Do You Sense Spirits in Your House? Here is What to Do

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Have you ever suspected the presence of spirits in your home, workplace or when you are out and about?

Sensing Spirits is something that all of us can do as long as we are open. Often their presence is felt on more of an instinctual or intuitive level than a rational one, and even though we may not be able to explain what we feel in words, on a deeper level we understand that something else may be at play.

Spirit energy can linger in houses, in workspaces, in malls, in clothes and in furniture. Basically,  if a spirit feels attached to a place, object or person, that is where they will dwell.

Encountering a Spirit may feel like –

  • A sudden rush of wind or cool air that cannot be explained
  • A heavy or strong pressure around your head, neck, chest or upper back
  • An unexplained feeling of anxiety, nervousness or a rush of emotion
  • A heaviness in the air which makes the space feel small or stuffy
  • Hearing voices, whispers or distant chatter
  • Someone is watching you

Learning how to detect the presence of Spirits can be helpful especially if you are buying or renting a new property, purchasing items for your house (especially second hand objects) or if you are struggling to hang around a certain space or even a certain person.

A space with Darker Spirits will feel cold, empty, lonely, sad, oppressive, heavy, stagnant, stuffy, smelly, thick or foggy and may make you feel angry.

A space with Light Spirits will feel airy, breezy, warm, peaceful, light, open and calming.

If you feel the presence of light spirits, they are most likely your loved ones who have crossed over or maybe even your angels or spirit guides.

If you feel the presence of darker spirits however, your space may be “haunted” and in need of a cleansing. To determine if this is the case you may also experience:

  • Electrical disturbances that cannot be explained
  • Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye
  • Strange dreams or nightmares
  • Psychokinetic Activity (opening of doors or things moving around the room)
  • Unexplained fear when in certain areas of your space
  • Abnormal animal behaviour or reactions
  • Feeling drained, mentally foggy or tired when in the space

You can read more signs of Spirit energy here.

Even though we are physical beings, we all have an energetic body which is connected to the Spirit world and sometimes we have to work on an energetic level in order to understand why we are feeling a certain way.

If you suspect your house or space has darker spirits, here are some tips to clear the energy:

  • Clean the clutter and mess from every room in the house
  • Smudge your space regularly
  • Place crystals, charms or deities around the room
  • Burn incense or diffuse essential oils
  • Imagine your space filled and wrapped with white light
  • Ask your angelic Spirit Team to help
  • Practice positive thinking and keep your emotions positive
  • Consult with a shaman, paranormal expert or energy healer

It is important to remember that darker Spirits are often just lost souls that still feel attached to something on the earthly plane. Often they like to create emotions of fear and anger as it gives them something to feed off.

For this reason, it is recommended to not engage with them, communicate with them or react to them. Instead, focus your attention on filling yourself and your home with positive vibrations of light and love energy.

You can read more about how to fill your home with positive energy here.

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  • Christine Akkaya

    Hey i see ghost All most everyDay and the Are not Allways Nice ones and have alot of bad dreams some Are good and many Are not Nice i need to have lights on and My radio on have lights on where i sleep and in My livingroom Else i Cant sleep hate it. Need help i think the åre not some Nice Dreams

    • Shelley Conway Masters

      I experience the same.. I also have to sleep.with the light on..I.don’t sleep also for hearing noises..knocks on the doors etc etc

      • Naquita Heart Thain

        High frequency music at night will flush any negative entities out if their present. I used to sleep with the lights on from 5 years old to 29 years old. I finally faced my fear turned out the lights & took my power back. We are given the spirit of love not fear. Don’t allow the uncomfortable to close possibly help a spirit that may have come to you for help. To cross over. Indigo children all over this blog!!! That’s awesome.

  • Sarah Le Prevost

    My 16 year old daughter is being spooked. About 2 months ago she was lying on her bed in her room and felt a cardboard box on her face. She pushed it off and heard it drop onto the wooden flooring. She then looked down and nothing was there. Tonight she was in her room and she felt someone tap on her shoulder. She turned around and heard a voice say “here’s your key” she then felt the key in the back of her throat as if she had swallowed it. What does all this mean?

  • Melinda Fall

    Things go missing and then I feel suddenly cold. Not sure what’s going on. And my cat stares at certain places in my home.

