3 Meditations You Can Do in the Shower

shower meditation

Everyone loves having a good warm shower. There is something about the water, the scent of the soap and the fresh, squeaky clean feeling that allows you to feel invigorated and recharged.

Standing naked under running warm water can be extremely healing and can help to clear away not just germs but also stagnant energy.

Having water run down the top of your head along your back can also help to open your energy centers or chakras, and this can help to energize your soul and raise your vibration. It can also help to stimulate your creativity, which is why many of us get some of our best ideas in the shower!

While I am all for having short showers and saving water, here are 3 simple meditation exercises that you can do in just a few minutes or less.

These meditative exercises are a great way to incorporate mindfulness/spiritually into your daily routine-

Shower Meditation #1

As you soap yourself, repeat the following mantra- “I cleanse myself so I may feel light, peaceful and at ease.” Keep repeating this mantra as you scrub your body all over.

As you rinse off the soap, imagine all of the negative energy or energy that is no longer yours to keep going down the drain.

Next, take your hand and make a flicking motion around the entire outside of your body, cleansing away any final lingering energy.

Stand under the water one more time, close your eyes and visualize the water forming a protective golden white light all around your body. See the white light in your minds eye and take three deep breaths before opening your eyes.

Shower Meditation #2

Stand facing the shower head and allow the water to run down directly onto the back of your neck. This is a sensitive chakra known as the Cerebellum Chakra and it can help to unlock your creativity.

As you allow the water to run down on your neck, take a moment to really become aware of the sensation and focus all your attention on how it feels. Allow your mind to quiet and just focus on what you are experiencing for a few moments.

The idea is to become super aware and present of everything you are feeling and experiencing in that moment. To help, you can also take 5 deep breaths in and out as a way to help still your mind.

Shower Meditation #3

As you wash your body, recite the following mantra – “I love you. Thank you”.

Keep reciting this mantra as you wash your body and allow yourself to really feel the gratitude and self love. You can even focus on particular body parts that are in need of extra healing or self love.

As you rinse the soap off your body, close your eyes and place your hand over your heart center. Take 5 deep breaths in and out and really allow yourself to feel the emotion of gratitude radiating from your heart.

To end the meditation you can repeat the mantra one last time- “I love you. Thank you”.

And there you have it, 3 simple and easy shower meditations that can help you to start the day on the right track. 🙂

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