Leo Solar Eclipse Ritual August 2017

leo solar eclipse ritual

The Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21st is going to offer all of us the opportunity to reset our mind, bodies and souls.

As the Sun, Moon and Earth all align for the Eclipse, it will be like the hands of a cosmic clock coming together to chime as one, signifying the starting of a new cycle.

While this Solar Eclipse may bring changes and new opportunities into your life, the most potent and profound effects are going to be felt on an internal level.

With this cosmic reset, a doorway to a new level of consciousness is going to open.

A new frequency will be available to all of us on Earth and this will help all beings on the planet to rise up together and feel a sense of unity, oneness and wholeness.

Of course, you have to welcome this energy into your life in order to receive and feel it, but it is going to have a lasting impact that we will all see unfolding over the coming months.

The effects of this Solar Eclipse will be felt most strongly until September 7th 2017, however it will continue to work its magic until the next Eclipse cycle in February 2018.

In this ritual, you are going to reset your body and open your energy centers to welcome in a new level of consciousness.

This ritual can be done from the 21st August up until September 7th, but for maximum effect, try to do it on the day of the Solar Eclipse itself.

Here is what you will need:

  • 4 white candles
  • Your favourite crystal (you can use more than one if you like)
  • Sage/palo santo or any other cleansing tool
  • Pen and paper (optional)


1.) Begin smudging your aura by waving the smoke over your body, back and front. Then smudge your space or your entire house before doing this ritual. Instructions on how to do this here.

As you smudge yourself and your space recite the following mantra continuously until you are done. (As always, feel free to write your own!)

“I cleanse my body, I cleanse my space; all around me I can feel the white light of the Divine nourishing me, healing me and purifying my mind, body and soul.”

2.) Find a quiet space where you absolutely cannot be disturbed. Once you start this ritual it is best not to stop so make sure you cannot be interrupted.

3.) Light your candles and place them in all four corners around you as you lay down on the floor. If you are doing this on hard flooring, feel free to use a yoga mat or blanket to support your back.

4.) Place your crystal over your third eye. If you want to use more than one crystal you can also place one in each of your hands and one over your heart chakra, but this is optional.

5.) Close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths here to quiet your mind and relax into your ritual. If you like, you can invite your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to join you as you perform this resetting ritual.

6.) On the next inhale, visualise breathing in from the top of your head all the way through your body to the tips of your toes.

Imagine that the top of your head is a mouth where you are breathing in and out from. Imagine this breath coming in from the top of your head as a beautiful, white light. Feel it entering the top of your head and moving all the way down to your body.

7.) As you exhale, imagine this white light sweeping away any negative, old energy that is no longer needed. See it being released from the top of your head as well, almost like you have an entrance and exit point at the top of your head.

Practice this breath a few times until you get the hang of it, then repeat it 28 times.

8.) Next, place your hand over your pelvic area where your root chakra is and repeat “I honor you”. Keep repeating the phrase again and again breathing deeply, until you feel a shifting of energy. Allow any emotions to come up if they need to.

9.) Next, move your hand to your stomach area and repeat “I trust you”. Again, keep repeating the phrase until you feel it, allowing any emotions to come up if they need to.

10.) Continue the process with your hand over your heart center repeating “I forgive you” and then with your hand over your throat repeating- “I know you”.

Place your hand over your crystal on your forehead and repeat- “I see you”. Finally, place your hand over the top of your head on your crown chakra and repeat “I guide you”.

11.) Next, wrap your arms around yourself like you are giving yourself a big hug and say “I love you”. Repeat this at least 3 times, if not more.

Stay here for a moment with your eyes still closed, and watch any colours or swirls behind your eyes. Honor how you feel and any sensations you may be feeling.

Optional step: Open your eyes and begin writing down any thoughts, feelings or emotions that were stirred for you. Perhaps you can even write a comment of what came up for every “I” affirmation you stated.

12.) Open your eyes and stand straight in the middle of your candles with your crystal in front of you. Open your arms out big and wide so your chest is open and slightly tilt your head back so your neck is also exposed.

Breathe in the wonderful energies of the eclipse, the cosmos and your spirit guides/angels and repeat the following -out loud works best.

PS. This poem was channelled from my heart for you and all of humanity 🙂 –

I am light, I am free. I am going to be totally me.

I have reset my body and my soul. I have reset my mind so I see things whole.

I am cleansed, I am reset, I feel at peace,

I am cleansed, I am reset, I take a leap.

I go back to zero, I feel I am one,

I welcome in the newness, I welcome in the Sun.

Opportunities surround me now and I know just what to do.

I know I must move forward, I know I must be true.

With trust and patience I will get what’s mine,

For I am always following the path of the Divine.

My hands are the Universe and the Universe holds me,

We are One in each other, and now I see,

That I am light, that I am free,

All I need to do is be me.

13.) Gently shake and move your body to shift any last bits of lingering energy. Tap the top of your head where your crown chakra is 3 times and with your hand covering the top of your head repeat- “I let in only love and light”. This will help to seal and protect the energy of your crown chakra.

You can then move your candles to a table, place your crystal(s) between them and keep them burning for as long as possible.

Remember to stay hydrated and to be gentle and loving with yourself after doing this ritual.

Happy Eclipse!

