Scientists Confirm The Afterlife

death is an illusionIs death an illusion?

Professor Robert Lanza has developed a theory of biocentrism that claims that death is an “illusion created by our consciousness.”

“We believe in death because we’ve been taught we die”, claims Lanza from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina.

The word biocentrism basically means the ‘life centre’ and is the belief that life and biology are central to reality and that life creates the universe, not the other way round.

The example Lanza gives to describe what he means is this: a person looks up and sees a blue sky, however, the cells in the brain can be changed to view that blue sky as either red or green. Lanza therefore has determined that our consciousness can be altered through interpretation.

This theory also suggests that space and time are both ‘tools of the mind’ and therefore death and the idea of immortality exists in a world without space and time boundaries.

So where do we go when we ‘die’?

Lanza believes that we are are like “a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multi-universe.”

“Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking. When we die, we do so not in the random billiard-ball-matrix but in the inescapable-life-matrix,”

To back up his claims, Lanza conducted a double-slit experiment. 

For the experiment, scientists watch a particle pass through two slits in a barrier, the particle is only able to pass through one of the slits however, when the scientists do not watch the particle it instead acts like a wave and goes through both slits.

Lanza therefore concluded that matter and energy can display characteristics of both particles and waves and that the behavior of the particle can change based on a person’s perception and consciousness.

Biocentrism,” Lanza’s book, “shatters the reader’s ideas of life, time and space, and even death. At the same time, it releases us from the dull worldview that life is merely the activity of an admixture of carbon and a few other elements; it suggests the exhilarating possibility that life is fundamentally immortal.”

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  • After Life

    Raises some interesting concepts… What is immortality though? What is afterlife? Death is a big stage, maybe we are transforming into something else after death, but we obviously don’t stay the same. We lose our current stage of consciousness and turn into something else. Is that dying? I feel like that is dying, but in some way shape or form we come back as part(s) of something else.

    • I think there is definitely a physical death (obviously), these physical bodies have a lifespan however I do believe our conscious bodies continue on. There are so many things the human mind can’t perceive, this alone is a clue that there is so much more to this world that we don’t understand. This universe is so big and so unknown that alternate realities or an afterlife or parallel universes are not as absurd as we may think.

  • After Life

    I’m just very skeptical of our consciousness staying in tact. For me that was the scariest aspect of death though, to lose my consciousness and that identity of me. Nothing is impossible but through my own experiences and understandings. I feel like our consciousness would just disperse and change and become part(s) of something else.

    From my point of view, the desire that I have to want my consciousness to stay in tact, is part of a more individualistic perception, when I started looking at myself as part of the universe and the universe as part of me, I was no longer too worried about my own consciousness and death because we are all part of everything.

    • I guess our consciousness does not stay in tact but perhaps some part of our subconscious does? I think there is a way we can tap into past lives, or perhaps past experiences here on earth and on other planes by exploring our subconscious. I also believe we can tap into our future or communicate with beings on different planes so something has to remain constant.
      But yes, I agree with you when you say that we are all apart of everything.

  • After Life

    Since we are all a part of everything, when you tap into a past life, are you really tapping into YOUR past life, or being a part of everything are you tapping into a past existence that is somehow connected to the energy/time/place/state of mind you are in when that tapping occurs? Is it your past life or everyone’s past lives…. I always wonder about all of this stuff because I feel so connected to everything around me. I’ve had visions, premonitions etc… i wonder where it all comes from.

    • wow, you make some really profound comments here. I definitely think when you are tapping into a past life that you are picking things up from your experiences in your present life and some kind of collective consciousness which would ‘hold’ your past life experience. Are these thoughts yours or part of something bigger? Who knows? Probably both. Is it egotistical to think that we could be tapping into our own exclusive life? At the end of the day nothing is real unless we perceive it to be.

  • After Life

    Could a past life that you tap into be energy that had been dispersed, in which part of that energy makes up your current life, and gives you a strong connection to that specific past life because of it? I don’t think it’s egotistical to think you could tap into your own exclusive past life… I just think it is an alternative view.