  • Gary Price

    Need advice. My wife and I bought a home that was built in 1951. We’ve been here for 6 months now. Three days ago my wife found some old silverware behind a kitchen drawer. She pulled it out and set it in a drawer to be cleaned and appraised at a later time. Tonight my wife went into the kitchen and found all of our silverware behind the drawer where she had found the old silverware, and the old silverware was neatly lined up where our silverware was. Does this sound like poltergeist activity, or something else?

    • Naquita Heart Thain

      Could be a spiritual attachment to the items you found. Research ways to deal with this. Good luck

  • tarnesha maybank

    I have Seen shadows and in my house. I hear footsteps walking upstairs and my TV turn off by itself. I know its a presence in my house because i always feel it around me. I finally Seen the bodily figure of a older man and women and my youngest child saw the man standing at his bedroom door. I have bless my house numerous times and it seems to stay.

  • Patrick Eposito

    Ive been seeing an old lady in a white dress with red and black eyes ever since i was born….My mom told me a story of how i was cursed by a witch…I finally believe her…In my nightmares I see her…the lady in white…at school I see her….when im taking a shower I can sense her presence and im scared…Why does she keep following me…why wont she leave me alone…

    • Bazal Khan

      Do u still see her …. ?

  • Samuel chukwuemeke

    Pls I need help! I am occasionally attacked by some sort of force that always render me unconscious. Sometimes it happens during day time when am lying down or thinking, or at night.the most scary part of it is that most times it’s starts from my dreams to the physical. When this happens to me the only thing that seems alive in me is my beating heart and my mind full of fear, I have lived like this for years now and really don’t know if its a ghost attack or a demon trying to take my space.

    • Heidi

      Say the archangel Michaels prayer in every room of your house while you are holding a bible it’s important to
      Sage your house in every room and even outside too
      and do the same thing by sprinkling holy water in your home and on yourself
      Get a priest to bless some olive oil and dip your finger in the olive oil and make the sign of the cross in the middle of every door
      Once you finish saging open all windows and doors to get all the negative energy out they need away to get out.
      Sprinkle salt accros every window or under the window if it’s the only way you can do it

      Say the our father the Hail Mary and the archangel Michaels prayer while doing this make sure you have sage Lit
      ask the spirit in a very friendly manner that they are not welcome here anymore that they have their time on earth and now it’s your turn to live on earth tell the spirit that to look for the light and when they see it to walk right in reassure the spirits that their ancestors are missing them and they are waiting for them and say thank you for leaving making sure you say goodbye

      If it’s an angry spirit you need to show it who’s boss by saying I command you in the name of Jesus and his precious blood to leave now and all that who fear god will scatter and fall

  • Mike

    The only thing that will rid your life of the “evil” of spirits is a relationship with Christ.

  • billegge

    I regularly feel like a spirit or something is around me. There are certain areas in my apartment where I feel like these spirits stay. About 15 years ago, I had an apartment with one bedroom in the back. I never slept in it because it felt very very “dense” and I always believed it was spirits. While in the apartment, my neighbor asked if I keep his dog while he was gone for a couple days, when I kept the dog it kept looking at the back room and even growled once. When the dog acted that way I took it as conformation that something really was there. Then, while still in the same apartment, my neighbor had a psychic come over and the psychic also then came to my apartment. Without me saying anything at all about the back room, she said that the back room had sprits because a long time ago there was no bedroom there and it was a porch where people hung out. So,I feel like there are sprits around me and sometimes I feel isolated “cold spots” on parts of my arm or hand, and actually right now I am feeling it on my left elbow. Maybe its a spirit. I just wish I could communicate with them rather than just sense them.

