3 Crystals to Use to Connect with Atlantis

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This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

Are you captivated by the legend of the lost city of Atlantis? Perhaps you have a past-life connection with this ancient civilization or maybe you simply resonate with the harmonious and heart-centered energy of the Atlanteans.

Either way, the story of Atlantis is truly fascinating. Now, more than ever, it serves as a warning tale for humanity about the dangers of selfishness, greed, and the misuse of power.

Tanaaz has written a beautiful article about the Atlantis Asteroid, in which she describes one of her dreams about the people of Atlantis using giant crystals for travel.

It has been confirmed in various sources that Atlantis was charged with crystals, and the power from a giant crystal grid was harnessed for technological achievements and protection of the island.

The structure of the crystals enabled them to store information and deep wisdom from thousands of years ago. That is why working with crystals can open up gateways to distant places and time periods, allowing us to access all that wisdom for our own healing and spiritual growth.

Here is my intuitive choice of three crystals that will help us connect with the energy of Atlantis.

1.) Atlantisite

As the name implies, this crystal has a strong connection with the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

Meditating with an Atlantisite stone can help us unlock memories connected to past lives in Atlantis. It can bring us valuable spiritual insights and downloads from the Atlantean times.

The energy of this crystal is incredibly uplifting and has the ability to dissolve negativity, open up energetic blockages, and balance all of our chakras. It can also help us activate the Kundalini energy within us.

Atlantisite is a powerful crystal of protection. It can help us bridge the gap between earthly and the higher realms, and connect us with Angels and Spirit Guides. Its loving and compassionate energy nourishes the mind and body.

Atlantisite helps us end self-destructive patterns and heal wounds of past trauma. It reminds us of the importance of being in tune with our Higher Self, just like the Atlanteans did before their downfall and the cataclysmic event that made the island disappear.

This ancient civilization had achieved higher levels of consciousness and therefore, they were able to enjoy harmony and abundance in their daily lives. Atlantisite reminds us that we too can achieve these higher states of being if we open our hearts and express our Higher Selves in all circumstances.

Atlantisite crystal can be very helpful in resolving conflicts and restoring peace in tense situations, as it has the amazing ability to enhance communication and empathy between people with opposing views.

Lastly, Atlantisite also teaches us the importance of caring for our environment and acting as custodians of Mother Earth. It tells us not to become jaded and give up because our individual efforts will have an overall positive effect.

2.) Aquamarine

Here is another gorgeous crystal that helps us tap into the energies of the ancient Atlantis.

Aquamarine has a close connection with the ocean and mermaids, who supposedly adored these light blue crystals. This crystal is believed to offer us protection on long sea voyages.

Aquamarine has incredibly purifying properties, as it connects us with the cleansing and nourishing waters of planet Earth. It is a helpful crystal for relieving stress and anxiety.

It can also help us release emotional trauma from past lives that is keeping us stuck.

Aquamarine’s energy is perfectly aligned with the values of truth, integrity, kindness, and harmony of the Atlanteans.

As a stone of honesty and open expression of thoughts and feelings, it can shed light on confusing circumstances in our lives. Aquamarine helps us see the hidden motives of those who are close to us, and enables us to see the truth of our relationships with others.

Just as the water in the oceans, rivers, and waterfalls on our planet keeps flowing, always on the move, bringing renewal and refreshment to all of us, so does the energy of Aquamarine.

It helps us to release and let go of what is holding us back. Often, when we are struggling with a situation in our lives, we are actually swimming against the current. Whatever we are holding onto tightly, with a sense of fear and despair, is actually creating energetic blockages in our lives. Once we let go, we usually feel much lighter, almost like a heavy burden has been lifted from our shoulders.

3.) Larimar

Larimar is called the Atlantis Stone as well as the Dolphin Stone. Its deep connection with the oceans allows us to easily connect with the lost city of Atlantis, as well as the dolphins to receive messages and spiritual wisdom.

Larimar is a rare crystal that is found only in the Dominican Republic. Its combination of turquoise and light blue hues is very relaxing and soothing to look at. If you hold it in your hands during meditation, you can almost hear the ocean waves gently lapping against the shore.

Larimar helps us connect with the higher realms, so that we can receive guidance from our Guardian Angels and Spirits Guides. It is a crystal that brings us peace of mind and a serene, blissful feeling.

This might come as a surprise, but Larimar is also one of the most powerful love crystals. Most of the love crystals tend to range from pinkish to deep red colors, but Larimar with its shade of light blue also radiates the energy of unconditional love.

It reminds us that the purest kind of love gives us a sense of freedom and lightness. Larimar helps us to understand the reasons behind other people’s negativity and to prevent us from reacting with anger by dissolving negative energy before it can erupt inside us.

Just like the playful dolphins are messengers of Universal love and compassion, Larimar carries the same kind of vibrations. It brings joy and healing into our love life and helps us release sadness, self-doubt, and phobias. It can also help us let go of harmful patterns and relationships
that no longer serve our highest good.

Larimar can be helpful in attracting our soulmates and healthy relationships in general.

This beautiful crystal facilitates the healing of past-life traumas that may be affecting our lives here and now. Its connection with the Throat Chakra makes it a valuable tool for enhancing communication and clear self-expression.

Larimar is a great crystal for Lightworkers, who are striving to bring peace and healing to planet Earth. This marvelous crystal resonates strongly with the harmonious, heart-centered energies of Atlantis, as it vibrates at the highest frequencies of Love and Light.

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Elina Allais is a Crystal Healer and the author of the uplifting eBook The Inspiring Stories of 33 Crystals, which features powerful positive affirmations and gorgeous photos of crystals. Her poems and articles on crystals and their amazing healing properties have inspired readers all over the world. For as long as she can remember, Elina has been drawn to everything that is mystical and magical. From the moment she became acquainted with the world of crystals, it was love at first sight. Her knowledge of crystals and their usage in holistic healing therapies is outstanding, but what is perhaps more important, is her soulful connection with crystals and her respect for their true power.