Venus Retrograde: The Shadow of Love

Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn since the beginning of the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2013.

Venus has long been herald the goddess of love and beauty and represents all that is feminine. She rules over the heart chakra, female reproductive organs, feelings of fate, inner wisdom and her energy will draw you in like a magnet.

In fact, Venus’ cycle forms a perfect rose shape pattern as she moves through all 12 signs of the zodiac.

venus rose pattern

Venus Orbit Pattern

In astrology, a retrograde cycle occurs when a planet moves closest to the sun, hiding their orbit from the atmosphere of the earth. It is during this time that the planets energy is believed to be weakest.

Typically speaking, Venus retrograde is a bad time to change your physical appearance, a bad time to enter business if you are seeking to make a profit or start creative projects, and an enlightening time in relationships.

Because venus rules love, relationships might have been especially challenged during this retrograde period whether it’s a relationship with yourself or a partner.

While Venus is sleeping, the Universe is asking us reevaluate our beliefs, our relationships and our values by exploring our shadow selves.

“A Venus retrograde can bring about a reevaluation of issues of dependency, self-sufficiency and emotional communication within relationships. Whether her dark side or light side emerges, something shifts, something changes. Values are called into question, as well as the personal sense of feeling valuable, loveable and worthy…” – Astrologer, Chad Woodward.

Because this particular retrograde falls in Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, we are being called upon to deal with matters with brutal honesty, diplomacy, responsibility and trust.

Pluto is also lingering near to Venus at this time which adds a real need of ‘letting go’. Pluto, which is currently also in Capricorn, rules death and rebirth cycles, and he will challenge you to sort through your shadow self in order to prepare for the new cycle of Venus energy.

As Venus moves closer to the sun and deeper into retrograde, her energy aligns with the Sun, this alignment is beautifully described by astrologer, Andrew Smith as a symbol for “the process of shedding all earthly attachments and desires as the light of consciousness cleanses and en-lightens the Spirit. All aspects of your soul that keep you separate from joy and light are released and as love connects with your source, your Light flourishes.”

Venus will end her retrograde on January 31, 2014 but until then, we must become conscious of issues that have arisen and the many shifts and changes that have occurred in matters of love- whether it is self love or romance, letting go and reflection.

At the end of Venus’ retrograde, the ability to see the hidden or deeper meaning of life events will be clearer and you will feel a fresh sense of creativity and love in your life.

How has this Venus Retrograde effected you? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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