7 Effective Alternatives to Sitting Meditation

alternatives to sitting meditation

Do you struggle to meditate?

Meditation is by far one of the most effective tools for stilling your mind, raising your consciousness and bringing a sense of peace and harmony into your life. But many people struggle with the idea of traditional seated meditation.

While traditional seated meditation is highly effective, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

If you are struggling to meditate, but still looking to experience the amazing benefits that come along with it, here are some effective alternatives to try that won’t take much effort or time out of your day-

1. Shower Meditation

The daily duty of showering can very quickly turn into a deeply meditative experience.

As you step under the water, imagine it clearing your energy field. Imagine the water helping you to release all those foreign energetic attachments that have been collected throughout the day. Imagine the water helping you to cleanse and release stress, anxiety and all that no longer serves you.

As you soap your body, take time to thank each body part for all the work that it does and marvel at its beauty. Say loving things to your body as you wash it.

2. Brushing Your Teeth/ Hair Meditation

You can use the time that you brush your teeth or hair to tune into your body and connect with your heart.

As you brush, look at yourself in the mirror. Look deep into your eyes and recite a positive affirmation of self-love, which can be as simple as- “I love you.”

Keep repeating this to yourself. If any other thoughts do come into your mind, observe them gently and try not to resist them. Let them flow without engaging in them and continue to observe as you brush.

3. Getting Dressed Meditation

As you get dressed to start your day, imagine your clothes as energetic shields that are going to protect you throughout the day.

As you put each item of clothing on, recite a mantra or visualise the clothes protecting you from negative energies and helping you to view things throughout the day with calmness and compassion.

As you put your clothes on, you can also express gratitude for your body, the material comfort of the clothes and your beautiful day ahead.

4. Before Bed Meditation

This is particularly helpful if you struggle to sleep. Sit on your bed and calm your mind. Take 5 deep, loud breaths and recite a mantra that goes something like-

“I am ready to sleep. I feel calm and safe as a lie down. I am filled with contentment, peace and gratitude. I am so grateful for all of what has happened to day and all that I have accomplished. I now give my body the rest it deserves with this beautiful, peaceful sleep. I am now falling asleep easily and effortlessly”

Feel yourself sinking into the bed as you recite this mantra.

5. In Traffic Meditaiton

Sitting in traffic can be frustrating, but why not turn it into a meditative experience?

Turn off any music (especially ads on the radio) and just allow yourself to sit in silence for a moment. Observe any thoughts that flow into your mind but try not to judge them or engage with them.

Then take 5-10 conscious breaths to help you still your mind and release the energy from the day passed.

As you inhale imagine a beautiful white light circulating through your body and as you exhale imagine any stagnant energy being released as a cloud of smoke.

6. Creating Art/ Dancing Meditation 

Being creative for pleasure is definitely a fantastic way to bring about the effects of meditation.

Start drawing, creating, painting, coloring, dancing or doing something creative that allows you to practice full freedom of expression. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to let loose and just allow your creative juices to flow without focusing on anything else.

You can also put some inspirational music on in the background, just try to not play anything that has ads throughout.

7. Mala Beads/ Crystals Meditation

Mala beads or working with crystals can also be an effective meditation practice.

Traditionally there are 108 beads on your mala and by sitting there and counting them, it is believed to help bring about stillness and calmness. You can really do this with any piece of beaded jewellery, just bring your conscious awareness to what you are doing and focus on counting.

With the crystals, you can hold them in your hand and try and tune into the vibration and feeling of the crystal. Even 1-2 minutes dedicated to this can be highly relaxing and can help to lift your energy.

As you can see, there are many ways you can bring meditation into your day-to-day routine with very little effort.

These mindfulness rituals can soon become part of your daily practice and can help you to experience the benefits of meditation. They may also help prepare you for embracing the art of traditional seated meditation as well.

So, try some of these practices and see how they change your life.

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