  • Nicole Jones

    Have had visions have hot cold breeze occasionally lights have come on my 3yr old talking to no one a male friend was half undressed things moving as if something brushed passed in the end I snapped told who ever it was I was not going anywhere they had to share the house haven’t had many funny things happen since only that sometimes I feel someone touching me on the shoulder or my head really confused

  • Brenda Carter

    We recently lost our pet a lady we know her sister and herself have this gift that they can see certain things i guess like a medium anyways she said she had a dream about our dog she said our dog looked back at her all she could see was clouds and she was gone that she made it to the other side for the last year or so we have been video recording and noticed these round objects moving through the camera on our phone my husband says they are probably orbs so i recorded a few days after our dog passed the lady we know said she made her way back to us already she said that usually doesn’t happen that fast our master bedroom has alot of activity what I really would love to know if she is with us and if my husbands parents are to he had an experience a few years back he had seen this shadow and all of a sudden it turned cold he raced upstairs told me I went downstairs and it was fine any advice or help to guideness to know our loved ones are with us

  • Fatima Ali

    Last night me and my workmate see a white thobe dress of Arab male floating in the air,i really can’t believed it, I feel so scared thats Why we ran out of the room.then we go back again to check if it’s really appeared.but when we see again the white dress was totally gone.
    Is it a ghost?

  • kayleigh

    what do u do when a ghost visits u in a dream and it tells u not to give up on someone and get them back, i keep having the same dream and the ghost keeps appearing and telling me not to let him go and to get him back but how would u go about that? i dont understand what to do im lost.

    • Angel

      Sometimes it is the actual spirit and sometimes it is just our subconscious memory of this person bending our mind. I have have many dreams of lost loved ones and there were only maybe 2 or 3 where I knew it was an actual spiritual visit. You will often feel extremely drained and emotional the following day. Your intuition will always tell you that it was really them.

  • Benjamin Bubb

    Sometimes there are spirits in our house, usually they’re harmless and just passing through. Last year I began to be able to ‘see’ them in my mind if any were around when I close my eyes, it was quite freaky at first. This house has a mind of its own too I think! I’ve at a few occasions had to ask spirit guests to leave, especially if they’re really negative and low energy. Also, not giving into FEAR is very important or you’ll attract in more negative entities… not engaging them is a good idea, unless you’re being caused distress then it’s important to stand your ground and set boundaries. Good blog!

    • Naquita Heart Thain

      Best advice I’ve read so far.

  • Megan Veal

    I see and hear spirits. Lately I have been experiencing some scary ones. I hear voices outside of my bedroom door at night. I have asked who’s there and all I hear is them saying things like how did she hear us. Then there are the shadow people. The first one had a hat on and stood at the end of my bed looking at me. I managed to him to get out. The next one was even scarier because I tried to ignore him but he knew I saw him so he said my name. I’ve put religious objects in my home to protect myself. That seems to help some. I really don’t want to see another shadow.

    • Angel

      Do you feel afraid because you sense they are dangerous and negative or because the activity is getting more frequent and you are not wanting this much attention from them? If it is the second thing I suggest that you say (in your mind or out loud) that you do not want to see them right now but when you are ready to receive a message from spirit you will ask. This states a clear boundary between spirit world and ours that they will hopefully respect. Sageing can keep any negative disrespectful energy at bay. If there IS a message that spirit feels is pertinent to you to pass along dont be surprised if the activity continues.

      • Megan Veal

        I’m afraid of the shadow people. I’ve heard about shadow people but never seen them until now. The others scare me because I don’t see them because it’s night and they are in the hallway. My normal for seeing spirits is when I actively open my mind for looking and listening to them. I’ve never been able to talk back to them. I will try the sage thing.

    • Renee Edwards

      Fear attracts negative spirits—don’t be afraid of your gifts…and don’t focus on what you don’t want to experience like “shadow people.” Call on your spirit guides, guardians or ancestors who have passed they will offer protection and set clear boundaries and take your power back. If this doesn’t work then maybe ask yourself why they are drawn to you (without fear) there may be a lesson or a gift you have to develop.

  • Lucia Rose Alvarado

    I seen things since the moment I was born, it does not phase me, is more used to seeing them then anything else. I do not dream or remember sleeping, I have visions and premonitions of things. I seen bad things and good fight for my soul and I have cleansed things around family. But what I noticed is death is not a scary thing were here for the time we have then leave to where we are supposed to be at. Best advice is get a spray bottle and fill it with holy water, sage your place and put salt by the doors and say I forbid you from entering or harming those within by the grace of god and ignore it as the more you pay it attention it will not go away. every place i lived in I got rid of bad spirits and only have good ones around me. I hope this helps some and may you all find peace in knowing some see more then most but your not alone, there are some who will help and be there for you.

