Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 22-28, 2024

Weekly Taarot

The card pictured is from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Princess of Cups

This week we have a Full Moon in Scorpio, bringing its intense vibes and a need to go below the surface. We may feel our emotions stronger allowing us to tune into what we are really feeling. The Princess of Cups is a beautiful, creative card and a great companion to the moon and our emotions.

We continue with the one-card reading this week, which calls us to go deeper with its meaning and our reflection. See if you can hold the card’s message with you as you navigate the days ahead.

The Princess of Cups is gliding in the water surrounded by a dolphin, sea turtle, lotus blossom, and swan. These creatures are highly intuitive and creative. They are our totems as we dive into these energies.

We are craving a more nurturing and creative experience with ourselves. We feel protective of our own peace and want to nourish this energy in any way possible. If there is a location or activity where we feel calm and relaxed, we will feel especially drawn there. We will look for ways to incorporate peaceful practices into our routines as much as possible.

In a restorative place, we can think clearly about what we wish for the most. We envision a future that reflects what’s in our hearts and perhaps the future we were drawn to as young people. We are finding clarity on how to move forward intentionally.

The Princess of Cups is a dreamer. She thinks deeply about what she wants for herself and the world. She doesn’t restrict her heart and envisions the life she desires, even if it seems unrealistic to others.

She represents the earthy part of water, where dreams become real. She supports you with action steps and concrete plans. She wants you to move from fantasizing about what you want to actually making it a reality.

Physical movement (especially dancing), creative practices, or any peace-giving activities will feel right this week. Our nervous system is craving a release and grounding and we should honor this desire.

To help point us in the right direction, the Princess of Cups asks us to call upon our angels, ancestors, and messengers, as they are always supporting us. Meditating under the Full Moon would be a perfect time to connect with their guidance.

If we create moments of stillness, the energy of the Princess will be able to enter our world. She will give us insights into the path forward and send us messages we need to receive.

I was listening to the song ‘Mind/Heart’ by Erin Rae on repeat while I wrote this week. See if listening to this song brings up any feelings or insights to you as well.

Mantra for the week: Under the energy of the Full Moon, I prioritize peace and listen to the messages I am meant to receive.

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