7 Ways to Reduce Radiative Stress Caused by Technology

More and more radiation is being bought into our homes from microwaves to wi-fi, laptops, computers, TV’s and mobile phones.

So what exactly is radiation, what is it doing to us and how can we stop it from negatively impacting us???

Well, basically radiation is pretty much as the name suggests- it causes vibration or the radiation of particles. Just like in a microwave where food particles are vibrated to generate heat, our cells and nerve endings also vibrate, generating confusion and free radicals.

What’s a free radical?

All of our cells have the perfect number of electrons however, a free radical is a cell looking for an extra electron as it is damaged, therefore it is as the name suggests- a free radical. One free radical can quickly multiply to more and more especially if exposure to technology is high.

Free radicals cause cell damage, tissue damage, fertility issues, organ damage, increases aging, and can even cause cancer. The vibrations caused by radiation can also interfere with our nerve signals which can disrupt thought patterns.

Now it would be very difficult to eliminate technology- unless you wanted to live under a rock, as it is very much part of all our lives- Don’t get me wrong, there are so many benefits to technology and it makes our lives so much easier, but what can we do to reduce the effects of radiation?

1.) Avoid using microwaves. Warm foods on the stove or oven instead. Microwaves damage your food, destroy proteins and the nutritional content. Food consumed after being microwaved also contributes to free radical damage.

2.) Limit your time in front of the TV and computer as much as possible. Turn the screen off if you are taking a break from your computer work. Always switch your TV and computers off at the powerpoint at night or when not in use.

3.) Limit your time on your mobile phone. If you are talking on your mobile use it against your left ear- apparently less damage can be caused to the proteins in your brain. Also, if you are on the phone in the car, always wind the window down, the metal in the car causes the radiation emitted from the phone to increase. Keep your mobile phone away from your food and away from you while sleeping.

4.) Turn your wi-fi off at night or when not in use

5.) Eat antioxidants. Antioxidants help remove free radicals. You will find antioxidants in berries, green tea, goji juice or berries, acai berries, broccoli and tomatoes. Powerful antioxidants also include vitamin C and vitamin E.

6.) Keep Quartz crystals or Himalayan rock salt near your computer, these help to absorb radiation.

7.) Walking barefoot on grass or earthing has also been shown to help reduce radiative stress

Most of these things are fairly simple and easy to do, every bit to reduce your exposure to radiation counts!

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