5 Powerful Lessons from a Near Death Experience

lessons from a near death experience

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Jules Schroeder, a young entrepreneur with a very impressive list of businesses up her sleeve. She has achieved a lot in her life so far, but what was even more noticeable to me was her electric vibration and spiritual awareness.

Jules had a near death experience (NDE) back in 2015, and since then she has returned to earth with a new understanding and zest for life. This understanding has allowed her to live the life of her dreams and follow through on her creative endeavors.

When Jules was telling me her story, it struck me that we could all learn and benefit from her experience, which is why I am excited to share with you 5 powerful takeaways from her NDE that will change your life-

1. Infinite Love Surrounds You

If you have ever read other NDE stories and experiences, most people talk about crossing over into this amazing place of unconditional love. What struck as me as interesting talking to Jules however, was her idea that this love is always with us and that we don’t need to cross over in order to experience it.

“I got to see what it was like to be on the other side and how it feels to be that present to love and light,” said Jules. “I have no fear of death anymore. If anything it was hard at first to come back to being human after experiencing the beautiful place and how much internal infinite love is possible and how much of it surrounds us all the time that we are not always aware of.”

2. Remain a Clear Channel 

Another huge takeaway from Jules’s amazing story was this idea of making yourself a clear channel. After her experience, Jules realized that by remaining clear and open to her intuition and to the messages of the Universe, she was able to fulfil her purpose and know the next best move at all times.

“I know that my only role is to stay a clear, open channel,” she reflected. “And when I am a clear channel, things can flow through me like this retreat I just launched and sold out in Bali that was born from a dream and was sold out within 2 months. I just listen and let it flow, instead of trying to control it. My life has become way more effortless and full of ease.”

3. You are More Powerful Than You Think

Have you ever stopped to consider that you are far more powerful than you even realize?

Many of us walk around with self limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back from going after our dreams. One important thing that Jules shared with me during our discussion was that we are so loved and supported on this journey and we should never feel that we are not good enough to do something.

“Know that you re so loved. The world is orbiting around you all the time and it has your back,” says Jules. “You don’t need to do anything or change anything all you have to do is allow and receive it. You are more powerful than you think. Give yourself permission to surprise yourself and even when things are uncomfortable or feel stretching or terrifying, take action anyways. You may surprise yourself.”

4. Use “Intuitive Pings” to Guide You 

After her NDE, Jules started paying far more attention to those “intuitive pings” that she would receive- “I feel like I opened myself up to hear and feel from my gut to receive intuitive pings to guide me on my next moves,” she shared.

She realized through her experience how important your intuition is and how it is always there to guide you, as long as you are paying attention.

5. The 60 Day Game 

One of the most valuable takeaways I gleaned from Jules was this “60 day game” idea that she felt compelled to experiment with after her NDE.

After having such a life changing experience, it was very difficult for Jules to do things that didn’t fill her up or didn’t make her feel super excited about life. To help her get into this mindset, she decided to play this game for 60 days to see how it would change her life. For 60 days she asked herself before doing anything whether it was a “hell yes” or not.

As Jules explains-

“Something as simple as, “Hey, want do you want to do for dinner tonight? Do you want to go out? Do you want to eat in?” Feel into that. If it feels like a ‘hell yeah’… And, you know, when those invitations come, you’re like, “Yeah, I’m totally in!” act on it, and if it’s a no or kind of a maybe, just have it be a no altogether, because what I’ve found is that often when you say yes to things that you feel like you should do, or it’s kind of like, “Ah well, I guess I could go,” they’re kind of blah experiences.”

Curious to know more about Jules’s experience? Watch this amazing podcast. You can also join Jules for her upcoming Unconventional Life Summit.


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