4 Ways to Create Happiness

ways to create happiness

We all want to live happier lives, but happiness is not something that is acquired through getting what you want. Happiness is something that we create.

Feeling happy is a choice that we get to make every day. In just the same way, feeling unhappy is also a choice we get to make every day.

While some days don’t warrant feelings of happiness, if we find ourselves continually choosing unhappiness day after day, eventually we may find ourselves leading a life that is unfulfilling and unrewarding.

The good news is that all of us have the ability to create happiness in our lives no matter what situation we are in.

Here is your recipe to create happiness in 4 ways:

1. Take Responsibility for your Actions and for your Life

Everything that has happened in your life you have agreed to, whether it be consciously, subconscious or in the spirit world.

Before coming into your physical body, your soul made an agreement over what life lessons and experiences it would come to have.

This agreement is your soul contract and is almost like a map of your destiny. How you choose to fulfil and get to your destiny however, is up to you.

We are all given free will and choices to make every day and these choices will determine where we will end up.

These choices are your responsibility, your actions are your responsibility and it is only when you learn that it is not anyone’s fault for the circumstances in your life, that you can start to feel at peace.

When we blame others or circumstances for our happiness, we instantly take our power away and fall into the victim mentality.

From this space, we further spiral into feeling low self-esteem, poor self-worth and unhappiness.

No one else is responsible for your life but you, no one can make you feel a certain way or influence your actions without you allowing them to.

Taking full ownership of your life is also the only way that you can fully claim your power back and be in a position to make changes.

Taking responsibility for your life and the circumstances can feel difficult, but when you stop the blame game and understand that you are in control of how you react to things, creating happiness becomes a whole lot easier.

2. Trust and Listen to Your Inner Calling

Trusting your inner-calling is about listening to your intuition, feelings, needs and desires.

We all crave and need things and certain times and often when we ignore self-care or our feelings, we can start creating unhappiness in our lives.

Some days we need to be gentle with ourselves, some days we need to be firmer with ourselves and some days we just need to cuddle up on the couch and cry.

When you tune into your inner-calling and get in touch with your needs and what you really desire, you make space for creating happiness and fulfilment.

Try asking yourself or meditating on the question, – “What do I need to feel better in my life?” and then see what message your inner-calling delivers to you.

3. Practice Gratitude Daily

One of the main ingredients in creating a happy life is gratitude.

Gratitude instantly raises our vibration and our mood and allows us to focus on feeling good and what is working in our lives.

As law of attraction states, what you focus on expands, so when you focus on gratitude instantly you will have more things to feel grateful for.

To practice this, start by writing down at least 7 things you feel grateful for every day.

If you are struggling to think of things, start with the basics like – “I am grateful for the clean air I get to breathe.”

When you make your list, try to feel the emotions that stir within, as this will help bring the vibration into your body.

4. Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

We all have things that we enjoy and love doing. They may be simple things like taking a walk, crocheting a blanket, or they may be more elaborate like travelling overseas.

Either way, filling your day with things that you enjoy can definitely help stimulate your ability to create happiness.

Start by making a list of all the things that you love to do, then work on incorporating at least 1-2 (or more) of these things into your daily life.

When you make room in your life for doing things that you actually enjoy, no matter how busy or demanding your schedule is, it puts you in a better frame of mind for creating and feeling happiness in your life.

Remember, you may not have control over the external circumstances in your life but you always have control over your internal world.

It is not what you do, but how you do it that determines how much happiness you are creating in your life at any given moment.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.