One Simple Exercise to Unlock your Personal Power

unlock personal power

Calm an over active mind, unlock your subconscious, get to the root of your problems and develop your intuitive and psychic abilities by doing this one simple exercise everyday.

Yes, it really is that easy.

The exercise is nothing new. In fact, it has a number of names that you may be familiar with- Morning Pages, Automatic Writing, Free Flow Writing- just to name a few.

Basically, it requires you first thing in the morning, when your mind is still and you haven’t done anything else, to pick up a pen and paper and write, write and write some more.

It seems a little old-fashioned to do anything with a pen and paper, but keeping a physical “journal” can help you really understand and connect to your words.

This exercise requires you to write at least 3-4 pages front and back (depending on how big your journal is), without stopping. Even if you don’t know what to write, you need to continue writing even if its gobbledy-goop and doesn’t make sense.

morning pages

The idea is through writing incessantly, you will begin to uncover the thoughts and feelings of your subconscious mind.

Somedays it will seem like a torrent of information comes flooding out of you such as, old resentments, things that are bothering you, fears, negative thoughts, and other days it will just be ramblings of your mind.

As you get confident with writing your pages, you can then ask for your guardian angels, spirit guides or whatever divine energy you resonate with, to come through and offer you guidance.

You will know when they are present as your writing may flow more naturally, speed up or be in a different style.

The more you pay attention to the energy around you and the more you remain open to the process, the more you will experience.

To summarize:

1.) Every morning before you do anything, grab your journal and a pen and begin writing 3-4 pages front and back without stopping. (Keep your journal by your bedside).

2.) Allow yourself the freedom to write whatever comes into your mind, don’t hold back, there are no rules. This is your private journal and no one else should read it.

3.) As you are writing, ask your divine guidance or angels to step in to offer you support and advice.

4.) Feel free to re-read what you write, but don’t get caught up on every word. Write it, then let it go. If you don’t feel compelled to re-read, don’t.

5.) Repeat this process EVERYDAY for at least 20 days in order to be effective.

It is impossible to write morning pages for any extended period of time without coming into contact with an unexpected inner power- Julia Cameron

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.