5 Signs That You Are a Highly Sensitive Soul

signs you are a sensitive soul
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We live in a Universe made of up of energy. We are energy, the world around us is energy and even our thoughts and feelings are energy.

Sensitive souls have a greater awareness of the energy around them and tend to feel energy from other people and their environment as if it were their own.

As the consciousness of the planet continues to rise, more and more of us are starting to become sensitive to energy in the world around us.

Here are 5 signs that you are a highly sensitive soul-

1.) You are Hyper Aware of the Moon Cycles

Every month the Moon completes a cycle moving from new to full. The Moon represents emotions, so highly sensitive souls are often very in sync with the phases of the Moon.

Around the New Moon they may feel a calling to retreat or go within and around the Full Moon they may feel a heightening of energy and a calling to release or put an end to things.

Highly sensitive souls may not understand their connection to the Moon and sometimes this can cause them to feel anxious or uncomfortable at certain points in the month.

2.) You Can Pick Up On What Others are Feeling

Being able to pick up on other people’s emotions is commonly referred to as being empathic. Sensitive souls are often able to tell what another person is feeling, and may even feel those emotions as if they were their own.

Sensitive soul’s may also be able to tell how another person is feeling even when the other person is not around.

This can be very heavy to deal with at times, which is why it is important for sensitive soul’s to protect their energy and stay aware when they are taking on someone else’s energy as their own.

2.) You Feel Uncomfortable in Crowded Places

Being in crowded room or even certain public places like malls, can make sensitive soul’s feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. This is because they are picking up the energy from the many people around them.

Sensitive souls are also hyper aware of their environment, which means that certain sounds, smells and even artificial light can feel extremely overwhelming.

Sensitive souls may define these overwhelming feelings as claustrophobia or even social anxiety, but it may just be that they are just picking up psychic energy from the environment.

This can be hard to deal with, which is why it is important for sensitive souls to develop tools of protection.

3.) You are Highly Intuitive and Can Access Other Realms

Because sensitive souls are so aware of their environment and other people’s energy, their intuition is often very strong. Often they can intuit things before they happen or even pick up when someone close to them is going through a hard time.

Sensitive souls may also have strong feelings of “knowing” or strong gut feelings that seem to hold clues or messages. They may also be able to access other realms and have experience with beings that are not from this world.

4.) You Can Sense Negative Vibes

Sensitive souls can immediately tell when someone is lying or trying to pull the wool over their eyes. They are also very good at picking up negative energy around a person or situation.

Sensitive souls have the ability to see straight through people, which can sometimes be confronting for them and others.

Sensitive souls need to learn how to trust their instincts and recognize when their intuition is leading them to the truth.

5.) You are Sensitive to Certain Foods

Food also carries its own energy, which means that sensitive souls can really feel impacted when they eat certain foods.

Sensitive souls may be picky eaters or find that their body resists certain foods. They may also struggle to eat meat, junk foods or foods that are processed or genetically modified.

Sensitive souls often do best on organic, raw, vegan or vegetarian diets.

When a sensitive soul is unaware that they are picking up so much energy from the world around them, often they can hold onto this energy as if it were their own. This can cause them to feel anxious, stressed or confused about who they are and their purpose in life.

If you resonate with being a sensitive soul, tuning into your gifts and becoming aware of them can help you to manage it.

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