Intuitive Astrology: Antares Stargate Portal December 2-4

antares stargate portal 2022

There are countless twinkling stars in our night sky, but our ancient astrologer ancestors were drawn to four stars in particular- Aldebaran, Regulus, Fomalhaut, and Antares.

These four stars are known as the Royal Stars, and are the guardians of the four corners of the sky and gatekeepers to four sacred stargate portals.

Every year, from December 2-4, the Sun aligns with Antares, activating and unlocking the Antares Stargate Portal.

Antares is the guardian of the western sky, the heart of the Scorpion, and is believed to be the resting place for souls after they leave the body.

As the heart of the Scorpion, Antares can activate our heart chakra and unlock higher wisdom when it comes to love, not just the love that we give and receive, but the love that we are.

Antares is located in the constellation of Scorpio, but if you look at where the arrow of the Sagittarius Archer is pointing, it is straight at Antares. This is where the Sagittarius arrow is targeted to hit, straight into the heart.

Perhaps this is a clue that this is where we should all be aiming our arrows. Perhaps we should all be aiming to live from the heart and make the heart our target point no matter what we do in this life.

We can use the energy of the Antares Stargate portal to connect with our passions, trust where our feelings may be trying to guide us, and listen to our intuition. The energy of Antares is also a powerful guide for leading a life that is filled with more passion, pleasure, and purpose.

As a resting place that souls go to when they leave earth, Antares can also hold the energy of reflection. As our souls rest here, they are guided to look back over the life they have led on earth and admire all they achieved.

Our spirit selves cannot feel regret, for they know there is always another life and more opportunities to be had. The Universe is an infinite place, so perhaps in this resting place of reflection, we can simply honor all we achieved, all we moved through, and just how much we overcame.

A huge part of our journey here on Earth is to love, to feel, and to experience, so perhaps it is through the energy of the Antares Stargate Portal that we can connect deeply to the love that we are and the love that we have shared during our time on Earth.

When the Sun crosses Antares, it is our opportunity to honor our journey, let go of regrets, and to celebrate the love we have received and achieved.

With the Antares portal activated, it is a good time to take ourselves on a life review, not to judge, but to learn to love ourselves more. How can you love yourself for your past? How can you love yourself for where you are today? How can you show unconditional love to yourself?

Raising our self-worth, raising our vibration, and moving into a state of acceptance all begin with love. When you look over your life, how can you find ways to nourish, support, and champion all you have done? How can you find a way to forgive your mistakes?

We are often very good at giving love and forgiveness to others but not to ourselves, so try to approach your life and all you have been through with nothing but love for yourself. If it helps, imagine you are talking to someone you deeply love; what would you say to them if they had gone through what you have?

If you want to work with the energy of the Antares Stargate Portal, here are a few suggestions-

  • Review your life so far and find new ways to celebrate, honor, and admire all you have been through
  • Write a letter to your inner child; what loving, supportive messages would you like to share with them?
  • Meditate on your heart charka or try these exercises
  • Try this heart-drumming meditation
  • Practice these self-love rituals
  • Write yourself a letter of forgiveness, releasing you from any regrets or perceived mistakes.
  • Pay attention to your dreams – keep a dream journal
  • Visualize the Antares stargate energies opening your heart, as your heart opens, see it release a rainbow of turquoise, purple, and magenta light.
  • Do a meditation with the intention of giving your soul a rest

I am curious about what insights or energies you tap into under the Antares Stargate Portal! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.