  • Michael Dratwa

    I have a bad one and a good one. Idk wtf to do.

  • Hitesh Makhijani

    Tonight I was sleeping then kind of awake around 4am. Was trying to go back to sleep when I heard a whisper like a swishh voice saying “take my stress”. Hence after I was not able to sleep. Sensed a pressure in the center of my spine and just couldn’t sleep. Picked up my phone and started searching the Internet for what’s going on. Any ideas?

  • Beth Gollie

    Years ago I woke up seeing a shadow on the side of my bed watching me sleep. I thought it was my husband because it looked like his silloette. However, my husband was in our living room asleep. I said my husband’s name twice, and then it faded away. I hope it wasn’t a demon, or something bad. To this day I’m leery of sleeping with my back turned to that side of my bed.

    • Angel

      Was it on your left or right? I have had this experience but mine was a negative entity that came to my left side which is where energy enters the aura/soul and it began draining me I felt so sickened, violated and full of fear as waves of electricity pulsed through me. I couldn’t move or speak. I now kee Black tourmaline and obsidian in my left pocket for protection at all times.

      • Beth Gollie

        It was my right side, on the right side of my bed. You don’t think it was a negative entity? It scared me, but didn’t hurt me.

      • Beth Gollie

        It was my to my right, on the right side of my bed. You don’t think it was a negative entity?It scared me, but didn’t hurt me. I researched black tourmaline. It contains aluminum, and you should wash your hands if you handle it.

      • Dwane tannon

        Keep in mind. It could have been somebody pointing a microwave energy weapon at you or your home. Which can often make you hallucinate. And is undetectable by the human eye. And it can go through walls and often at times can drain you of your strength. And if that was the case you’re probably being targeted by someone using electronic harassment tactics

    • Renee Edwards

      Sounds like a (neutral) ghost or spirit. If it were negative you would have felt it immediately and likely you would have felt ill or heavy. People don’t seem to realize that ghosts are just people who don’t know where to go when they die–they are just people—unfortunately some are negative, some are helpful, most are neutral… but the very negative entities, you feel immediately and they never had a body. The problem is not confusing fear with negativity.

  • Angie Cold
  • Angie Cold

    What I just posted is what I have been ok ing with since April of this yr. I hear them see them and can not get rid of them. They want me to help them some kind of way. I dont k ow how or what to do. I have lost EVERYTHING since this stArted

  • Spacetime John

    yesterday i was lying down on the recliner and i was meditating and my body didn’t feel hot or cold my temperature didn’t change but i felt this cool air start to move up from my feet over my body. It wasn’t effecting my body heat it was about 5cms away from me but it was a comforting cool air just gliding from my toe to my head. Then when i was reading the paper today i felt this coldness not on my ears but nearly on it, my ears weren’t cold it was as if some one had an ice cube next to my ear but not on it to feel the coldness of it directly. I was sitting on the bus going home from the town and i looked at the windows to see if they top bit was open and there hadn’t been a passenger on the bus for a while and again this cool air feeling around my aura i was sitting watching a programme earlier in my room and i seen this sharp flash of light about the size of a fist on my radiator. i’ve experienced a lot of psychic abililities i have over the last year experimenting different ways to test it out etc but this is something new to me it doesnt feel bad though it feels like my outer shell (not my body) my outer energy is getting a massage off this cold air feeling.

  • Tara Lynne

    So our house was built in 1850. When we first moved in two years ago, we had the TV turn on by itself, I felt a cold breeze, I smelt flowery perfume, I heard scratching at the door thinking it was my dog but then realized my dog was behind me. I felt like I was being watched a couple times. Then it all stopped. So recently like the past couple months we have heard like bangs, or things drop, cabinets and doors being shut. My husband said he saw a dark shadow like a tall man walking up the stairs. Then when he was in bed (this was the morning) he saw a dark blur pass by the bedroom door. I haven’t seen anything. Also we adopted a new dog 3 months ago, (our golden retriever passed away 8 months ago) and I’ve seen her bark at nothing, and then once she was afraid to enter the kitchen and I was standing there. I had to literally go get her and walk with her into the kitchen. Also when I’m half asleep I can clearly hear my husband calling my name but he says he’s not. We don’t feel afraid but can anyone give insight to this?