way of working out sometimes, so keep your mind focused on looking forward. 🙂 The Aries new moon on March 27-28 will also help to bring clarity to things