The Voice of Your Ego, Intuition and Spirit Guides

We all have voices in our heads but whose voice is it? How can we tell the difference between the ego, the intuition and the voice of your spirit guides?

Thousands of thoughts enter in and out of our mind every minute of every day, some consciously and some subconsciously. Being aware of all the voices in your mind is challenging but also crucial on the path to enlightenment.

In fact, many spiritual teachers and the practice of meditation, teaches us not to engage with our thoughts and to instead be the observer. For after all, we are not our thoughts, but the observer behind them- we are the one who is listening to our thoughts.

While meditation can be a fantastic practice, it is not always possible to ignore the voices of our mind. The internal dialogue that we all have is fundamental to our health and our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

“The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly however, it becomes very destructible”- Eckhart Tolle


Learning how to determine the different “voices” in our mind- The Voice of the Ego, The Voice of the Higher Self/Intuition and the Voice of Your Spirit Guides/Angels, can help you use your mind as a powerful tool of guidance and clarity.

The Voice of the Ego

The ego’s main job is physical survival and through our early years we often take it on as our main voice because it helps protect and teaches us boundaries.

The ego is heavily conditioned by society, past experiences, culture and also fear. Although the main job of the ego is protection, more often than not, our ego voice becomes rooted in fear.

The ego likes to talk about wants, securities, plans, anxieties and stresses. It will often also think of the worst possible scenario and be quick to judge and discriminate. The ego voice always likes to be right, hates being questioned and loves to feel victimized.

It has the power to override both the voice of the Higher self and Spirit Guides and often arises from the front left area of your mind. Its voice is firm and authoritative, and communicates mainly with words and surface level emotions.

Voice of the Higher Self/ Intuition

Your higher self or intuitive voice is the internal guidance system of your soul and is connected with the Universe. It is here to look after you spiritually and emotionally and often communicates without words.

While the ego voice is strong and authoritative in your mind, the higher self voice is softer and quieter. Often the voice of the higher self is “felt”, especially in the stomach area, rather than being “heard.”

The voice of the Higher self often communicates in subtle ways at first or through dreams, but it can also become persistent or nagging. Messages are most often received through the left side of the body or the left ear.

When the higher self speaks, all seems to make sense and there is a feeling of inner knowingness that seems to instantly arise.

Voice of Your Spirit Guides/Angels

The voice of your spirit guides are the most quiet of all, they often are heard from the right side of your body or you may even hear a ringing in your ears when you are receiving communication.

The voice of your spirit guides is often internal and experienced through meditation, but they can also communicate with words. You may also see physical signs or be triggered by a strange coincidence.

The voice of your Spirit guides is always calm, thoughtful loving and gentle. They are never demanding and nor do they instil fear or anxiety. Sometimes the messages they send may not completely make sense at first or they may be symbolic rather than literal.

It takes practice, but eventually you will get better at working our which voice is communicating to you and which voice offers the best solution for you.

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  • Brian Evans

    I thought I was crazy that I heard voices in my head, good to know it’s normal 😉

  • Anahit Petrosyan

    My ego has been in the driver’s seat for a while now. It’s taken me years to recognize it and slowly to start questioning its attitude and decisions, especially as I’ve been discovering its pitfalls. It put up such
    a fight this week, full of judgment, feelings of victimization, and desire to just die already. 🙂 It tested my patience quite a bit, encouraging me to pity myself for my “condition.” One thing I’ve noticed is that my ego backfires if I’m not gentle with it. I guess it makes sense that hearing it out, but not acting out on its demands, is the best way to diffuse its destructive, fear-based reactions. I know that I’m led by my higher self when I’m at peace with myself and the world around me for no reason. I find that working through the Spirit Guides course is helping me move in the latter direction with greater ease and clarity. Thanks for all your help with this, Tanaaz!

  • Mark Tyrrell

    I have always been interested in the spirit, the paranormal and anything similar, who we are and how we came to be. In November 2001, I had an experience whereas I went out for a run in the afternoon and went through the entrance of my local woods and a sudden thought came into my mind, like a warning of some sort. I feel I am a bit psychic and I couldn’t fathom out why a strong thought came into my mind. It was a warning message from some unknown force. The thought kept bothering me, whereas it was telling me in a quiet voice, about “breaking the jaw”. It kept giving me this message as I slowed down to walk up the steep gradient in the woods. I thought it was strange that something or someone not seen was right by my side telling me; “Breaking the jaw.” or “Broken Jaw!” It kept on and on. It left me after as I continued up into the woods to the top of the slope. I carried on running and took my usual rest. In under 20 minutes, I decided to run again and felt I wanted to run faster! So I ran and ran and went back down the slope and suddenly without any warning I slipped, fell and smashed my chin into the ground -hard! I had no time to save myself! I had gone and smashed my jaw and ripped my chin open! A stronger inner voice screamed out; “Help me!” I know this wasn’t my physical voice as no one heard me. Though, I did receive medical attention at the local hospital. So there is definitely something we cannot see that exists more than the human mind.

    • wow what an incredible story. yep, there is definitely more out there for sure…sounds like you are very protected and guided. 🙂

  • Bora

    Fine articel for beginner, for to make bit awake them.
    But after bit practice, the other voices can be hearable more clear,
    System not wanted to make awake people, because sleepy people can stay easy under their control for to make slave them, to some material stuff to they produces at factory. :))
    And ego also work with that to easy saying.
    Heart cares not those material things, and cares to life, other peoples heart,
    from that system try to hide peoples inner voices,
    and with ego voices, they control people..
    And general people being in concentration to that, from that comunication with ego is easy, and more usual,
    When people start to listen inner vioces, from heart, then they can not be partner of bad wrong unhealtyhy doings, they quits to hurting nature to people.
    For to sell gun, system not selected that. But now it is become viewable, so change time is also happening. 😉 <3