3 Easy Ways to Care for Your Mind, Body and Spirit Everyday

care for your mind body spirit

Our mind, body and spirit are all connected. When one of these factors are off balance, our whole body will feel it on some level. Emotions can cause physical symptoms, spiritual disharmony can cause emotional systems and so on.

To be in complete health and harmony, our being needs to be in balance. While there are many things you can do to achieve this, here is one suggestion for each “body” that you can do every day.

Even though these suggestions are quick and easy, they can go a long way in helping you to restore balance, peace and harmony within your entire being.

For the Mind

The mind is a very powerful tool and when out of balance it can lead to worry, anxiety, fear and withdrawal. When in balance however, our mind can help stimulate creativity, make decisions, enhance our intuition and provide the drive and motivation to get things done.

To help balance and recharge the mind, meditation is truly the best practice however, it make it more interesting why not try a Writing Meditation?

Writing Meditation

Retreat to a quiet place with pen and paper in hand. Get comfortable and take 2-3 deep breaths. As you exhale imagine the contents of your mind being emptied out through your nose and mouth. Next, begin writing. It doesn’t matter what your write, just start with the first things that come to your mind. The idea with this is to keep writing without stopping. If you don’t know what to write, just make stuff up until you get in the rhythm and flow. Keep writing until you have completed 3-4 full pages back and front.

This exercise is best done at the start or end of the day. It is a simple daily practice, but a very powerful one. It helps to empty conscious thoughts and get to the heart of the subconscious mind in order to release any hidden blockages or fears.

For the Body

The body is the vessel in which we move through the world. Every body is unique and every body has its own definition and place of balance. When the body is in balance it becomes easier to express your soul, clear your mind and fulfil your purpose. When out of balance however, it can lead to physical symptoms and weakened immunity.

The best thing you can do for your body every day is to nourish it with clean, organic fruits and vegetables. To really recharge the body, the fruits and vegetables you consume should be organic and straight from the farm if possible. This is because a lot of the fresh produce at supermarkets is many weeks old before it gets there and therefore, deficient in many nutrients. (Shopping at farmers markets or growing your own is best!)

Aim to eat at least 5 serves of vegetables and 1-2 serves of fruit every day with a combination of both raw and cooked. (Ideally 80% raw 20% cooked).

If you are going to cook any of your fruits and veg, steaming or stir-frying is best. Definitely avoid cooking in the microwave or boiling as this destroys a lot of the nutritional value.

Eating a good amount of fresh food is highly protective for the body and can help to restore energy levels, stimulate healing and improve your physical health. It is truly the best thing you can do for your body.

For the Spirit

The spirit is the energy or life force that lives within all of us. When we die, it is our spirit body that leaves this earth, not our physical body. Our spirit body is so powerful and can never be destroyed.

The primary purpose of the spirit body is to grow and evolve. While it can’t be destroyed, it can be morphed, shifted and changed.

In order to enhance the health of the spirit body, the best thing you can do is to create. Getting in touch with your creative juices is a great way to express the spirit and can allow you to feel a greater sense of connectivity with your spirit energy.

There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to creation. Experiment with whatever feels best to you such as-

  • Coloring and drawing
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Pottery
  • Construction/Woodwork

By taking the time every day to create and allow your creativity to flow, it can do wonders for your spirit and can help you to also get in touch with your passions and desires.

When we view health holistically, that is when true healing and balance can be achieved. We are all multi-dimensional beings, so it only makes sense to nurture and care for every part of what makes us human.

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About the author


Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.