Where Do Dreams Come From?


I have always had strange dreams so the fact that I dreamt that I was telling a mischievous spirit to move into the light by banging these rolled up cloth sticks in order to open another dimension comes as no surprise.

But, the profoundness and vividness of this dream got me thinking today. Where do our dreams really come from?

Dreams were actually the first way in which people diagnosed medical conditions. In the Ancient times, those suffering from sickness would be taken to dream chambers and then ‘doctors’ would analyze their dreams in order to discover what was wrong with them.

Many felt that dreams were the way in which the gods connected with humans however, as the scientific age dawned, many put dreams down to nothing more than subconscious manifestations that had little meaning.

The Freud/Jung dream theory stated that dreams simply come from within our psyche and expose the unconscious mind. They believed that dreams held no messages or prophetic guidance but instead, just revealed the many thoughts going through the mind.

It’s hard to ignore however, how many great ideas came from dreams. Many objects, songs and stories were birthed through dreams such as the sewing machine, the melody for the Beatles song, “Yesterday”, The Periodic Table and many of Stephen King’s novels.

Whether we admit it or not, dreams can not only change our moods but they can also change our lives and the way in which we perceive the world.

Whether we remember them or not, the average person dreams four times a night with the most intense dreams occurring in the REM stage of sleep.

A recent study published by the Neuro-imaging Lab at UC Berkely, found that dreams help us to understand complex emotions and are crucial for overall health and social functioning.

While there is no scientific proof on the deeper purpose of dreams, many believe that they offer a look into a different dimension and reveal subconscious thoughts and patterns that hold clues to enhance your life. This is because when you are sleeping you are completely relaxed and therefore you become more open to messages from your spirit guides or God.

Some also believe that when you dream, your spirit leaves your body or astral projects.

While scientists do not believe that astral projection is real, many practicers swear by it.

Astral projection is very similar to an out of body experience where you can lift up out of your body and then experience the world from an ethereal perspective. Many people believe that through astral projection they have been able to travel to different planes and encounter other entities.

“Dreams are one of the greatest mysteries of mankind,” states John Paul Jackson, a dream interpreter. “Understanding dreams can give answers to life’s problems, if you learn to grasp their meaning.”

While there are many “dream dictionaries” I have found that dream analysis is completely unique to each person. Often, objects appear just as symbols and our individual interpretation of these symbols are often clues to what the dream may mean.

If you are interested in learning to decipher your dreams, I highly recommend keeping a dream journal. By writing down your dreams you can look back at patterns and relate it to your waking life to see how it all fits together.


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  • John

    I have visions at times before going to sleep of different people and I have since learnt to do it by letting my mind drift not thinking and a light appears and people are like white outlines or cut out figures but walking with purpose. When I was young I wouldn’t s tell anyone for fear of ridicule. However I spoke to my mother about it thinking I was mad but she informed me she had always saw people from a young age. I am now seventy years old and have two grandchildren who see people. What does one say to them.

    • Thank you for your comment John! I guess think about what you would have wanted to hear as a child and then work from there. Sometimes, unless they are afraid, letting them make their own discovery about it could be more beneficial. Sit in a quiet meditation and ask your higher self to guide you towards the right words. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Mimi

        Often, just before I am about to completely slip into sleep, I hear voices and/or songs. It can be a mix of both, sometimes conversations. I often wonder what it is and have yet to find an explanation. It does not scare me as I am used to it now, some voices are louder than others. It almost sounds like someone is changing a radio station, thats the best way I can describe it. While, I know this blog is about dreaming, it sparked my thought about what happens before Im completely sleep and enter dreams. Have you ever heard of this happening before. Every once in a while I might I hear my name being called, but it’s not often. It’s just different, and I can’t talk to many people about it, because the few times I have, no one can relate. Have you ever heard of this?

        • Hi Mimi, yes I have heard of this and I actually wrote a post about it- http://www.foreverconscious.com/8-ways-that-spirit-guides-communicate-with-us. We often hear these things when we are still and quiet. It could be your spirit guides trying to communicate or leave a message with your, or alternatively you could have some clairaudient gifts. 2 more articles you may find interesting- http://www.foreverconscious.com/what-to-do-when-spirits-come-knocking and http://www.foreverconscious.com/which-spiritual-gift-is-your-strongest Let me know if either of these resonate and know you are not alone! I know plenty of people who have experienced that exact same feeling/sounds before they go to sleep. 🙂

          • pinar

            me too. Not very often, but I hear my name called in my dream and it’s different than usual dreams. It’s very loud and exact. I didn’t know what it is about till reading the articles few minutes ago. I generally wake up with fear after hearing my name in that way. But how will I understand the message? It’s just my name. What should I wait to see for understanding the message?

          • Maybe you can go within before you go to sleep and ask to be guided as to what the message is. Good luck!