Time/Day of Peak of the Solar Eclipse:

Los Angeles- August 21 at 11.25 am

New York- August 21 at 2:25 pm

London- August 21 at 7.25pm

New Delhi- August 21 at 11.55pm

Sydney- August 22 at 4.25 am

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  • Max Hokanson

    This is all absurd. A big floating rock orbiting the Earth at a special angle will have tremendously low impact on humanity, it makes no sense for it to.

    Could you please explain why it would?

    • AlletsPenzeni

      The fact that you landed on this site tells me you are seeking for answers, the fact that you read it thoroughly tells me you have an inquisitive mind and the fact that you are asking for “proof”, tells me you are on your way to awakening. These question is best answered by our own individual paths because through our unique journeys and spiritual growth we find the answers to this and many other questions from within guided by our connection to the Universe and its Creator. For now I can only hint that this eclipse just as all others that already past, is sort of like the Universe is using its own radio to fine tuned to us here on planet Earth and the moment that connection is made we as a whole people, animals, plants and ‘the Rock’ as you call it will be elevated or upgraded if you will to a new frequency and vibration. Those of us who have been in our paths to awakening longer will be able to ‘feel’ the change immediately and for those of us who are not yet awakening the new frequency will still affect our lives but may not be felt instantly but nonetheless will remain alive in all beings DNA until the individual taps into it, sort of dormant until the person decides it’s time to grow and use all of my capabilities. Hope this helps. Love Eternal brother

      • Max Hokanson

        Didn’t help in the slightest

        • AlletsPenzeni

          Exactly! You have to find it within, by following your own journey of discovery. If it doesn’t work… you’ll have other… chances

          • Max Hokanson

            Ok let’s say I Awaken and have a new found understanding and a fresh look on things. How could anyone possibly know for sure it’s because of the eclipse and the universe fine tuning itself with humanity, and not just coincidental circumstance?

            You can’t, it’s unfalsifiable. So if it can’t be proven by evidence than there should be no reason to believe such claims.

            There has to be reason for why you believe this all though, so tell me…Why do you believe an eclipse would make an impact on your life?

          • Cassandra Finch

            For some of us it has taken years, for some of us months, but I think we all have either felt, seen or observed the shifts that happen in our lives during an eclipse season. It really means that one becomes an astute observer and participant in the development of one’s life. Sometimes the changes aren’t even personally happening to me. Sometimes they are happening to people I work with. Around an eclipse I notice more of my coworkers either get promoted, leave their jobs or get fired. I notice more people get hitched or get divorced. I notice that there are more deaths because some people who are very weak can’t sustain the intense energy of an eclipse. I notice there are more fights, even violence but I have also some observed some great celebrations too.

            In the next few years just start noticing how and when things begin happening in the calendar year. It is a wonderful sight to see.

          • Max Hokanson

            You have no way to prove that the eclipse did these things for sure. All you have is loose correlation at best.

            Correlation does not equal causation….

            My Mom died after taking a shit, and so did my friend’s dog! This must mean my shits kill people!

            Now if you excuse me, I’m going to bash my head against a brick wall and see what breaks first. Who knows, maybe I’ll reach enlightenment.

          • Cassandra Finch

            Excellent point. Thanks for helping me to see it another way. I appreciate your comments.

  • Annie

    This looks to be a moving ritual, I’m very excited to try it! Would you recommend using your dominant hand, or using both hands? Thanks!

    • good question! you can just use one hand, your dominant hand is fine 😉

  • Michelle

    What about using an organite pyramid rather than an individual crystal? I have one filled with moonstone that i’d like to use for this ritual 🙂

  • AshtonNekolah

    Does it matter if I do this before, or when the eclipse is actually casting it’s shadow or after. I will be working and the only time I can try this is flatter work when I reach home which i think the eclipse will be over? Good information. Thanks

    • that is perfectly fine, you can do the eclipse anytime from the 21st to 7th sept. but doing it tonight after work is great!

  • Katie Bonnett

    I LOVE the poem!!! It is beautiful and it resonates with me so much! Thank you for sharing, I’m excited to try this ritual and for the shifts and new beginnings that are already starting to unfold in my life ❤

    • yes! i love the poem too! came flying from my heart 🙂 was very excited to share it

  • Renee

    Thank you for posting such rich, beautiful content. I feel a shift just reading your poem now. Looking forward to trying the full ritual tomorrow. Happy eclipse to you too!

    • hope you enjoy the ritual it is my hope that you will come up feeling cleansed and recharged! happy eclipse 🙂

  • My Self Devotion

    Love, love, love that poem! Will be doing this ritual tomorrow morning. Thank you!

    • i do the ritual as i am writing it so i have already done it and played around with it quite a bit! But I will definitely be doing a version of this as the eclipse peaks in a few hours!

  • theresa

    in the ritual it seems you skipped sacral chakra?
    attention is directed to root, stomach for solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

    • yes, i did for some reason when i was writing this that is what i felt called to do…of course feel free to include it if you like 🙂

  • Monique

    Thank you so much Tanaaz, love it! Much love to you and everyone ❤️ Monique

  • Meuy

    Hi Tanaaz,
    For the ritual,Does it matter with other color of candles?
    I only have yellow I don’t know if that’s ok
    Or I only need to use white